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Content Marketing Presentation

Transcript: Content Marketing Content Marketing Presentation Slide 1 By Aidan Pritchett What is Content Marketing? Content Marketing is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material that does not directly promote a brand but is intended to provoke interest in its products or services. Slide 2-3 Slide 3 No Bias Content Marketing is meant to have no Bias in it. The company finds a way to create content that sparks interest their product but doesn't seem too forward or aggressive. How does content Marketing differ from traditional social media Marketing? Content marketing differs because it is permissive while traditional social media marketing is interruptive. Slides 4-5 Slide 5 What is Permissive and interruptive marketing? Permissive Marketing is when the intended audience chooses to watch the companies content whenever they want. While interruptive marketing is when a company advertises to the target market without their permission. Content Marketing example Coke's “Share A Coke” Campaign excelled. This campaign got people to buy cokes for other people. This got coke's sales to rise tremendously. Slides 7-8 Slide 8 How coke did it They did this by putting peoples name on the bottle which got others to buy a bottle for a Friend. This made people go on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to talk about the coke campaign. Another good example of content Marketing McDonalds question time campaign was a successful campaign that got people think more highly of McDonalds and its food which got many people to start buying there food more. Slides 9-10 Slide 10 How McDonalds did it McDonald’s is released behind-the scenes web vignettes and info graphics, which will illustrated the production process behind its products like Chicken McNuggets and the McRib, and how they go from “farm to restaurant.” They also said that they would listen to real customers’ questions online and answer honestly in real time. IBM excels in content marketing IBM created the worlds shortest movie and officially broke the Guinness World Record. They also have a you-tube channel that provides through and concise technological information. This sparks interest in their company and makes people think more highly of their business. Slides 11 Title Sources

Content Marketing Presentation

Transcript: Content Marketing Peityn Meese What is Content Marketing? Content Marketing Content marketing - a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services. How does it differ from traditional social media marketing? Content marketing differs from traditional social media marketing because content marketing is not explicitly trying to promote a brand or product. Difference Examples Some examples of good content marketing are: Coke's "Share a Coke" campaign Buffer's open blog Microsoft and stories Hootsuite and a game of social thrones HubSpot's in bound marketing McDonald's question time GoPro and visual content Examples Companies Some companies that content market well are: American Express Domino's Cisco Virgin Mobile Hermes Denny's Lyft Marriott Rolex Walmart Companies What are the reasons for content marketing? The reason is to: answers your audience's questions helps you build trust develop relationships improve conversions generate leads Reasons Why use content marketing? Content marketing allows you to advertise without advertising your product. This allows you to influence and sell products. Why What is the history behind content marketing? Benjamin Franklin started content marketing when he published the Poor Richard’s Almanack to promote his printing business. Since then, people have been using content marketing to promote their business. History What is the importance behind content marketing? The importance is: the customer Content marketing is all about the customer. If you cannot satisfy the customer, you aren't doing a good job at content marketing. Importance What are the benefits of content marketing? The benefits are: audience retention lead generation and increased conversions higher SERP rankings raise brand awareness generate industry authority create loyal brand advocates Benefits Fun facts Some fun facts about content marketing are: costs 62% less than traditional marketing 6 hours a week can cause 91% of marketers to have an increase in web traffic content creation, leadership and strategy, promotion, metrics, and subject matter expertise are often missing from content marketing Fun Facts Sources,content%20from%20their%20favorite%20brands.,stages%20of%20their%20sales%20funnel. Sources

Marketing Content Presentation

Transcript: The answer is simple: Tell our story! How might we exponentially grow the business of Pearl? Content Strategy Execution How? 1 Call it like we see it! Our leadership team has fascinating insights into how the industry works, lets do something with it! Clients want to work with experts, let's portray ourselves as such! Become a hub of relevant industry news and trend analysis (organic and 3rd party content) ...get their attention Industry Thought Leadership 2 ...turn attention into interest Lead generation and sales Surface client success! - Why are we valued by our clients? Compliment sales inititatives with digital promotion - LinkedIn, retargeting, email, etc. Continuously provide different reasons for prospects to check out what we do 3 ...find the next generation of pearl-ites Brand culture/equity Perception is reality - if we look intelligent, we are intelligent, and we only want intelligent people Attract top talent Why are we doing what we are doing? PASSION attracts PASSION! Content Creation What types of content are we creating? Third Party COntent Curating content from a diverse pool of trusted and informative third-party sources leads to credibility: AutoNews, Ward's AutoRemarketing, etc. Alongside organic content, helps build a cohesive narrative/POV of the industry Third Party Content Organic Content - MOST important Content that accomplishes the following: Organic Content - MOST important Thought Leadership/Industry POV Surface Client Success/Product Success Builds Brand Equity & Culture Tells the Pearl narrative BETTER than anyone else can Can always tie back to the Pearl business/revenue generation What do we need to execute? Make it Work Focused on positive product results, actively obtained for current and future content - great for everything! Client interviews, over the phone, video stories, simple quotes etc. Client Success Stories Client Success Stories Who? Kim/John/PM's/Sales Case Studies Case Studies Illustrate how Pearl products are valuable in an industry-friendly tone, descibe the process and the results of implementing your product from the customer's POV and demonstrate success. Thought leadership translates into our methods work. Who? Marketing, PM's, Development Number of Pre Screens, Cost of Customer Aquisition, close ratios, RPM Alert Engagement, lease retention rates, overall retention rates, etc. Cool "Wow Factor" Statistics Cool "Wow Factor" Statistics Who? Development/Bruce/PM - give the expert outlook Get into NADA 20 Group, generate referrals, grow organically, make our clients feel like they are a part of what we do! Referral Programs Referral Programs Who? Account Owners Establish Pearl Leadership team as industry thought leaders with unique areas of expertise. Put faces to the ideas while getting our name out there for free! Thought Leadership Pieces Thought Leadership Pieces Who? Executive Team & Marketing Host insightful, educational, and forward thinking sales-oriented webinars on a regularly scheduled basis. Webinars Webinars Who? Sales, PM's, Executive Team Increase Brand recognition, state your expert opinion/position on a topic, gain networking opportunities, generate content that can be repurposed in several ways, increases lead generation efforts Speaking Engagements Speaking Engagements Who? Executive Team Meet the Team: Images, videos, blogs that tell what Pearl looks like internally. Show who we are as company without any cost. Company Culture Company Culture Cultural Mentions: Connecting to consumers on National Holidays, Events (Super Bowl, NADA, Mardi Gras, NFL Draft) apply association with Pearl when able; tie into sales events Who? EVERYONE Job Post: people are attracted to other happy, passionate, hardworking people! Organic Posts on LinkedIn & Facebook. These can also be made into advertisements or "boosted". We will only boost content that grows leads. Paid Advertising on LinkedIn & Facebook that allows us to retarget Pearl's website visitors and specify our exact audience. Google AdWords/Website Retargeting with Banner Ads LinkedIn personal post from Executive profiles that can be made into advertisements or "boosted". 30 Second Tips that can be posted on LI, FB, and Pearl's Blog Digital Digital Content Cadence Sales Webinars - at least 1x per month, based on success, 2x a month Client Success Stories - minimum 4 a month from client team - at least two with interviews or video, at least two with quotes Personal LinkedIn posts - 3x month, based on success - 1x a week Case Study/Whitepaper - 1 every month Organic Posts (1x per day minus weekends, 1x per weekend - both FB and LI - Twitter) - boosted as needed Paid Ads - maintain up-to-date ad sets for FB and LI, establish budget, monitor and optimize for conversion, results Maintain AdWords/website retargeting banner ads 30 second tips - 2x month to start, based on success, 1x per week 3rd Party content syndication - get our content posted in trade publications 1x month minimum Blog Post - On 30

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Transcript: 1. Business Strategy - Formulation, Implementation, Management 2. Corporate Branding - Company Identity, Logos, Corporate House Style, Collateral, Trademark and Patent Registration 3. Market Research – Online Research, Data Collection and Field Work Services 4. Advertising – Online, Offshore (T.V.C’s, Newspapers, Billboards, Viral) 5. Marketing - Digital, Offshore 6. Concept Merchandising - In-house Merchandise, Corporate Gifting 7. IT Solutions - Web Development, SEO, SEM, Viral Videos 8. Maintenance and Support Services 9. Event Planning and Execution for promotion of th brand. 10. Participation in various property and lifestyle expo relevant to Isprava The Team Manager Web Designer Web Developer Copywriter Illustrator Market Analyst Digital Marketing Specialist Understanding of requirement 313s is an IT & Infrastructure corporation dedicated to provide green technology solutions to small/medium sized businesses and giant corporations. We provide you with affordable pricing solutions for your Information Technology needs. Be it Web Development, Software Development or Branding, Marketing and Campaigning your company. Our Services are delivered in a professionally backed by the best work force and experts to devise a solution to your problems. Every aspect of your problem is analyzed and necessary market research is conducted. Consultancy to your company is offered which in turn becomes a medium for both your company and us to understand one in a professional manner along with needs and possible solutions. Application Generating interest among the investors We are an IT and Infrastructure corporation dedicated to give green technology and Branding solutions to all sizes of businesses and corporations. Branding Marketing and Campaigning Online and offshore Advertising Reach out to high rollers and heavy spenders Create awareness among masses Creating Brand Strategy Creating Marketing Plans Copy writing of all content for Isprava Planning and managing yearly and promotional event Creating a media plan for using the right platforms to advertise Proposed Solution Digital Marketing On Social Media Platfoms Blogging and updating groups and pages Video AD's for internet, TV, Cinema Theaters, Malls Audio commercials for radio and trains Creating a brand hype by planning grand events with celebrity performance and appearance. About Three 13 Solutions Generating awareness and curiosity among masses with digital marketing and social media Boosting sales and inquiries for the villa and rate of conversion Our Understanding of Isprava as a brand Isparva is a notable real estate firm Builders of Luxury villas Focused on Design and construction Aim to create the most sophisticated properties Currently focused on Goa Develop an interest and awareness about Isprava and their work Showcasing the beautiful architecture and interior of Isprava Targeting high roller and heavy Spenders Achieving Sales targets

Content Marketing Presentation

Transcript: 76% of millennials follow companies or brands on YouTube In Summation “You’re leaving money on the table if you aren’t leveraging videos to reach Millennials when they’re thinking about taking a trip, choosing a destination, and looking for an airline that can get them there – even if ‘there’ is Gotham or Metropolis.” -CEO of Search Engine Optimization PR- Customer Millennials are 264% more likely than Baby Boomers to share videos about a product, service or company while shopping online Total passengers: 38.3 million in 2013, to 54.8 million in 2014, to 61.2 million in 2015 Content Marketing 90% of users say videos are helpful in the decision-making process Influencer? Video Usage in Marketing 80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days. The most effective and impactful delivery of this content will be through social media 84% of millennials follow companies or brands on Facebook Why Video Content Marketing? Best Airline in Europe for 6 years in a row (Skytrax Airline Awards) Experts Sound Off 47% of millennials follow companies or brands on Twitter Unrivaled Growth Market People Watch Tons of Video Inspiration Millenials and Social Media Success in numbers and details 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching Case Study: Widen Your World: Selfie Shootout Millenials are voracious content consumers. They are very well informed. Wary to trust. Benefits & Engagement Millenials projected to spend $200 billion annually starting in 2017, and $10 trillion in their lifetimes These mediums have proven to facilitate shareability fostering word of mouth effect. Digital Content Marketing is happening presently... Will be ubiquitous in the future. Presentation Case Study: Runaway Success of Turkish Airlines 53 times more likely to show up first on Google if you have a video embedded on your website! 290 worldwide destinations in 115 countries 42% of millennials follow companies or brands on Instagram IMAPCT "Video marketing is rapidly eclipsing television as the most effective channel for travel marketing, especially for marketers targeting younger demographics. Because this is a largely commodified and opaque business, video marketing is more important for airlines than most travel-related businesses. As a result, airlines are among the most successful producers of video marketing in the travel business.",travel intelligence company- Prolific 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others The impact of video as a marketing tool THANK YOU

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