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Transcript: Presentation Maybe ;) Yes No She was a man few days ago but this is in the past for her. Mary's mother has 4 daughters Did you know ? Now you know ! This was unconfirmed information from internet! In 1647 the English Parliament forbids Christmas Upon the departure of the Titanic on board there were 36,000 apples 38,500 kg. Meat 40,000 eggs and 1,000 bread. This is food for crew and passengers for 7 day trip Now after this presentation you must be able to tell what is the luminosity of the sun. So? Before placing man in her bed, the Russian Empress Catherine II the Great he is subjected to a sex test in "committee" of six ladies.That's how she checked does he have a syphilis. Did you like our presentation ? This is Mery. Let's change this page as fast as we can ? Mary: Get back!!!! who is the fourth daughter? Now let's test your brain. The smallest book in the world is a size 2.4 to 2.9 mm. Issued in Leipzig and contains the alphabet in the form of drawings. I am sorry, but no one care !!! A: 3,127×10^3 W The computing power of the human brain can readily be increased by 689%, as the drill very small holes in the brain, and is passed through these capillaries. This will reduce the temperature of the "bioprocessor" 1.7 ° C as a result of heat exchange between the blood vessels and the surrounding air. This is May.She is pretty beautiful,isn't she ? B: 2,1368×10^23 W April is the little sister. She is an Asian but her family really loved her except the father because he is racist. This is June. She looks ... black. Her family named her June because this is the hottest month and they hoped she is just burned by the sun but it's not true.She is black. The father of family don't like her too (it's obvious. He is a racist !). The answer is none of the above, you are idiots. Sorry ;c THE END A fall from great heights cats survive because they land on the balls of their feet that are soft and soften the blow. There is evidence that cat has survived a fall from a 20 storey building, had only minor injuries.

Cool presentation

Transcript: Yes because of the brown spots and her parents have a heterozygous genotype for NF1. Right is relative: Disclosure is needed when there is harm for third parties. Is there enough reason to test the sister? “...I have two children who have NF, have some guilt about passing it on to them, but I love them dearly and wouldn't trade them for anything. If I had known they had NF in the womb, I would have had them anyway.” Can the severity of the disease be predicted? Yes because she was "only" in her 8th week. What are the statutory regulations ? Summary When do you refer someone for a genetic test? 15-18 years child is allowed to decide for itself Younger children's opinion is also considered Genetic testing not widespread at a young age Eventually parents decide Sources Not really due to: Genetic variations Environmental Factors 9-10 months bending knees and sitting down 12 months standing and walking Normal range of walking 9-18 months Duty to inform Primarily determined by how far a woman is into pregnancy. First Trimester (<16 weeks) Medical abortions (up to 9 weeks) Surgical abortion Second Trimester (16-24 weeks) Only surgical abortion Third Trimester (>24) Only because of medical reasons Surgical abortion Family history Presymptomatic testing Confirmational diagnosis Identity Testing Newborn Screening How do the parents feel about termination of pregnancy because of NF1? Procedures Avoidance of conception Artificial insemination by donor for an affected man or use of a donor egg for an affected woman Pre-implantation diagnosis with selective implantation of mutation-free conceptuses Antenatal diagnosis with termination of the pregnancy if the fetus is affected with NF1. 'The right not to know: an autonomy based approach' by R. Andorno Would the sister be allowed to have an abortion? Abortion Breast Cancer Week 8 David Chung Lea Hoika What is the normal age range when children should be able to walk? Autonomy of patient and family members. The right not to know? Until 24 weeks after pregnancy. 5 days time to consider for treatments after 16 days of pregnancy. Right not to know Genetic testing: When? What? Right to not know Prevention of NF1 Abortion When? Statutory regulations Parents feelings At what age can children decide for themselves? Prevention of NF1 Genetic testing Is primary prevention possible? What would you do?

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