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DHL Presentation

Transcript: Our Interviewers are educated, highly articulate and easily engage with their research subject. They have the maturity, experience and life skills to hold credible peer-to-peer conversations with senior business professionals acting as excellent ambassadors on behalf of our research partners. We recruit interviewers with previous research experience and all applicants are interviewed and tested prior to being selected for full ISO20252 and IQCS (Interviewer Quality Control Scheme) accredited training. Quality Assurance In order to ensure we have measurable results across markets it’s important that we are confident that all the questions are being asked in the same way in each. An integral part of our Quality Assurance process is a thorough check of the English language questionnaire prior to translation by qualified linguists. This helps remove any semantic ambiguities, thereby ensuring that all translations closely follow the original meanings and intentions of the research brief. The respondents we targeted were people responsible for running family businesses. To qualify for inclusion in the research, the business needs to have a turnover of between US$5m – US$500m and the business needed to be ‘family owned’, defined as follows: • The majority of votes are held by the person who established or acquired the firm (or their spouses, parents, child or child’s direct heirs); • At least one representative of the family is involved in the management or administration of the company; • In the case of a listed company, the person who established or acquired the firm (or their families) possesses 25% of the right to vote through their share capital and there is at least one family member on the board of the company. We conducted 1951 overall across 28 countries using 16 languages. We completed 177 interviews in North America; 977 in Western Europe; 179 in Eastern Europe incl. Turkey; 164 in Middle East & Africa; 150 in Latin America and 304 in Asia Pacific. Languages used were English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Korean, traditional and simplified Mandarin. 70% of the completed interviews came from companies with a turnover of $5 to $100 and 30% from $100 plus million. 32% of the interviews were in the Manufacturing industry, 13% Wholesales, 10% Retail, 9% Construction, 6% Business Activity, 6% Automotive & Repairs, the remaining 14% split in all other sectors. The average interview length was 30 minutes. Global Ultimates were defined as headquarters of global companies. The aim here was to target the largest in each market as follows: In the countries outside Europe, our primary targets were Global Ultimates with a revenue of at least US$1 billion and with affiliates / subsidiaries on at least two other continents. Once we exhausted the sample of companies with revenue over US$1 billion, we moved down to the next largest. In the European countries, our primary targets were Global Ultimates with revenue of at least US$1 billion and with affiliates / subsidiaries in at least 5 other countries. Again, once we exhausted the sample of companies with revenue over US$1 billion, we moved down to the next turnover band. Where we were interviewing subsidiaries, we did not impose any revenue threshold to qualify for the interview, but prioritised companies with a turnover of $250 million or more. Questionnaire Interviewers utilise social media such as LinkedIn to research profiles, key facts and vocabulary to help demonstrate synergy with respondents How we helped PwC create value through the process On-going trouble shooting We ensure that the questionnaire is logically structured to assist the interviewer in identifying the target respondent and takes the respondent through the questions in a logical way Where possible a letter on headed paper introducing the research is always a useful tool Our specialist team of professional interviewers is expert in conducting high profile research amongst C-Suites and Key Decision Makers within global multi-nationals, Key Account Customers, Leading Opinion Formers, Policy Makers, Academics, Brokers, Specialists and High Net Worth Individuals. 500 interviews in the Middle East & Africa Key markets: South Africa, Nigeria, UAE, Saudi Arabia 2010 3. The research generates a sample of people who PwC can contact for follow-up - 5 mins + Agile Thinking and Intelligent Interviewing Insight into differing cultural rating habits and attitudes to numeric responses – for example, in Northern Europe and North America respondents tend to give more conservative scores. In Southern Europe and Latin America respondents tend to be more generous with ratings. Ensure that the fieldwork period is sufficiently long to maximise the sample conversion rate The challenge with any research project which continues into the New Year is that, due to the December holidays you lose a certain degree of momentum. Willingness to be flexible

DHL Presentation

Transcript: Complete range of camera systems for any vehicle and situation A full range of specialist features including IP69 waterproof rating, micro-sized camera builds and LED night vision 2014 Paul Tripp, Group Manager, East Riding of Yorkshire Road Transport Celebrating 25 years of delivering vehicle safety solutions Get this template from: Vision Techniques secure a £1m deal with Veolia to supply & install cyclist safety systems across their 3,500 municipal vehicle fleet around the UK Mitsubishi develop the first ever reversing camera designed for a vehicle. 1995 25 Years of experience Founded in 1988 specialising in Mitsubishi CCTV systems Tailor the output on your monitor how you want it - single, double or quad outputs Defend against claims and incidents with triggers that index footage from vehicles Programmable tags allow or refuse access to systems on a vehicle 2003 2008 OUR SUPPORT NETWORK 1-in7 personal injury claims are linked to staged accidents which liability is disputed. 4 camera feed screen display 1988 Vision Techniques become the supplier of choice with 90% of all reversing cameras into these market sectors Ball camera body allows freedom of movement to get the best shot Allow or Prevent control of engine, brakes & rear vehicle machinery Detect dangers at the rear of the vehicle Monitor supports HD Ready camera footage Email us on or Specific cameras can be activated when indicating Multiple features for supreme recording GPS location gives exact positional data G-Sensor data records intense movement Modular build allows integration with existing cameras G-Sensor detects accidents 120° Wide Angle Lens Watch footage while still recording "A highly capable and feature-heavy HDD that costs less than you think" "I am delighted with the performance of this product thus far and it will feature on our standard vehicle specification for future vehicle procurement" Plug&Play hard drive swap-out 2.5" hard drives can be plugged in and instantly replaced as needed Fully tested and accredited Highly competitive prices Case Study Vision Techniques launch their own range of VT Camera safety systems with flat screen monitors 1993 MIRA tested and fully accredited by the VCA and VOSA Provide Evidence & Proof High resolution images Exceptional advanced features for your specific requirements * VT 56 Shark Fin Camera Tailored for installation on the rear of a van for vehicle reversing * VT56 Rear Camera IP68 and aluminum body at an affordable price 360° movement Municipal 2008 We offer low, competitive installation costs and most products are simple to install Even more amazing features Encrypt footage with user passwords USB 2.0 for fast footage downloading Bolt lock to prevent mis-use and theft Automatic Braking Reversing Radar Installed position allows for rear visibility, even when door is opened or objects are close to vehicle INNOVATING IN VEHICLE SAFETY SYSTEMS FOR OVER 25 YEARS Dedicated Support In-house technical support team, sales and customer service & dispatch team 2003 Check your blind spots effectively with blind spot camera Installs in cab door and also works on indication | Auto Braking Radars Supports up to four cameras Digital recording system can support multiple cameras as standard Fully customisable intelligent radar system Programmable microwave radar system detects objects at the rear of the vehicle Our system is accredited and approved by: GPS mapping Playback your vehicles route with video using GPS data 100% Detection Accuracy Vision Techniques secure exclusive deal to supply Biffa Waste with radar systems covering the majority of their fleet Mirror or True Vision Vision Techniques win contract to supply G4S cash services; the largest CIT operator, with the VT Live Tough, durable plastic body tailored for reverse of vehicle Live streaming, playback with 4 cameras Locate, monitor and protect your fleet - live Gold system auto-records on a 4 camera setup Universal Dual SD card works for device playback Schemes like this are costing the insurance industry £392m a year. Call us on 01254 679717 Digital recording device Records and streams footage live from multiple vehicles Playback and download recorded footage Watch from any location to any device; PC, mobile or tablet Tailor your own screen and system setup 1988 Effective, reliable human detection with minimal false alarms AFTER SALES SUPPORT Nationwide After Sales Support with VT Direct employed Support Engineers Complete vehicle safety with Vision Techniques HD Quality footage G-Sensor as standard Our most competitive pricing 2009 DPD partner with Vision Techniques for this brand new concept to help reduce vehicle monitor theft A Few of our Customers | RFID Control systems The Simplicity Camera in focus: VT56 Shark Fin Camera The Essential 2006 Market Leading Technology Global supplier of mobile CCTV, recording devices and vehicle reversing safety aids

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