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Transcript: Julienette Marrero Natal 201.30.1875 Thursday April 12,2018 Custom Saint Patrick "s Day March 17 May Day Ireland Ireland Irish stew one of the most famous of the Irish cuisine, lamb stew with vegetables. beef and Guninness guiness meat and beer stew. Boxty very popular potato cake. coddle several layers of pork sausage in tarpaulins and wrapped in bacon, add it in slices and onions. Typical Food's Typical Food's Leprechaun "Green gobliin" Roman Catholicism is the most practiced in Ireland. churches like Presbyterian, Methodist, and Baptist as well as Salvation Army. Culture and Religion Culture and Religion Australia Day Anzac Day Chritsmas Australia Australia Kangaroo fillet this meat has 2 percent fat is high in protein, benefits the health since it is anti carcinogenic, anti diabetic and reduces obesity. Crocodile meat is considered exquisite besides, low in fat. It can be said that the taste is a mixture between chicken and fish. Hamburger with beetroot is an additional ingredient that Australians love Barramundi is an original fish known as a large scale river fish. It can be consumed fried, baked or grilled. Typical Food's Typical Food's Manco-community No official Religion Culture and Religion Culture and Religion Comparison Comparison Both countries are very curious, but Ireland its most prominient for they nature and gastronimic. Australia it is very strange because their gastronomy no call me my attetion. it has nothing similar, but some day i would like to visit the two countries,because i like travel and lear for other cultures. Conclusion Conclusion Tourism Learning

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