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Corporation Presentation

Transcript: The more support we have, the more influential we are in the lives of those affected by autism and in creating a more accepting community. What Is Autism Ontario Here To Do? For more information, please visit a) 1000 b) 2500 c) 5000 d) 8000 "We strive to ensure that each individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder is provided the means to achieve quality of life as a respected member of society." Approximately 100, 000 people in Ontario are affected by autism. October is Autism Awareness Month MAY We hold several events and fundraisers throughout the year to raise awareness about autism and create a more supportive community for those with autism and their families. These events and fundraisers would not be possible without the support of our generous sponsors and dedicated volunteers! Participate in one of our monthly events OR hold your own event to " burst the bubble" of autism! APRIL Collaboration, Consistency, and Community Involvement: 1. Receive positive attention for your business. 2. Promote your business as inclusive and community-minded. 3. Participate in a sustainable partnership that displays consistent mutual support through events and promotions. 4. Write your donation off as a tax expense. 5. Take pride in your commitment and dedication to raising awareness for individuals affected by autism and their families. We are the largest collective voice in Ontario for individuals with autism and their families. Pop Quiz Join us in providing opportunities for individuals affected by autism to achieve their full potential as a member of the Niagara Region! Question: How many people are affected in the Niagara Region? Every little bit counts! We provide social recreational programs designed to meet the needs of those affected by autism. We offer: Pop Quiz 1. Sponsor one of our annual events or hold your own. 2. Buy a table at our holiday soiree. 3. Create a company-wide volunteer day for one of our events. 4. Consider a committee, Chapter, or Board involvement. 5. Make a donation. 1. Be a resource to the community. 2. Be a voice. 3. Improve services. 4. Promote inclusion. 5. Empower. - Mike Gowan (Chapter President) How You Can Get Involved Events & Fundraisers NOVEMBER Approximately 100, 000 people in Ontario are affected by autism. A Partnership with Autism Ontario See the Potential Autism Spectrum Disorder No 2 individuals experience autism the same way Lifelong neurological disorder 3 common areas affected by autism include: behaviours, communication, and social skills Thank You! April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day. Join us in raising the flag in support of those with autism and their families! Children, Teen, & Adult Groups Social Skills Training Workshops Summer Camp Community Clubs Support Groups Programs ASD-specific programming can cost families thousands of dollars each year. Funds raised and donations received provide access to vital programs and educational opportunities across the Niagara Region. What is Autism? Answer: Approximately 5000 people in the Niagara Region are affected by autism. Win-Win Partnership

corporation presentation

Transcript: Next Generation Co. Meribeth, Lishka, Angelo, Brandon Mission Statement our mission is to fasilitate the way people move, making it easier for them to transport to other places and help gain time to be transported. Mission Statement -A hoverboard is levitating board used for personal transportation in the films "back to the future 2 and 3". - some companies have market hovercraft hoping to leverage the commercial success of movies. - several companies have drawn on hovercraft technology to attempt and create hoverboard like products but none have demonstrated similar experiences to those depicted in films Industry Product This hoverboard is a form of transportation, it resembles a skateboard but it is three times bigger, it has two wheels, pressure sensor, uses magnetic momevement and it pushes against itself. Product Market the benefits that our customers will be receiving from this product is that it will make it easy to walk and people will be lesstired, also can be used as entertainment and it's something new a unique. Market Risks and Rewards This product is profitable because many will be sold, and its a new technology system that gives a unique experience. the risks are not earning profit and going in dept, you have to address it slow and carefully. Risks and Rewards We chose to be a corporation because it has to be supported by the goverment making our most credible and reliable marketing. and people know that they will not accept something that does not benefit them in monetary value, also it is not a type of business that could close easily. The team The End The End

Corporation Presentation

Transcript: SmartNotes By: Antonia Pretelt, Aliza Klibpunsa, and Kyra Miller Who We Are SmartNotes CEO/CFO - Aliza Klibpunsa VPIR - Antonia Pretelt VPM - Kyra Miller How We Started Our Journey In 2014 ,Smart Notes was founded by the CEO and CFO, Aliza Klibpunsa, the VPM. Kyra Miller, and the VPIR Antonia Pretelt. After graduating from highschool, we realized that our education system has many flaws. And so Smart Notes was created with the purpose of improving education with our adaptable notebooks. Our mission is to provide a multi-functional notebook for students. Our notebook is customizable to accommodate the needs of all learners Our Expansion Plan Going Abroad We plan to expand to: - Copenhagen, Denmark - Vancouver, Canada - Hong Kong Why? -Excellent education systems - Proximity to docks - Abundance of nearby schools - Large populations Copenhagen Copenhagen, Denmark Our Market Vancouver Vancouver, Canada Our Market Hong Kong Hong Kong Our Market Whether it be with customers, employees, or investors, we believe that effective communication is essential to the success of our corporation. We Value Communication Communication We will use a variety of sources to ensure the proper interaction between our company and the market. We will communicate with our customers through a website with product information and a number to a call center to help navigate the notebook's systems. We will be outsourcing the call center. Customers: How We Will Communicate Employees: Employees will be in contact with managers at their respective locations along with a separate branch of the call center that will focus on the needs of employees. Investors: Our investors will be provided with a phone number to contact us and other managers directly. Product Information Our notebook is made out of A mixture of regular and recycled paper it has a flexible silicone spiral The regular size is 11.5 x 8.5 ( 300 pages max and 15.6 ounces ) and the smaller size is 9 x 6 (150 pages max and 7.8) has specially designed paper that allows you to scan your notes and transfer them into our app The covers are made out of a thin, translucent plastic and has a pocket in the front and the back of the notebook What Is It? The larger notebook is $10 US (7 pound sterling) The small notebook will be $6 (4 pound sterling) What our product looks like What it looks like How much we have sold We will advertise on.. Popular websites that most students visit Promote it by commercials on TV around the time when school starts We will advertise online to reach global consumers and reach a broader selection of people We will be sponsoring different schools by providing notebooks for students and putting our company Our target audience for the product is mainly student from around middle school to college. How much we have sold Advertising It will allow you to scan your notebook pages and create customized note card study sets It will let you share your notes with peers or anyone that might need them You can save your notes into different folders and groups, making it easier to find and organize your notes You can use the notebook for other things like lists Smart Notes App Our App Monetary Progress Our company would prefer to have an investment of 4 million dollars because... We want to continue to make our app more advanced in multiple aspects (different learning methods) To build new and more headquarters in countries mentioned in our expansion plan In exchange, we will give 10 percent of our total sales for many following years to the company that will be investing in us. Our Investment Plan Investment Thank You For Your Time! Thank You!

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