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Transcript: This has significantly attracted attention from UN and other international organizations In 2005, of the 809 million rural populations 364 million no electricity 726 million no modern cooking fuel Patil (2011), this was due to low effectiveness of government policies and programs of the past, and need for a more effective approach to bridge this gap Patil (2011), lack of energy access can be of following reasons: Lack of physical access, Lack of physical availability, Lack of acceptability, Lack of affordability, and Lack of adequacy. Some other reasons: High transmission and distribution (T & D) losses, Frequent disruption in supply of grid power, Practical difficulties and financial un-viability of extending grid to remote and inaccessible areas, Dispersed population in small villages resulting in low peak loads in rural and remote areas, Poor financial health of the state electricity boards Ethics XIth 5-year plan emphasis on 100% rural electrification by end of 2007, and complete household electrification by 2012 To achieve this, a major program of grid extension and strengthening of the rural electricity infrastructure has been initiated under the Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana (RGGVY) The National Electricity Policy (NEP) emphasizes decentralized electricity generation from both renewable and conventional (non-renewable) energy sources, whichever is suitable and economical, would be deployed Methodology Ethics Delivered cost of electricity Capital Recovery Factor Net Present Value Pricing risk in rural electrification in India through biomass gasification Introduction Khander et. al. (2012) states that recent methods to estimate the benefits of electricity have often involved the use of consumer surplus Literature Review A third of world's population in India have no access to electricity More than 40% of rural population no access to modern energy Traditional forms of energy are proving increasingly unsustainable (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Finished Methodology Ravindranath et. al. (2009) in their paper states that there has been potentially huge resource base for biomass that goes for inefficient utilization. Cust et. al. (2007) in their work combines centralized grid connections as distribution franchises and DDG (Distributed Decentralized Generation) Intro Importance of work Lit. Review End-use services are less expensive for those that have electricity


Transcript: Adaptive Tests of Temporal Resolution: Comparison with the Gaps-In-Noise Test in Normal-hearing Young Adults (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder Strains in the central auditory nervous system (CANS) in processing auditory information, which lead to under performance in at least one of the skills that involves (Central) Auditory Processing ((C)AP) temporal integration WHAT Statistical analysis 4.The reliability of the ATTR using commercially available headphones with reference to the ATTR using standard audiometer and headphones Auditory Temporal Processing Recommended to be included in the (C)APD screening battery (Jerger & Musiek, 2000) Newcastle Auditory Battery (NAB) * All procedures are randomized by Latin square design ** Pilot studies (McCroskey & Keith, 1996) Results Norms available for NH adults and children San Francisco No known Risks (Central) auditory processing disorder (C)APD Documentations Expected Outcomes GIN High test-retest reliability Broadband Noise Stockholm Auditory Fusion Test – Revised (AFT-R) Ethics Approval 2011 Dec (Keith, 2000) (Lister et al., 2006) 2.The concurrent validity of ATTR with reference to a relatively well-documented gap detection test, the Gaps-In-Noise test (GIN) (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (ASHA, 1996; ASHA, 2005) Non-adaptive (Musiek et al., 2005) How Ethical considerations American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. (1996). Central Auditory Processing: Current Status of Research and Implications for Clinical Practice [Technical Report]. Available from less control over response bias Random Gap Detection Test Participants An adaptive psychophysical laboratory procedure (PLP) non-adaptive and has no feedback Auditory performance with degraded signals Suprathreshold Methods (ASHA, 1996; ASHA, 2005) Gaps-In-Noise Test (GIN) Background Research Lister, J. J., Roberts, R. A., Shackelford, J., & Rogers, C. L. (2006). An Adaptive Clinical Test of Temporal Resolution. American Journal of Audiology, 15, 133 - 140. temporal discrimination (e.g., temporal gap detection) ATTR - Narrowband noise (NBN) centered at 2000 Hz GIN - 6 sec broadband noise (BBN) segments 50 NH young adults (balanced gender & age between 18 and 35) 1.Negative case histories 2.No abnormalities seen in otoscopy 3.Tympanometric peak pressure and static-acoustic admittance within ±50 daPa and 0.2-1.8 ml respectively 4. AC PTA > or = 20 HL (250 to 8000 Hz) 5.No signs of (C)APD Finished! (Griffiths, Dean, Woods, Rees, & Green, 2001) - Participants - free basic audiological evaluation - knowledge about (C)APD - Hearing and speech discipline - results to be used to refine the gap detection test Procedures (Lister, Roberts, Shacklford and Rogers, 2006) (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Parametric tests - Pearson correlation - Student t-test Determining the shortest interval detectable between paired sound bursts American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. (2005). (Central) Auditory Processing Disorders [Technical Report]. Available from Data analysis & Dissertation Writing 2012 March ATTR - ATTR software - Laptop computer with an in-built soundcard - Commercially available headphones - A calibrated audiometer & standard headphones Uses computer soundcard and headphones WHY Significance No consensus about which gap detection test or what parameters to use ATTR Recording GDT Auditory Temporal Processing Data Collection 2012 Jan/Feb GIN Different tests confounded by the labelling nature of the response task (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Stimuli gap detection threshold (GDT) Musiek, F. E., Shinn, J. B., Jirsa, R., Bamiou, D.-E., Baran, J. A., & Zaidan, E. (2005). GIN (Gaps-In-Noise) Test Performance in Subjects with Confirmed Central Auditory Nervous System Involvement. Ear & Hearing, 26, 608-618. Audio-technica ATH-T500 circumaural headphones Pretest screening CD player & audiometer 3. The clinical value of ATTR in the (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder ((C)APD) test battery - Significant correlation between GIN & ATTR subtest 1 - Significant correlation between ATTR subtest 1 & subtest 2 - Other variables are expected to have little effect Budapest Data analysis - Informed consent form - Instructions - 12-question CAPD questionnaire - GIN score list Data analysis (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Adaptive Tests of Temporal Resolution (ATTR) Benefits No coupler provided for commercially available headphones Different tests have different parameters/ methodologies adopted/GDT norms Adaptive Key References Sound localization and lateralization Participants ATTR The Dissertation Proposal temporal masking Pilot Studies 2012 Jan Statistical analysis (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr Procedures - Subtest 1 (All participants) & 2 (10 participants) - Establish individualized HCL - Obtain ear-specific GDT norms Results 55 dB SL Auditory discrimination Cannot provide sufficient control to presentation levels during tests Expected Outcomes


Transcript: Customer engagement in online travel portals pertaining to the traveler’s experience hasn’t reached the highest point of saturation. Travel and tour companies in India haven’t substantially exploited and integrated the whole concept of user generated content for their customer Non authenticated of the review provided by the traveler on the social travel networking site which eventually misleads other potential travelers about a to make their decision to plan their vacation your travel experience to a certain destination Conclusion The power of UGC travel sites lies in their role as a source of electronic WOM in travel planning. Travelers are exposed to and are likely empowered by UGC websites devoted to the selling or discussion of travel. UGC can provide a strong sense of a traveler service/product, add to the consumer’s overall image of the hotel or destination, and likely reduce pre-purchase doubt. EMPOWERING TRAVELERS RELIABILITY TEST Travelers plan a vacation once in 3 Months. Mean of the data suggests the frequency is 2.79 Therefore, travelers who visit the travel portals are closer to the hypothesis (Test: Mean and frequency) Male: Hotels/Rates & Reviews rational approach towards (the price, package and value for money. Male: Mode of transport and its cost Calculative thought process (From booking of flight tickets to railways tickets Female: Information about the location to plan a vacation They are more curious to know which travel portal (Lonely Planet, Travelocity and Trip advisor) Male/Female: attracted on looking at pictures of tourist destinations and historic monuments. ( and Travelocity ) Male/Females: Packages given by tours and travel companies (pivotal role in deciding on the timing for their trip) Online Travel Industry in India UGC in the Travel Industry OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY Word of mouth independently influence others by expressing experience about the vacation. It has the negative correlation with all the variables. Writing reviews about the location visited for vacation has positive correlation with gender, uploading pictures; share experience on travel SNS and giving most number of likes and stars to the destination visited. Uploading pictures of the location visited for vacation has positive correlation with gender, writing reviews about location; share experience on SNS and giving most number of likes and stars to the destination visited Share experience on SNS about the location visited for vacation has positive correlation with gender, uploading pictures; writing reviews about location and giving most number of likes and stars to the destination visited Friends and family was selected as the most preferred option as a travel source Multiple dichotomy suggested 21.9% preferred friends and family. Online travel portal with a 21.7% of respondence 34% Travelers average time spent on travel portal is 1 month Mean of the data suggests the frequency is 2.79 while planning a vacation and gender LITERATURE REVIEW RESEARCH DESIGN: Descriptive HYPOTHESIS: Ha: Travelers plan their vacation trip by the influence of various social activities on the travel portals. Ho: Travelers plan their vacation trip without the influence of various social activities on travel portals SAMPLING: Simple random stratified sampling / Snow ball sampling .660 DATA ANALYSIS Service providers need to understand which factors influence individuals. TSP and travel portals should emphasize to potential travelers for using UGC when making travel plans. It is important to monitor UGC daily in order to ensure that any negative UGC is responded to by the service provider. Include an UGC facility on their websites which allows consumers to post their opinion and receive feedback from the service providers about the issue presented. INR 679.9 Billion in 2012 to INR 1, 218.3 Billion in 2016 At a CAGR of 15.7% over the forecast period (2012-2016) Influence other travelers about Posts reviews on travel forums and Blogs ranks 1 in terms of preference , weighted average being 1276 Lonely planet: highest traveler engagement (travel blogs and forums ) Contribute about your travel experience ranks 2 in terms of preference, weighted average being 1250 Expedia: Intimacy and Interaction (Destination experts) Ratings on Hotels/Restaurants/ tourist Destination ranks 3 , weighted average being 1139 Trip advisor: Intimacy and influence (rating to hotels, restaurants and tourist destination) Writing reviews on restaurants and hotels ranks 4 weighted average being 96 Trip advisor: Intimacy and influence (rating to hotels, restaurants and tourist destination) 97.7% travelers said they read other travelers’ reviews during the process of planning a trip (Trip Advisor Report, 2011) 84% travelers had a significant influence on their purchase decisions (ComScore, 2010) 61% travelers consult online search engines before booking trips. (Conrady, 2010). Impact the behavior and decision-making of traveler Revamp Business models for

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Transcript: Implications and transformations arise during the development of a course (level I) to teach English under the parameters of Communicative Language Teaching within a Moodle platform . Research Context From grammar in isolation towards the integration of language skills. Conclusions and Pedagogical Implications GRAMMAR Students did not have any chance to communicate and interact among themselves Teaching grammar withing CLT Viewing English language as mean of expression rather than linguistic code. Miguel Alberto Rincón Pinzón Advisor: Emilena Hernández Leal. Universidad Santo Tomás Bachelor in English as a Foreign Language Evidence Category 5 The students pointed that the interactivity in the virtual room allowed collaborative work among them; they also manifested their comfort since they were using the new resources and can integrate technology with English making it more functional and communicative. Category 1 The data was analyzed from a qualitative perspective by drawing categories and sub-categories from the data (Seliger & Shohamy, 1989) Sub Category 2.3 Evaluating the data Research Questions Categorizing information as coding the data or indexing the data Action Research Steps RESEARCH DESIGN Steps proposed by Taylor & Renner (2003): The lessons were mainly about grammar structures and translation Sub Question 2 Category 3: Students’ use of English is meaning based DATA COLLECTION INSTRUMENTS Information Communications Technology (ICT) in grammar teaching MOODLE Step 5 Category 4 Evidence Sub Category 2.4 Evidence MAIN RESEARCH QUESTION: What are the implications of designing and implementing a communicative course to teach English in level I under the parameters of Communicative Language Teaching within a moodle platform? Sub Category 2.1 Sub Category 1.1 Instructional Design Its relevance deal with the incorporation of new views, actions and strategies in the functional and communicative approaches: Communicative Language Teaching in the EFL classroom. Students find interesting interacting in a virtual environment. Sub Category 2.2 Evidence Its contribution deals with the fact that this research project was thought and designed to engage students in a new, funny and meaningful way to learn English. Criteria to analyze the data: Evidence My name is Emanuel and this is my family tree. I begin with the father´s father, his name was Numa and I unknown about his liven Venezuela with my uncles, aunts, cousins Etc…. My father is Shepherd and is an excellent person. I and my brother are fruit of that love. My brother is studying in the college and I am Studying in the university. I´m musician and my brother too… All are Christian less my three grandfathers because the mother´s father was Christian; this is my family. DATA ANALYSIS Subcategory 5.1 Adjusting the syllabus and the teaching process to the principles of communicative language teaching. FINDINGS What are the learning implications and transformations when implementing a course under the parameters of CLT within a moodle platform? From mechanical practice of English towards meaningful, contextualized and communicative tasks . The students give themselves the opportunity to talk in English providing real contexts, where they can feel more comfortable, and they considered that the use of the moodle platform helped them in the English learning. Subcategory 3.1: Students used language in context. (Students integrate personal and cultural knowledge) They perceive the course offers opportunities to learn and apply what they learn The view of language changes from a very a structural view towards a more communicative and functional view of language. Identifying patterns and connections within and between categories My role as a teacher was no longer a model or controller of classroom, but also as a guide and academic partner and material designer. Step 1 CLT: Students are encouraged to consider language not only in terms grammar and vocabulary, but also in terms of the communicative function. Subcategory 4.1: Students attempt to express their ideas through different strategies (use of L1, illustrating, asking for help, using models of language use, using nonverbal language) Explaining the findings From structure-focused goals towards communicative goals Changing the view of language has an implication in the planning and design of teaching activities and materials within the communicative language teaching From valuing students’ learning based of the product towards assessing the whole process A communicative syllabus (Miranda, Calle & Saez;2006) Understanding the data (observing through artifacts) Subquestions: Documentary evidence or artifacts Non-structured Interview (Brown, 2007) Step 3 During the pedagogical implementation, I used formative assessment, which it is used through instruments and procedures to follow, and monitor students’ learning process COMMUNICATIVE APPROACH Learning in a MOODLE platform “Mi nombre es Andrea Carolina Martínez… antes

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Transcript: Nobody knows babies like we do! Quality products . Good Customer service. Every Kid really loves this store.. BABYLOU ABOUT US About Us BabyLou was established in 2004. It has been more than a decade since we started, where we have ensured to take care of every need and want of every child and infant under one roof, true to the caption “NO BODY KNOWS BABIES LIKE WE DO”. Our benchmark is to provide 100% customer service and satisfaction and continue to deliver the same with a wide range of toys, garments and Baby Products. Play and Create We Are Best 01 02 03 Block games Building Blocks help Kids to use their brain. PLAY TO LEARN in Crusing Adventures Our Discoveries Enjoy a sunny vacation aboard a luxury yacht with the LEGO® Creator 3in1 31083 Cruising Adventures set. This ship has all the comforts you need, including a well-equipped cabin and a toilet. Sail away to a sunny bay and take the cool water scooter to the beach. Build a sandcastle, enjoy a picnic, go surfing or check out the cute sea creatures before you head back to the yacht for a spot of fishing. Escape into the mountains Disney Little Princes in Also available for your Babies..... Also... Out of The World… Our reponsibility BABYLOU…. Our Responsibility All children have the right to fun, creative and engaging play experiences. Play is essential because when children play, they learn. As a provider of play experiences, we must ensure that our behaviour and actions are responsible towards all children and towards our stakeholders, society and the environment. We are committed to continue earning the trust our stakeholders place in us, and we are always inspired by children to be the best we can be. Innovate for children We aim to inspire children through our unique playful learning experiences and to play an active role in making a global difference on product safety while being dedicated promoters of responsibility towards children.


Transcript: 'Love me or kill me': Violence in 'In-Yer-Face' Theatre Sarah Kane: 'Blasted' (1995) 'Skin' (1997) Mark Ravenhill: 'Product' (2005) 'The Cut' (2006) 'having your face rammed into an overflowing ashtray... and then having your whole head held down in a bucket of offal.' Patriotism is the defining of oneself in relation to an 'other', and that 'other' is always lesser than you. '9/11 felt like a bad disaster movie.' 'The real is no longer real.' 'The Theatre of Ennui... where Mark Ravenhill and Sarah Kane treat disaster with a breezy glee.' 'theatre has no memory... no doubt that is why I keep coming back in the hope that someone in a dark room somewhere will show me an image that burns itself into my mind, leaving a mark more permanent than the moment itself.’ Primary Sources: Greig, David, ed., Sarah Kane: Complete Plays, 1st edn, (London: Methuen Publishing Ltd, 2001). Ravenhill, Mark, ed., Mark Ravenhill Plays: 2, 1st edn, (London: Methuen Publishing Ltd, 2001). Secondary Sources: Baudrillard, Jean, 'Hyperreal and Imaginary', Simulacra and Simulation (The Body in Theory: Histories of Cultural Materialism), (MA: The University of Michigan Press, 1994). Kane, Sarah, ‘The Only Thing I Remember is…’, Guardian, 13 Aug 1998. Nightingale, Benedict, Predictions: The Future of Theatre, (London: W&N, 1998). Taylor, Paul, 'Courting Disaster', Independent, 20 January 1995. Sarah Kane, ‘The Only Thing I Remember is…’, Guardian, 13 Aug 1998, p. 12. Nationalism is important 'Hate this city. Stinks. Wogs and Pakis taking over.' Bibliography synonym: boredom jasmine smells of poo Lance Efron, '9/11 felt like a bad diaster movie', News 24 (2011), <> [accessed 20 November 2011]. Blasted, ed. David Greig (London: Methuen Publishing Ltd, 2001), I. I. 13 Benedict Nightingale, Predictions: The Future of Theatre, (London: W&N, 1998), p. 178-9. War and Human Brutality Jean Baudrillard, 'Hyperreal and Imaginary', Simulacra and Simulation (The Body in Theory: Histories of Cultural Materialism), (MA: The University of Michigan Press, 1994), p. 127. Paul Taylor, 'Courting Disaster', Independent, 20 January 1995.

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