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Corporate Discount Presentation Template

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Transcript: at Driver's Licence A offers If you buy one, you will get the other for free. a manual = a ____ shift way Munich When you ask for a discount, you might say ricy =p____ =s____ If a shop offers interest free _____ you don't have to pay extra when you pay over 12 months. buck an automatic 3. up to + % selected models ________ an extra 10% discount. Haggling we use both Members save 10% on all purchases and Save 10% off all bedding all month long. 2 Transmission in stick noun After eating you will ask for this at a restaurant to pay. This is cheap. p h a r m a__ __ __ t i c a l up to selected models Stuttgart You can save up to 50% on sneakers You can get Bayer is a _______company which makes medical drugs. You can 50%. He can ___ up to 50% now. Rent for ___ days and pay for ___ on weekends! Question The store____ a 50% discount ____ the arm chair. an arm chair This is ____ too expensive. This item is discounted ___ by countable noun 50% off the original price ________save up to 50% on selected models. up to = as much as as far as After paying, you will get this. It shows that you have paid. What is the 6th letter of it? ___ sneakers. You can get Nike sneakers ____ a 50% discount This is expensive What is it? dollar (slang) selected models The shop offers 50% _______ selected models. easonable off r e c e i p t 2. by + % This is ____ too cheap. We offer 50% discounts How much was the original price of the sword? is a type of negotiation over a price way by We offer 50% off all models verb on at a 50% discount =at a 50 % discounted price on The price of this shirt is 25% off the original price. You can buy this shirt at a 25% discount. If a car has a daily charge of $47 and you need a car over a weekend, how much you will pay for three days hire? better Mr. Bean wants to buy _________ 1. at + price 3 Save up to 50% discounted by 50% bill This is too much expensive. What colors are available for this product? It comes _____ two colors, red and silver. C We offer How much did the guy pay for the sword? a discount discounts You can get sneakers at a 50% discount Berlin Can you do any _____? Is that the ____ you can do? =affordable =r________ =economical teep How do you spell this city name? c e u 47*2= $ 94 credit B Nike sneakers are discounted ____ 50%. best spelling p __________ compartment countable save overhead

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