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Corporate Identity Presentation Template

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Corporate Identity

Transcript: Disney has Hasbro, Marvel, and etc. Also, not only been around since 1930 delivering movies the public loves, but has a theme park to further advertise a movie but creating a pleasant experience. Nike is where one gets the good quality sports item creating a positive identity for it. Apple is a company whose devices are used frequently (and obsessively) some are seen as a necessity to have. Or, that the easy and good look promises a great quality. Making a Good Logo Slogans are memorable phrases that are used by businesses in order to make people remember them (Ex. Look at my title you'll remember it more than the other ones) "There's smart and there's Kmart smart," Make it quick and make it memorable. "Nationwide is on your side," remind the people about the purpose of the company. "Red Robins.... YUM!" It also gives the people the type of culture you want to make. vs Steps to an Identity! Part 2 When one says Disney these movies come in mind. When one says Blue Sky most people don't know but only remember one movie they made. Logos The importance of corporate identity is the fact that corporation is much more remembered, and most likely consumers will buy it. The company's image the way people view the company. Nike brand title you think, "Just do it." Branding can be a promise, price, feeling, or etc.... Corporate Identity Benefits of Corporate Identity It's important, because it's all about competition leading to corporations to build an identity. It's important to show that you're a loyal corporation that brings satisfaction to consumer, and to be pleasingly unique. "Dear Slogan oh Slogan BAMM SLOGAN!" Best out there! Identity of a Corporation Branding? By: Genesis Lugo Creating an identity for the company by having a visual appeal gets the attention of more people as it gives the company a well rounded and memorable image. A logo should be unique and different from others! A logo must not age throughout the years and be timeless. And adaptable! A logo must reflect the company's culture. An identity of a corporation is quite neccesary in the competetive market exsistant. People need to feel that the corporations they put their trust into are trustworthy. Not only that they need to rememebr what is trustworthy is remembered in the long run, and can be identified. With many corporations everywhere branding is to set an identity that one is not like other corporations and that what they have is unique. Which one sticks out to you? Building a corporate persona Be trustworthy to consumers Be a positive and personal impact on a person

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