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Transcript: What characteristics attracts others from you? 1930's History Kristen, A.. N.p.. Web. 15 Jun 2013. <>. 1945 - 1960's Psychology of Dating ( continued) FRANK ABAGNALE What do you expect from a first date? The end! Steady Months, or weeks Rituals : class rings, sweaters. Romantic love -> basis marriage Psychology of Dating ( continued) Reik Says that "falling in love" is ones act to posses or obtain an admired or loved object, in order to obtain personal qualities that he or she needs. Women were in control - man to her house; now man pays for date. Everyone together; now more privacy due to cars, help info on boo/ideal bud Owens, Erica. The Sociology of Love, Courtship, and Dating. Print. <>. Additional Information Science - reproduction! All physical, emotional, and personality characteristics are all part of the biological make up which are what makes one attractive to another person. Our genetic make up plays a very major role since most of us humans judge people based on appearance. Romantic love did not exist before industrial revolution Marriage made chances of survival higher Dating younger age was done for fun and companionship; rather than a life long mate Sociologists says "The current generation of college students this lack in interest in serious dating is a reflection of seeing their parents and friends' parents divorce" They don't want to end up like the people they have seen 1960's - present History ( Continued ) Chemistry & Biology of Dating People would go into relationships for all the wrong reasons : Money, security, social status. These causes plenty of conflicts in and out of the family itself. For example, people who marry for greed often cheat on their spouse. Hence, resulting in a divorce, in other words DRAMA. Freud says, "falling in love was, at its nature, a substitute for personal accomplishment. Theodore Reik said there were two stages of a person falling in love. First stage : is the need to escape from internal discontent grows the longing to fall in love with another person. Second stage : requires personal courage and security about oneself, in order to actually love another person in a committed behavior. One's Biological and chemical make up determines what he or she will be attracted to and who that person will attract. ie. person with high sex drive, will be more attracted to a person with a high sex drive. Hormones, pheromones are chemical substances that affect what we like in another person. 1920's - 1945 . N.p.. Web. 15 Jun 2013. <>. Psychology of dating Work Cited Chemistry & Biology of Dating ( continued ) Survey! Drop in age couples average age : M-22 ; F-20 Began lower age Parents disagreed; pre-marital sex If did happen, they marry Not married; pitied Drastic Feminism Birth-control; pops More opposite sexual interactions less formal dating - more pluralistic - more factors By Vince Cartas Perspectives and purpose Conflicts More informal No chaperone More freedom; not forever Church rules Man to house; go out to eat DATING Erik Fromm says that love can be immature or mature. Immature love : the lover exploits the beloved in order to satisfy the lover's needs. Mature love : the lover expreses as genuine concern for the beloved's welfare. Also, this person will state that sexual attraction is based on the need for psychological union with the opposite sex character type. Character types are defined Male : quality of activities, discipline, and adventure. Female : receptiveness, protection, and motherliness. Why do you date? Plenty of people date for many different reasons. People go on dates hoping there's money involved, fame, all that good stuff, and very rarely nowadays that people marry for love.


Transcript: Dating By: Zayda Ramirez & Alegna Urias Health 5th Period Pros: For a very healthy relationship there must be trust and honesty because these two can be said is the base of a healthy relationship It is a social activity with your significant other because you get to go out maybe to the movies, have lunch, or dance. Learn many more things about your partner. Become a good Listener and have more communication skills. The skill of communication helps because it can be useful preparation for marriage, since both have to come to an agreement when discussing problems. You also get to learn how to consider the feelings of others instead of being selfish Also increases the confidence because people see they aree atracrive to the opposite sex. This can make the self-esteem build higher. Cons: The youth can also stop communicating. Thee teenagers stop having a good communication with the parents. When dating at a very young age they become sexually attractive This can lead to unwanted pregnancies. First times always happen, when someone gets heartbroken they might fall in depression since they have never been in that place as well as getting their first rejection. Peer pressure can also come into place, maybe the friends are pushing them to be more sexually attractive when the boy/girl do not want to do anything like this. Can happen and sexually diseases come in when being sexually attractive. Condoms do not always work. Pros: Can cause unnecessary and distrations. Can interfere with the goals that have been made and even the dreams tryiing to become reality.


Transcript: Dating "People found new ways to communicate with each other through the internet." Pace, Maria, Personal Interview. 24 May, 2013 Technology and Dating Chelsea Stone, Amber Ragnoli, Kelly James But then... 20's and 30's- Invention of the car changes idea of date. 40's- War technology made men scarce. 60's- TV shows. "The Dating Game". 70's- Birth control allows freedom of sexual choice. 90's- Internet dating and e-mail. "A good friend of mine is trying it(internet dating), but she sees it as a sort of last resort." Miska, Kathleen. Personal Interview. 24 May, 2013 Dating Now Looking into the Future -40 million people have tried online dating in the U.S. -Many different age groups are using online dating -There are different dating sites for different types of people. -A lot of people think online dating will be used even more in the future and that it will ruin face-to-face communication -A lot of people also think it will be a hindrance to humanity -It is very easy to lie about almost everything over the internet -If it disappeared, people would have to learn to communicate in person verses over a computer or cell phone. History of Dating Technology changed it all! "Practical life demanded less romance and more of what a woman could bring to the marriage." (Couric NP) Pre-1900's- People had to have lengthy conversations with their dates parents. 20's and 30's- Kids rebelled against the "calling styles" by going to the movies, out to eat, etc. 40's- Men were scarce due to the war. 50's- Dating was complicated-You had to go "steady", get engaged- all watched by the parents. 60's- Game show "The Dating Game" pilots. This was empowering towards woman. Sexual revolution. 70's- Free will and random sex at bars was common. 80's- Casual parners and dates. 90's- Confusing time for young adults. Not sure what dating even means. History

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