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Double Helix

Transcript: Double Helix Summary Pro's and Con's Main Characters 5 Quotes Ava- Eli's HD positive mother Eli Samuels just turned 18 and just graduated high school. When he gets mad one night after finding something of his dad talking about Huntington's Disease which his mother has been suffering from most of his life, while upset he accidentally sends an email to Dr. Quincy Wyatt, the nobel prize winner and legendary molecular biologist. Soon after Eli is offered a job at Wyatt Transgenics. He gets good pay and Dr. Wyatt seems to like him, but why? Eli's girlfriend thinks its great he has a job! But his father is not happy at all. Why does his dad dislike Dr. Wyatt that much? what happened? Why is Dr. Wyatt so in terested in him? Eli- The main Character Dr. Wyatt- the man Eli works for Lets take a closer look at Huntingotn's Disease Vivian- Eli's girlfriend Pro- Eli gets a great job/career right out of high school Con- He probably won't end up going to college if he stays their Pro- He becomes friends with a great scientist Con- But is Dr. Wyatt insane? Pro- He's doing science the thing he loves Con- is this science all parctical? Pro- He is getting paid good Con- Is it worth your dad not liking you? Pro-Just because you can should you? Con- Bio-ethical issues of today come up in this reading Jonathan- Eli's dad 1. Dr. Wyatt says to Eli, "Do you have some kind of guilt at having done good in the gentic lottery?" 2. Eli reliezes there is something different with him and wants to be with his girlfriend and thinks "with her, I could pretend everything and everyone was normal." 3. Eli thinks back to when his mom was still a mom and remembers her saying how she knew Dr. Wyatt, "We used to know him, before you were born." 4. When Eli discovers the hidden elevator he wonders"Wasn't it a little peculiar, putting an elevator behind a regular office door? 5. once Kayla and Eli find Dr. Wyatt's secret data about kayla, it says "C-A-G, Repeats:59" which means she has HD anything over 29 repeats is positive.

Double Helix

Transcript: Winning Formula Molecule of Life Photograph 51 Piecing the Puzzle Together "The instant I saw the picture, my mouth fell open and my pulse began to race." The first important piece of information came in 1952, when Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins used x-ray diffraction to understand the physical structure of the DNA molecule. The did this by shining x-rays on a sample of DNA. This enabled them to create a photographic film, called photograph 51, which showed an x in the centre of the molecule, indicating it was a helical structure. In 1953, James Watson determined the last needed piece of information; that the adenine-thymine bond was exactly as long as the cytosine-guanine bond. This allows each rung of the twisted ladder in the helix to be of equal length, and consequently, the sugar-phosphate backbone to be smooth. Using this information he compounded, in the journal Nature, our modern understanding of the DNA double helix. DNA is a winning formula for packaging genetic material. Therefore almost all organisms carry genetic information encapsulated as DNA. The first known isolation of DNA was by the Swiss physician Friedrich Miescher who, in 1869, discovered a microscopic substance in the pus of discarded surgical bandages. However Fredrich and many others brushed pass DNA as the holder of genetic material, regarding proteins as more important molecules. DNA Double Helix By Daniel Murray Shortly, after much investigation a molecule made from a sugar-phosphate backbone, with equal amounts of adenine and thymine and similarly equal amounts of guanine and cytosine, called DNA, was thought to be the molecule of life. However important information was still needed to establish a full picture. And They All Lived Happily Ever After The End

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