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Doctor Presentation

Transcript: WE FOCUS ON HR & FINANCE YOU FOCUS ON WHAT YOU DO BEST Sloan Professional Services, LLC Employees CA Labor Law Compliance Employees 16 Required New Hire Documents $126,000 average CA Labor Lawsuit Settlement Compliant Policies & Procedures Corrective Actions & Terminations Focus on patients not employees HR Management and Employee Relations On-Boarding 16 new hiring documents Background Verifications Wages Overtime rate calculations Meal breaks and break waivers Compliance Sexual Harassment Training Corrective Actions Terminations Building a Case to Terminate Severance Agreements Employee Reviews Employee reviews Compliant Employment Agreements Legal P&P Employee handbook Minimal required legal documents Patients Finance Break Even Which is your break even patient? How many patients do you need? Analysis resulting in smarter work & more profit Profit Mix Revenue Goal Which mix of patients is most profitable to you? Patient Analysis Dashboard Key Performance Indicators Patient Revenue Actual to Budget Patient Profitability to Budget Labor Efficiency Today Break Even Point Goal Vendor Cost Analysis Action Alerts Our Clients Our Clients High Customer Volume Analysis Squeeze Panda Restaurant Group The Medical Group of South Florida Next Steps Next Steps xx xx xx xx xx Timeline HR Management and Employee Relations On-Boarding 16 new hiring documents 1 2 3 On-Boarding On-Boarding 16 new hiring documents 16 new hiring documents Pricing $120/mo Service 1 Service 2 Service 3 Service 4 Service 5 BASIC EXECUTIVE $150/mo Service 1 Service 2 Service 3 Service 4 Service 5 PREMIER $220/mo Service 1 Service 2 Service 3 Service 4 Service 5 Our Pricing Model

Doctor presentation

Transcript: Who should be assgined as the medical proxy of a patient ? I believe that the doctors should be left to make decisons about medical treatment for unconcious patients. This is because doctors' main focus is to better the health of the patient. Also doctors have had years of training, and they have a deeper knowledge of medical treatment and procedures. I believe that the well being of a person should be the main focus in a hospital and that it is the doctors' job to make sure the patient gets better. Doctors Doctors VS. Family Limitation from family There are many religions that do not allow for medical treatment. Some include Jehova Witnesses, which refuse blood transfusions. Also several Christian churchs do not go to doctors because of the Scripter. simple definition: The assigned person that makes medical decisions on your behalf when you are unable to American Academy of Family Physicians. What is a medical proxy They know and respect beliefs of patient They care and love the patient Will weigh the physical benefit vs the consequence of treatment They have spent years studying at medical school They better understand illnes and treatment Will focus on the physical well-being of the patient Why should doctors be the assigend medical proxy? Why should your family be the apointed medical proxy THE MAIN BREAK DOWN "To ensure that we make the best decisions possible, we need to deliberately incorporate our knowledge and experience, including lessons learned from mistakes, and conscientiously revisit and reconsider the medical “truths” that we learn at various stages of our medical training. We must also remain on guard, especially when stressed or tired, to avoid slipping back into lower levels of decision making where we fail to question old “truths” and rush to arrive at closure." In Conclusion dictionary definition:a document that lets you to appoint another person (a proxy or agent) to express your wishes and make health care decisions for you if you can not speak for yourself. Family

Doctor Presentation

Transcript: Medical Marijuana: Is it right for your patients? The Medical Marijuana Program The State of Montana as well as 32 other states have legalized medical marijuana. Montana State has had a medical marijuana program since 2004 there are currently over 32,000 patients in the program. Qualifying Conditions IN DETAIL TREATMENTS TREATMENTS NUMBER OF PEOPLE TIME LOCATION LOCATION STAFF Doctor's Name Nurse’s Name STAFF Nurse’s Name Doctor's Name Nurse’s Name Nurse’s Name Title Title Title Title PRODUCTS & SERVICES PRODUCTS & SERVICES There are a variety of PRODUCTS PRODUCTS IMPORTANT PRODUCT FEATURES 1 IMPORTANT PRODUCT FEATURES 1 IMPORTANT PRODUCT FEATURES 2 IMPORTANT PRODUCT FEATURES 2 IMPORTANT PRODUCT FEATURES 3 IMPORTANT PRODUCT FEATURES 3 SERVICES SERVICES IMPORTANT PRODUCT FEATURES 1 IMPORTANT PRODUCT FEATURES 1 IMPORTANT PRODUCT FEATURES 2 IMPORTANT PRODUCT FEATURES 2 IMPORTANT PRODUCT FEATURES 3 IMPORTANT PRODUCT FEATURES 3 Lionheart Lionheart TESTIMONIALS TESTIMONIALS Real people. Real Stories. Real results. Jacqueline Jacqueline's Story Pain is a unique and subjective matter, not only affecting physically but psychologically as well. I was involved in a severe industrial accident and having endured many industrial accident and having endured many years of therapy, different medications and varied doctors, I was left handicapped physically but ore importantly I felt mentally depleted. First it was whispered, then it was suggested by a medical professional that I try the Medical Marijuana Program, ir was a fortuitous and sanity saving decision for me. This option is a tool I use both physically and mentally. I have gained more control over my handicaps and a sustained a measure of relief, even hope, that I can manage another day. It was, literally, a life changing toll guided the caring and knowledgeable staff of a provider. Steve Steve's Story I was diagnosed with with Celiac Disease, a life long prognosis that causes indiscriminate weight loss from food allergies. The Medical Marijuana Program affords with the ability to alleviate the side effects of the disease of this disease. It has cured the nausea the eating disorder and I am now able to maintain a healthy weight and not deteriorate. The program has effectively changed my life and I now have control over the aspects of this disease. I would recommend this program to others in need. A very real medication with exceptional positive results.

Doctor Presentation

Transcript: M.D. Characteristics Western Step 2 Plus Many other Countries Make an account on OMSAS (Ontario Medical Schools Application Service) to apply for med schools in Ontario. Also, make an account on AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service) to apply to schools in the states. 4733 2731 The next two years are clinical rotations. So you go around to many different hospitals and work under doctors for 2-3 weeks. You explore your options more practically during this time, and could work up to 60 hours per week (not paid). Many people like to think that it gets really easy once you get accepted into medical school. However this is a misconception and definately not the case. Once you get into medical school, there is a lot of studying involved and many long hours of work 100 # Apply: UofT 3.88 Is This Career Right For You? Destination (Sort of) Carribeans Only in U.S. 1803 Starting from high school, students should develop good work ethic, and try to take science and math courses for all four years as they give the necessary background information to excel in university courses. Path # Accepted Step 3 Now it is very important to maintain a high GPA in whatever program you are in, and to take the prerequisite courses for medical schools. Risks Step 1 So you did really well in high school, and are at your favorite university. Now what? Here are some Stats for Medical School admissions: Make sure to stay involved in university and to enjoy this once in a lifetime chance! $ GPA: 34R you are a people person, and enjoy helping others you are willing to spend long hours towards working, and sacrifice sleep, or other forms of entertainment. you enjoy taking your biology & chemistry courses you are willing to stay committed for a long time. (Won't be a doctor until you are 26-27) you can afford it financially (medical school costs around $100, 000 and even reach up to $200,000 excluding costs for undergrad) Can you manage high levels of stress (surgeons are put under life/death situations) You love learning, and have an intellectual curiousity 2200 Alternatives 3.89 33R Only VR MCAT: 171 Univesity: During second year, students should write and prepare for their MCAT (Medical College Admission Test). If it doesn't work out the first time, try again in third year. First two years, you are doing more bookwork, and getting background knowledge on all of the different forms of medicine. People usually figure out what kind of medicine they want to pursue during this time. A.A.C.O.M.A.S. (American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine) for D.O. schools 3.7 US MLE Queen's So you have gotten an amazing score on your MCAT (35R). Now its time to apply! 3.85 250 Structure of Med School Reaching the Goal 203 McMaster 33Q Once you get an interview, do lots of practice and get accepted! There are two types of interviews, there is the traditional, and the MMA (Multiple Mini Interview) This Career may be right for you if: Prereqs: Biology humanities/social science biochemistry/organic chemistry/ physical science English D.O. Degree

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