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Transcript: STRATEGY MARKETING Company Date DIGITAL STRATIGY SUMMERY "Customers have too many choices these days and they have to be constantly reminded that you exist. The best way to reach them is where they spend a good bit of time ... which is online." SUMMARY SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS Targeting WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES THREATS WHY EFFECTIVENESS THE TIMELINE TIME SPENT Numbers don't lie... MOBILE SEARCH How effective are Mobile Searches? 70% of mobile searches lead to action within 1 hour. DIGITAL THE PLAN AUDIENCE EXTENSION AUDIENCE EXTENSION Starting the Search SITE RETARGETING SITE RETARGETING Once users have visited your website, they will be followed with your ads where ever they go online- reminding them to come back and take action. CONTEXTUAL TARGETING When your potential customers are researching topics relevant to your business, we will show your ads based on the terms in that content. CONTEXTUAL TARGETING These ads will follow your customers onto other sites. MOBLIE & APP MOBLIE & APP Serves ads to mobile device browsers and also serve ads while potential clients are in apps. With this product you pick a region of how far you want to reach and it will appear on anyone’s phone in the region you chose. AUDIENCE TARGETING AUDIENCE TARGETING Your ads are shown online in your target geographic area based on the behavior of internet users. Users can be targeted based on many different characteristics such as age, interest, purchase history and online behavior. HYPER LOCAL MOBILE HYPERLOCAL MOBILE Hyperlocal Mobile also known as "Geo-Fencing" allows us to show your mobile ads to customers in very pin pointed areas using specific longitudes and latitudes. Example: If you target the BYU-I campus, your ad will be seen by people there who are on their mobile devices. PRICING FOCUS AREA 3 THE PROBLEM THE PROBLEM 75 % 35 % 10 % THE PLAN THE PLAN THE TIMELINE THE TIMELINE 2017 2008 2013 2005 2010

Digital Advertising

Transcript: Digital Advertising Created by: Alifia Herianti Adiningsih About me: Class: 2A English Department Siliwangi University Alifia Herianti Adiningsih 162122023 Banners Ads What is Banners Ads? A web banner or banner ad is form of advertising on the World Wide Web delivered by an ad server. This form of online advertising entails embedding an advertisement into a web page. It is intended to attract traffic to a website by linking to the website of the advertiser. Examples of Banners Ads Examples of Banners Ads Skyscraper Skyscraper A skyscraper ads are a tall and narrow banner advertisement usually placed to the right of content on a Web page, with heights often ranging from 500 to 800 pixels (and widths often ranging from 120 to 160 pixels). For a long time there was no standard sizes to which buyers and sellers adhered. This made skyscraper ads the province of large, well-branded sites that could sell custom advertising packages. The standard skyscraper is 120×600 and the wide skyscraper is 160×600. With standards in place, skyscraper ads became more common at advertising networks. What is Skyscraper? What is Skyscraper? Like another popular type of Internet ad, the leaderboard, t... Like another popular type of Internet ad, the leaderboard, the skyscraper offers an advertiser a large space for a message. Unlike the leaderboard, which is usually placed between the masthead (title area of a Web page) and the page's content, a skyscraper remains at least partly visible as the viewer scrolls down the page. Skyscraper ads are often called skyscraper banners, although some examples have mimicked the look of a banner by using a combination of ad buttons and text. The Full Banner (also called a Fullsize Banner) is a classic among the forms of advertising. However, it is increasingly being superseded by the Leaderboard (max. 728x90 pixels). The Full Banner is generally placed at the top of a page. Full Banner Full Banner Full Banner Example Example Squares is a rectangular or square advertisement placed on a website, which includes graphic images and text, and links to the advertiser’s website or to another page in the same website. Squares Squares There are four kinds size of squares banner; a)125x125 | b) 250x250 Example Example c) 300x250 | d) 336x280 c) 300x250 | d) 336x280 Button ads come in a variety of sizes. There are standards such as 120×90, 120×60, 125×125 and 88×31 (micro-button), although nonstandard button ads are not uncommon. Whereas banners are often placed at the top or bottom of a page, buttons are often placed towards the middle of a page on the left or right sides. Buttons Buttons There are four size types of buttons; Example Example Because of the layout of most web pages, banner adverts are usually proportioned so that they can either fit along the top of the page, or down the side of the page content, so that they don't interfere with the layout of the page. There are a range of standard sizes for banner ads - Leaderboards (long and thin), skyscrapers (tall and thin), MPUs (almost square) and buttons/tiles (small and rectangular). Because of the layout of most web pages, banner adverts are usual... Standard Banner Sizes Standard Banner Sizes AdSense What is AdSense? Google Adsense is a CPC (cost-per-click) advertising program that allows publishers (anyone wanting to put ads on their websites) to insert a small amount of HTML into their sites and have ads appear that are targeted and relevant to the content of the site. The good news is that Adsense is about the easiest way for bloggers or webmasters to start making money with their sites. After installing the ad code in your site, the Adsense spiders will crawl your site to see what all your pages are about. They then check their inventory of ads and put related ads next to each of your articles. This works out well for everyone as someone reading an article on gardening is much more likely to buy gardening tools than someone who is reading an article about car tires. The good news is that Adsense is about the easiest way for blogge... AdSense (Google AdSense) is an advertising placement service by Google. The program is designed for website publishers who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements on website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads. The advertisements are controlled and managed by Google and Web publishers simply need to create a free AdSense account and copy and paste provided code to display the ads. Revenue using AdSense is generated on a per-click or per-impression basis. It is free to become a verified website publisher in the Google AdSense program. In the other words... In the other words... Google currently offers a number of different AdSen... Google currently offers a number of different AdSense programs, depending on the type of content you will place the ads on (e.g. webpage or RSS feed). Some of the more common programs include: - AdSense for content: display ads on a website. -

Digital template

Transcript: Open: adoption of original digital date by other CAD software and CAM devices Working principle Light source The necessity of powder coat spraying Operative process Output file format Company: Sirona Working principle: Active triangulation and optical microscopy Light source: visible blue light Imaging type: multiple images Necessity of coating In office milling Output format: proprietary closed Intraoral Digital Systems E4D CEREC Trios planscan Lava C.O.S iTero E4D True definition scanner cs3500 Impression Optical technology Single image camera CEREC Omnicam Preparation Hard to get to the undercuts with this technology DIGITAL IMPRESSION Planmeca Plan Scan Intra-oral Scanner Trios Widen the offering for your customers Produce in the material the dentist wants Open your options – internal or external manufacturing Open data* Dentists face problem in daily life Messy materials Tedious and time taking Tongue and saliva Discomfort to patient Make more units per day Get fast digital workflows Reduce labor-intense processes Integrates directly with their software with cone beam and digital x-rays Total integration with planmeca software Scanner is manufactured by E4D Laptop or PC compatible Blue laser Elastomers Agar-Agar (Reversible Hydrocolloid) Tooth Coating with Triangulation/Sampling 3M ESPE Active wavefront sampling Pulsating visible blue light Video Necessity of coating No in-office proprietary IOS Fast Scan Lava C.O.S Alginate (Irreversible Hydrocolloid) iTero System Compete with low-cost labs and chairside milling Increase profit per unit Expand your offerings and services Finishing Create high quality prosthetics Polyvinyl Siloxane (Addition Silicone) Polysulfide (Rubber Base, Thiokol) Triangulation/Sampling scanners require the teeth to be coated with titanium oxide to avoid light scattering These optical impression are superior in technology and know for its accuracy, saves the patients and dentists time with a few laboratory procedures and patients comfort. But it has limitations like high cast , and specialised equipment requirement. Lava COS Waxing Extra-oral Scanners Cadent company Parallel confocal microscopy Red laser ( Photographing) Multiple images Non coating No in office milling Proprietary or selective STL open . The Main Intraoral Digital Systems Silicone (Conventional, Condensation) Classification System Based on Properties of Set Materials Planmeca PlanScan classification of CAD/CAM systems Closed: All the steps are integrated in the unique system Movable - one single cable to the laptop Open .stl files Different tip sizes - all cases can be scanned, even trauma patients with difficulties to open the jaw Powder free scanning Live video capturing - ultra fast pattern triangulation Very fast surface recognition - easy to let patient rest and continue the scanning anywhere Computerized milling device iTero Water-Based Gel Communication with patients True Definition Scanner( 3M) CAM IOS Fastscan CEREC Omnicam – Scanning Simplicity E4D (D$D Technologies) iTero(cadent) 3D progress(MHT) Planmeca planscan Conclusion rapid prototyping computer-aided manufacturing. (CAD-CAM) STL files describe only the surface geometry of a three dimensional object without any representation of color, texture or other common CAD model attributes. (Wikipedia) Increase productivity Problems faced with conventional impression making CAM Classification of Intraoral Scanners Data acquisition unit: digital impression Software for designing virtual restorations Open Blue LED Powder required No color image Imaging type: filming ( video) Image acquisition unit Increase profits and stay competitive Potential benefits for Dentists, Patients and Labs CAD Laser technology Eliminating Steps at the Office Intuitive orientation in the patient’s mouth Good differentiation between tooth structure and gingival Differentiation from amalgam, gold or composite CAD/CAM Systems Advantages of chair side oral scanner Impression data can be processed with the aid of the inLab software (via Sirona Connect) or third-party software (export inLab design data via the Open inLab interface When you scan with Itero or a dental cast scanner , you get an STL file STL means stereoiithographic file. STL are wideiy used for: Why go digital? Stone Model STL are wideiy used for: 3D Progress Type of file obtained Provide more indications and materials The challenge of PVS Impressions Thank you CAM Powder-free scanning 3D impressions in natural color Casting Traditional L.Nasiry Khanlar Scanner Up to 1000 3D pictures for true geometries Polyether CAD Rigid Impression Compound (optical impression) Video camera It captures a thousands of 3D data sets in few seconds It captures a motion picture This scanner quickly captures 3D and renders a 3D model instantaneously CAD Impression Plaster DDS,MS( Operative Dentistry) ASSISTANT PROFESSOR & RESEACHER D4D Technologies company Optical coherence tomography and confocal microscopy Laser Multiple images Occasionally

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Transcript: "Your Sport, Your Style, Your Way" Campaign! Wild Canada will launch a provincial television campaign with a 30 second commercial airing on women’s and family networks to inform the target audience of Wild Canada’s customizable offerings and fitness themed apparel Opening Sounds: rushing water, a bubbling brook, and a woman’s labored breathing “I love getting out here…in nature…whenever I can.” “Out here…when I’m kayaking and giving it my all…I feel at my most alive.” “There’s no fake smiles here…no hands to shake and that allows me…to just be me… (going down rapid)…Yeaahh!” “Wild Canada offers superior-quality, customizable clothing for all your outdoor passions. Customize your apparel to suit your sport and needs. We know your thrills, so get out here!” Tagline: “Your Sport, Your Style, Your Way.” Blocking Chart OOH Ads - four categories: billboard, public transit, street bench, and sporting event advertisements. These will generate a wide reach to our target, being in high traffic areas across the city and suburbs Print Ads - featured in fitness and travel magazines within the GTA; will display active male and female adults wearing Wild Canada clothing while engaging in their chosen sport, i.e. kayaking, canoeing, and/ or rock-climbing Use slogan "Your Sport, Your Style, Your Way" CLIF BAR COUPON INSERT FOR WILD CANADA CLOTHING: 10% off customer’s first online or in-store purchase, or 20% off their initial order if their purchase is over $300 hundred dollars. Thank-you for choosing WILD CANADA FOR YOUR OUTDOOR APPAREL NEEDS! OOH & Print Ads Campaign designed to get involved in local events and become a part of those communities Event Examples: Kayak/ Canoe showcases Toronto International Boat Show Warrior Dash Spartan Races White Water Rafting events Ski-doo/ Wake-boarding showcases We've had a great time working on the campaign and wish you the best of luck with the future of your brand! Remember it's "Your Sport, Your Style, Your Way" when it comes to Wild Canada! PR Campaign Presented By: Clockwork Marketing Agency Our Agency Objectives: 1. To support the launch of Wild Canada into new areas, along with launching their new customized logo for the clothing 2. To create 70% awareness that Wild Canada is now available in suburban malls across Canada, within the next 2 year 3. To create 50% awareness that Wild Canada now offers customizable clothing, to new and existing consumers, within the next 2 years Target Audience Demographics: Active women aged 30-35, living in suburban areas of Canada; educated with annual HH income $80,000 Psychographics: Style conscious while being active; timeless fashion; connects to outdoor sport communities; loves to feel unified with friends and family while participating in sport/activity Persona Michelle Davids “I’m looking for something unique, stylish and casual to wear for my weekly cycling group. A lot of active apparel tends to be bland and boring, I want something we can make our ‘own’ as a group.” Digital Campaign 1. New geographic locations 2. A successful internet site 3. Expand their clothing line to include customizable clothing Wild Canada’s target market is active consumers between the ages of 25-45. These people like to rock climb, bicycle, surf, figure skate, in-line skate, ride horses, snowboard, ski, kayak, canoe and sail boat. They might not be experts, but enjoy themselves and like to ‘Go Play Outside’. Wild Canada Clothing Inc. What is Wild Canada is Searching for? Sales Promotion Radio Ad Script Campaigns include: 1. Multi-Media Campaign A. 30 Second Spot for TV B. Radio Spot C. OOH Campaign D. Print Campaign E. Sales Promotion Plan F. PR Campaign 2. Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign A. Email Campaign B. Video Campaign C. Social Media Campaign Storyboard 30 Second TV Spot Target are internet saavy individuals of Generation Y but may not be up on the social media trends 1. Email Campaign - build database by asking for customers emails, send out newsletter with deals and promotions 2. Video Campaign - "Wild Wednesdays" where Wild Canada will put together YouTube commercials, while encouraging everyday people to post their own videos doing their sport with their Wild Canada clothing on 3. Social Media Campaign - Facebook & Twitter communities for intertaction with customers, posting about promos (eg. Clif Bars), and videos and a forum to answer customer questions, etc. Thank You! The television, radio and PR ads will run right before the summer and winter seasons. Out of home and sales promotions will run into both spring and summer months, and both fall and winter months as these are the heaviest shopping times for consumers. We want to run these each for 4 months as it gives the consumer time to see the ads and promotions together, and then time to come into the store to use the promotional sales discount. Magazine ads, emails and social media will run continuous throughout the year as they are specific and targeted directly to existing customers.

Digital Advertising

Transcript: DIGITAL ADVERTISING Presented by Mazni Afiza (Digital Ad Ops) Ad Category 1. Display Standard Banner Rich Media 2. Video Instream Video (Pre-roll) Ad Category 1. Display 1. Display Standard Banner Masthead Leaderboard Medium Rectangle Rich Media In View Video In Image Mobile Curtain Ad (Mobile only) Mobile Spin Plus (Mobile only) Skinner Interstitial (Desktop only) Standard Banner Standard Banner Ad Dimension (pixel) 1. Masthead Desktop: 970x250 Mobile: 300x300 2. Leaderboard Desktop: 728x90 Mobile: 320x50 3. Medium Rectangle Desktop: 300x250 Mobile: 300x250 Masthead (Desktop) Masthead (Desktop) Masthead (Mobile) Masthead (Mobile) Leaderboard (Desktop) Leaderboard (Desktop) Leaderboard (Mobile) Leaderboard (Mobile) Medium Rectangle (Desktop) Medium Rectangle (Desktop) Medium Rectangle (Mobile) Medium Rectangle (Mobile) Rich Media Rich Media In View Video In Image Mobile Curtain Ad (Mobile only) Mobile Spin Plus (Mobile only) Skinner Interstitial (Desktop only) *using third party technology such as Innity, AdBro, Freakout and etc * have minimum buy (Minimum 250,000 impressions / Cost above RM10,000) More Example (Innity Demo): In View Video In View Video In Image In Image Mobile Curtain Ad Mobile Curtain Ad Mobile Spin Plus Mobile Spin Plus Skinner Skinner Interstitial Interstitial (STO) 2. Video 2. Video Instream Video (Pre-roll) Ad Format Ad Format 1. Static - JPEG, PNG 2. Animated - GIF, HTML5 CTR CTR What is CTR? - CTR stands for Click-Through Rate - A metric that measures the number of clicks advertisers receive on their ads per number of impressions Formula: CTR = (Total Clicks) / (Total Impressions) * 100 Standard Benchmark CTR Standard Benchmark Standard Benchmark for Standard Banner is 0.10% But, for Rich Media, the CTR varies for each ad format Example (Standard Banner) Example (Standard Banner) Campaign: Kenanga Waqf Al-Ihsan Ad Format: Masthead Website: Keluarga Duration: 2 weeks Impressions request: 250,000 Final Report Impressions served: 250,101 Clicks: 444 CTR: 444 / 250,101 = 0.18% Example (Rich Media) Example (Rich Media) Campaign: Maybelline Ad Format: Mobile Spin Website: Hijabista Duration: 8 weeks Impressions request: 320,000 Final Report Impressions served: 320,190 Clicks: 4,874 CTR: (4,874 / 320,190) * 100 = 1.52% CPM CPM What is CPM? - CPM is an acronym for cost per mille, meaning the cost per thousand impressions (or how many times it is seen) Formula: CPM = (Total Cost / Total Impressions) * 1000 Example Example Ad Format: Medium Rectangle Impressions: 200,000 Website: Mingguan Wanita CPM: RM55.00 TOTAL COST? Cost = (Impressions/1000) * CPM (200,000 / 1,000) * 55 = RM11,000 (not included production cost) Q&A Q&A

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