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Digital Marketing Campaign

Transcript: Joe on the Go A Comprehensive Digital Media Marketing Plan By Holly Cook Brand Purpose Joe on the Go: To bring coffee from local, neighborhood coffee shops to the doors of coffee lovers everywhere! Brand Purpose The Situation Currently, Joe on the Go has no presence on social media and since 78% of salespeople using soical media outsell their peers- why cant a technology heavy company like Joe on the Go do the same? Creating a digital media marketing campaign along with the addition of Joe on the Go profiles on multiple social media platforms makes for heightened brand awarness to attract customers, and keep them customers for the long-term. The Situation Objective To plan a digital media marketing campaign that will help to not only grow sales but to also build a loyal, profitable customer base. Objective Why Digital Media? Joe on the Go is a local delivery coffee service that wants to bring neighborhood coffee to your doorstep- but why digital media to help grow sales and customer base? Break Down: There are 75.4 million millennials worldwide, and 81% of them check Twitter alone, at least once a day and Twitter isn't even the most popular social media network! What makes this important? Millennials currently represent a quarter of the population and they hold $200 billion in annual buying power. This buying power plus their constant social media and online use, makes them a great part of a target market. Why Digital Media? The Typical "Joe on the Go" User Joe on the go believes in fast, local, and convience; but who is Joe on the Go for? If you're in a crunch for time, but still can't go without your cup of Joe, Joe on the Go is for YOU! The Typical "Joe on the Go" User Target Market -Male and Female -Ages 18-50+ -Working upper/middle class -Living in an urban environment -Active, "on the go" kind of lifestyle -And most imortantly.. Avid Coffee Drinkers!!! Target Market Activation Overview -Joe on the Go mobile application -Social media presence via profiles on platforms -"Coffee On Me" campaign; allows user A to order user B a cup of coffee delivered right to user B's doorstep. Taking literal meaning to the phrase, "coffee on me". Delivery will be at a discoutned price to get users excited about a new coffee delivery service. Activation Overview Coffee On Me Campaign This campaign will not only allow more users to be introduced to Joe on the Go, but also, it has the potential to double the amount of users on the application and therfore a customer. For example, if already exsiting Joe on the Go customers decide to partake in the campaign and buy their friends a cup of coffee, their friends will ultimately, hopefully, become customers as well. Joe on the Go can partner with a selected few local coffee shops that can be sponsored on the application during the campaign. This will help build a positive relationship with the local business- without them, we can not operate! To summarize, the Coffee on Me Campaign will help grow customer base, increase new sales, build better realtions with vendors while also enforcing the brand purpose- keep it local, good quality and fast! Coffee On Me Campaign Joe on the Go Mobile App Having a natural flowing interface is important as the app needs to be easy to understand so users can order coffee with ease and not have to interupt their active lifestyle. After createing social media profiles for Joe on the Go and posting weekly on various platforms, the "Coffee on Me" Campaign will help drive users from social media to the app. Joe on the Go Mobile App Example Application Interface This mobile application design architecture shows a hierarchy of importance. The search bar is middle-left at the top which allows for users to quickly search their favorite local coffee spot without having to scroll/search for extended periods of time. Listed below the search bar are some popular coffee shops or discounted offers, discounts are important so it is equally as important to make sure they are easily visable. This application design helps users see the most important information clearly and promotes seamless usability on both the users end, and those who work for the company and carry-out the delivery proccess. Example Application Interface Interface Example: Postmates Companies that could potentially compete with Joe on the Go in the delivery sector are as follows: -Postmates -Seamless -UberEats *The companies above propose a threat due to the fact they all deliver more than coffee, they deliver food and drink from local restaurants of varying cuisine. The following slides show the competitors mobile application user interface- these should be considered when making a rough wireframe. Competitors Competitors Postmates Postmates Seamless Seamless UberEats UberEats 1) Create social media profiles for Joe on the Go and start community management. Start gathering insights from prospective or pre-existing customers and apply that feedback as needed. Also, start and continue to

Digital marketing campaign

Transcript: Prices/Fees Building Sales Goals & Objectives Cost Benefit Analysis Budget modern and trendy clothing matching accessories medium quality quick and reliable delivery convenient/user friendly order process effective customer service "Young adventurous people, enthusiastic about latest fashion trends, who like to take care of themselves, especially their looks. People who want to feel confident in the clothes they are wearing and who just simply want to enjoy their good looks" Highly trained employees/customer service, so that they are able to resolve problems promptly and are able to answer enquiries without any difficulties availability of sizes correct measurements (fitting clothes) affordable price range possibility of return (in case of fault or wrong size) Online retail store ... And Requirements Marketing Mix The most recent designs Acceptable quality for the price Fast service Prompt delivery and minimal packaging to provide the most value 30-day warranty (possibility to return the product 30 after the purchase under the condition that it was not used) Youtube VideoAds Middle range psychological pricing strategy (affordable for target group which mostly includes students without income) Affordable delivery and free delivery on orders above 70 euro as well as on returns Flyers (1st month only) Ensuring convenience of online shopping Welcoming email after registration, similarly after the purchase Responding to customer’s questions/complaints Digital marketing campaign for ONLINE CLOTHING STORe People Target Audience: Youngsters/Young Adults 13-25 Increasing awareness Physical Evidence Attractive, user friendly and up to date website design Safe payment interface Products/Services Target Market's Expectations ... Heavy focus on advertising (Youtube, Google AdWords, Facebook, Exhibitions/Fairs, Flyers) Free gifts Special offers (discounts, 2+1 free offers) Promotion Google AdWords Place/Access Exhibition Processes


Transcript: SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING In 1994 an American E-commerce Company was formed under the name Amazon that is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. In 2013, they launched for the Indian Market At Amazon, their vision is to be Earth’s most customer centric company. Amazon India is a fairly new entrant in the e-commerce market. Early April 2015, Amazon launched the Aur Dikhao Campaign. THANK YOU RESULTS OF THE CAMPAIGN 1. To drive the message that Amazon has over 22 Million products for the consumers to choose from. 2. To engage the existing consumers, get new buyers and create a buzz around the campaign. 3. Reach out to the customers in a direct & fun way by creating a buzz word #AurDikhao 4. Be more well known in the rural India where in the reach for online retail is not as profound owing to lower internet connectivity. • Apps present on all major platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. • Over 10 Million installs on Android alone with 4.1 rating • Increasing number of app-specific offers to increase the popularity of the app. • Regular updates YouTube DIGITAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN AMAZON INDIA TELEVISION ADS • Famous youtube star & movie reviewer Kanan Gill was picked on by Amazon to provide more movie reviews on newer movies rather than the old ones he is famous for PPC( Pay per Click) Search ad – Category based text ads or dynamic Search ads Display – Products/offers based ad images. Gmail – Content/Topic based Text ads DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGIES A FEW OTHER TWEETS BY AMAZON PAGE- • The Ads during IPL match has the entire cricket Fan of the nation buzzing with the AurDikhao and that moved to the social media sphere where amazon interaction personally with the consumers. • Created a social engagement with the contests and tweets. • It chose everyday situation, catchy name that worked very well with the mass consumer. It was based on a simple aspect of every Indian’s shopping nature, which everyone identified with. jab kiwis ke chakke chuda degi india toh aapka bhi dil bolega #aur dikhao #aur dikhao.... AUR DIKHAO CAMPAIGN-2015 Online marketplace eBay is the most visible website in Google Shopping PLAs (Product Listing Ads) displayed in searches while Amazon is the most visible in Google AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, according to new research. twitter battles key objectives of campaign • Twitter Followers -195K, Facebook-5 Million likes • Youtube-Total 15 million views on all videos. 2 Million views on the #AurDikhao campaign ad video alone • Presence on Instagram and Pinterest as well • Regular updates on new Products, Offers and discounts using appealing Videos and Images. • Real-time Customer Service by addressing customer issues publicly and thereby ensuring complete customer satisfaction • Intelligent customer engagement using creative and humorous posts (e.g. #AurDikhao memes) KEY learningS • The Twitterati were engaged in friendly banter over the #AurDikhao Campaign. • One of the first rappers from India Baba Sehgal was asked to share his funny one liners which professed the enjoyment one gets from getting more choice. MOBILE MARKETING STRATEGY 1. GOOGLE ADWORDS STRATEGY TWITTER ABOUT AMAZON amazon VS ZOMATO AUR DIKHAO CAMPAIGN VIDEO RED BULL VS AMAZON

Digital Marketing Campaign

Transcript: Digital Marketing Campaign By: Dina & Tina 13/03/2018 Introduction 1 KDU PENANG UNIVERSITY COLLEGE KDU PENANG UNIVERSITY COLLEGE KDU University College, a six star college has begin to open its door to the first batch of students in the year of 1991. Ever since, KDU have grown and is now one of the most famous private tertiary educations provider in the northern region. It is also recognized globally with the industry-driven educational programmes. Every programmes are recognized by the Malaysia Qualifications Agency and are internationally associated with top university around the world such as University of Lincoln and Nothumbria University from the United Kingdom and the International Management Institute Switzerland (IMI). Living life with passion and energy is how creative people roll. By pursuing a course in the Communication field, is the way to channel that energy. At KDU, they inspire pupils to lead, direct, write and unleash their potentials in the vibrant industry of public relations, broadcasting, print, media advertising and many other areas. MASS COMMUNICATION & MEDIA PRODUCTION COURSE IN PENANG KDU PENANG MASS COMMUNICATION Marketing Strategy 2 e-Marketing Mix Diploma: A more straightforward approach of marketing the course. Introducting Diploma in Mass Communication as a practical based course. In a nutshell, all about videography, photography and journalism. e- Marketing Strategy of Mass Comm Degree: Courses consist of : Bachelors of Arts (HONS) in Communication and Public Relations Bachelors of Arts (HONS) in Media Production Bachelors of Arts (HONS) in New Media Advertising Dual Award title from University of Lincoln, United Kingdom. Degree e-Product e-Product Mass Communication and Media Production Course in KDU Penang University College Diploma in Mass Communication Bachelors of Arts (HONS) in Communication and Public Relations Bachelors of Arts (HONS) in Media Production Bachelors of Arts (HONS) in New Media Advertising e-Price e-Price Overall budget: RM666 Daily budget: RM15.00 CPR: RM2.50 e-Place e-Place Google Ads platform e-Promotion e-Promotion Promotions available for different courses in KDU Penang Customer Segmentation 3 Age Group - 18-35 years old Education - Secondary education Income - Middle Class Family size - Number of children Race & Religion - All races and religions Gender- Both female and male Occupation- Secondary students Nationality- Locals or Permanent Residents in Penang Island. Demographic Demographic AGE GENDER Example The graph show that the majority age group who clicked on the Google Ads is between 18-24 years old . The graph show that the majority gender group who clicked on the Google Ads is male. Target Audience Example Penang, Malaysia Geographic Segmentation Geographical Size and type of region Size of community -1.767 million Geographical Example Lifestyle Social Class Personality Traits Keep enhancing knowledge base Develop an attention and be passionate Be creative with available resources Acquire excellent communication skills Activity, Interest, and Opinion Photography Broadcasting Journalism Public Relations Marketing. Psychographic Segmentation Psychographic Purchasing behavior Benefits sought Customer journey stage Usage Occasion or timing Customer Satisfaction Customer Loyalty Interest Engagement-level User status Behavioral Segmentation Behavioral Device usage Example Extension used Reflection on SEM 4 Keywords "kdu college" keyword performed the best with 110 clicks. "Digital media" keyword did not perform well as it has only 1 click. Most shown ads and new keywords that showed our ads. Network Network Performance 5 Final result after 2 weeks: Clicks: 184 Impressions: 4,000 Click Through Rate: RM4.60 Price: RM103 6 Conclusion

Digital Marketing Campaign

Transcript: Opens up the possibility for hackers to commit fraud and launch spam and virus attacks. Increases the risk of people falling prey to online scams that seem genuine, resulting in data or identity theft. May result in negative comments from employees about the company or potential legal consequences if employees use these sites to view objectionable, illicit or offensive material. Potentially results in lost productivity, especially if employees are busy updating profiles et al Marketing Strategies used by Palmira PEST Analysis Of Social Media Political Factors Increased emphsis on privacy Crack down child predators Goal Social Factors Everyone’s on it (need to Belong) Use of technology affects our behavior Battle of our attention Change in the consumption of media Has two branches : JP Road, Andheri West Main Branch : Four Bungalow, Andheri West Disadvantages Of Social Media Services provided are: Advance Facials Head To Toe Spa Body Polishing Hot Stone Therapy Thai Compress Veg. Peeling Dandruff Treatment Nail Extension Hair Extension Hair Perming Rebonding, Coloring Make-up Digital Marketing Strategies to be used Develop a visually attractive Website Use an effective Digital Strategy Mix (Display /Banners +SEO+PPC+Social Media+Mobile Marketing) Aggressive use of Social Media especially Youtube,Pinterest & Google+ Effective and Extensive use of Content Marketing Digital Marketing Campaign Used For a Local Beauty Salon Palmira Salon & Spa Presented By: Hoardings & Banners outside the parlour and nearby areas in Andheri West Word Of Mouth through Yahoo blogs, Visiting cards & Pamplets SEM and SEO Affiliate Marketing through, Just Dial,, yellow pages, etc Social Media Marketing only through Facebook and Google+ Economical Factors Greater affluence (leading to more no. of users online) Demand and trades Infrastructure Failing and thriving industries Maintaining the "For every beauty there is eye some where to see it" - A local beauty salon in Mumbai - provides specialized Beauty & Hair Treatments from experienced professionals at affordable rates - Target Market: middle class ladies living in and nearby Andheri West "Located in Mumbai, the team at Palmira Salon & Spa is known to possess the magical hands that can create the most extraordinary looks with your hair. Just step into their realm and let things roll. They will create unique hairstyles for your wedding day looks. Not just styling, they will also share hair care tips so that you can take care of your lustrous mane." Palmira Salon & Spa Pragya Dwivedi (APPM0113-05) Key Competitors Technological Factor Increase in broadband speed Decrease in bandwidth and data centre costs Advanced mobile technology Apps continue to grow forecasted revenue Advancement of internet and bandwidth THANK YOU

Digital Marketing Campaign

Transcript: Become a tangible brand in arm's reach of consumer Aki Anistaciou Koula Harry Sideropoulos Food Bloggers Sports Personalities TV Personalities Influencers are people who have a wide reach and many followers either in the social networking arena or in their daily social activities Strategic Approach Relevant Adverts Consumers trust peer recommendations - Grab this opportunity to spread the word virally. Twitter activities of ambassadors and influencers Value for money Motivationals Utilise Facebook polls to give the fans what they want? What is your favourite Greek dish? Facebook is a content hub What dish would you like to see on our menu? Why Does Pappas Need a Social Strategy? Atmosphere Greek Orthodox Priest Angle Unique KEY MESSAGES OVERVIEW Reputation management - complaints Profiling Charles, Ria & Nefeli PATIENCE Existing fans = loyal custodians/ambassadors Generate traffic to website / shop / restaurant Stop, Collaborate and Listen Sophisticated Greek experience with a SA influence Influencers are individuals who influence peers, readers through their experiences with brands. Influencers may even be potential buyers themselves. Exceptional quality, freshness, innovation The Olive Oil Story Communication Tactics Advertising & Trade Exchanges Retail Outlets Hotels / B&B Business and Travel Agents Sandton Theatre Packages Which Tools? Family-owned Food & Home Entertainment Woman & Home Fair Lady No Spammnig - Niche Marketing With a tailored message Sharing stories What is your favourite dining combo: A movie, shopping, or WINE Encourage social engagement with patrons in the restaurant - new and loyal Push & Pull Greek heritage, promotions and special evenings Conversations with the consumer/customer - Use social media to build your brand rather than using is as a constant sales pitch - Instil a resonating message with consumers Inspire, Share, Converse Content Calendar Golden Thread Digital Marketing Campaign Cafe Pappas is a trendy stop for business people Target Wide Variety of food and people Brand Recognition: You're nobody if you're not on SN Compile a content calendar which creates structure, continuity and direction - updated once a day Exclusive recipes to foodies How will we achieve results? INFLUENCERS Connect with like-minded brands Emphasise the consumer interest in trying new world cuisines (fusion) - @PapEpas you will enjoy the rich Greek tradition Location Retweet/share like-minded opinions Continuous focus on Pappas' heritage and legacy Exclusive to Food & Home - @Home Sophisticated and modern - 'at home feel Polls

Digital Marketing Campaign

Transcript: Google analytics Blogger Facebook insights Instagram insights Twitter analytics Lole Background Top Competitors: Lululemon, Athleta, Zella Strengths: company has strong social media presence social media efforts are partially successful event is free practice company values and display that to customers Weaknesses: company lacks social media profile.pages for MI locations no raffle of refreshment incentive Sunday at 10-11am would not be best time for GR customer Lole Women Event Time: Sept. 30th at 9:45am Location: Lole store in Gaslight Village and Reeds Lake Free 40-minute yoga session at Reeds Lake Raffle Prizes: receive a free bottom or top from the new fall 2017 line Refreshments after yoga session Monitoring and Measuring ROI and Budget Facebook: Event page and 3 different ads (6 sec video promotion) Instagram: 3 different ads (sneak peak of fall 2017 line) Pinterest: 3 different ads (Yoga workout guide) Lole Women Event 40% growth in number of likes on FB and Instagram posts 30% growth in number of shares on FB and Instagram 15% click through rate in the links on Twitter posts 40% growth in number of pins on Pinterest 20% growth in number of online register event forms filled out audience engagement rate conversation reach rate click-through rate active advocates rate ROI: not traditional financial ROI, end goal was to increase awareness and attendance to the Lole Women Event. In the long-term event can lead to sales. Duration: 3 week campaign Athleta SWOT Analysis Presented by: Kat Sanders like comment share Twitter: post links to yoga articles and website event page. #LoleWomen Gmail: 3 series email (event invite, reminder email) Blog: 3 blogs (yoga benefits, instructor story, event details) Lole website: event page and pop up invite to event (review/suggestion form) Opportunities: have ability to move merchandise to fit more people could have larger floor space to fit more people Threats: in-store yoga have limited space merchandise has to be pushed aside many yoga studios in GR Lole = Live Out Loud Everyday Focuses on supporting a culture of wellbeing and community Lole is an athletic apparel and lifestyle clothing brand Target Market Increase foot traffic in Lole GR store Attract attendance to Lole event Increase awareness of Lole event Advocating Lole reviews Strengthening the brand Increasing awareness of fall 2017 line like comment share Digital Marketing Campaign Competition Event Overview Creative Assets Goals

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