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Transcript: Crypto-currencies ? Token money Pro Safe Cheaper than bank transfer Decentralized money Anonymous Bibliography Bernard Lietaer "future of money" Friedrich Hayek "Decentralization of money" MATHONNET Benoît Con Highly volatile currency Knowledge about Block-chain Launder money ? Anonymous ? Commodities money Bank money Metallic money ( Standard money ) Questions ? Paper money Crypto-currencies The pyramid of confidence in the currency Definition Crypto-currencies : It's a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security. Difficult to counterfeit because of this security feature. Decentralized systems based on blockchain technology, a distributed ledger enforced by a disparate network of computers. What is crypto-currencies ? Why crypto-currencies will be the next evolution of money in the world ? State kryponite ? WHY ? Trust I. The trust in money ? The different types of goods durable in nature were commodity money used in ancient times Commodity money Commodity money Money made up of metals is called metallic money : Standard metallic money ( Superior metal like Gold or silver ) Token money Metallic Money Metallic money Fiat money/Paper money is a country's official, paper currency that is circulated for transaction-related purposes of goods and services. The printing of paper money is typically regulated by a country's central bank or treasury in order to keep the flow of funds in line with monetary policy. PAPER MONEY Paper money it's a simple writing in account It is short term credit instruments issued by banks. They can be cheques, travel cheques, bills of exchange, letter of credit, promissory notes, overdrafts, debit/credit/ATM cards. Bank Money Bank Money Technology II. Blockchain A system in which a record of transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are maintained across several computers that are linked in a peer-to-peer network.

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Transcript: Cryptography Case Study 1. Neeraj- cb.en.u4cse16317 2.Tarun cn- cb.en.u4cse16610 3.Rahul Krishna.g- cb.en.u4cse16340 4.santhosh sri ram- cb.en.u4cse16345 5.abhirup pulla - cb.en.u4cse16339 Group Members Introduction The Advanced Encryption Standard, or AES, is a symmetric block cipher chosen by the U.S. government to protect classified information and is implemented in software and hardware throughout the world to encrypt sensitive data. The selection process for this new symmetric key algorithm was fully open to public scrutiny and comment; this ensured a thorough, transparent analysis of the designs submitted. NIST specified the new advanced encryption standard algorithm must be a block cipher capable of handling 128 bit blocks, using keys sized at 128, 192, and 256 bits; other criteria for being chosen as the next advanced encryption standard algorithm included: Features Security: Competing algorithms were to be judged on their ability to resist attack, as compared to other submitted ciphers, though security strength was to be considered the most important factor in the competition. Cost: Intended to be released under a global, nonexclusive and royalty-free basis, the candidate algorithms were to be evaluated on computational and memory efficiency. Implementation: Algorithm and implementation characteristics to be evaluated included the flexibility of the algorithm; suitability of the algorithm to be implemented in hardware or software; and overall, relative simplicity of implementation. More Algorithm/Methodology Used Android Studio Java Screenshots The App Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 3


Transcript: In 1998, Wei Dai published a description of "b-money" Shortly thereafter, Nick Szabo created "bit gold" The first cryptocurrency was "Bitcoin". Bitcoin was created in 2009 by a pseudonymous developer named Satoshi Nakamoto. Soon after, in October 2011, "Litecoin" was released. It was the first successful cryptocurrency to use scrypt as its hash function instead of SHA-256. Charan K R Some retailers take BTC Overstock is the newest one, newegg has hinted at it. Sacramento Kings now accept BTC A few smaller online retailers take BTC Many miner producing companies accept BTC Use an exchange to trade BTC out for your currency of choice. Bitcoin is still in its infancy of adoption, so the list of people who accept it grows everday Future uses Bitcoin Rs.5,06,914 Somebody wrote a program that would use the GPU’s within PC’s to mine, this was discovered to be more energy efficient per hash, and gave you an advantage in higher hash rates. AMD/ATI GPU’s were much faster and more efficient per megahash using OpenCL AMD 6870 (3 year old card as of now purchase price about 150 USD) ~300 megahash/s INTRODUCTION Evolution of Crypto-Currency What is a Crypto-Currency How it works? What is a Blockchain? Crypto-currency features Mining Accessibility Current Uses Future Uses How does crypto-currency works Few people know, but cryptocurrencies emerged as a side product of another invention. Satoshi Nakamoto, the unknown inventor of Bitcoin, the first and still most important cryptocurrency, never intended to invent a currency. In his announcement of Bitcoin in late 2008, Satoshi said he developed “A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.“ His goal was to invent something; many people failed to create before digital cash. What is a blockchain Based off a public ledger known as the block-chain Everything about the transactions (from, to, how much, when) is all public knowledge This creates an open nature. Aims to create a new block every 10 minutes Does this by adjusting the difficulty Difficulty changes ever 2016 blocks To “solve a block” one must compute the correct hash There is a target number, that the hashed value must be equal to or lesser than. Cryptocurrency A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions and to control the creation of additional units of the currency. Bitcoin became the first decentralized cryptocurrency in 2009. Bitcoin is peer-to-peer and transactions take place between users directly, without an intermediary. These transactions are verified by network nodes and recorded in a public distributed ledger called the blockchain which uses bitcoin as its unit of account. ACCESSIBILITY Ripple Rs.15.41 Litecoin Rs. 3087 Thank You MINING CURRENCY Current Uses Was the original way to do it, was initially solo mining (not pooled) and you got all of the block or none of it (50 BTC) Slow compared to today’s standards. Core i5 2500 about 20.6 megahash/s More retailers will begin to accept BTC Used in international trading to avoid currency exchanges Become as common place as credit cards Less volatility in hard currency value (USD) Nefarious uses Currency Flops and becomes worthless INTRODUCTION TYPES AND STASTICS OF CRYPTO-CURRENCIES Ethereum Rs.10,074 Evolution of Crypto-Currency CPU CONTENTS GPU Bitcoin Bit-Gold B-Money Bitcoin Origins Solving a Block To solve a block the SHA-256 of the block header must be equal to or less than the target Every bitcoin client compares the actual time it took to solve the 2016 blocks to the two week goal. The modifies the target by the percentage difference. A single retarget never chances the target by more than a factor of 4, so there aren’t large spikes in difficulty. Not a linear chain, but one that has forks and self heals. Forks occur when two blocks are presented as solved within a few seconds of each other. The “correct” chain is the one with the longest path back to the genesis block. The fork that is the incorrect, now all those blocks in that fork become invalidated. The faster the hashing rate of the network as a whole, the more secure the block chain is The chain will guarantee a block is validated after 100 blocks are attached onto the end of the chain. Block Chain


Transcript: CRYPTO WHAT IS IT? WHAT IS IT? most popular views THE MEANS OF PAYMENT? JUST PROPERTY/ASSETS? NEW TYPE OF SECURITIES? FINANCIAL PIRAMYDE? MOST POPULAR CURRENCIES TYPES OF IT BITCOIN (BTC) Current price - $ 8 240,82 Market Cap - $ 139 438 382 769 Volume (24h) - $ 7 468 580 000 BITCOIN DETAILS ETHEREUM (ETH) ETHEREUM DETAILS Current price - $ 609,21 Market Cap - $ 59 825 810 94 Volume (24h) - $ 2 074 470 000 RIPPLE (XRP) RIPPLE DETAILS Current price - $ 0,704947 Market Cap - $ 27 557 588 283 Volume (24h) - $ 943 999 000 HOW TO BUY IT? HOW TO BUY IT? Step-by-step instruction CREATING A WALLET FULL VS ONLINE WALLET FULL FULL + most secure + offline - weight over 166 GB - downloading time - weeks - lost if physically accessed - only for 1 currency ONLINE ONLINE - less secure + multi-currency - online access only + downloaded in minutes PURCHASING BTC PURCHASING BTC Choosing the currency pair Choosing the currency exchange Performing transaction FIRST DEAL FIRST DEAL YOU'VE GOT BTC ON YOUR WALLET AND YOU CAN BUY ANOTHER CRYPTO Price Market cap Total supply Trends Events Project essence Price Market cap Total supply Trends Events Project essence WHAT'S NEXT? WHAT'S NEXT? January February March KEEP IT KEEP IT Consider it as a long-term investment Don't check the rate every day Set an alert for a double rate Don't fix losses Forget about it for a year TRADE IT TRADE IT Always keep your investment portfolio diversificated Look for new opportunities Keep the basic ancor Get all the information you can Trade only the sum you ready to lose

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