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Timeline template

Transcript: Inertial Media Un equipo de experiencia y juventud INERTIAL MEDIA CARLOS GARAFULIC Esta presentación persigue dos objetivos: Carlos Garafulic Ilustrar la cronología de hechos que condujeron a la creación de Inertial Media LLC. Proporcionar valiosa información para evitar que ejecutivos de empresas no sean presa fácil de típicos charlatanes que abundan en el área de diseño y elaboración de Sitios Web. 1 2 Nuestro objetivo no es convertirnos en proveedores de la solución, sino en referencia confiable de consulta en un área técnica estratégica. INFO Algunos enlaces con información relevante acerca de la presente presentación, se encuentran a continuación: Más información: UNIVERSIDAD RIT NY Before we dig into the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we are going to explore what we know about him already, as well as what we’d like to know about him and his legacy. WHAT DO WE KNOW? You will need sticky notes and something to write with as you work in groups of 4-5. EXERCISE EXERCISE In groups of 4-5, list everything you know about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. You have 5 minutes. One fact per sticky note. Don’t repeat your facts. Place your sticky notes on the board. Hold onto your top three facts: present your facts when your teacher calls on your group. QUESTIONS Now in the same groups of 4-5, list all the questions you have about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Put your top three questions on pink sticky notes and present them when called on. QUESTIONS EXPLORATION We will hang onto our questions as we move into an in-depth exploration of Dr. King’s life via the timeline. EXPLORATION POR QUE UN WEBSITE TAKE A LOOK We are now about to look closely at Dr. King’s life. As you review the timeline, consider the following questions. QUESTIONS QUESTIONS What are major themes that we see throughout his life that characterize Dr. King? What particular evidence supports these themes? Based on these themes, what words best describe him? Think about: What events in the timeline answer the questions we have formulated? TECNOLOGIA TIMELINE Above is a timeline of Dr. King’s life. It is filled with links if you’d like to learn more about any particular event. EDUCACION EARLY YEARS 1961 Michael King, later known as Martin Luther King, Jr., is born at 501 Auburn Ave. in Atlanta, Georgia. Complete Biography: Nov 15 1980 King begins his freshman year at Morehouse College in Atlanta. SEP 20 1946 King’s pens a letter to the editor at The Atlanta Constitution, stating that black people "are entitled to the basic rights and opportunities of American citizens." AUG 06 1948 King enters Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester, Pennsylvania to become a reverend. SEP 14 1951 King begins his graduate studies in systematic theology at Boston University. SEP 13 LEARN MORE Morehouse College King’s Letter to the Editor Crozer Theological Seminary Learn More FORMACION MONTGOMERY 1954 King begins his career as a pastor at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. SEP 01 Rosa Parks is arrested for refusing to leave her seat for a white passenger and move to the rear of a city bus in Montgomery. Jo Ann Robinson makes thousands of leaflets calling for a one-day boycott of the city’s buses. DEC 01 1955 King becomes the president of the Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA). DEC 05 1956 JAN 30 In the evening, while King is at a meeting, his home is bombed. His wife and daughter are not injured. Later, King insists on nonviolent solutions as he addresses an angry crowd outside his house. An integrated Montgomery City Lines resumes full service on all routes. King is among the first passengers to ride the integrated buses. The U.S. Supreme Court affirms the lower court opinion in Browder v. Gayle declaring Montgomery and Alabama bus segregation laws unconstitutional. DEC 21 NOV 13 LEARN MORE Rosa Parks Montgomery Improvement Association Browder v. Gayle Learn More GAINING ACCLAIM GAINING ACCLAIM 1957 Southern black ministers meet in Atlanta to share strategies in the fight against segregation. King is named chairman of the Southern Negro Leaders Conference on Transportation and Nonviolent Integration. JAN 10 At the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., King delivers his first national address, "Give Us The Ballot," at the Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom. King appears on the cover of

Timeline Template

Transcript: Jackie Robinson Timeline 1919-1946 1939 Career Sulamita Matveyuk Injuries from the field 1945 1940 1943 Marriage from college Ella Wade and Sulamita Matveyuk Jackie enrolled in UCLA. He lettered in four sports. To this day he is still the only one in UCLA to letter in four sports. Jackie enrolled in Pasadena Junior College. He was in football, basketball, baseball, and track. He set the broad jump record too. About a year after Jackie was born, his mom got divorced and decided to move to Pasadena, California. Jackie was raised there. When they moved, Jackie's mom was a maid to support her kids. Year He began a baseball career with the Kansas City Monarchs. The Kansas City Monarchs was a black people team. Then he was recruited to play with the minor league team the Montreal Royals. He married Rachel Isum, a student at UCLA. He met her while he was in college. Jackie got married on February 10, 1946. Records and His Wife Army 1919 In 1942 Jackie Robinson got drafted to the army. First he was just a normal soldier. Then Jackie was choose to be a lieutenant. 1944 Born Jackie Robinson was born on January 31, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia. Jackie's family included his mother, father, and four other siblings. His family was also poor. Pasadena Junior College 1920 Chosen Date 1942 In 1943, Jackie Robinson was chosen as a lieutenant. A lieutenant is an important worker in the army. Jackie was a lieutenant until 1944. Younger Life UCLA 1946 During 1940 Jackie Robinson met Rachel Isum. They met at the the University of California. Jackie also won the broad jump and swimming championships. 1937 Ella Wade In 1944 Jackie was honorably discharged from the army. He got discharged because of an ankle injury. Jackie injured his ankle at college.

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