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Nazi Deck of cards

Transcript: K 1924-1945 Dr Joseph Mengele 1921-1945 Heydrich was appointed protector of Bohemia and Moravia. The foundations of Geonocide were laid by him and carried out in Operation Reinhard in his name. Captured and critically injured by British assasins sent to kill him. He would die only a few days later due to his injuries Dr mengele was known as the Angel of Death. His job in the war was an SS physician, infamous for his inhumane medical experimentation upon concentration camp prisoners at Auschwitz. He escaped capture in Brazil and then died while swimming off the coast being buried under a False Name until getting a forensic match in 1985 9 Adolf Hitler Josephs role in the war was to reach out and get people to join the Nazi Regime he was the minister of propaganda. Mostly Famous for his role and help in the Holocaust genocide on the jewish people. The day after Hitler would commit suicide so would Joseph taking Cyanide along with his wife and six children. Reinhard Heydrich Commander of the home army, he was a difference maker talking about WW2. He was he archietecht of the holocaust without this man there wouldve not been mass murder and crimes against humanity. He met his good old friend death in 1945 when he took a cyanide capsule sealing his fate Q 1923-1945 8 Heinrich Himmiler A Joseph Goebbels Adolph Eichmann 1933-1962 1931-1945 1938-1945 Adolf Hitler is most famously known for taking control of germany and secretly turning them into a power or the holocost. His job in the war was to be the leader and the face of Nazi Germany. He died at the end of the war when he and his wife of 1 day Ava Braun took Cyanide Capsules. Nazi Deck of cards 10 Josef Krammer J Eichmann organized and organized the mass deportation of the Jews. Prodigy of Heydrich, He learned Hebrew and studied all things Jewish so he could Manipulate Jews. He escaped in 1945 from Germany, until found in Argentina in 1962 than extradited to Israel where he would be hung in front of the public. He was the Commandant if the Bergen-Belsen concentration Camp. Dubbed "The Beast of Belsen" by camp inmates. He would terrorize prisoners in undescribable ways. After capture in 1945 he stated that he was only "following orders" before sentanced to death by hanging

Nazi Deck of Cards

Transcript: 1920-1946 8 of Hearts 1933-1945 Ace of Hearts 1933-1945 7 of Hearts Ilse Koch Viktor Brack -She was a prison guard at Sachsenhausen - Famously known for cruel and sadistic behavior of treatment towards inmates -She committed suicide in 1967 in prison - She was one of the worst women at camps during the Holocaust -German politician and military leader - Famously known for his influential abilities during WWII - He was placed on house arrest, put in prison, released, but found american troops and surrendered - He was one of the close people to Hitler 1922-1947 9 of Hearts -Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party. -He was responsible for the Holocaust, which killed over 6 million Jews. -He committed suicide in 1945 (so they say) with his wife. -I chose Hitler as my Ace of Hearts because he was the leader of Germany and he hid the idea of the Holocaust even though there was written documents. 10 of Hearts Rudolf Hoess - He was a body guard and telephone operator - He was wounded during the polish campaign - He died of old age - He was one of the recent deaths of the Nazi Party Queen of Hearts 9 of Hearts - A Nazi Physician - Famously known for killing children by injecting chemicals into them and then would cut off their limbs and harvest vital organs while they were conscious. Also put things like sawdust into wounds - Sentenced of 20 years but dies in 10 - She was a completely horrible person with sadistic behaviors - He was a chief to Adolf Hitler - He is known for helping Hitler -Was arrested and killed - He helped Hitler with his tasks Hermann Goering Jack of Hearts -Served as chief in operation staff - He was a serious war criminal during this time He was killed by the death penalty - I chose because he was a high commander during WWII Herta Oberheusser 1920-1934 Jack of Hearts Juana Bormann Joeseph Goebbels -Goebbels was a German politician -Famous for spreading the Nazi message of Propaganda -He committed suicide and also poisoned his wife and 6 children - He was in the 3rd Reich King of Hearts King of Hearts - Author and Commander of Shutzstaffel -He was Hitlers Propaganda chief -Suicide by Cyanide Poisoning in 1945 - He was important in Propaganda Rochus Misch 6 of Hearts Alfred Jodl Julius Schnaub -Part of the political economics party - He systematically killed over 20,000 people(Germans and Austrians) -He was hung in 1948 - He found a way to kill many people Adolf Hitler 5 of Hearts 1919-1945 5 of Hearts 1944-2013 1944-1967 2 of Hearts Ace of Hearts 1932-1967 10 of Hearts 4 of Hearts 7 of Hearts Gregor Strasser - One of the longest serving Commandants of Auschwitz -Famously known for being part of the "Final Solution" -He was killed by capital punishment- He was one of Hitler's most trusted men during WWII and the Holocaust 6 of Hearts Hein Reich Himmler 3 of Hearts 2 of Hearts -Prison guard at Shultzshaffel -Famously known as the woman with the dogs because she lets dogs rip prisoners to shreds - Executed as a war criminal in 1945 - One of the most disgusting women in history 4 of Hearts Nazi Deck of Cards 1937-1945 Queen of Hearts 1940-1978 8 of Hearts 3 of Hearts - Head of the Nazi political organization He was a very influential and important figure for the Nazi -He was murdered by Hitlers orders in 1934 - He turned on Hitlers ideas and feeling 1923-1945 1929-1948 Logo

Nazi Deck Of Cards

Transcript: Paul Blobel Adolf Eichmann - A commandant of the Sobibor and Treblinka extermination camps - He was the superintendent of a program that killed handicap people - Died in prison of heart failure - I put him here because he was responsible for 900,000 deaths 7 - He was in charge of one of the largest collections of Einsatzgruppento - Was responsible for over 100,000 Jew deaths and watched 25,000 people get killed - After the war he was tried and hanged in Russia - I put him here because he was responsible for 100,000 deaths Franz Stangl 8 Heinrich Himmler - Chief of security in the third Reich - He was given the duty to destroy and enemies that were within the Reich - Ernst was hanged after the Nuremburg Trials - I put him here because he was the highest ranked SS man to be hanged 6 5 Q 10 3 1927- 1946 K By: Davis Bianchi - Head of Luftwaffe and founder of the Gestapo - Announced that Genocide of the Jews of Europe was now official Reich policy - Goring was sentenced to hang but committed suicide by taking cyanide the night before - I put him here because he was the head of the Luftwaffe which was big thing during the Holocaust 2 1919-1945 Adolf Eichmann - He was given the title of SS leader - Was responsible for the murders of millions of people and liquidating the Warsaw Ghetto -Committed suicide with a cyanide capsule hidden in his tooth - I put Globocnik here because he was responsible for the murders of many innocent people 6 2 2 Reinhard Heydrich A 2 A J Ernst Kaltenbrunner A J 1923-1945 6 5 J Odilo Globocnik 1923-1945 10 9 1932-1962 1931-1971 4 Oskar Dirlewanger Josef Mengele 9 7 Friedrich Jeckeln 4 Ernst Kaltenbrunner Reinhard Heydrich K J 9 4 1933-1945 - He led the SS Dirlewanger Brigade - Oskar fed female hostages strychine and made soldiers watch them die for entertainment - He was handed to Poland where they locked him up, beat him, and tortured him and died from these injuries - I put him here because he tortured, raped, and murdered civilians Adolf Hitler Q Josef Goebbels Adolf Hitler - He was in charge of Sonderkommando 4a of Einsatzgruppe C during the German invasion of Soviet Union - Was in charge of the Babi Yar in Kiev and admitted to having killed 10-15 thousand people - He was hanged in Landsberg Prison - I put Blobel here because he was responsible for the death of 15,000 people Paul Blobel 1929-1946 9 K 1931-1951 6 Nazi Deck Of Cards Q 8 Hermann Göring 5 Heinrich Himmler - President of RSHA - Played a big role in deporting 50,000 Jews to ghettos in Minsk and Riga - He was attack by Czech and Slovak soldiers and died a week later - I placed him here because Reinhard was given the unofficial title of the mastermind of the Holocaust 8 1931-1942 - He was known for his public speaking and his virulent antisemitism - His propaganda led to the extermination of Jews in the Holocaust. - Him and his wife committed suicide after they poisoned their 6 children - I put him here because he was a big part in propaganda which helped get the Nazi Party popular A 3 1930-1945 7 1932-1946 7 - Architect of the Holocaust -Himmler directed the killing of 6 million Jews - Captured after the war and committed suicide by cyanide he had hidden - I placed Himmler here because he was the architect of the Holocaust. Josef Mengele - He was a Lieutenant Colonel in the SS - Eichmann was in charge of organizing mass deportation - He was found by an Israeli spy in Argentina and taken to Israel and hanged after a public trial - I put him here because he was responsible for the mass deportation of all Jews 10 Odilo Globocnik Franz Stangl Q 10 3 - SS Physician who supervised the transporting of Prisoners. - All of the terrible experimentation on the prisoners - He fled to Brazil where he lived out his life and was never captured. - I put Mengele here because he is the Angel of Death and was responsible for many Jewish deaths K - Dictator of Nazi Germany -Responsible for Genocide of at least 6 million Jews and millions of other undesirables - Committed suicide to avoid being captured by the Red Army - I put him here because he was the Dictator of Nazi Germany 8 5 Oskar Dirlewanger 3 Hermann Göring 1937-1979 Fredrich Jeckeln 4 Josef Goebbels

Nazi Deck of Cards

Transcript: 8 Demise: Convicted of War crimes and executed Nazi Deck of Cards 1940-1945 Job: Chief of secret police in Slovakia 5 K Known for turning Germany against the Jews and other undesirables and for being one of Hitlers closest associates A Justification: Wanted to make a superior race, and wanted to eliminate all undesirables Q Adolf Eichmann Job: 2nd in command for SS Job: The Commandant of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp 10 Herta Bothe J Justification: Wanted to make a superior race. Justification: Wanted to eliminate all undesirables and to make a perfect race 1929-1946 Demise: Drowned in his pool. Known for being directly responsible for thousands of inmates in concentration camps, his nick name was The Beast of Belsen. Known for being directly responsible for 500,000 female prisoners at Auschwitz-Birkenau cnsintration camp. Her nick name was the Beast. 8 Justification: Wanted to make a superior race and untie all Germans and to turn Germany against Jews. 1920-1945 10 Joseph Goebbels Demise: He had his six children poison and him and his wife committed suicide Justification: Wanted to eliminate all undesirables and to make a perfect race Known for Beating and killing Jews herself including beating a Jew named Eve to death with a wooden block 6 4 Justification: Wanted to unite all Germans and to make a superior race. Job: Minister of Propaganda 1923-1945 Known for coming up with the idea of a concentration camp, and the Biology of The Ayran Race Known for killing thousands of Jews in Austria and Slovakia and some Historians say he was the darkest figure in the Nazi Elite. 3 Justification: Wanted to eliminate all undesirables and to make a perfect race Job: Commander of the Luftwaffe Joseph Mengele Maria Mandl Demise: Was found in Argentina by Israeli intelligence and found guilty and hung in Israel. 8 1931-1945 2 Demise: He was assassinated by czech spies that trained in Britain Job: Director of Kaiser Wilhelm institute of Anthropology Q 9 By Luke Beall Job: Leader of the SS J 9 Demise: Committed Suicide with a pistol and with cyanide, with his wife. 10 Job: Organized and deported the Jews and other undesirables, SS commander Ilse koch Adolf Hitler Heinrich Himmler 1932-1945 Demise: Convicted of War crimes and executed Justification: Wanted to eliminate all undesirables and to make a perfect race Job: Helferin-SS Known for taking the tattoos off of dead inmates at the concentration camps at Buchenwald, her nickname was the Bitch of Buchenwald. Justification: Wanted to make a superior race and untie all Germans and to eliminate all Jews. 7 A 10 Q 1921-1946 1924-1945 8 6 Known for coming up with the Jeckeln System for Murdering undesirables J Demise: Convicted of War Crimes 7 Demise: Convicted of War Crimes Reinhard Heydrich 5 1932-1946 Job: Guard at concentration camp 1931-1945 Demise: Found Guilty at Nuremberg trials and Hung. Demise: She went to Jail for 6 years but to this day she is still alive and out of prison. Demise: Committed Suicide with a cyanide after being captured by the British. Friedrich Jeckeln Known for being the leader of Nazi Germany and for trying to over the world. A Eugen Fischer 1939-1946 Known for being the architect of the Holocaust 7 9 Hermann Goering 2 K Known for Choosing who lives and who dies at Auschwitz and for being the "Angle of Death" and for Escaping and never being caught 3 Q J 2 Known for Organizing the Logistics of the Holocaust and for being a SS commander Job: Physician at Auschwitz 6 Justification: Wanted to eliminate all undesirables and to make a perfect race Job: Wife of SS commander 2 Job:Fuhrer 4 4 Justification: Wanted to eliminate all undesirables and to make a perfect race 4 3 1937-1945 3 9 Josef Kramer 1941-1945 Known for being the commander of the Luftwaffe, and Hitlers designated successor 5 A Justification: Wanted to unite all Germans, Wanted to take down the RAF (Royal Air Force) Demise: Died of old Age 7 6 Justification: Wanted to make a superior race, and wanted to find out how to make more mothers have twins. 5 K K

nazi deck of cards

Transcript: Fritz fischer joined 1937-2003 officer 8 of hearts nazi deck of cards dimond Hjamar schacht joined 1938-1970 minister of economics 9 of diamonds Irma Grese Herta Obereuser joined 1937-1987 doctor 7 of diamonds joined 1925-1946 cheif, ace of diamonds deputy famous for editing hiltlers book captured August Frank joined 1932-1984 deputy 5 of diamonds Rudolf Hess joines 1920-1987 politician queen of hearts isle koch joined 1937-1967 wife 3 of diamonds orginizer of the nazis fammous for his writings nuremburg i choose him on this place because he hleped hitler medical doctor for being wonded nurmanburg trials i choose this person because they were the one examining the people claudia jacobs was a doctor to examin people famous for his medical experemtents nuemburg tirals i choose this person because they had a good life before war was a lawyer for the Nazis famous for butcher went to the nuremburg trials i choose this person because of the fact that he killed all of those people was a lufa famous for his interwars was in the nuremburg trials i choose this peroson because they wern't so bad was in charge of making sure they were in line and behaving famous for his crimes i choose this person because they were more invovled in the back story helped her husband famous for being the wife of a dangerous man nuremburg trials i choose this perosn because she was the first person to be tried worked in the economics part mangage inflation nuremanburg i choose this person because they were the money part of the nazis martin borman Alfred rosenburg joined 1919-1946 orginizer of the nazi party 10 of hearts Hans Frank joined 1919-1946 lawyer king of diamonds Erhard Milch joined 1937-1982 officer 4 of dimonds private sectetary was know for the political murders demise- escape attempt i put this person were they are because they were close to Hitler and helped him phyaian famous for killing the people with an ejecion nurminburge trials i choose this person because of the way she killed people Karl Gebhardt joined 1933-1948 doctor 6 of diamonds

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