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Corporate Design

Transcript: 7 Ingredients of Good Cooperate Design Peter Behrens German architect and designer The beginning of corporate identity - early twentieth century Developed a consistent design scheme Graphic Designer/Artist Creative Director Web Designer Illustrator Mobile Designer Product Manager Interior Designer Dmitri Siegel Managing Director of Direct Business at Urban Outfitters MFA in Graphic Design Oversee all aspects of Website and catalog position shows "creative-driven company" Corporate Design Companies Starting salaries range from $20,000 to $40,000 Median salary is $50,000 and maximum corporate designer salaries top out at over $90,000 What is Corporate Design? Pentagram Walgreens, Nissan, United Airlines Design everything from: Architecture Interiors Identities Publications Websites House style created in a way that all elements have a similar design and pattern that allows the company/institution to stand out amongst its competitors. Corporate Design Abby Voss and Amanda Araiza Sites Job Requirements/Daily Routine What they are paid? Logo Typography Colors Brand Quality Community Culture Corporate Designers MetaDesign Coco Cola, Adobe, Apple Services include: Digital brand management Brand guidelines Brand training Print production

Corporate Design

Transcript: LONDON UNDERGROUND: iconography that is part of British identity transcending class and social position THE LARKIN COMPANY Developed a model of distribution and access to goods that was adopted by many companies and only surpassed with the advent of the online marketplace. Coca Cola: Embodies American family values and the vitality of youth culture. Universal message makes brand recognizable globally. Why does corporate design matter? Coca Cola Because of the incredible legacy of passion and devotion to art and design that Frank Pick brought to the London Underground, the visual identity for this entity has, since its earliest years, encompassed not only the signs, icons, and posters of the enterprise, but also every aspect of its stations and trains. With a deep intentional commitment to the modern, post modern and emerging contemporary aesthetics, the London Underground is one of the most recognizable and emulated visual identities throughout GB, Europe, and beyond. Barrett House Shelter Today The Larkin Company A corporation's visual identity is more than just a logo or a single graphic element. The visual identity often addresses a full range of visual collateral in order to more thoroughly bring a cohesiveness to all visual rhetoric that supports the corporate brand. Brother Mathias Barrett, a legendary friend of the homeless, founded Barrett House in a small residence on 13th Street and Mountain in Albuquerque. The house served an average of 15 to 20 women and children per day. Today the Barrett House Shelter serves more than 300 homeless women and children each year, providing an average of 22,000 meals, 7,000 bed nights, and over 1,000 hours of case management a year. 3 housing programs provide transitional housing and case management for 18 families. Bridges provides affordable housing opportunities for 12 families and our Rapid Rehousing program provides permanent housing for 12 families Robinson used the distinctive Spencerian script. Flowing text match the other streamlined contours found in the rest of Coca Cola's branding. Created a shape that would be recognizable even in the dark, Dean was inspired by the naturalistic forms found in coca leaves. Set standards for future iterations of corporate design. Thank You! London Underground Frank Pick Frank Pick & Edward Johnston for the London Underground J.D. Larkin & Elbert Hubbard for the Larkin Soap Company Good or bad, when a large corporation has a powerful visual identity, cultural impact is inevitable. Hubbard "Coke drinkers must experience emotional upliftment with every sip of their drink" - Brad Clemes, Marketing Manager Coca Cola wants to be a part of your most memorable and positive experiences. Hershey Chocolate Company Edward Johnston Chanel's visual identity is entirely focused on luxury and encompasses every aspect of its enterprise from its more accessible mid-high range product line of fragrances and accessories, to its couture house and high end jewelry lines. The CC logo of Chanel, as well as the corporate name, itself is a clear presence in its visual identity. As one of the longest running houses of fashion design, Chanel has gone to great efforts to assure the integrity of its visual identity throughout its development and periods of growth. One of the most important aspects of the visual identity of Hershey is its universal accessibility. Hershey's product line has grown immensely over the years. The Hershey visual identity has transcended its products to encompass many additional items similar in diversity, if not scale as the Disney Corporation. THE HERSHEY COMPANY: an intrinsic part of American culture and visual rhetoric across generations The Corporate Visual Identity 1908: Frank Pick placed in charge of publicity: created space for Tube posters and maps and pushed advertisers’ posters into spaces inside stations and on platforms - placing poster design in a privileged position 1916 Pick commissioned Johnston to create an exclusive, patented typeface. Pick's guidelines were a bold but simple and distinctive lettering using historical typography as a model but indisputably 20th century design considered the first modern sans serif face, leading the rest of the 20th century modern and post-modern design. Corporate visual identities can transcend the immediate goal of mass brand recognition to not only participate in, but also significantly influence the aesthetic identity of the societies in which they operate. Larkin J.D. Larkin Founded the company in 1875 Elbert Hubbard Initiated the use of gift giving along with purchased products, placing color images into mail-orders. created the “Combination Box” these contributions helped move Larkin into a powerful market position FRED HARVEY COMPANY: Historically significant architecture that is still enjoyed in the Southwestern US today. Brought awareness of Native Americans and their arts to the American public. THE CHANEL SUIT: an enduring symbol of luxury and privilege Barrett

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