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Disability Powerpoint Template

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Disability Powerpoint

Transcript: What could be done Stop It? A disabled person got fired from job for too much time off for medical appointments Employer said 'you're really good at this job but I need someone healthy to work for me' and 'I'm sure you can understand' This person was treated unfairly due to their disability regardless of their skills or abilities Most people don't realize they are patronizing disabled people by speaking down to them They will feel as if they are being treated like a child, or as if they are too stupid to understand what you are saying. When people say 'I know how you feel' they are being patronizing. If you don't have a disability, can't understand/imagine what it's like to have one Disability Prejudice prejudice in favour of able bodied people. two groups - mental disabilities (ADHD or Down's Syndrome) and Physical disabilities (losing a limb or being in a wheelchair). opportunity ableism is not giving fair chances for disabled people to do things - e.g. exclusion from activities. Discrimination is judging people for disability and treating a disabled person unfairly Everyone given right to succeed non understanding or wrong treatment of a person based on a disability or condition they may have. judging a person on what they can do from their outside appearence. Christian view is that it is wrong due to the fact that Jesus preached acceptance to all. Showed compassion for disabled people of his time (eg. lepers) and helped them. Jesus helped a paraplegic by allowing his friends access to roof of house he was in. They let the paraplegic man down through roof to hear Jesus preach and be cured. Christians believe in goodwill to all men; help the disabled and oppose prejudice. The church offers sanctuary to all in need - its policy is that everyone is welcome and will be treated equally and fairly. Examples of Ableism Religious Aspect Why It's Wrong? What Is It? Disability Prejudice Treat disabled people like any other person and make it the norm Don't patronize them and don't be offensive Give chances Paralympics is a good example Ellie Simmonds Three forms: opportunity, discrimination and patronization. By judging someone for their appearance not giving fair chance. Just because seem or look different doesn't mean shouldn't be given same chances. Equal job opportunities for disabled people


Transcript: Cerebral Palsy Definition: Cerebral palsy is condition or a group of disorders that can involve brain and nervous system functions person's abilities like movement, learning, hearing, seeing, and thinking. It’s a group of motor conditions that cause physical disablity in development of humans. Causes: Cerebral palsy happens when the areas of the brain that control movement and posture do not develop correctly or get damaged. It causes damage to the motor control centers, which is also known as the Cerebellum, of the developing brain. and can occur during pregnacy , childbirth or after birth up to age three. Characteristics: Some characteristics of Cerebal Palsy is when you’re a baby you are often slow to roll over, sit, crawl, smile or walk. Others include: Lack of coordination Spasticity Muscle tightness or spasm Involuntary movement Different walking patterns Speech impairment Difficulty with gross & fine motor skills Abnormal perception & sensation An article that demonstrates Cerebral Palsy is,8599,1836774,00.html Definition Dwarfism is genetic abnormality that makes you have a short stature, usually an adult being less than 4 feet 10 inches, which result from about 200 different distinct medical conditions. This can happen in humans, animals and plants and it is where they are below the ordinary size of the species. Cause: Most cases of Dwarfism are unknown however most cases are caused from genetic disorders. This means during pregnancy the cells experience a random genetic mutation in either the father's sperm or the mother's egg. A mutation disease is called Turner Syndrome which is the random deletion or alteration of the X- chromosome (which is the female chromosome). Characteristics First off a characteristic is obviously below the ordinary size of humans, and usually under 4 feet 10 inches. Also you could have two normal size parents and you could have dwarfism. Vice versa, you could have two parents with dwarfism and be completely normal. When they are young they are very shy, have very bad tempers, and are always thirsty or hungry. At a young age is when you detect dwarfism. /article/0,9171,838933,00.html Dwarfism Citations! An article which emphasizes Dwarfism is /DSECTION=causes

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