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Disorder Presentation for biology

Transcript: OCD Disorder By Javid Brown My disease is called OCD. Also known as 'Obsessive Compulsive Disorder" Another name for this disease is "The doubting disease" The name was chosen because the person that has it Obsesses over thoughts they have and they have compultions, And other rituals. The founder of this disease are "sigmund Freud" It was recognized in the 1600's and was recognized through a similar disease modiefied to be worse than the original. General info about my disorder General Info The symptoms of OCD include, Excessive hand washing,Irrationald fears/Thoughts, Unexplanable behavior only understood by the person with the disease. Repeating of certain task Ex: (Turning light switch on and off a certain amount of times) Depression,home isolation,avoidance of people,schizophrenic like thoughts in your head,Mood swings,Unwanted thoughts,and so much more. Symptoms of OCD Symptoms Currently,OCD has not made progress in being genetically tested. Genetic testing Genetic testing Doctors determine wether or not a person has this disease by either a brain scan,Or a description of the patients symptoms.. The life expectancy for people with OCD is lifelong, However,The chance of suicide by a victim of OCD is VERY high due to the fact they are crippled by everyday things. The OCD impacts the person by turning "irrational" thoughts for normal people into real thoughts for people with OCD. The disorder affects family members by having the house the way THEY want. It doesn't really affect the community Diagnosis/Prognosis Diagnosis/Prognosis Doctors,Scientist,Phyciastrist have not come up with a explantion for Mode of inheritance,Explanation of inheritance,and statistics of this disorder at this time. Causes of OCD Causes of OCD The current treatment for OCD is CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and prescription medicine prescribed by doctors (Zoloft) (Limictil) are the current treatments for OCD. Past treatments include Check in to the mental asylum,distracting yourself. There are no future treatments for OCD. Treatment Treatment

Presentation for Biology

Transcript: Heredity's whole job is to ensure that offspring look like their parents. If that's the case, then how can natural selection even have any traits (beak size, fur color, ear shape, flower color, etc.) to pass onto other generations? The warrior ants have a clever little trick to defend themselves from each other. You see, every colony has a specific chemical smell that essentially says "I'm family, don't kill me" (kinda like a secret password is a way to get into a clubhouse). However, when other colonies attack a colony, the colony under attack can actually create the same chemical "safe word" the raiding colony uses, and are spared, without the other colony even realizing what happened. Without genetic variation, there would be no natural selection Warrior Ant Examples of Natural Selection That being said, heredity also helps natural selection. If it weren't for heredity, the trait would never be able to spread through generations, which would make evolution never happen. Why is it so important? Genetic variation is important because it provides the genetic material for natural selection. Variation refers to the fact that some combinations of traits will produce some slight advantage over others in this competition for survival and reproduction.This makes them produce more offspring, and so those traits are the ones that spread into a higher percentage of the population. If there is no variation ... nothing that gives any one individual an advantage over any other in this competition for survival and reproduction ... then it is pure randomness which ones get to reproduce more. So the next generation will be exactly the same as this one ... and so on. So there is no evolution. Peppered Moth How does Genetic variation occur in Natural selection That's where Genetic variation comes in.. Before the Industrial Revolution in London, Peppered moths held true to their namesake; white with black specks along their wings, which was the perfect camouflage for the birch trees in the area. However, the Industrial Revolution poured so much soot into the air that the trees became stained with black. This meant the birds could easily find the white moths for lunch. However, the darker colored moths weren't eaten, so natural selection made future generations black in color. However, when the soot cleared up after the boom, the whole thing had to happen again. Genetic Variation and Natural Selection by Denali Gwen and Hope Neer Genetic variation occurs mainly through DNA mutation , gene flow (movement of genes from one population to another) and sexual reproduction. Due to the fact that environments are unstable, populations that are genetically variable will be able to adapt to changing situations better than those that do not contain genetic variation. Surprise or not, humans are actually still evolving. Experts say that about 9% of modern humankind's genes are still rapidly changing as we speak. These namely involve things such as the immune system (which makes sense, considering all the medicines and shots we are making), sexual reproduction, and sensory perception (again, makes sense, due to all the bright screens in your pockets and the loud music we blast directly into our eardrums). Who knows, we might look very different genetically in even as few as 5 generations from now! How does it relate to us?

Tundra Presentation for Biology

Transcript: By Ayrica A. Hoffman The Tundra What's it like? What's it like? Climate Climate The Tundra is extremely cold-- --> Called one of the "coldest, harshest biomes" by National Geographic. --> Tundras are covered in snow most of the year --> In summer there's a burst of wildflowers --> -12 to -6°C / 10-21°F Animals Animals --> Mountain goats, sheep, marmots, and birds (they only live in the mountainous parts) --> Bigger-furred animals (like Arctic foxes and polar bears) in the Arctic tundra Source: National Geographic Why you should visit Why you should visit --> Fluffy animals --> 24/7 sunlight in "Summer" --> If you love Winter --> Great pictures Energy Movement Energy Movement --> Normal (Plants have most) --> Example of food web: Matter Movement Matter Movement --> Most on the lowest level --> Precipitation: Just enough for life (6-10 inches) --> Photosynthesis: Gives animals oxygen to breathe, plants glucose --> Rocks: Help flowers grow Abiotic impact Abiotic Impact Commensalism: Caribou and Arctic fox Mutualism: fungus and algae Parasitism: Tapeworms with moose, caribou, and wolves. Symbiosis Symbiosis Human Involvement Human Involvement --> Climate Change --> Oil and gas pipelines --> Pollution Works Cited Works Cited "Map of the Arctic Tundra." ToursMap, map-of-the-arctic-tundra.html. Accessed 22 Oct. 2018. "The Tundra Biome." University of California Museum of Paleontology, Accessed 23 Oct. 2018. "What Are the Symbiotic Relationships in the Tundra Biome?" The Tundra, Accessed 23 Oct. 2018. What Are Tundras? National Geographic, tundra weather mats. Accessed 22 Oct. 2018.

Cool Presentation

Transcript: Presentation Maybe ;) Yes No She was a man few days ago but this is in the past for her. Mary's mother has 4 daughters Did you know ? Now you know ! This was unconfirmed information from internet! In 1647 the English Parliament forbids Christmas Upon the departure of the Titanic on board there were 36,000 apples 38,500 kg. Meat 40,000 eggs and 1,000 bread. This is food for crew and passengers for 7 day trip Now after this presentation you must be able to tell what is the luminosity of the sun. So? Before placing man in her bed, the Russian Empress Catherine II the Great he is subjected to a sex test in "committee" of six ladies.That's how she checked does he have a syphilis. Did you like our presentation ? This is Mery. Let's change this page as fast as we can ? Mary: Get back!!!! who is the fourth daughter? Now let's test your brain. The smallest book in the world is a size 2.4 to 2.9 mm. Issued in Leipzig and contains the alphabet in the form of drawings. I am sorry, but no one care !!! A: 3,127×10^3 W The computing power of the human brain can readily be increased by 689%, as the drill very small holes in the brain, and is passed through these capillaries. This will reduce the temperature of the "bioprocessor" 1.7 ° C as a result of heat exchange between the blood vessels and the surrounding air. This is May.She is pretty beautiful,isn't she ? B: 2,1368×10^23 W April is the little sister. She is an Asian but her family really loved her except the father because he is racist. This is June. She looks ... black. Her family named her June because this is the hottest month and they hoped she is just burned by the sun but it's not true.She is black. The father of family don't like her too (it's obvious. He is a racist !). The answer is none of the above, you are idiots. Sorry ;c THE END A fall from great heights cats survive because they land on the balls of their feet that are soft and soften the blow. There is evidence that cat has survived a fall from a 20 storey building, had only minor injuries.

Presentation for Biology

Transcript: Science, although it is still relatively new compared to religion, has brought upon more evidence and evidential proof than any religious beliefs has showed us. But, these scientific reasons are flawed, and not deemed to be exactly true. Which of these two has better proof, or reasoning that the other? Science or Religion? Religion & Science Many people have speculated and argued whether religious beliefs or scientific evidence proves which was the actual origination of our species. In the Book of Genesis (Genesis 2:4-3:24), it is said that after God had created Earth and Heaven, he made a man (he breathed into his nostrils the breath of life) to take care of the Earth. Then he made a garden in the east, in Eden, and sent the man to take care of it. Then he made a woman (out of the man's ribs) to accompany him. From there, the apple happened, and the children came. My Personal Belief I am a Catholic by birth, although I consider myself to be an agnostic atheist. That does not mean to not believe that there is no god, but that I just need proof in order to believe that there is one. Besides that fact, I do pray once in a while, and I do practice the Novena. In terms of science, I do believe in human evolution. Questions? The Creation of Adam and Eve References There's no wonder as to why more than 90% of people believe in God, or any sort of higher being. Religion has been around for about more than 4 millenniums. It's gained billions of followers over the years (more than Katy Perry and Justin Bieber combined), and was passed down by generations. Human evolution tells us that we humans have evolved from (most famously known) apes, although it is arguable. There are other beliefs that humans could have evolved from a fish trying to survive out of water. The Uncanny Origins of Humans Human Evolution Christianity, Catholicism, etc. Science and the Human Evolution Science vs Christianity

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