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Delta Airlines Template Presentation

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Delta Airlines Presentation

Transcript: 1970s • Northeast Airlines (merger) Southwest - - - - - - Low differentiation Future of the Industry Air Line Industry History SKY DECK High efficiency and cost cutting James Bayard Brennan Briggs Kendall Finn Lisa Lynch Laura Smith Threat of Substitutes Still not winning over the customers! On-time performance Rate of mishandled bags Customer complaints Reservations Ticketing and Boarding Customer Service Baggage Involuntary Boarding Moderate Bargaining Power Jet fuel price increases 2001-2011 Jet fuel price rose 268% Fair Prices increased only 10% Jet fuel currently accounts for 35% of all costs $.01 increase per gallon of jet fuel costs industry $175M Jet fuel refining is highly regulated Recommendations Jet Blue 1930s Recent Events in the Air Line Industry Intra-Industry Analysis • WORLDSPAN • Purchased Pan Am’s trans-atlantic routes Threats 1960s Delta Opportunities Huff Daland Dusters C.E. Woolman (principal founder) Crop Dusting Delta Air Service - Historical Overview of Industry - Industry Analysis - Intra-Industry Analysis - Future of the Industry - Delta History - Competitive Strategy and Position -Future of the Company -Recommendations Early days of industry (1925-1978) Power of Customer was Low Gov’t regulation meant set ticket fares Assigned routes to airlines Modern Times (1978-Present) Power of Customer is High Deregulation allowed flooding of market 20 entrants by 1980, 40 currently (11 major) More airlines offering more routes Internet increases choices Customers can now shop between airlines for cheapest fares Low customer loyalty Rates have eclipsed safety as the number one factor for choosing airlines A Look Back at 2012 for Delta Airlines SkyTeam 87,000 flights per day Best: Virgin America Worst: United Top Airlines in 2012 Competitive Industry Routes Fares Schedules Services provided Frequent flier programs New Technologies and Innovations In-flight WiFi and power for electronic devices Multiple seating options Entertainment Dining Options On-Board Shopping Smartphone Applications Employees World’s Largest Airline Major Aircraft Companies: Boeing & Airbus Intense competition for market share Consolidation of Major Airlines -soaring fuel costs -lower passenger demand -economic slowdown More Personalized Experience Air Line Industry Recent Performance 1920s Opportunities Strategy: Focus on courteous customer service, Integrate new aircraft, Maintain industry leading safety performance, and control spending. Marketing: Sky Miles, Sky Miles Medallion Currently the Threat of new entrants into the commercial airline industry is low High Barriers to entry Enormous capital requirement Low profit margins 21 bankruptcies since 2001 Deregulation - 1978 Hub-and-spoke system September 11, 2001 Insurance and Security costs Fuel cost increases Transatlantic Flights Airline Advantages Loyal to either Boeing or Airbus Loyal to neither company Aircraft leasing Air Traffic @ 3:05 pm Template by Missing Link Images from 1990s Create own low cost subsidaries Industry Analysis Strategy: AirTran Integration, Fleet Modernization, New Interiors, Fuel Hedging Program Marketing: Rapid Rewards Technology: Reservation System Replacement, Inflight Internet Connectivity, Operational Efficiency Delta Strategy Threat of New Entrants •SkyTeam •75th anniversary •Reorganization under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code •U.S. Airways takeover overturned (emergence from bankruptcy) •Northwest Airlines (acquisition) •U.S. Airways (merger) Technology Backward Integration Mergers and Acquistions Threats 1980s Strategy: Focus on luring the business traveler, Increase daily departures, Increase markets including Intra-Caribbean flights. Marketing: More Legroom, First Bag Free, TrueBlue Rewards Technology: In-Flight WIFI, Live TV, Mobile App Industry Rivalry • SABRE system • Deltamatic Key Resources and Competencies Power of Customers Alliances and Partnerships Porter's 5 Forces Bargaining Power: Low Moderate threat Main threats: Cars, Buses, Railways Threat exists mainly to shorter distances (<600 mi) Legacy carriers who offer cross country and international flights are less exposed to threat of substitutes. Low Cost Carriers are most adversely affected Main driver: Gasoline prices Differentiation Major Player #3: Arircraft Manufacturers • Delta Airlines Passenger Service High speed railway 1950s Low cost carriers Other major airline acquistions Unions: High bargaining power With regulated cost plus pricing airlines regularly bent to labor union demands Currently FAA regulations allow for Unions to thrive Illegal to hire replacements in a strike scenarios, airlines must bend to union demands United’s low cost carrier Shuttle Issues 2000-Present Delta History Delta Opportunities Founding Member – June 2000 First global airline alliance created around the customer Alliance offers passengers 6,402 flights to 451 destinations in 98 countries The Future of the Industry Domestic and International Flights

Delta Airlines

Transcript: Job Duties and Starting Salaries Engineering Aerospace, Civil, Electrical, Industrial, and Mechanical Finance Supply Chain Flight Operations Corporate Structure Resources Jesscia Bonacci, Brianna Zuccarelli, Karim Recruiting needs at Smeal In 2014, Delta had a revenue of $40.2 billion and a profit of $.659 billion Their products include: Baggage In-flight comforts Delta Sky Club Pet Services Delta Sky Miles Company Size and Locations Delta Airlines Flight attendant- Takes care of on-flight breifings and services. Starting Salary= $41,000 Sales account executive- Looks after clients and their accounts, may also try to obtain new clients. Starting Salary=$59,000-507,000 Senior Business Analyst- Reviews company to find strengths and weaknesses. Uses these to furter develop the company. Starting Salary=$59,000-136,000 Senior Financial Analyst- Speaks with company management and also works with the investments and investors Starting Salary=$58,000-98,000 Culture is a core value that is held by all members of Delta Airlines. "Our Core Values: always tell the truth always keep your deals don't hurt anyone try harder than our competitors-- never give up care for our customers, our community, and each other" (Rules of the Road 1). "Run a financially sound business: have internal, organic growth in revenue of at least 7% and get at lest 5% more revenue Per Available Seat Mile than our competitors across the system. exercise vigilant cost controls to maintain industry leading Cost Per Available Seat Mile below all major carriers. maintain a 40/60 debt to equity ratio which produces, consistently 8-10% pretax returns" (Rules of the Road 2). Delta serves 71 different countries It has 79655 employees It owns 1280 fleets Delta is one of the largest global airlines in the world, and annualy transports 160 million people. Delta Air Lines Inc (DAL.N) Company Profile | (n.d.). Retrieved October 5, 2015. PRODUCTS & SERVICES. (n.d.). Retrieved October 4, 2015. Search All Jobs. (n.d.). Retrieved October 4, 2015. Senior Financial Analyst Salary (United States) United States Home Change Country Don't see what you are looking for?Get A Free Custom Salary Report ». (n.d.). Retrieved October 4, 2015. People want to work for Delta because it is dedicated to providing the best compensation possible for its customers and employees. Majors that Delta Hires Revenue and Products In addition, it is known as a company that is committed to its employees. Delta is the newest member of the corporate associates program in the Smeal Business College Offers internships to student that are enrolled in 4 year undergraduate or graduate program Opportunities of interning with Delta include hands on experiences in many different possible occupations Why would people want to work for Delta?

Delta Airlines Presentation

Transcript: possible solutions final solution Welcome to team 6 period 3 9.6 case challenge By Brooklynn Kowal, Vanessa Muller, Nellybel Torres, and Zariah Distin company background Purpose Purpose of delta Continue to understand the plantet Lower Carbon Footprint Furthering an equitable work environment Facts about delta airlines Delta served more than 190 million customers in 2023. And was again recognized as North America’s most on-time airline by Cirium. Delta is an operating airline and has 80,00 employees world wide Delta is America's most-awarded airline thanks to the dedication, passion and professionalism of its people. Values Core Values #1 #2 #3 Sustainability Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Community Engagement Case Challenge Question case challange How can Delta improve the gate experience? Core comptency Core competency Creative and Innovation thinking 2X2 Matrix What's delta doing now? current Currently Delta has been opening up space for more efficient boarding and additional customer seating to improve the overall wellbeing of customer satisfaction. Imporvments Improvments #1 #2 #3 check bag status handheld device that allows gate agents to make seat changes boarding pillars that create four parallel lanes Ticket Agent at Gate was awful! Stuck in Atlanta with 2 childrens Flight delayed twice Poor Service Vey disorganized Reviews! Rude flight attendant Possible Solutions 1. Kids play area offerend for layovers 2. Supply microwaves for long layovers. 3. Have an on office area/ Quite space 4. Add more customer support and help assistance 2X2 Matrix Experience Low, High High, High Office area/quiet space Customer support/assistance help Effeciency Low, Low High, Low Adding microwaves Kids play area Final Add more customer support and help assistance On the app add AI to help answer any questions/concerns people may have and also have the frequenly asked questions up and answered Help/assistance tab: Click here and an assistance would come to your seat and help you out.When you click the button it would then guide you through steps of how to get the worker to locate you. Label the seats ( not assigned seats) Sources thank you!,15_KO16,26.htm Thank You Thank You For Listening! Any Questions?

Delta Airlines Presentation

Transcript: Need more placeholders for your content? 7 There are risks to this, and it's important to go over them. Let's break down the most obvious ones. 1 Northwest Merger // It's time to meet that goal Get this Prezi Template from: Becoming Debt-Free 4 The Root The Steps Northwest Merger had Delta take on $904 million in debt 2011 Report from managers: "Our susbstantial indebtedness may limit our financial and operating activities" Where are we now? 6 Higher compensation for employees Delta becomes more volatile to the market Fuel Costs, Competitors, Changes in industry We give up more ownership of the firm (as there are now more owners) Share Dilution Right of First Offer Delta wants to reduce net debt to 4 billion by 2020 Start off with offering 100 million dollars in shares Within a year, if it responds well, increase it accordingly 5 It's our stated goal Zoom around and insert your ideas // Increasing Equity Share Offerings "We—Delta's employees, customers, and community partners together form a force for positive local and global change, dedicated to bettering standards of living and the environment where we and our customers live and work." // What's The Situation? Reducing Debt 2 3 Delta Airlines Better customer service Delta has seen an increase in cash flows since 2009, even with higher fuel costs and higher operating expenses We are lowering our leverage ratio each year, and minimizing risk Increase flexibility for manager's

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