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Distribution Presentation

Transcript: 01 Introduction 02 What is Filtek? 03 Current Market 04 Cost and Saving 05 Profit Potential 06 Testing and Roll outs 07 Product Comparison 08 Considerations Reduce fuel consumption by minimum of 8% Significant reduction of generator maintenance including fuel injection system No excess oil is used Generator service life is extended by up to 100% Earn Carbon Credits from the +75% reduction of used oil The Filtek oil and fuel filtration 1,000 hour extended oil and filter solution will enable telecom companies to save +50% of service and maintenance OPEX. Product Comparison Africa is the fastest growing and most exciting telecoms market in the world but, with huge room for growth comes risk. Mobile phones represent more than 90% of all telephone lines in Africa with over 600 million subscriptions. Introduction Filtek installation and maintenance is straight forward: Training will be provided for free Filtek would engage local country staff for installation Filtek is a by-pass and “add-on” system and therefore does not affect the warranty by the Engine manufacture Current Market Filtek Distribution Presentation Factory Details Filtek Distribution Proposal Filtek has developed an extensive model to calculate the potential OPEX savings which may be achieved. There are several factors that could influence actual savings. This Excel model is available for Companies management for its own verification. 32 years running Over 60K filters produced per year 230 factory staff Numerous industry awards Considerations Profit Potential What is Filtek Cost and Savings A complete financial proposal for Companies to retrofit A senior management decision to spearhead a kick-off project to implement Filtek. Companies revise and complete its Generator Specification. Test sites run Testing and Roll out

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