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Transcript: My favourite food :) This slogan represents the music, the food I like and the slogan of the choir where I sing. My hobbye is singing. I sing everywhere; at home, at school, in the street... I love singing! I'm in a choir called Cor Infantil Amics de la Unió, a fantastic choir. There are people from 12 to 17 years old. Here there's a video of a competition, but I wasn't singing in this concert. I admire... I think my favourite food are crêpes, a delicious traditional french food. I love a lot the ham's one. My ideal job Normally, in zombie films, people run away, they enter inside their cars, and they try to switch on the car but they can't. When a zombie touches the window, the car switches on. But it won't be the same if the zombies were in Barcelona... My pet My hobby Well, I haven't any pet, but I would like to have a husky, a golden... But there's a problem: We live in a flat, that's why my parents don't wont to have any pet! I have lots of best friends, but for this presentation I've chosen Lídia. She is one year younger than I, so she is 12 years old. Lídia is not in St. Gervasi's School, I know her because our grandparents are friends, so, I see she once a week, when I go to my my grandparent's house. Lídia is blonde, she has a thin nose and a little mouth. She is a special friend, and I won't forget she, never! Una de zombis CORKBOARD ACTIVITY I would like to be a singer, but I know it's a very difficult job. Really, I don't know what I want to be! I admire Debby Ryan because I think she is a very good actress. I love the serial called Jessie, it makes me laugh when Jessie (Debby Ryan) makes silly things! Shopping list My best friend My slogan I've bought: - ice-cream - scrap booking material I'll buy: - ukelele (kohala)

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Transcript: Introduction The presentation will focus on the: Implementation of senior citizens act of 2003 Complaints from elders regarding this. Solution planned to make by the government. Implementation of senior citizens act of 2010 Who are the senior citizens? -aged sixty (60) years old and above; resident of the philippines -out of 76.5 million residents, almost 4.2 are seniors -if rate continues, seniors is expected to: reach 7 million by 2010 double in 16 years Visayas has the least senior citizen percentage Mindanao has the most percentage Feb 26, 2004 - senior citizens act of 2003 was implemented Problem By 2007, seniors complaint of not getting all the benefits like: when using credit cards restaurants bills hospital and laboratory fees expanded VAT monitoring board Solution Sen. Edgardo Angara is already taking actions: BIR issued a ruling to decrease 12% VAT to 9% introduced a bill will raise 20% discount to 34% will grant free Phil Health services But... the law granting additional benefits hangs in financial balance because: of the potential loss of tax revenue will cost P54.4 million per year monthly stipend will cost P276 million per year unknown number of senior citizens that will die every year that will be given burial aid By the year 2010 - senior citizens act of 2009 was approved Conclusion Government- trying their best inspite of problems possibility of this law togo the way the first is implemented because no effective way to inform the masses doesn't focus on the complaints about monitoring boards well, we can only ANSWER this questions by OBSERVING the LAW and SENIORS in the upcoming YEARS END Figure 1.2 Sources by: Alvin Tan Pic Sources: Figure 2.1 Benefits Under Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2003 Also, the law: Breakdown of Senior Citizens per Region Figure 2.2 will punish those who will abuse it a fine of P5-50 thousand and imprisonment for at least 6months 6months-2years improsinment and P50-100 thousand in first attempt imprisonment up to 6years and fine up to P200 thousnad for subsequent attempts establishes Office for Senior Citizens Affairs will punish violators of: Info Sources: •Alvarez, Ramiro C. “A Little Help Please”. Philippine Free Press. 20 Feb. 2010. (12) •Barcelon, Rica. “Angara Fights for Senior Citizens’ Rights”. Philippine Free press. 21 April 2007. (16-18) •Bonabente, Cyril L. “Benefits Under Expanded Senior Citizens Act”. Philippine Daily Inquirer. 17 Feb. 2010. •Farolan, Ramon J.” Priority Attention to Senior Citizens”. 23 April 2010. •<> •> .< <> Benefits under Senior Citizens Act of 2009 Figure 2.3 Figure 1.1 Senior Citizens' Rights En10 - E21 Marginal Groups cluster Steps of the government regarding Gov't Assistances under Senior Citizens Act of 2009

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Transcript: Serena Joy Offglen Offred Society of Gilead Chapters 8-13 Aunt lydia Moira Rita Subject: Serena Joy Serena Joy a mysterious individual given such power purely by being with the comander. Displaying a noticable amount of dislike towards the handmaids, possibly even paranoia towards the commander. A very cruel individual, one that seems to be trapped by her own society she aided in creating. Wife of the Commander Subject: Offred Offred: one of a more newly recuited handmaid and newer citizen of Gilead, she has little experience of being a handmaid. However she will soon understand she is a gifted individual, one of the special individuals that can bare the life of a child. She has participated in the ceremony as accordingly, a obedient handmaid doing as she sho Handmaid Ofglen One of the eariler handmaids of the commander, along side being the pair to offred when the commander requests for groceries. Comunication between her and Offred have been established, as they return from grocery shopping they pass by bodies. Another obedient handmaid stating "under his eye" as a handmaid should. Handmaid Moira Moira, a handmaid that Offred has a past with. Offred seems to have had flashbacks of the times she spent with her. She appears to be a more uncooperative handmaid compared to the rest, an individual that is more rebellious as she attemps to escape from Gilead unsucessfully, she was punished and beaten in the hands. Handmaid Aunt Lydia Aunt Lydia, a individual that posseses power as well. Being the one who diceplines and teaches the handmaids, shes is privilaged with being able read and write in order to teach the handmaids. She is a very government abiding person and follows as she is ordered very dedicated to the Gilead's socital system. Aunt of the handmaids Rita A servant to the commander, she does all the cooking for the commander. Her relationship with Offred isn't very pleasant, seeing Offred as someone born with a gift in this society being able to procreate. Whereas a Martha like her cannot seeing herself as common compared to Offred. Martha

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Transcript: Tuesdays with Morrie Setting ________ ______ Settings Morrie was from West Newton, Massachusetts. The book was mostly at Morrie's house Conflict ______ ____________ Conflict Morrie was dianosed with ALS, and is slowly dying. ALS starts from the feet up until it hits your lungs or heart. Climax ________ ______ Climax One of the chapters were called "The Fourteenth Tuesday We Say Good-bye" and that means its the chapter that he dies in. When Mitch goes to Morrie's house Morrie was in bed. Resolution __________ _______ Resolution Morrie passed way on a Saturday, but he had his funeral on a Tuesday. Morrie requested Mitch to talk to his grave and he'll listen. Main Idea _________ _____ Main Idea They met in college and hung out on Tuesdays, and now that they are older they still hang out on Tuesdays. Now its different since Morrie was dianosed with ALS and he can't walk. While Morrie is sitting in the chair all day Mitch is sitting next to Morrie talking and keeps him company. Theme _____ ____________ Theme Since Morrie is dying, he wants to slow down and have time to think about life. Morrie is forgiving everybody. Morrie _______ _____ Morrie Morrie was one of about 12,000 - 15,000 people to have ALS in the US and he made aphorisms Mitch _______ _______ Mitch Mitch was a friend of Morrie and stayed by his side ever since collage. aphorisms ___________ _______ Aphorisms 1. If your in bed you're dead #131 2.You're not a just a wave, you're part of the ocean #180 Extra photo ________ ___________ Extra photos Symbols ______ _________ Symbols One of the symbols I chose was coach and player. I chose them because it was there nicknames they gave each other. Another symbol I chose is Morries plant. I chose it because he had it for a long time and the plant was dying with him.

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