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Creative Brief

Transcript: Comfort is a major factor. Nike and Adidas are two of our biggest competitiors. We can compete with other workout shoes because of the ability to customize the fit of the shoe through the workout. Targeting male and females in the millennial generation Fitness enthusiasts who are passionate about alternative fitness Style Guide Qucik shots of shoes flashing different colors. End showing logo. Columbia, MO -- (Nov. 18, 2015) Beginning in March, Reebok will launch its ZPump Park Tour, which is partnered with the NFL Play 60 campaign that is striving to help children and young adults get 60 minutes of activity each day WS of athlete sprinting WS of athlete lifting weights CU of athlete boxing Creative Brief Communication Objective: At the event, we will encourage people to share their experience by hash tagging #PumpNPlay on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By sharing their experience, they will be entered to win a $100 Reebok gift card. Target Audience: Industry Trends: The ZPump Fusion shoe is the superior, custom fit for all feet and alternative fitness workouts. We want our audience to think of ZPump shoes when they get ready to put their shoes on for a workout. Storyboard On Television Show black screen with "Conquer more" Creative Brief The ZPump shoe will be the confident and superior fit for your custom, alternative workout. Allow consumers to live life without strings during their alternative fitness. Start with black screen saying "Gain More" Emily Peters, Sami Haevers, Jacob Renie CU of athlete pumping up shoe for workout Mandatories: WS of athletes crossing finish line or finishing workout. Quick shots. Main Idea: ZPump Park Tour Millennials are in favor of technology, so the pump feature will spark interest. Reebok is the primary sponsor of Crossfit, UFC and Spartan Race. Black screen saying "Achieve more" Print Ad The ZPump Park Tour will visit parks in urban cities from March to June, with some events lasting one day and others lasting a full weekend. The first 100 people to arrive at the event will receive a free pair of ZPump shoes and after the first 100 people, Reebok will donate one dollar per person that comes to the event. The money raised will be donated to the NFL Play 60 campaign to put toward building new parks and cities, and to buy equipment for after school programs. Slogan: Life Without Strings Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twiter links Logo for ZPump and Reebok Throughout the tour, there will be NFL players that come to do activities with kids and sign autographs. there will be WODs coached by Crossfit professionals for adults and kids, workouts using only the equipment in the park, bounce houses for children, protein smoothie stands and health specialists, and fun games such as flag football or capture the flag. Reebok will be having a raffle at each event to win coupons, free shoes, gifts cards and more. CU of athlete box jumping Creative Brief On the Tour Logo Key Insights: Out of Home Ad

Creative brief

Transcript: Creative Brief However, Sharpie realized that it' would have to undertake a millennial makeover to remain competitive and relevant in the ever increasingly saturated office supplies market. Why are we doing this job? so we have to decide on an appropriate advertising objective for a new campaign What would we like to achieve? and build awareness for other Sharpie products besides the black Sharpie Fine point marker Thoughts and feelings Sharpie is a well established brand with loyal customers and has control of the market. • Current Sharpie perceptions: Permanent Black Dull • Sharpie users associate the black permanent marker with the brand. Although the black marker is essential in the mind of consumers for mundane tasks like moving and projects, it is not viewed as a creative outlet. This Advertising Campaign is designed to motivate our target audience to “Uncap” their ideas and passion to share them with the world. We want to inspire people to express their feelings through the use of the Sharpie permanent marker. Television will be used as the primary medium because of its broad reach and its popularity with retailers. Sharpie is a tool that facilitates creative process. Sharpie’s addition of new colors transcends the brand from a practical permanent marker to a creative outlet. No creation is too big or too small for Sharpie markers. Overview Sharpie discontinued use of its current advertising This means were going to continue to emphasize on the strengths of our advertising in the past, and continue to create new clever ads to continue creating revenue. Positioning Nitty Gritty Details Sales will be the measurement used to evaluate the advertising campaign – Sales increase of Sharpie’s color permanent marker Perception will also be used to measure success Market research will be conducted following the advertising campaign Perception should shift from dull and boring to fun and creative Questions? Strategy A young audience who: #1 permanent marker worldwide with nearly 50% share Anh Nguyen Stephanie Perez Jack Rosenthal Steven Pezzuti Sharpie markers are essential for: Creative expression Moving Leaving notes Through this ad Through using things encountered in everyday life,the importance of Sharpie will be apparent. This advertising campaign shows users what they will be able to do with the product and how it will enhance the creative process and their life. Attribute Benefit – Deadline: April 23, 2012 Budget: $9.5 million $5 million during Primetime TV programming $2.5 million during Saturday morning cartoons targeting a younger market $2 million during People's Choice Awards Advertising Campaign Message “Take the age-old art of self-expressive doodling to a new level”-Carl Nichols “Start something” creative Sharpie allows for the artsy generation to be themselves and express their art for everyone to see. Whom do we need to reach with the ad campaign? Target audience “Take the age-old art of self-expressive doodling to a new level” -Carl Nichols “Start something” creative Sharpie allows for the artsy generation to be themselves and express their art for everyone to see. The advertising campaign created seeks to spark creativity in its target audience. • The audience should feel emotionally compelled to have a brighter more fun life. • The perception of dullness needs to be changed. – Sharpie is no longer just a black permanent marker Strategy Resonance Behavioral Outcome Furthermore, we want consumers to consitently choose Sharpie for their permanent marker, highlighting, and fine point needs. Newell Rubbermaid, (owner of sharpie) spends about 9.5 million dollars annually on advertising and marketing. This has successfully created a 97% brand awareness rating for Sharpie markers. SHARPIE Objectives is media savvy, loves being creative is an impression maker. Measures Strategy Where does Sharpie stand? We aim to reach Sharpie users on an emotional level. We do this by showing pictures of artists and their sharpie marker art to create a connection with the customer. Medium INCREASE SALES!!! Background

Creative Brief

Transcript: The Organizational Purpose Promote positive body imageEncourage hope and help seeking through stories and case studies Provide an information channel for sufferers of eating disorders The Project Objectives "The Foundation is a community based charitable organization that supports eating disorder sufferers and their carers through direct financial relief, advocacy and lobbying, awareness campaigns, health promotion and early intervention work, and professional training in primary and secondary schools." Improve our ability to manage the annual survey Increase overall response rates for the survey Improve the quality of data gathered It is a blue print, a guide, even a source of inspiration. It details our objectives, audience/community, message or utility, the context in which we’ll engage, timing and budget. In short, the what, who, where, when. The brief is the what we are doing. The creative is the how. Project brief able to make us understanding of what the client really wants. A project brief contains the following elements which are organizational purpose, project purpose, project objectives and target market. Creative brief objective should always be clear and specific. Never ambiguous or overloaded. Project Purpose Product or Service Problem/Challenge Snapshot Role of communication Target audience/community Current beliefs Insight that reveals how we can motivate them What category conventions can we challenge Driving brand idea What is the press release that describes the outcome Where in the brief did the creative come from Creative Brief Project Brief

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