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Decision Making Matrix

Transcript: Moral Decsion Making Matrix Step One: What is the issue and why is it importaint? My best friend is cheating on her boyfriend, and expects me to keep this a secret from her boyfriend! This is a big moral issue for me: do I tell him and keep to my morals, but risk losing a friend? Or do I keep it a secret to make my friend happy? Step Two: who will be affected by my decision? Well, my friend will be hurt if I tell... Her reputation might be damaged if other people find out.... And it might end our friendship! But, if I don't tell, she might think that cheating is ok. Her boyfriend might find out later, and it would really hurt them both even more. Step Three: What are the possible choices, and what are the consequences of each one? - I could tell… but this would mean possibly losing my friend’s trust and damaging her reputation. - If I don’t tell… my friend may get into a habit of cheating, and she could hurt many people in the process. Her boyfriend may find out later, and be very hurt by the situation. Step Four: What do my friends and family advise? Well, acording to the poll I made on facebook, most of my friends are saying that I should tell... But should I really lose my best friend for a boy? I googled and how that lots of people are the the same situation as me! I think you should keep quiet. Your friend will probably feel like you betrayed her if you tell him, and you know what they say…never risk a friendship over a boy. You should talk to her about it and advise her against what she’s doing if you don’t think it’s right. Tell her if she values her relationship with her boyfriend she should either tell him the truth or put a final stop to whatever else she’s got going on. Tell her you don’t think it’s right and you think it’s not fair to her boyfriend. Having said that, if her boyfriend is concerned and comes to you asking for advice, or asking for you to tell him about it, you shouldn’t lie to him. Instead, tell him the truth or give him a hint that something isn’t right. If you want, include very little details about it. You could even tell him to make sure and not tell her where he got the information. Your friend, if she’s a good one, should eventually understand the situation you were in, and maybe even be sorry for it. It’s definitely an uncomfortable one. Hope this helped! Website Information: Name: ExBoyfriend ExGirlfriend Author of Site: NA Author of post: NA Date post updated: Thursday March 8th 2010 Date site updated: 2011 Link: Be supportive but it is her decision whether to disclose her infidelity. If she wants to discuss it, do lots of listening and be empathetic. Encourage her to do what she thinks is best. Name: Author of Site: Fluther Aquarium Author of Post: TexasStateOfMind Date Site Updated: 2011 Date Post Updated: August 28th 2010 Link: Before you stick your nose in someone Else’s business…you need to talk to HER about it and be sure it’s not gossip. Tel her if she doesn’t tell him you feel compelled to say something to him even though you don’t even know him. You met him Once. Be aware you may lose a friend … she might deny it and he might believe her…and she just might get even with you. Now do you still feel the need to stick your nose in it? Name: ExBoyfriend ExGirlfriend Author of Site: NA Author of post: NA Date post updated: Thursday March 8th 2010 Date site updated: 2011 Link: Step Five: What does Jesus tell me to do? Can I find something in the bible to help me? - According to the seventh commandment, ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery’, it is wrong to betray a partner in the eyes of God. But what should I do about it? Do any of the virtues of faith, hope, wise judgment, courage and wholeness relate? - In this situation, I need to have faith in my friend that she knows what she’s doing, and will eventually make the right choice. I must have wise judgment in order to see clearly through the situation, and make a choice that will not hurt others. Courage is what I need to tell the truth, and face losing my friend in order to protect someone else’s feelings. So what do I do? I guess I should do what is best for both people involved- sit them down and get them both to work out their issues, and get to the heart of why my friend cheated in the first place!

Decision Matrix

Transcript: Make The perfect Desicion every time! O– Identify the Options Which apartment to rent 3. Which specific group of process improvement philosophy does decision matrix belong to? a. Lean b. Constraint c. Six Sigma d. CQI W-Weight Step Matrix Decision Matrix Decision Matrix Analysis is a useful technique to use for making a decision. It's particularly powerful where you have a number of good alternatives to choose from, and many different factors to take into account. A decision matrix helps take the subjectivity out of the decision that needs to be made by carefully weighing all of the factors and criteria that are used to make a final decision. Dr. 4: >35 years of practice >3 hospital affiliations >1 location: West Hills >9 insurance carriers >performs 12 procedures 4 stars cost: 55,000 STeps 2. When do you typically use decision matrix? a. When a list of options must be narrowed to one choice. b. When you have one choice with limited resources c. When you have data that needs to be sorted d. There is a technical issue that needs to be resolved. Decision Matrix used in Health Care. Dr. 3: >38 years of practice >1 hospital affiliation >2 office locations: Palos Verdes & West Hills >7 insurance carriers >performs 20 preocedures 4.5 stars cost: 65,000 S- Score DEcision How to use Decision Matrix? a.k.a Pugh Matrix This tool may be utilized using the COWS method . You decided that you want to get some plastic surgery done. You want to get some liposuction, cosmetic facial surgery, and breast Augmentation. You have narrowed down your options of surgeons to 4. When a list of options must be narrowed to one choice. When the decision must be made on the basis of several criteria. After the list of options has been reduced to a manageable number by list reduction. Typical situations are: Which job offer to accept Which software to purchase 02 Whether to lease or purchase a car Dr. 2: >20 years of practice >1 hospital affiliation >1 office location: Beverly hills >1 insurance carrier >performs 21 procedures 5 stars cost: 70,000 These tools are all Qualitative tools which means they are all analytic improvement tools used for generating ideas, setting priorities, maintaining direction, determining problem causes, and clarifying processes. Bubbles Tools recommened using along with Decision Matrix. 1 Step 04 4. What is another name for Decision Matrix? a. Pugh Matrix b. Cycle Matrix c. Problem Analysis d. Lean Matrix Analysis - Affinity Diagram - Brainstorming - Force Field Analysis - Multi-Voting -Nominal Group Technique -Survey Develop a hierarchy of criteria, also known as decisionmodel. List all of your options as the row labels on the table, and list the factors that you need to consider as the column headings. For example, if you were buying a new laptop, factors to consider might be cost, dimensions, and hard disk size. 5. What is not part of the four components to formulate a Decision Matrix? a. weight b. criteria c. options d. technology Assign a weight to each criterion based on its importance in the final decision. If some decision criteria are more important than others, review and agree on appropriate weights to assign (e.g., 1, 2, 3). 1. Decision Matrix is a Qualitative tool which means is a analytic improvement tools used for generating ideas, setting priorities, maintaining direction, determining problem causes, and clarifying processes. a. true b. false C – Criteria 4 Step Doctor 1: >11 years of practice >1 hospital affiliation >2 office locations: Beverly hills & Los angeles >43 insurance carriers >performs 63 procedures 5 stars cost: 80,000 03 Rate each option on a ratio scale by assigning it a score or rating against each criterion. Then, multiply the score for each decision criterion by its weighting factor. Then total the scores for each alternative being considered and analyze the results. Imagine that your boss has put you in charge of taking on a new outsourced IT supplier. You've already identified several different suppliers, and you now need to decide which one to use. 01 Decision Matrix is part of Six Sigma process improvement tools. Margarett Cabanero Jaemie Estacio 2 Decision Matrix Analysis works by getting you to list your options as rows on a table, and the factors you need consider as columns. Step 3 When to use Decision Matrix? Identify your options. Depending upon the team’s needs, these can be product/service features, process steps, projects, or potential solutions. List these across the top of the matrix.

Decision Matrix

Transcript: Nate Bowersox, Charlemagne Ewing, Kyle Gray, Jack Griffing October 9, 2017 Little Goose Lock and Dam REI Project Description Little Goose Lock & Dam Located in Eastern Washington Columbia County Snake River Improve facilities at Little Goose Landing by upgrading campsites, adding a shelter, and designing a boardwalk Project Details Project Details Interconnectivity Site Specific Challenges Decision Matrix Rain Garden Rain Garden Design Weights Weights Metric Modifier Ranges from 1 to 10 10 is the most Important metric Modifier Reasoning Client Requests Design Considerations Criteria Score Criteria Scores Eco-Friendly Design Bioretention Swale Utilizes bioretention soil mix 8 Native Rain Garden minimal intrusion & Local vegetation 9 No-Overflow Rain Garden Installation of inlet and outlet pipes 7 Filtration Rain Garden Installation of perforated drain system 7 Engineered Rain Garden Replaces existing plant & soil properties intrusive 6 Supporting Data Data Bioretention soil mix High porosity, can host diverse plant species, high infiltration rates Native Rain Gardens Minimal intrusion & Local vegetation Pipe and drainage installation Intrusive Replaces existing plant & soil properties Destructive to ecosystem Final Choice Final Choice Native Rain Garden Scored Highest overall Meets Industry partner needs cost-effective eco-friendly local solution Decision Matrix Access Road Access Road Materials Weights Weights - Initial Cost Effictiveness (8) Unsure of overall budget - Longevity (6) Surface lifetime - Natural Aesthetic (4) Client and user feedback - Maintenance Cost Effectiveness (5) Long-term budget unknown Criteria Scores Select Criteria Scores Initial Cost Effectiveness (Units in equivalent tons) - Pervious concrete = $200 1 - 6" HMA = $192 1 - 4" HMA = $96 2 - Gravel aggregate = $23 8 - No change = $0 10 Data Supporting Data Example Calculation: Hot Mix Asphalt WSDOT June 2016 Unit Price: $77 - Density of 150 lb/cf (Others 120) - Calculate: Final Choice Final Choice From Decision Matrix: No change Design Choice: HMA, either 4" or 6" - Dependent on usage data - Pervious concrete unnecessary Too little rain Decision Matrix Retaining Wall Retaining Wall Design Weights Weights - Cost of System (10) Our industry partner focused on project cost - Scour Resistance (9) River scouring causes system failure -Constructability (5) The ease of system installation -Longevity (5) Time until replacement - Aesthetic (2) Keep site as natural looking as possible -Effective Height (2) How high the system can be designed Criteria Scores Criteria Score Cost for the main structural system (Units converted to $/sq.ft. from their paid units) - Railroad Tie System = $30 (8) - Concrete Blocks = $42 (4) - Steel Sheet Pile = $112 (1) - Gabion Wall = $39 (5) - Geotextile Wall = $24 (10) Data Supporting Data Example Calculation: Gabion Baskets Snohomish County 2017 Unit Price: $260/cu. yd - Rough wall dimensions- 100ft x 5ft x 4ft Final Choice Final Choice From Decision Matrix: Railroad Ties Design Choice: Gabion Wall Second highest matrix score More eco-friendly than Railroad Ties and fit the natural aesthetic while providing the scour resistance needed Decision Matrix Structure Covered Day Use Structure Design Weights Weights - Initial cost (8) Immediate budget needed for construction - Maintenance costs (8) Operation annual costs - Aesthetic (4) Attractiveness of design - Member span (6) Determines how open the structure is -Environmental impact (8) The environmental impacts of each material Criteria Score Criteria Scores Structural Steel = 100kNm/kg 8 Member Span Length Potential (Material Specific Strength) Structural Wood = 10kNm/kg 4 Reinforced Concrete = 12kNm/kg 5 Supporting Data Data Specific Strength taken from graph for concrete University of Cambridge Final Choice Final Choice From Decision Matrix: Structural Steel Design Choice:Steel - Low maintenance - Long lifespan - Fewer columns required = more space

Decision Matrix

Transcript: Solution solves problem? Is the Solution Valid? Hot glue gun/glue Solves Step 2: Wrap paper clips around the egg Present Solutions 4 Decision Matrix Step 1: Cut and glue straws to bottom of the box Idea 3 Step 3: Add recycled paper to the bottom of the box We hot glued the Kroger bag to the lunch bag The problem is reasonable enough to solve We will present our space rover to the class and we will tell them how it works 4 Evaluate Solution Needed technology exists Decision Matrix Present solution Our solution did not solve our problem of having our egg survive We decided to add a Kroger bag for a parachute development time Our solution is valid, as he protection will not crack the egg Solution Paper clips We decided to cut the bag to reduce weight 3 Idea 4 Generate concepts 11 2 8 3 Egg must survive the 4 meter free fall cost 4 3 3 We created a double parachute lunch bag that will hold the egg Idea 1 2 The problem will work if we know the exact way to make the project with the given materials Needed Technology Exists Define the problem 14 Develop the solution We added straws and paper clips to the bottom of the project Straws Problem Valid and Justifiable Create a space rover with following materials Idea 2 The egg has mass protection with the materials provided Lunch bag Problem valid and justifiable We will drop the space rover from 4 meters up and see if the egg cracks 3 Without this technology, we could not have made this project Is the solution valid? We will wrap the egg in paper clips for protection reliablility 2 Egg ideas: total Develop a Solution Generate Concepts complexity We will create a egg holding system so the egg will not break 2 Problem? 4 2 Parachute 1 Evaluate solution 4 1 egg, 5 straws, 1 meter string, 1 lunch bag, 10 paper clips End results: Our egg cracked at the very top The impact on the ground was a little too much Define the Problem 13

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