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Sci-fi presentation

Transcript: Alien (Scott, 1979) deemed classic example of male fears of castration 'These films were about the generative capacities of reproduction [...] less about the overt and aggressive display of traditional masculine prowess than they were about the role of the feminine in the creation of masculine subjectivity and identity.' (Cornea, 2007:147) Technology rendering humans obsolete? Cameron, J. 1991, T2: Judgement Day, US, TriStar Pictures. Cameron, J. 1986, Aliens, US, 20th Century Fox Kershner, I. 1980, Empire Strikes Back, US, 20th Century Fox Spielberg. S, 2001, A.I, US, Warner Brothers. Spielberg. S, 1982, ET, USA, Universal Pictures Zemeckis, R, 1985 Back to the Future, US, Universal Pictures Scott, R, 2012, Prometheus, USA, 20th Century Fox Scott, R, 1979, Alien, USA, 20th Century Fox Oshii, M. 1995, Ghost in the Shell, Japan, Production I.G. Lynch, D, 1984, Dune, USA, Universal Pictures. Role Reversal - Child becomes the teacher "The control that adults automatically wield over children... is increased through biotechnological advances" - (Ostry, E: 2004) Emma Worsley, Scott Feast, Reece Wesolowych, Ali Brabbs, Tobias Schlingensiepen, Jodie Williams The Empire Strikes Back (1980) They are everywhere: Fantasy, Fiction, Mythology, Religion etc. Batman Spider-Man Superman Luke Skywalker Frodo from The Lord of the Rings Harry Potter Tarzan Moses Hercules Jeffords, S., 'Hard Bodies', Rutgers University Press (December 1, 1993) The Mother's Role Filmography Natural vs. Unnatural Emma- Stereotype of the mother as a masculine figure. How Sarah Connor changes. How the natural links into the unnatural. "While she is focusing on being a super-soldier, the terminator is working on being a better mom, listening to and playing with the son that Sarah hardly notices for all the weapons she is carrying. Sarah Connor even acknowledges that the Terminator is doing a better job that she could." Films of interest: Back to the Future (Zemeckis, 1985) Dune (Lynch, 1984) Terminator Series Cameron, (1984, 1991) Alien (Scott, 1979) Thank you for listening! Psycho-analytical film theory the 70s/80s - films of the same time replicate this. Oedipus Complex is a well known facet of psycho-analytical theory. In Science Fiction, it paints the complex in a different light especially through the scope of time travel (Back to the Future and Terminator) The child 'for who among us does not feel orphaned in this vast, strange world sometimes? Through Harry Potter, Jane Eyre, and Cinderella we experience the orphan within ourselves.' (Windling, T.) Prosthetic limbs The Artificial Parent Bibliography Castration and Emasculation in the Sci-Fiction Characters destined for greatness or being very important to everyone else. (The One, Fulfilling the prophecy, King, etc.) In Terminator 2: Judgement Day, John Connor idolises his mother even after her death. Strange sexual relationship between his best friend/ father and his mother. Connor sends Reece back in time knowing his fate. Scoota - Tech reproducing. Male technological figure taking on human parenting roles = making humans obsolete "For some time now, a great many scientific endeavors have been directed toward making life also "artificial"...toward cutting the last tie through which man belongs among the children of nature " Hannah Arendt Ali - Chicks, dicks and the tricks in between John Connor teaches the Terminator about human emotions... Prometheus (Scott, 2012) hints that these Xenomorph creatures are related 'paternally' in a biological sense by 'the engineers' who possess the same DNA Interpretation of sibling rivalry - the Xenomorphs and Humans. The Orphaned Hero Cornea, C, 2007. Science Fiction Cinema: Between Fantasy and Reality. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. p147 Gordon, A. 2004. Back to the Future: Oedipus as Time traveller. In: Redmond, S ed. Liquid Metal: Science Fiction Reader. London: Wallflower Press. Jeffords, S., 'Hard Bodies', Rutgers University Press (December 1, 1993) Reid, R., A. 2009, Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy, Volume 1, Greenwood Press, USA. Ostry, E. (2004). "Is He Still Human? Are You?": Young Adult Science Fiction in the Posthuman Age. The Lion and the Unicorn,. 28 (2), p222-246. Telotte, J.P (1995). Replications A Robotic History of Science Fiction Film. University of Illinoise: Library of Co0ngress. p2-4. Windling, T. Lost and Found: The Orphaned Hero, , Accessed 19. Nov 2012 Back to the Mother Kyle Reece - The child with the dragon tattoo Sarah Connor's physical transformation In space epic Dune (Lynch, 1984), messiah Paul Atreides has an unnatural relationship with his mother. His sexual desires for his youthful mother are exploited. Primarily a family sci-fi film following E.T: Extra Terrestrial (Spielberg, 1982) - poking fun at the complex Marty goes back to his mother's youth - she unknowingly tries to seduce him thinking he is the new kid in town. Andrew Gordon calls Marty a reluctant

Sci-Fi Presentation

Transcript: Shrigya Raghubansi, Cooper Budd, Reed Marvel Science Fiction and Analysis Presentation Summary In the opening scenes of the movie, spaceships begin to land in major cities across the globe, & Dr. Banks and Dr. Donnelly (pictured) are sent in to figure out the intentions of the aliens as global tensions rise through their expertise in language Throughout the movie, the aliens are treated as a threat until their language is decoded by Dr. Banks, who discovers that the intentions of the aliens are peaceful, which is the opposite of what the military thought after a mistranslation of their language caused everyone to panic Towards the end of the movie, it is revealed that these aliens came from a future, non-linear timeline, and that they needed help from the humans Proven to Dr. Banks when these aliens show her future Summary Forecast & Counterfactuals Forecasting The world in a global crisis Panic buying of supplies and ammunition Global collaboration of countries Global Riots Forecasts & Counterfactuals Counterfactuals Alien ships landing on Earth Upon arrival, the aliens used the Earth's atmosphere as ventilation for their ship Note on China Forecasting a communications blackout from the rest of the world at time of virtual summit Incident can also be seen as a counter factual as there would be too much at stake for China to go dark at this time Relation To Our Course Didactic Relation To Our Course Democratic Government and Instability Alliance Decision making in politics Security > Instability in the region after aliens' arrival. >Humans panic. Some are angry. There's chaos and confusion all over the world. Riots and protests. "SAVE HUMAN SPECIES" > People are panic buying essential goods. > Some bad people take advantage of the situation and are looting businesses. > State of emergency. Curfews. Borders closed. Flights grounded. National guard deployed. >Stock Market Crash > Lack of self policing among the citizens. > government control: gun license and weapons sales >The movie shows us what could possibly happen if aliens land on earth. > The aliens taught Dr. Banks that it was possible to foresee the future. >Like most science fiction movies this movie too showed aliens as an intelligent species who were also technologically far superior than humans. They also had admirable diplomatic skills. Their language and writing was also superior than ours. > Technocracy. The government called in a linguist, Dr. Banks, and a physicist, Dr. Donnelly, to help with the situation. > We witnessed a little bit of hierarchy in the American bureaucracy and the military chain of command in the movie. > Power and authority. Dr. Banks and Dr. Donnelly, despite being the bridge between humans and aliens, had no power. > The colonel called all the shots. The colonel answered to the head of DoD. The head of DoD answered to the President. > The Colonel had no trust in the aliens, but both Dr. Banks and Dr. Donnelly somehow believed that the aliens meant no harm. > Dr. Banks saved the world from the global war and possibly extinction. Security: According to our Van Belle book, security is the ability to protect, preserve, or maintain control of something of value. In this movie, we saw various actions being taken to maintain the security of the nation such as the President's declaration of state of emergency, the National Guard troops being deployed, and law enforcement working overtime. Leadership interest: The military officers were very impatient and they did not trust the aliens. Outside Of This Course Outside Of This Course > The relationship between the U.S. and China and Russia. > China and Russia always teaming up. > The role of the United Nations during a global crisis. > Emotional intelligence of the leaders. Different countries and different strategies of dealing with the crisis. > Role of the government. Crisis management. > Foreign policies and diplomatic relations among allies. Insights On Politics Insights On Politics A big part of the movie Arrival is the Domino Effect After China decides to use explosive to get rid of the alien ships other countries follow suit. There is a more globalist mindset to try and figure out why the aliens have landed on Earth. Countries help each other out by sharing their discoveries about the aliens After the threat of an attack by the aliens countries start to isolate themselves. The most obvious insight is the use of technocracies in a high pressure situation like the one presented. A linguist and a physicist would we crucial to understand why the aliens have landed. Why It Belongs Why it belongs This movie is a perfect example of Science Fiction in Politics. There are many political themes throughout the movie. For example America reacts to the aliens arrival by implementing a state of emergency as well as closing all borders and grounding flights. There is also political ideas like the Domino Effect and Globalism in the movie Arrival. I noticed parallel's between the movie and

Sci Fi presentation

Transcript: - George Lucas - Star Wars Sub-Genres Continued -James Cameron - Avatar, Terminator 2, Titanic Sci-Fi grew even more in the past 20 years than it has any other time, with the advancements in green screens, CGI and other technology. Now we have films like TRON: Legacy where entire worlds can be created without any kind of physical reality except for actors. Donnie Darko-(2001) Starting with Mélie’s Le Voyage Dans La Lune the Sci-Fi has grown greatly from silent films with generally unknown plots to famous films like King Kong that have remain classics until today. The Invisible Man (1933) -Galactic empire- sci fi films that incorporate a space empire. (Ex: Star Wars.) - Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic- Films that take place either before or after an apocalyptic event. (Ex: Blade-Runner, I am Legend, Mad Max) -Alternate Reality/Parallel Universe - Films that deal with alternate realities and universes ranging in sizes from small geographic regions or lanscapes, all the way to alternate galaxies. (Ex: Terminator Series, Time Cop) -Typically strong masculine lead role with a goal to better the human condition. -Themes and ideas that are based outside of reality(time travel, space travel, futuristic science and ideas, mind/dream control) Through the years technology and ideas have grown so instead of the very simple early Sci-Fi films, they evolved into having more advanced techniques of filming and more intricate plots. Famous Directors Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope-(1977) Elements of Sci -Fi Films Sci-Fi Definition Invasion of the Body Snatchers-(1978) Sci-Fi first came about in 1902 with Georges Mélie’s Le Voyage Dans La Lune (A Trip To The Moon) A Clockwork Orange-(1971) Early Sci-Fi Films Charlton Heston-(1923–2008) The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms (1953) Boris Karloff-(1887–1969) Contemporary Sci-Fi Films (1990-present) Resident Evil-(2002) 1960-1980 Sci-Fi Films -Dystopia- A sci-fi film that dipicts a grim future for society. Often causes viewers to ask themselves, "Is life worth living if this is the direction that humanity is going in" Ex: Children of Men, i-Robot Terminator 2: Judgment Day-(1991) - Steven Spielberg - E.T., Minority Report, Jurassic Park -Stanley Kubrick - A 2001: A Space Odessey -John Carpenter- Darkstar, Escape from New York, -Alfred Hitchcock- Psycho, The Birds -Spy-Fi- Spy Fiction mixed with elements of science fiction. King Kong-(1933) - Alien Invasion- a film involving aliens that invade the planet Ex: (War of the Worlds, Men In Black, Independence Day) Famous Sci-Fi Actors Evolution Of Sci-Fi Planet of the Apes-(1968) Metropolis-(1926) Fiction based on imagined future scientific or technological advances and major social or environmental changes, frequently portraying space or time travel and life on other planets 2001: A Space Odyssey-(1968) Andrew Burtnett Kurt Sommer Bela Lugosi-(1882–1956) Tron: Legacy-(2010) Sub-genres of Science Fiction -The application of scientific breakthroughs that contradict the known laws of nature Origin Of Sci-Fi The Matrix-(1999)

Sci-Fi Presentation

Transcript: Sci-Fi Novel By: Summer Andrews Lucinda "Luce" is who the story is centered around. She is attending Sword and Cross School because her boyfriend mysteriously died in a fire. While she's there, she meets a girl named Arraine, who shows her around and helps her fit in. Daniel is another student and Sword and Cross who despises Luce from the day she arrives. He avoids her at all costs. However, as time goes on Daniel begins to fall for Luce and in the midst of this, supernatural things begin to happen to the two of them. For instance, Luce soon realizes that Daniel is immortal because the love is "cursed". Cam is another student at Sword and Cross. From day one he tried his hardest to get Luce to go out with him. He gets more and more aggressive once Daniel comes into the picture, which seems to be more than Luce can handle. This story is set in Savannah, Georgia at Sword and Cross School. Sword and Cross is a school for juevenile deliquents who are finishing high school. In the beginning of the book, it starts out in the 1700's. It tells a story of a boy and girl leaving each other, Their names are Lucinda and Daniel. It then jumps to a girl named Luce saying goodbye to her family. She is on her way to a school named Sword and Cross. This is a school for young criminals, and Luce is here because her boyfriend mysteriously died in a fire which she was blamed for. Here she is forced to wear all black clothing with no contact with anybody outside of the school. Along the way, she is given a mentor named Arraine. She shows her around, and she meets some of her classmates. One that really stands out is Cam. He tries to woo Luce, but it just doesnt work, She fell for Daniel. Although he despises her, whenever they talk he slips up about what she "used to do". This makes her even more intrigued. While studying, a fire breaks out in the library. Luce and one of her classmates are stuck in there. As they try to escape, her classmate dies in the fire. This sparks a fight between Cam and Daniel when she is saved by Daniel and she wants nothing to do with Cam. As the battle begins, she learns that things weren't what they seemed to be. One of the fantastic details in this book is the fact that Daniel and Cam can fly. This is fantastic because in reality, nothing like this could happen. It becomes obvious these characters can fly in the resolution. Publication Year- 2009 Savannah,Georgia Author- Lauren Kate Title- Fallen (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Element 2: Also in this book, a warning for man-kind would be to expect the unexpected. This is shown because if Luce wouldn't have been suspicious about Cam, she might have believed to good guy act he was trying to pull off. This occurs in the rising action. Setting Element 3: Element 1: Science Fiction Elements During the book, Luce learns that Daniel will live forever, as Luce lives, dies and is reborn. The book is grounded in science because it deals with immortality. This is found in the climax. Element 4: Plot (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Another fantastic detail is the super-human strength the librarian, Miss Sophia, has when she carries Luce and another classmate to a hidden room for "safety" while Cam and Daniel battle it out for Luce. This can also be found in the climax. (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr Main Characters Basic Information

Sci-Fi presentation

Transcript: Hour 7 The World of Gethen Shayla, Anna, Carson CLIMATE CLIMATE "The weather of Winter is so relentless, so near the limit of tolerability even to them with all their cold-adaptations, that perhaps they use up their fighting spirit fighting the cold" (Le Guin 103). "Life on Winter is hard to live, and people there generally leave death to nature or to anger, not to law" (Le Guin 43). "Months and months of unrelenting cold, sleet, ice, wind, rain, snow, cold, cold inside, cold outside, cold to the bone and the marrow of the bone" (Le Guin 142). "Eight hundred miles of mountain, ravine, crevasse, volcano, glacier, ice-sheet, frozen bog or frozen bay, all desolate, shelterless, and lifeless, in the storms of midwinter in the middle of an Ice Age" (Le Guin 255). Different Terms Different Terms Hieb An outer coat or garment worn on Gethen Hearth A fireplace in a home on Gethen Bessa Esyot Neserem Soft new-fallen snow Granular snow A light blizzard Inhabitants Inhabitants Androgynes No gender Intersex Short in stature Low caloric intake Reproduce by Kemmer SEASON TIMELINE SEASON Spring Summer Autumn Winter "Season is not a hemispheric effect but a global one, a result of the elliptoid orbit" (Le Guin, pg 230). How is Each Season? How Each Season Is Winter: Spring: Summer -unbearable for Genly Ai -freezing cold -dry(ish) -extremely snowy "Dryer than the rest of the year, winter might be pleasanter, if it were not for the cold. The sun, when you see it, shines high; there is no slow bleeding away of light into the darkness" (Le Guin 230). -very wet -still cold -floods from the snow of winter "The Thaw is the bad time on that plain of many rivers. The tunnels then are storm-sewers, and the spaces between buildings become canals or lakes" (Le Guin 56). -wide range of temperatures and weather -can still be cold, but can also warm up "It was raining, the long, fine rain of Gethenian summer ... Light fell gray among dark branches, clear water dropped from the scarlet needles. The air was chill yet mild, and full of the sound of rain" (Le Guin 72-73). "Mishnory in summer is a steam-bath ... In the month of Ockre there were ten days and nights when the temperature never went below sixty degrees, and one day the heat rose to 88°" (Le Guin 86). "Even here on the coast there had been two light snowfalls in the last month of summer" (Le Guin 107). Autumn: - wet and rainy -cold and snowy -transition into winter "In the weak sunlight between autumn showers..." (Le Guin 122). "A heavy snow, the heaviest of the autumn so far, was falling" (Le Guin 177). “To oppose something is to maintain it” (Le Guin 163) Economic Risk Aversion Economic Risk Aversion Terran Dualism Commensals Sarf

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