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Corporate Presentation

Transcript: Maria Clara Macedo LATAM Localization Project Manager Sample OVERVIEW click the Play button (and remember this is not optimized for large screen display) Operations Director with Ccaps since 2002 Production Director with than 15 years of localization experience All collaborators with least 5 years in the localization field Senior Project Managers with MBA degrees Your company logo Production Director Core Values: Standardized processes for vendor evaluation Frequent evaluation and feedback Resources categorized by subject matter Tool proficiency and training Prompt availability of best professionals External Resources c. Multiple resources More info? PMs with extensive technical and translation experience Support from engineers and technical experts Multimedia Localization b. Vendor Management Strengths: "It has been a great pleasure to work with Ccaps. They are all about partnership and taking the business seriously. Feedbacks are well received and everything is done to improve the process and service, while meeting VMware's expectation in terms of quality and management." Nilze O’Brien Localization Project Manager Worldwide Training, Learning & Development Production Capacity Quality Oriented Human Resources LQA Workflow 5. INNOVATION: We continuously strive for higher efficiency and productivity by investing in technology and process development to reduce our internal costs, increase the return on the investment and offer the best cost-efficient solution to our clients. Sample Preparation for Large Project CORPORATE Associations Resume analysis Sample test Semi-annual rate categorization Select Clients Management Team Tel: +55 (21) 2507-5989 Email: Twitter: @fabcid "Ccaps has always been very customer oriented. We have always received a high quality product and first-class service from them. They have been selected as the preferred language service provider for Brazilian Portuguese by McDonald’s Brazil and McDonald’s Corporation. They have a team of highly skilled localization project managers. Our Globalization Management Solutions team finds in Ccaps an always reliable business partner." Industry Promotion Management Profile Translation Localization Project Management Desktop Publishing Multimedia Localization Machine Translation Internationalization Software Testing Consulting a. Capacity to handle volume 3. We RESPECT the individuality of our clients, team members and vendors, and believe that diversity is a critical factor for the expression of each person's most valued qualities. Managing Director a. Evaluation process 4. QUALITY: We offer services with a high level of excellence to our clients, while maintaining the financial balance that allows for constant investment in the company and the development of its collaborators. b. Qualified staff Areas of Expertise c. Multitasking 1. Commitment 2. Ethics 3. Respect 4. Quality 5. Innovation Production Mission Statement: "To create value that drives communication beyond the scope of language." 1. We are COMMITED to creating value through the satisfaction of our clients, the profitability of our shareholders and the well-being of our collaborators. Translators, Reviewers, Language coordinators DTP specialists, Engineers, Multimedia talents Languages: Operations Director Experience with large projects Database with more than 100 resources 2. Our professional behavior is based on the ETHICS of interpersonal relationships and business performance, while acting with justice and honesty, transparency and fiscal responsibility. Services The Ccaps Team Thank you! Fabiano Cid Managing Director Workflow

The Impact Template

Transcript: “That’s Life” by James Brown “That’s Life” is relatable to “no gain without pain” because in the song it talks about life being hard at times. In one part of the song the lyrics state, “That's life, that's what the people say/ You're ridin' high in April, shot down in May/ But I know, I'm gonna change that tune/ When I'm back on, top in June” and in these lines the artist is saying that the world is tough and when you are on top of life it will come and nock you down but you keep moving forward. In another line the lyrics state, “I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king/ And up, down, over and out but I know one thing/ Every time I feel that I'm gonna fall flat on my face/ I just pick myself up and get back in the race”. In these lyrics the artist is saying that he has been in every state of life but every time he falls he gets back up and he is motivating others to do the same. The song “That’s Life” reflects the saying “no gain without pains” because it talks about getting knocked down in life but getting up and keep moving forward to be better. First Harvest- Thanatopsis “Circle of Life” by Elton John The song “Circle of Life” relates to Thanatopsis because both works discuss nature as a cycle and when something dies something else is created and follows the same path as the one before, and that path is death. A lyric in "Circle of Life" the song states, “From the day we arrive on the planet/And blinking, step into the sun/ There's more to see than can ever be seen/More to do than can ever be done". In these lyrics the artist is talking about how there is not enough time in any living thing’s life to enjoy the world and that death will take them. Another lyric from “Circle of Life” is, “There's far too much to take in here/ More to find than can ever be found/ But the Sun rolling high through the sapphire sky/ Keeps great and small on the endless round”. In these lyrics the artist is saying that no matter how great or strong someone is they still are going to have the same fate as someone weaker, and that fate is death. Like Thanatopsis the song “Circle of Life” involves a massage that death will take everyone as it has taken those before. The American Tradition-Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God “Cold, Cold Ground” by Tom Waits “Cold, Cold Ground” relates to “How to Build a Fire” because the song talks about being sleeping on a cold ground during winter. In the song a line says, “Now don't be a cry baby when there's wood in the shed/There's a bird in the chimney and a stone in my bed/When the road's washed out, we pass the bottle around/And wait in the arms of the cold, cold ground”. The artist is saying through these lyrics that he is of no concern as long as he has something to drink. In another line the lyrics state, “Give me a Winchester rifle and a whole box of shells/Blow the roof off the goat barn, let it roll down the hill/The piano is firewood, Times Square is a dream/I find we'll lay down together in the cold, cold ground”. In these lyrics the artist is saying that he can dream but his truth is that he will die and be placed in the cold ground. Like “How to Build a Fire” the song “Cold, Cold Ground” is saying that men are trying to prove it’s self but no matter what they will die. “Happy Birthday” by Stevie Wonder “Happy Birthday” is a good example of the characteristic focus on individual because the artist focuses his song on one man’s birthday. In the song some lyrics state, “You know it doesn't make much sense/ There ought to be a law against/ Anyone who takes offense/ At a day in your celebration”. In these lyrics the artist is saying that no one should disagree with the idea of making a day to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. because he was such a great man. Another lyric from the song is, “I just never understood/ How a man who died for good/ Could not have a day that would/ Be set aside for his recognition”. These lyrics reflect the idea of focusing on an individual because it talks about how good King was and that he died for a good cause in which he should be celebrated for doing so. Like the characteristic focus on individual the song “Happy Birthday” focuses on one man’s birthday and wants it be celebrated by all. "To Build a Fire" Benjamin Franklin- No gain without pains "Bonus" Reason and Revolution- Speech in the Virginia Convention “Self Destruction” by Stop the Violence Movement “Self Destruction” is relatable to The Crucible because the song talks about a group of people killing and destroying each other ruining peace among them just like in The Crucible. In the song the lyric states, “Well, today's topic, self destruction/ It really ain't the rap audience that's buggin/ It's one or two suckas, ignorant brothers/ Trying to rob and steal from one another/ You get caught in the mid/ So to crush the stereotype here's what we did/We got ourselves together so that you could unite and fight for what's right/ Not negative 'cause the way we live is

Hybrid Corporate Template

Transcript: Panelists How to set benchmarks for health Use the 2 - Week Rule or a Step 2: Use the 2-Week Rule SLOTH If you notice a change in your normal health, add an alert to your phone for 2 Weeks later! Did you know? Kelly 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will develop cancer in their lifetime Use the 2 - Week Rule SHARE with your doctor Remember what GREAT feels like A subtle and persistent SHARE with your doctor What if my friend/loved one won't go to the doctor? F.A.Q. What does "15-40" stand for? When to seek medical attention Dave Step 3: Share with your doctor What is the most common cancer symptom? Most Common Cancer Symptom: Subtle & persistent change in your normal health Dave Kelly Are you a Use the 2 - Week Rule Subtle How to work with your doctor DETECTIVE Kelly's kids How can I be more confident when talking to my doctor? lasting 2 weeks or more What is the Most Common Cancer Symptom? Remember what GREAT feels like 3 Steps Detect Is family history important? Remember what GREAT feels like Dave @1540Connection health change FOX ? Competition Prep Your doctor is a Step 1: Remember what great feels like SHARE with your doctor Use the 2 - Week Rule Lessons Learned How to recognize a cancer symptom KAHOOT PERSISTENT Remember what GREAT feels like But YOU have to provide the CLUES SHARE with your doctor skin, lumps, & bumps #sloth #fox #remembergreat #3StepsDetect weight motor control sleep patterns lasting 2 weeks or more health change A subtle and persistent energy level bathroom habits pain level

Corporate Presentation

Transcript: Tarea Company CORPORATE PRESENTATION WHO WE ARE Tarea Company is a Culture and Business Communication Consultancy organization with headquarters in Barcelona We help Spanish companies to Internationalize their business into a foreign market… Assist foreign companies to enter the Spanish market… Help companies around the world to enter other foreign markets. The key to international success is good preparation & knowledge of different markets, cultures and needs. WE... Our customers We provide our consultancy and services to clients from all sectors of commerce, industry and government. Our clients range from small, medium and big size enterprises, including government departments and global private sector brands. OUR SOLUTION The solution programs that Tarea Company offers are design for specific sector & company needs. The solutions are built exactly according to each client's requirements. We are committed to conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with the highest standards of integrity. Tarea Company helps organizations to have successfully participate in a global environment. Tarea Company is synonymous with trust and reliability. Meaning our clients can rely on us to deliver unwaveringly on promises at all times. Our corporate values Tarea Company helps organizations to obtain a competitive advantage to fully benefit all international opportunities. To be every organization first choice to assist them to be successfully active in a global international market & overcoming communication barriers. We are above all dedicated to social responsibility as a value that goes hand-in-hand with our strategic business objectives and that enhances the way we do business. OUR PORTOFOLIO Communication Skills Training Sales Management B2B Market Research Consumer Market Research Many Excellent Reasons for … Choosing Tarea Company EFFECTIVE To minimize any language or cultural barriers that could prohibit a company to be successful overseas Immediately improving employees quality and knowledge level TIME SAVIING In-company training to save time & increase productivity and bring concrete benefits for the company UNIQUE THANK YOU EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENT UNIQUE MISSION INTEGRITY Business Communication Consistent with the practice and will tackle the problem immediately & quickly deliver results enable our clients to communicate more efficiently and effectively across borders & cultures. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY will provide them with training, consultancy and services support and help them to achieve their objectives. Cultural Management will help our customers to be goal oriented so that they can concentrate on improving their business with limited risk and more profits. Cross-cultural Management Intercultural Management provide the Cultural & Business Communication consultancy related to the internationalization process. We constantly strive to redefine the standard of excellence in everything we do. Therefore we can meet the ever changing needs of our clients. Consultancy VISION EFFICIENT & EFFECTIVE Project Management Coaching TRUST Services TAILOR MADE Unique three step approach to training and delivering value

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