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Dog And Cat Presentation Template

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Cat And Dog

Transcript: once upon a time Cat And Dog The next morning Toby woke up and fuzzy was still in his bed. so Toby attacked! "No Toby and Fuzzy!" Said the owner. So they were locked in. "This is your fault Toby!" Said Fuzzy. "No its yours!"But we have to go, together. You are a dog? "yes replied Toby." as Fuzzy's cage opened, Toby was ready to fight.But Fuzzy just sat there and purred. As Toby attacked fuzzy his owner yelled"NO TOBY!","haha Toby!" Toby gave Fuzzy a sharp bark. 'no Toby! Or you will not be allowed with the other animals! "Sorry Fuzzy," but fuzzy just walked away. Sleep Toby couldn't beleive it his owner yelled at him! Anyways he heeds to sleep. When he got to his bed he saw Fuzzy sleeping in it! " Move Fuzzy!" Said Toby. So they started fighting. "Fuzzy Toby bed time!"So he stoped and sleped on the floor. Locked Up Once upon a time in a small land, in a small house, there was a dog named Toby. Toby was all happy untill one summer he was taking a nap, his owner came in, and said the owner, "I got you a friend!" in the cage there was a cat, a small, CAT! "who are you?" asked the cat. "Im Toby who are you?" Im fuzzy the cat. THE EHD!!!!!. Dogs They meet CAT AND DOG Toby saw the window."Lets use the window."But its closed." said fuzzy. But we could open it together. Okay said fuzzy. So they both tried to flip it open, 2 hours later it finaly opened. first Fuzzy climbed up, "oh no."What is it?" Toby came up and saw it was 3 meters high. "How do we get down?" "I know," Said Fuzzy, you can call all the dogs to form stairs!'' Toby gave a sharp bark, all the dogs in the place came."Help us make some stairs so all the dogs made stairs.Toby and Fuzzy walked down and in to the forest.

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