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Transcript: Step 4 - Use a glue appropriate for both your surface and your cut-outs and apply the glue Step 6 - Finished! What is decoupage? My students :) Sources We can do something like this... How to decoupage anything? Step 1 - Selecting what to decoupage Aleksandra Bielska Napkin images and photos: Decoupage (from the French word for cut out) is the art of decorating household objects, usually wooden furniture, with pictures cut out of paper or napkins. It originated in the 18th century, to simulate the beautiful, intricately hand-painted lacquer items that were being imported at great expense from Asia. Some famous people are known to have loved and enjoyed decoupaging during their lives including Marie Antoinette. Your work is finished! :) First, decide what you want to decoupage. The sky is the limit here. :) Any material can be decoupaged including wood, plastic, metal, ceramic, and paper. You might consider decorating an old piece of furniture. Other items that people have successful decoupaged include trash cans, vases, boxes, candles. Whatever what you choose, it should be clean and free of any dust or dirt! Step 3 - Prepare the surface Step 5 - Glue the cut-outs, piece-by-piece, to the object and let glue dry In my world of decoupage Step 2 - Selecting materials You can generally use plain white glue, but it'll be easier to use if you mix it with water it should be the ratio of 50% glue and 50% water. Why decoupage? Lay a piece of your cut paper onto the area to which you applied the glue. Apply the paper carefully to avoid bending or crumpling it. You can cut it with scissors or tear it out :) Step 6 - Apply varnish or lacquer Make sure the object you are decorating is clean and dry. If you want to paint it or refinish it, you should do this before pasting anything on it. I decided to choose this subject because I'm interested in decoupage technique. Since two years I have decorated some objects and I derive great pleasure from this. Use as specially-formulated decoupage finish, varnish, or lacquer. Let each coat dry thoroughly before applying the next one. You can use pictures from magazines, catalogs, or books. Wrapping paper, wallpaper, napkins, tissue paper, postcards, and fabric are other possibilities. You can buy specially made paper for decoupage. If you have a good printer, surf the Internet and print out your own pictures. You can even use your own personal photos. However, you may want to consider getting high-quality copies made first because the copies are usually easier to work with. After you have all your pictures cut out, decide how you want to arrange them on the item. Be creative!!!


Transcript: Opportunities Out of Home Geodemographics Weaknesses High Price Balanced Personality: Trendy, current, cool, hipster Attitudes: Loves the latest and greatest, go-getter Interests/hobbies: Local breweries, concerts, downtown activities Lifestyles: Risk-taker, multitasker, blogger Behavior: Apple lovers Public Relations Brand Positioning Michelle Kellogg Dale Houser Ryan Rinke Brigitte Gjonaj Kevin Sporka Finally Something New YouTube video Banner Ads Press Conference Live stream Press Release User Friendly Spots running nationally Pre Launch/Launch: 60 second spots Post Launch: 30 Second Spots Sales generated via: Email to site traffic Vanity URLs Site traffic relative to commercial air time Return on Investment = Revenue generated from advertising - Advertising cost Product Introduction Age: 17-34 Location: United States. Urban/city areas. Gender: Male and Female Income level: $20,000-40,000 Education level: Currently in college or recently graduated Marital or family status: single Occupation: business student, marketing professional, creative personnel (photographer, videographer, i.e. adobe suite users) Direct Marketing Multiple screen displays Drag and Drop Touchscreen Ability to use all screens at once, or each on their own Psychographics 12 - 24 Month Financing Available Standard MacBook style 100% recycled material More eco-friendly Display Main screen: 15.4 – inch (diagonal) Side screens: 9.7 – inch (diagonal) each 2880 by 1800 pixels LED – backlit Retina display First mover advantage in new consumer category Patentable product Laptop/tablet aftermarket product Same old same old. We need a new idea. Demographics Advertisement Measuring Success Innovative Fun Creative Different Lifestyle Potential entrants from major consumer electronics firms Followers in the market High Tech Durable Good Battery Massive amount of storage Distribution Strengths Packaging Previous Purchase History of Relevant Products Ranked #1 most valuable brand by Forbes Continually considered one of the most innovative brands One of the most recognizable brands/logos in the world Licensing to a firm such as Apple, HP, Sony Royalty deal/structure Sell as an included accessory in new laptop packages What Image Does Our Brand Create? Magazine 2.5 GHz quad core Intel Core i7 processor 16 GB memory 1 TB flash storage Integrated 95-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery OS X Yosemite High Quality Television Advertising Low Quality SWOT Analysis Low Price Target Market CUSTOMER NEED/SITUATION ANALYSIS Apple lovers Has latest iPhone Sales Promotion Internet Advertising Not fully proprietary Relatively easy to reverse engineer May require the inclusion of expensive warranties Threats Email communications with CTAs Innovative Design Detroit Portland Denver Creativity Trustworthiness Great technology Great service Easy to take home and work on things you may otherwise only be able to do at work Able to travel and be able to get work done What Does Our Brand Stand For? Perceptual Map Capabilities Apple $2200 Features Student discounts Specifications

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