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detective presentation

Transcript: Detective By Lilly Education Some jobs require just a simple High School diploma or GED, however some now would like you to have a bachelors degree. some degrees best for a detective are criminology, criminal justice, psychology and human services Education Job responsibilities Job Responsibilities detective usually refers to private investigators, or Pi's. Pi's may work with the public or can be hired by a company. Detectives sometimes fill the gap that normal police cannot do for example; missing persons, finding parents (if an adopted child wants to find their biological parents.), and recovery of lost or stolen property. There are multiple types of detectives like, Police detectives Police detectives also known as criminal investigators. they investigate stuff such as arson, homicide, robbery Forensic detective Forensic detectives use science and scientific method to analyze evidence from the crime scene Salary $$ Salary Detectives earn an average of $81,920 yearly. Wages start normally around $43,800 and can go up to about $138,860. High level detectives earn an average hourly salary of about $66.76 Unlike starting level detectives who earn an hourly wage of around $21.06 Depending on your skill level these numbers can vary Promotion opportunities Promotion opportunities The more skill you have the higher pay you get and the more challenging jobs you may be hired to do. like the salary the new level detectives do not earn as much as the experienced ones. Top level: $138,860 a year Senior level: $ 107,000 a year Mid level: $ 81,920 a year Junior level: $57,560 Starting level: $ 43,800 Working conditions Working conditions Detectives can work in many places depending on what case they are working. Some spend more time in an office studying on computers or files, but some could be working out in the field investigating and interrogating suspects. Many private detectives work irregular hours and can have to go to the field at split second timing. some states require a few years of work experience and a license even in some states Future Studies say that from 2018 to 2028 the job will grow by 8%. the highest of any occupation Future of the job

Detective Presentation

Transcript: Intermediate Certification Commendations Currently Obtaining Bachelor's Degree in Organization Management at John Brown University Criminal Investigations Division Detective Selection Job Knowledge, Quality of Work, Quantity of Work, Safety, Dependability, Attendance, Care of Equipment, and Human Relations Intermediate Instructor Career Accomplishments Plans to Continue Education Corporal Josh Woodhams 2006 1st Place in Academics at Academy Training 2010- 165 Cases; 107 Arrests 2011- 212 Cases; 190 Arrests 2012- 102 Cases; 95 Arrests Patrol Statistics Quality of Work, Safety, and Human Relations Dedicated to Law Enforcement 2009- Prosecutor's Commendation for Papa Coon Rape Investigation 2009- Rape Investigation while working as SRO at Junior High School 2009- B or E Investigation Involving Catching Juvenile in the Process of Breaking into Cars 2010- Prevented Suicide of Bypass Jumper 2011- Commendation for Grease Theft Investigation 2012- Suicidal Subject at Commons with Assault Rifle Quality of Work, Quantity of Work, Safety, and Human Relations Sexual Assault Investigation Field Training Officer 2012- Average Rating of 4.7 Introduction Completed over 90 College Credit Hours including English Comp I and II Certifications and Specialty Roles CID Statistics Drug Recognition Expert Desire to Work with a Knowledgable and Professional Team Highest on Corporal List for 2008 Supervisor's Exam 2010- Average Rating of 4.1 2011- Average Rating of 4.3 Summary Thank you. Reid School of Interview and Interrogation Legal Aspects of Narcotics Investigations Managing Drug Investigations HIDTA Interview and Interrogation CJI Methamphetamine Investigations Street Level Narcotic Enforcement Drug Recognition Expert ATOA SWAT School Motivated to Better Myself Education Consistent Work Performance Cases- 111 Warrants- 34 Bond Hearings- 56 Currently 2nd on Sergeant's List and 3rd on Lieutenant's List for Supervisor's Exam SWAT Job Performance Breaking or Entering Investigation Scored Highest in Class for DRE Certification on Final Exam 2007 Officer of the Year Obtained Technical Certificate in Law Enforcement from Southern Arkansas University Tech Case Selection Career Accomplishments Training and Education Job Performance Thrive in Team Environments Graduated Rogers High School with Honors

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