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Transcript: Alien (Scott, 1979) deemed classic example of male fears of castration 'These films were about the generative capacities of reproduction [...] less about the overt and aggressive display of traditional masculine prowess than they were about the role of the feminine in the creation of masculine subjectivity and identity.' (Cornea, 2007:147) Technology rendering humans obsolete? Cameron, J. 1991, T2: Judgement Day, US, TriStar Pictures. Cameron, J. 1986, Aliens, US, 20th Century Fox Kershner, I. 1980, Empire Strikes Back, US, 20th Century Fox Spielberg. S, 2001, A.I, US, Warner Brothers. Spielberg. S, 1982, ET, USA, Universal Pictures Zemeckis, R, 1985 Back to the Future, US, Universal Pictures Scott, R, 2012, Prometheus, USA, 20th Century Fox Scott, R, 1979, Alien, USA, 20th Century Fox Oshii, M. 1995, Ghost in the Shell, Japan, Production I.G. Lynch, D, 1984, Dune, USA, Universal Pictures. Role Reversal - Child becomes the teacher "The control that adults automatically wield over children... is increased through biotechnological advances" - (Ostry, E: 2004) Emma Worsley, Scott Feast, Reece Wesolowych, Ali Brabbs, Tobias Schlingensiepen, Jodie Williams The Empire Strikes Back (1980) They are everywhere: Fantasy, Fiction, Mythology, Religion etc. Batman Spider-Man Superman Luke Skywalker Frodo from The Lord of the Rings Harry Potter Tarzan Moses Hercules Jeffords, S., 'Hard Bodies', Rutgers University Press (December 1, 1993) The Mother's Role Filmography Natural vs. Unnatural Emma- Stereotype of the mother as a masculine figure. How Sarah Connor changes. How the natural links into the unnatural. "While she is focusing on being a super-soldier, the terminator is working on being a better mom, listening to and playing with the son that Sarah hardly notices for all the weapons she is carrying. Sarah Connor even acknowledges that the Terminator is doing a better job that she could." Films of interest: Back to the Future (Zemeckis, 1985) Dune (Lynch, 1984) Terminator Series Cameron, (1984, 1991) Alien (Scott, 1979) Thank you for listening! Psycho-analytical film theory the 70s/80s - films of the same time replicate this. Oedipus Complex is a well known facet of psycho-analytical theory. In Science Fiction, it paints the complex in a different light especially through the scope of time travel (Back to the Future and Terminator) The child 'for who among us does not feel orphaned in this vast, strange world sometimes? Through Harry Potter, Jane Eyre, and Cinderella we experience the orphan within ourselves.' (Windling, T.) Prosthetic limbs The Artificial Parent Bibliography Castration and Emasculation in the Sci-Fiction Characters destined for greatness or being very important to everyone else. (The One, Fulfilling the prophecy, King, etc.) In Terminator 2: Judgement Day, John Connor idolises his mother even after her death. Strange sexual relationship between his best friend/ father and his mother. Connor sends Reece back in time knowing his fate. Scoota - Tech reproducing. Male technological figure taking on human parenting roles = making humans obsolete "For some time now, a great many scientific endeavors have been directed toward making life also "artificial"...toward cutting the last tie through which man belongs among the children of nature " Hannah Arendt Ali - Chicks, dicks and the tricks in between John Connor teaches the Terminator about human emotions... Prometheus (Scott, 2012) hints that these Xenomorph creatures are related 'paternally' in a biological sense by 'the engineers' who possess the same DNA Interpretation of sibling rivalry - the Xenomorphs and Humans. The Orphaned Hero Cornea, C, 2007. Science Fiction Cinema: Between Fantasy and Reality. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. p147 Gordon, A. 2004. Back to the Future: Oedipus as Time traveller. In: Redmond, S ed. Liquid Metal: Science Fiction Reader. London: Wallflower Press. Jeffords, S., 'Hard Bodies', Rutgers University Press (December 1, 1993) Reid, R., A. 2009, Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy, Volume 1, Greenwood Press, USA. Ostry, E. (2004). "Is He Still Human? Are You?": Young Adult Science Fiction in the Posthuman Age. The Lion and the Unicorn,. 28 (2), p222-246. Telotte, J.P (1995). Replications A Robotic History of Science Fiction Film. University of Illinoise: Library of Co0ngress. p2-4. Windling, T. Lost and Found: The Orphaned Hero, , Accessed 19. Nov 2012 Back to the Mother Kyle Reece - The child with the dragon tattoo Sarah Connor's physical transformation In space epic Dune (Lynch, 1984), messiah Paul Atreides has an unnatural relationship with his mother. His sexual desires for his youthful mother are exploited. Primarily a family sci-fi film following E.T: Extra Terrestrial (Spielberg, 1982) - poking fun at the complex Marty goes back to his mother's youth - she unknowingly tries to seduce him thinking he is the new kid in town. Andrew Gordon calls Marty a reluctant

Sci Fi Presentation

Transcript: The Name of the Wind: A Hero's Journey Eric Jones Claim While on the surface the name of the wind is a classic and predicatable heros journey tale, through use of clever storytelling, the name of the wind becomes an incredibly interesting and unique story that is much more than the parts that make it up. Claim A Heros Journey A Heros Journey Call to Adventure Kvotes family and friends are killed, forcing him from his life in search of a new one Call to Adventure Refusal Refusal Meeting the Mentor Meeting the Mentor Abenathy teaches kvothe almost everything he knows, and giv... Abenathy teaches kvothe almost everything he knows, and gives him the knowledge to get into the university before he dies Crossing the threshold Crossing the threshold Kvothe is accepted by the university and begins to lea... Kvothe is accepted by the university and begins to learn with other students and no longer has to live in poverty Tests Allies Enemies Tests Allies Enemies Tests: Kvothe is repatedly tested in a very literal sense thought o... Tests: Kvothe is repatedly tested in a very literal sense thought out the book. Just to get into the university he must prove himself to the Masters and while studying at the university and is constantly subject to multiple kinds of tests to prove his mastery of the material once admitted Allies: Simmon Savoy Manet Wilam Enemies: Ambrose Approach to Inmost Cave Approach to Inmost Cave Earning his pipes from Eolian Kvothe borrows money from a dangerous man inorder to purchase a lute. He then begins to practice, in hopes of earning his pipes from a bar called eolian and earn money to pay for his tuition. Kvothe knows that this will be incredibly difficult and practices tirelessly until he is ready. Earning his pipes from Eolian Ordeal Ordeal When he finally goes to attempt to earn his pipes he is sabotag... When he finally goes to attempt to earn his pipes he is sabotaged by ambrose. But because hes spent so much time practicing hes able to succeed anyways and overcomes this obstacle, earnign his pipes on his very first attempt Reward(Seizing the sword) Reward(Seizing the sword) For succesfully earning the masters approval, kvothe is now ab... For succesfully earning the masters approval, kvothe is now able to earn lots of money playing his lute in bars. In addition he meets a beautiful girl by the nme of Denna, who he immidiately becomes infatuated with The Road Back The Road Back Kvothe hears stories of a massacre at a wedding ang go... Kvothe hears stories of a massacre at a wedding ang goes to invesitgate in hopes of finding more information on his famiies killers. This serves as a metaphorical road home because it gets him thinking about this old life, the one he lost. When he arrives he sees blue fires in the town, signaling the precense of the chandrian. While there he encounters and then fights a draccus, managing to kill it Resurrection Resurrection When Kvothe returns from his dragon battle, ambrose takes h... When Kvothe returns from his dragon battle, ambrose takes his lute. When Ambrose tosses it back to kvothe, causing it to fall and break. In his anger, kvothe calls the name of the wind, injuring ambrose and crewating a storm inside kvothes mind. Return with Elixer Return with Elixer Kvothe is told hes going to be given the oppurtinity to train with mast... Kvothe is told hes going to be given the oppurtinity to train with master elodin after showing promise by summoning the name of the wind, which is all he had ever wanted.

Sci-Fi Presentation

Transcript: Apurv Jain Dan Huang Olivia Janus Zohra Barama Elizabeth Johnson June 22, 1947 - February 24, 2006 American Science Fiction writer, one of the best known among the few African-American women in the field "Junie" Shy Daydreamer ?'s "I wasn't trying to work out my own ancestry. I was trying to get people to feel slavery. I was trying to get across the kind of emotional and psychological stones that slavery threw at people." Imago Lilith's Brood 2005 Novel about vampires with a science fiction twist about exploring race, sexuality, what it fees like to be a part of a community and that diversity is a biological imperative "Seed to Harvest" was later published to include all the books in the series, excluding "Survivor" "Patternmaster" Personal Philosophy Of Octavia Butler "Science fiction let me do both. It let me look into science and stick my nose in everywhere." "I was attracted to science fiction because it was so wide open. I was able to do anything and there were no walls to hem you in and there was no human condition that you were stopped from examining." "I was writing my own little stories and when I was 12, I was watching a bad science fiction movie called Devil Girl from Mars, and decided that I could write a better story than that. And I turned off the TV and proceeded to try, and I've been writing science fiction ever since." Parable of the Trickster (?) 1984: Hugo Award for Best Short Story-Speech Sounds 1985: Hugo Award for Best Novelette - Bloodchild "Parable of the Sower contains a world that feels lived in, realistic, complex, and living. I didn't realize what I was missing in disaster fiction until I saw how much richer the world could be." "Clark's Ark" Dawn Parable of the Sower "Lilith enabled a painful, imbalanced integration with the Oankali. Akin created human separation and safety from their alien colonizers. With this foundation, Jodahs’ enables the two species to meet as something resembling equals. " Adulthood Rites Kindred Fledgling "Wild Seed" Parable of the Talents 1980: Creative Arts Award, L.A. YWCA 1985: Science Fiction Chronicle Award for the Best Novelette- Bloodchild 1985: Locus Award for Best Novelette- Bloodchild 1995: MacArthur Foundation "Genius" Grant 2000: Lifetime achievement award in writing from the PEN American Center 2010: Inductee Science Fiction Hall of Fame Introduction 5 short stories spanning her entire career 1971-1993 "Bloodchild", the title story, won the Nebula and Hugo awards. "Speech Sounds" "The Evening and the Morning and the Night" "Near of Kin" "Crossover" "Mind of My Mind" Parable Series Octavia E. Butler 1984: Nebula Award for Best Novelette- Bloodchild 1999: Nebula Award for Best Novel- Parable of the Talents "BloodChild and Other Stories" Awards and Recognitions Short Stories Publication order: 1)"Patternmaster" 2)"Mind of My Mind" 3)"Survivor" 4)"Wild Seed" - 4th book published, first in the chronicle 5)"Clay's Ark" Series was published out of chronological order Patternist Series

Sci fi presentation

Transcript: Cooking Machine By: Parker Schefe Type of Sci Fi futre technology Type of Sci Fi Exposition Characters: Parker: that owns the 3D printer comany. Preston: trying to stop the company from moving on by stealing products Settings: Parker's 3D printer Company is located in New York City, Brooklyn Exposition Rising Action Rising Action A Command Block, similar to a 3d printer, that can give people food and can get it from wherever people want food. You can put a command in there, tell it whatever you want to get out of it and it gives it to you. Parker wants to be the best company. He wants to get ideas from certain employees to continue what he's working on. He wants people to buy his Command Block. Preston is being sneaky and tries to sneak into the store without anybody noticing and steals all the Command Blocks. Climax Climax Preston gets arrested. One of the employes saw him stealing the Command Blocks, so he calls the police. There's an argument between Parker and Preston at the jail. They argue about why Preston was stealing things. The trial goes bad for Preston and he gets sent to prison for two years. Falling Action/Resolution Falling Action/Resolution Falling Action: Parker's business is going good because he has his Command Blocks back. Now that they got their products back, they're selling more. After two years, Preston comes out of prison and he wanted to go back to the company to apologize for what he has done. Resolution: Preston asked Parker if he can be hired. Research Research,depends%20upon%20the%20printer%20type. This link is helpful because it can teach you that the Command Block is similar to a 3D printer.

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Transcript: Sci-FI by Tracy K. Smith Kelli S., Osiris L., Morgan W., Skylar W. Sci- Fi by Tracy K. Smith Sci- Fi poem Kelli S., Osiris L., Skyler W., Morgan W. Diction The diction used throughout this poem is very casual, almost like the author is having a conversation with someone. Diction Tone The tone is very sarcastic and seems to be making sun of what the future society could turn into. Tone "and yes, we'll live to be much older, thanks to popular consensus" Significance of Title Title Sci-Fi means science fiction, however the author is using it sarcastically. What the author is saying seems crazy, but this fiction could very well become reality and our future society. BNW BNW The poem speaks about how sex becomes meaningless, much like how it is in BNW. Everyone has sex with everyone and it is emotionaless. Secondly it relates in the way the past is blocked out and forgotten about. Both the poem and BNW acts the the past is bad and the only way to go is forward. Stanza 2 " History, with its hard spine & dog-eared corners, will be replaced with nuance," Stanzas We think this stanza is important because it mention history, as in how we live now, and how this way of living will eventually become out of date. Stanza 7 " The oldest among us will recognize that glow- but the word sun will have been reassigned." We think this stanza is important due to the fact it talks about how no one will die, and the first person to have lived through people dying will remeber how things used to be. Thesis Thesis Tracy K Smith uses diction, tone, and a casual format in "Sci-Fi" to communicate the futuristic ideas in her imagination. She writes about how time is always changing, equality is in the near future, and an unending life for all.

Sci-Fi Presentation

Transcript: Sci-Fi Novel By: Summer Andrews Lucinda "Luce" is who the story is centered around. She is attending Sword and Cross School because her boyfriend mysteriously died in a fire. While she's there, she meets a girl named Arraine, who shows her around and helps her fit in. Daniel is another student and Sword and Cross who despises Luce from the day she arrives. He avoids her at all costs. However, as time goes on Daniel begins to fall for Luce and in the midst of this, supernatural things begin to happen to the two of them. For instance, Luce soon realizes that Daniel is immortal because the love is "cursed". Cam is another student at Sword and Cross. From day one he tried his hardest to get Luce to go out with him. He gets more and more aggressive once Daniel comes into the picture, which seems to be more than Luce can handle. This story is set in Savannah, Georgia at Sword and Cross School. Sword and Cross is a school for juevenile deliquents who are finishing high school. In the beginning of the book, it starts out in the 1700's. It tells a story of a boy and girl leaving each other, Their names are Lucinda and Daniel. It then jumps to a girl named Luce saying goodbye to her family. She is on her way to a school named Sword and Cross. This is a school for young criminals, and Luce is here because her boyfriend mysteriously died in a fire which she was blamed for. Here she is forced to wear all black clothing with no contact with anybody outside of the school. Along the way, she is given a mentor named Arraine. She shows her around, and she meets some of her classmates. One that really stands out is Cam. He tries to woo Luce, but it just doesnt work, She fell for Daniel. Although he despises her, whenever they talk he slips up about what she "used to do". This makes her even more intrigued. While studying, a fire breaks out in the library. Luce and one of her classmates are stuck in there. As they try to escape, her classmate dies in the fire. This sparks a fight between Cam and Daniel when she is saved by Daniel and she wants nothing to do with Cam. As the battle begins, she learns that things weren't what they seemed to be. One of the fantastic details in this book is the fact that Daniel and Cam can fly. This is fantastic because in reality, nothing like this could happen. It becomes obvious these characters can fly in the resolution. Publication Year- 2009 Savannah,Georgia Author- Lauren Kate Title- Fallen (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Element 2: Also in this book, a warning for man-kind would be to expect the unexpected. This is shown because if Luce wouldn't have been suspicious about Cam, she might have believed to good guy act he was trying to pull off. This occurs in the rising action. Setting Element 3: Element 1: Science Fiction Elements During the book, Luce learns that Daniel will live forever, as Luce lives, dies and is reborn. The book is grounded in science because it deals with immortality. This is found in the climax. Element 4: Plot (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Another fantastic detail is the super-human strength the librarian, Miss Sophia, has when she carries Luce and another classmate to a hidden room for "safety" while Cam and Daniel battle it out for Luce. This can also be found in the climax. (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr Main Characters Basic Information

Sci-FI Presentation

Transcript: The Rise of Reputation Exposition Exposition Charachters- Taylor Swift Jake Gyllenhal, John Mayer, Kanye West, Landon and the snakes (Taylor Haters) Andrea and Scott Swift, Tree Paine Setting- Holiday House Rhode Island, Spaceship, Mercury (snake planet) streets of New York January 2017 Tone + Type Tone + Type Tone: Lighthearted, Suspenseful, Revengeful (similar to Home Alone) Type of Sci-Fi: Space Travel, Extraterestrrial Life (snakes on Mercury) Taylor Swift references throughout II and Rising Action Rising Action and II Inciting Incident- Jake Gyllenhal walking the streets of New York drinking a cup of coffee. He gets a call from his publiscist telling him that she heard rumors that Taylor Swift has an unreleased a 10 minute version of All Too Well and that it is not looking good for him. He gets angry, throws his coffee on the ground. - He calls up John Mayer to explain the situation. John does not care about Jake's problem but then Jake reminds him about Dear John and how the same thing could happen to him could be coming at any moment. They agree that something needs to be done and John says he'll get some people together and they'll take care of it Meanwhile... - Taylor Swift is at her Holiday House in Rhodle Island w/ her cats watching Law & Order Meanwhile... Then, Then, - John calls back Jake and tells him to meet him in 10 minutes and that he's sending him the location. -John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhal, Kanye West and Landon (The Taylor Hater's) meet in a skety New York alley and discuss their plan of kidnapping Taylor Swift - When the question of where to bring her they decide they can't kill her becasue that would have bad publicity. Kanye mentions bringing her to Mercury becasue it is far away from Earth and infested with snkaes and they all end up agreeing. Back at Taylor's Holiday House... The Abduction - The Taylor Hater's land their transfoming spaceship (boat, car, spaceship) on the lake outside of her house. -They try to break into her house and abduct her (funny scenes like the Home Alone break in scenes) -They finally take her to their spaceship and start takeoff to Mercury On the Spaceship... In the Spaceship... - They confront Taylor about All Too Well 10 minute version and they all try to ask if she has written songs about them, she won't answer -They arrive at Mercury, it is filled with alien type snakes and they drop her off -On the ride home, they are SO proud of themselves Back on Earth... - Tree Paine (Taylor's publiscist) is watching the news and sees that Taylor has been kidnapped. She tries to call her and she doesn't answer. -Tree calls Andrea and Scott Swift and informs them of the situation Back on Earth... Climax - Taylor has tamed the snakes - This incident is where she gets her inspiration for the Reputation album Climax Falling Action Falling Action and Resolution -Just then Andrea, Scott and Tree arrive to save her but realize what she's done and they take her home -Back at home the Jake is walking the streets of New York again, gets a call from his publiscist telling him that Taylor is back, he gets angry, throwing his phone on the ground and is breaking it Resolution - There is a flash forward and the Look What You Made Me Do music video plays with flashes of the Reputation Stadium Tour Resolution The confrontation on the Spaceship... Dialogue Jake: " it true? Is there a 10 minute version of All Too Well? This is going to ruin me!" Taylor: "I'm not saying." *The room erupts in chaos and arguments* Jake: "If you don't tell me I swear-" Landon: "I have no clue what's going on" Kanye:"You got a song about me? You better not release it!" John: "Yeah. Is there more about me. You better not release them. If there's 10 minutes of Dear John!" Taylor: (sarcasstically) "I can't say!! And by the way... really nice try with the lawsuit, John." *laughs* Research Research Repution Album (release date, songs, etc.): People Taylor Swift doesn't like and why she doesn't like them: How space travel might be possible:

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