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Cross Presentation Template Kids

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Cross for Kids

Transcript: Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved... -Mark 16:16 We are commanded to. Set up a meeting with Pastor Robby to make sure your child is ready. We encourage you to be baptized during a Sunday or Thursday service. All those who believe should be baptized. We do not baptize babies or young children. Pick who you would like to baptize them. When it's time in service, the person baptizing you will enter the water, followed by you. We baptize through immersion, like Christ was. Going Deeper It must be your child's choice, and theirs alone. You'll make a confession of faith. What is baptism? Baptism is a spiritual act that signifies salvation in Christ. What does it look like? You'll leave the pool and change in the changing rooms. What does "right" look like? They must be ready to live a different life. What does baptism mean for me and my child? My child wants to be baptized. Salvation is complete through baptism Everyone who is saved in the New Testament was baptized. It's about the heart not the water. Who should be baptized? On the day you are to be baptized, please bring a change of clothes. Baptizo - (Greek) to submerge, especially in the context of a naval vessel. Historically Jewish - given a new context by Christ. You will wait behind the sanctuary. A baptism class for parents and kids How do we Baptize? Schedule a Sunday or Thursday that you would like the baptism to take place on. Finally, you'll fill out a baptism form and receive your shirt. You'll be brought under the water and back up. Because we want to do it right, you and your child need to have a meeting with Pastor Robby before proceeding. Baptism is extremely important, so we want to make sure we do it right. They must understand sin and salvation. I believe that Jesus is the Christ, the son of the living God. I believe that he died for my sins and was raised from the dead. I acknowledge and accept Him as my leader and savior. Cross for Kids Baptism and Salvation Why do we Baptize? To be like Christ. It's a representation, and more.

Kids Food Template

Transcript: It was a great way to include all participants in the race to visually show the world they contributed to kids food basket --otherwise they would go relatively unnoticed-- -Constraints -Benefits -Results Volleyball Tournament Charity Car Smash Wheelchair Basketball Tin Can BeerPong Tournament Rent a Puppy (Humane Society) GVSU Treasure Hunt Promoting Mission Statement Questions? Initial Donors After the Race * Content Gathering * Linking Accounts * Set up donor info with running club * Design Campaign * Publishing Campaign Project Ideas Crowd funding Conclusion During the Race Boost likes Creation Steps Great Coincidence Beneficial organization helping those in our community 1/4 children in Michigan are affected by hunger In Kent County, 30,000 children live in poverty We saw this as a call to action for those less fortunate in our community It's a process Tiffany Chesson Marco Diaz Spencer Jacobson Mason Porritt GVSU Turkey Trot Provided beverages and snacks to runners Welcomed and cheered runners Helped with breakdown of event Awards Ceremony Prizes Raffle Draw T-shirt giveaway Purpose GVSU Spikes Down Hunger Team 5 Course Marshalls Spencer participated Thanks for Watching!!! Update Constantly Vision FORCE EVERYONE TO SHARE THE CAMPAIGN!!!!! Met with several groups to promote the run Sigma Kappa Sigma Phi Epsilon Alpha Sigma Tau Panhellenic Meeting Community Event Friends Family Students VIDEO Kid's Food Basket To help organize and execute an annual 5k fun run aimed at bringing awareness of and raising funds to support less fortunate children. Day Before To be recognized as a group, who work with a local charity aimed at resolving childhood hunger in West Michigan. $3,120 raised!!! Maintenance On the Day 99% of crowd funding donations come from friends and family First chosen Project to pursue Tournament rules/outline done Meetings with GVSU Campus Rec. Director Awaiting the approval to use the facility Running Club has a sign up page on -Add all members from Michianatiming to the offline donation list constantly "Incredibly Tedious" - Keep updating and keep sharing Arrived early to meet the other volunteers and get assigned roles for the day Helped with set up Put together gift bags Walked course to check safety due to weather conditions Promotional Strategy To create community awareness of, and to raise money for the charity Kids Food Basket in order to help feed children from less advantaged backgrounds. ***Tip Jar Theory GVSU Turkey Trot Redirected by Campus Rec Running Club Met with Justin Davis Developed a plan of action Fundraising Marketed Managed Event Participated GOFUNDME!!! Finalize details for course of day Organizing data into Excel Sheet Marking the course Chalk on sidewalks Set up tables

Cross Culture Kids

Transcript: Children adopted by parents from another country other than the one of that child’s birth Bi/Multi Cultural or Bi/Multi Racial Children whose parents are from a racial or ethnic group which is not part of the majority race or ethnicity of the country in which they live. Van Reken. Retrieved November 28, 2016, from Wikipedia. Third culture kid. Retrieved November 28, 2016, from A Cross-Cultural Kid ( CCK) is a person who has lived in—or meaningfully interacted with—two or more cultural environments for a significant period of time during developmental years” (Van Renken, 2002). Third Culture Kids (TCKs) Children of refugees Kids in the aforementioned groups experience most of the following (Van Reken): Sudden (often repeated) change in cultural environment Nomadic life Anticipated Repartriation Identity from an organization(military, missionary) or circumstances (refugees) Different appearance compared to surrounding people Varied socio-economic status face issues such as change of lifestyle, rejection, uncertainty, prejudices, rootlessness, restlessness large world view multilingual Children born to parents from at least two cultures or races Children of minorities Children whose parents are living outside their original country or place due to unchosen circumstances such as war, violence, famine, other natural disasters Image source: International Adoptees Domestic TCKs "A Third Culture Kid (TCK) is a person who has spent a significant part of his or her developmental years outside the parents’ culture(s). Although elements from each culture are assimilated into the TCK’s life experience, the sense of belonging is in relationship to others of similar background” (Pollock) Common traits that these kids share with each other Cross Culture Kids Children of immigrants Children whose parents have made a permanent move to a new country where they were not originally citizens References Children whose parents have moved in or among various subcultures within that child’s home country.

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