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Recommendation Presentation

Transcript: Hands-free is not better than hand-held device as it's not the physical distraction, it's the distraction of conversation 4x as likely to get in car accident Detected stimuli but reactions were suppressed Inattention blindness - divert attention from environment to internal cell phone conversation Resources and studies Lamble, Dave, Tatu Kauranen, Matti Laakso, and Heikki Summala. “Cognitive Load and Detection Thresholds in Car Following Situations: Safety Implications for Using Mobile (cellular) Telephones While Driving.” Accident Analysis & Prevention 31, no. 6 (November 1999): 617–623. doi:10.1016/S0001-4575(99)00018-4. Strayer et al., 2003 Backer-Grondahl et al., 2011 Lee et al., 2007 Hosking, Young, & Regan et al., 2009 McEvoy, Suzanne P., Mark R. Stevenson, Anne T. McCartt, Mark Woodward, Claire Haworth, Peter Palamara, and Rina Cercarelli. “Role of Mobile Phones in Motor Vehicle Crashes Resulting in Hospital Attendance: a Case-crossover Study.” BMJ 331, no. 7514 (2005): 428. doi:10.1136/bmj.38537.397512.55. Strayer, D. L., & Drews, F. A. (2007). Cell-Phone–Induced Driver Distraction. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 16(3), 128–131. doi:10.1111/j.1467-8721.2007.00489.x Lamble et al., 1999 McEvoy et al., 2005 Strayer, David & Drews, Frank. (2003) Cell phone-induced failures of visual attention during simulated driving. Journal of Experimental Psychology, 9(1), 23-32. doi: 10.1037/1076-898X.9.1.23 Consiglio, W., Driscoll, P., Witte, M., & Berg, W. P. (2003). Effect of cellular telephone conversations and other potential interference on reaction time in a braking response. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 35(4), 494-500. doi: Strayer, D. L., & Johnston, W. A. (2001). Driven to Distraction: Dual-Task Studies of Simulated Driving and Conversing on a Cellular Telephone. Psychological Science, 12(6), 462–466. doi:10.1111/1467-9280.00386 Evolution in communication technology affects young drivers more than others. Lack more spare attentional capacity and lower abilities to anticipate and manage driving hazards. Looked at driving record of crashes and driving simulations of these participants Using driving simulators, teen driver's watched the road 400% less when texting In addition, variability in lane position increased 50% and missed lane changes increased 140% Are hands-free devices in cars safer than hand-held cellular devices? conducted experiment by studying hands free, hand held, passenger, radio listening to music did not cause slow reaction time for braking hand held and hands free did another experiment studied hands free calling by looking at it approaching corners and stationary cars bad for safety and also for car driver’s sensitive to upcoming events perception and awareness is significantly degraded when simultaneously using a hands-free mobile phone Treffner, P. J., & Barrett, R. (2004). Hands-free mobile phone speech while driving degrades coordination and control.Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, 7(4-5), 229-246. doi: Robin Yang, Abigail Waite, Charlotte Wonnell, Pie Wichmann, Bett Zamparelli Strayer et al., 2001, 2007 conducted experiment with joystick and rememberance of words missed twice as many traffic signals when talking on phone talking on phone is different and more dangerous than talking to a friend or listening to a radio continuously avert attention to conversation more than to actual driving environment hands free is same as hands held as visual stimuli is what is difficult to interpret for drivers who talk on the phone Consiglio et al, 2003 Treffner et al, 2004 Is installing hands-free devices in cars safer than hand-held cellular device? Recommendation Is installing hands-free devices in cars safer than hand-held cellular device? Divided visual attention and divided non-visual attention Simulated hand-held device by typing into keyboard, compared to cognitive tasks (hands-free) while driving Braking times impaired with use of hand-held and hands-free Drivers who used phone 10 min before crash were 400 % more likely to crash The use of available hands-free devices does not reduce risk Both are associated with increased likelihood of a crash Backer-Grondahl, Agathe & Sagberg, Fridulv. (2011) Driving and telephoning: Relative accident risk when using hand-held and hands-free mobile phones. Safety Science, 49(2), 324-330. We recommend that Sanshand Motor Company does not add hands free calling options to their vehicles since there are no benefits favoring the driver's safety.

Recommendation Presentation

Transcript: October 13, 2018 Recommendation Presentation Presented By: Alejandro Castro Introduction The purpose of this presentation is to highlight my particular recommendation for Jason Hart, the CEO of ALDI Grocery Stores in the United States. A Course of Action needs to take place in which all customers can save their precious time and the service that ALDI provides can truly benefit the company both in profit, reputation, and savings. The Criteria Based on the following criteria, we can comprehend the need for this specific course of action. Time & Money Efficiency Reduced Risk Between Employee-Customer Relation Remaining Competitive with other Corporations Young Community & Profit Growth Recommendation The Following Recommendations are presented with respect to their specific criteria. Keep in mind, this particular course of action is for solely the improvement of ALDI Grocery Stores nationwide. The method of shopping via e-commerce is ultimately more convenient for ALDI customers in terms of saving them their time and money. Since no travel will be needed, no expenses on gas exist and therefore, they will likely spend more on groceries they want. Especially since they have more time to simply select any item online rather than walk around a store to find the item they want. With more efficiency in the way customers spend, comes more good business that the comapany can profit from. Time & Money Efficiency If the saying "The customer is always right in business", then it can come as no surprise that arguments can occur with an employee anytime the customer is present. However, with e-commerce and InstaCart, a home delivery service for groceries, the customer no longer has the need to be present in store. Thus, the risk of a there being a scene is reduced, ultimately preserving the positive reputation the company has to this day. Reduced Risk Between Employee-Customer Relations By turning to e-commerce, ALDI Grocery Stores nationwide can provide more options for their customers. This means they can ultimately retain and attract more customers, meaning they can keep up with with their competitors like Walmart, Kroger, or Amazon. Remaining Competitive with other Corporations In this new age of technology, many young custumers who are tech-savvy are more likely to turn to e-commerce over the traditional method of shopping. With ALDI Grocery Stores making e-commerce available, they are bound to attract thousands of more customers who appeal to their methods, leading to consistant profit growth. Young Community & Profit Growth Scope In the words of the NPD Group, "52 million Americans buy their groceries online -- a number that will only increase with tech-savvy young people turning to the Internet to buy food for themselves and their families.(“Aldi to Deliver Groceries via Instacart.” 7) This indicates that e-commerce can only benefit ALDI Grocery Stores nationwide with more customers. It is clear that ALDI Grocery Stores nationwide have the potential to truly benefit from utilizing resources such as e-commerce and InstaCart. By doing so, they are opening the four precendents to their customers, including: Time and Money Efficiency: Saves the custumers time and money, which are truly valuable commodities in today's world. Reduced Risk in Employee-Customer Relations: With customers using e-commerce, less interaction with employees is needed and therefore, less risk comes to the reputation of ALDI. Remaining Competitive with other Corporations: The field of competition with big corporations is leveled by using e-commerce. Young Community & Profit Growth: Technology is essential, particularly to the young adults who look for smarter ways of shopping like e-commerce. The Precendents to the Course of Action Discussion The following elaboration of each precedent is presented in order to compare them with the course of action that is recommended. Time & Money Efficiency In the words of Jason Hart, "...Our partnership with Instacart and the expansion of our e-commerce options are more ways we are meeting the growing needs of today's shopper, who wants high-quality food at unbeatable prices." With e-commerce, the customer can be truly content knowing they are saving time and money, thus ALDI's reputation can grow alongside it's profits. Reduced Risk Between Employee-Customer Relations How a company treats it's customers is vital in today's world. With more attention on e-commerce as a method of grocery shopping, less risk is involved meaning less emphasis can be placed on employee's training with customers as a direct result of less customers coming to stores. Remaining Competitive with other Corporations With e-commerce and InstaCart at the companies disposal, is it necessary that ALDI remain competitive in the business world. By utilizing every option, the company can ensure that it's forseeable future is safe and competitive. Young Community & Profit Growth In business, it is important to appeal to all ages. However, it is

Recommendation Presentation

Transcript: By Michael Fryer and Gavin Myles On an average deployment of PowerSave, there is an expected power saving of 200 kWh per 100 in a months time While we will be reducing our overall power draw, we will also be generating a significant amount of electricty which can then be used to power CommCorp itself, or if we generate more then we are using the power will be routed back into the grid and we will receive a credit from the power company Faronics PowerSave is an advanced technology that controls the amount of power a computer consumes at the hardware level with no loss of performance or productivty to the worker. Thank You! Solar Installations Faronics has many options available for corporations, making Power Save a relatively small investment on our part that will soon pay itself back Powering CommCorps vast array of employee workstations is the largest expense to the company in terms of electricity costs. The Need One the features of these panels is the online tracker system. This allows us to look at various important statistics for our panel. This includes power output, conditions, cell performance and collects data that can then be used for research While our PowerSave deployment will save an impressive amount of power, we are also planning on installing two 11250 watt photovoltiac cells on opposite ends of the CommCorp campus With the constantly fluctuating price of power on the market today, as well as far reaching implications for the environment, it is becoming a nessesity for broad sighted companies to do their part to manage the energy that they consume. Power costs are among the most significant expenses to a business This is an example of the online tracker software. This panel has been running for less then 4 months and has already generated almost 5 mWh's, enough power to run 400 PC's 24/7 for two weeks. This is an example of the audit report for PowerSave CELMAT is an industry leader in solar panel installations in Ontario. These panels feature a unique dual axis system that allows the panel to tilt and adjust itself to constantly get the most sun that it can. Recommendation Presentation Saving Power PowerSave is a extremely customizable but easy to use software that presents all options in a simple graphical user interface Financial Benefits Financial Benfits

Recommendation Presentation

Transcript: Post daily statuses of the specials as well as promotional incentives Show this post and receive 10% off your bill or free dessert with purchase of two entrees today only Update these forms of social media daily Families Appleton Brewing Company Promotional Materials Number of Jars Bought Price of Single Jar Total Price 288 $1.75 $504.00 576 $1.59 $915.84 1008 $1.48 $1491.84 Free brewery tours on Saturday's from 2-5 For $5 customers may try a sample of 2 beers and 1 cider Hopefully customers will come before for lunch or stay after for dinner Promoting Appleton Live music the first Friday of every month Audition for the owners/managers Initially free bands who wish to gain publicity Eventually professional bands for a fee, which will get customers in the door Immediate Marketing Budget Long term Purchase van with Appleton logo on the side $3 one way and $5 both ways Pick up and drop off at the Union Short term Work out a flat fare with a taxi service that would only transport Appleton Customers Interested customers will be given a punch card Must try all 5 beers and 3 ciders Once completed customer will receive a free t-shirt and beer of their choice Maximum 2 beers per visit Would you be more attracted to a bar/restaurant that had live music? Mason Jar Mugs Additional Seating All non-alcoholic drinks served in mason jar Apple cider: $2.50 Take home mug with cider: $5 Cider refill in mug: $1.50 White kraft paper as table cloths Crayons to color with Kids menu with coloring pages Which type of media influences you the most when choosing where to go out? Getting Customers into Appleton Additional Costs On what day of the week are you most likely to go out to eat? When considering the convenience of a restaurant, which do you believe is most important? Marketing Strategy T-Shirts (500 at $7.82ea) $3910 These will promote your name and you will be making a profit. Live Band $250-$600 Live entertainment on a scheduled basis to bring in customers. Mason Jars $500-$1500 Signature item to peak customer interest and build name. Tables and chairs (per set) $150-$400 Increase your profit by accommodating more customers. Social Media FREE Staying up to date on Facebook, Twitter, and Website. Prize in "beer challenge" Sell to customers for advertising 500 t-shirts for $7.82 $8 = $0.18 profit $10 = $2.18 profit What would you like to see as an Appleton Brewery signature? Total Marketing Budget...........................................................$2500.00 The TASTE of Tippecanoe………......................…………….. $1000.00 Mason Jars…...............…………................................…………... $915.84 Stage (8’x4’)…...……………..………..................................…….… $359.49 Posters and Flyers…………...............................………….….... $150.00 Total Immediate Marketing Cost…………………………..…..…. $2425.33 Promoting Appleton Promotional Materials Getting Customers into Appleton Special Events Budget Which type of alcoholic beverage would drive you into a microbrewery most? Band Seats 75 people: 25 in the dining area & 50 in the bar Raise the dining room capacity to at least 80 people (130 total) Leave space for a small dance floor/stage T-Shirts Special Events Facebook and Twitter Sober Rides Beer Challenge Monday BOGO Pitchers Tuesday Kids eat free night Wednesday 10% discount for Purdue faculty and students Thursday 40 cent wings Friday-Sunday Half price appetizers after 9pm Specials What factors do you think are most significant when choosing a restaurant? (You may choose more than one) Budget Brewery Tours

Recommendation Presentation

Transcript: Photos by C. Harnish Attractive colors Simplicity Emphasis on "FOOD" Strategic locations Handout Distribution This is the current video for the international center but a similar idea would be used for the food bazaar video. Increase traffic to Facebook event page Attract a larger number of Purdue students to the event Able to reach large audience Minimal costs Suggestions from partnership This goes hand in hand with the intentions of a service learning project Video divided into three parts: Background information about the International Center The details of the food bazaar Interviews from past participants of the event Recommendation Reasoning Chalk Locations Emphasis on "EAT" Incorporation of QR code Distributed as quarter sheet in high traffic areas Features the flags of featured countries Pathway between Stewart Center and Memorial Union Class of 1950 lecture hall Engineering mall Lilly Hall Marketing for the 37th Annual International Food Bazaar St. Thomas Aquinas Church, April 14 11am-2pm $6-8,000 typically raised Potentially 2,000 people will attend Campaign Concept 1: Handouts Final Recommendation Specific Project Goals Combined chalk & handout campaign Needs of the Organization Campaign Concept 3: Chalk The International Center of West Lafayette Campaign Concept 2: Video Non-profit, supported by donations Aims to create a better understanding between different cultures while engaging in fun activities Language & cooking classes Conversation coffee hours Play groups Organization Background Photo by: Alvaro Canivell

Consulting Recommendation

Transcript: Threats to New Entrance- HIGH There are no legal barriers Easy startup market Low starting cost Threat of Competition- HIGH Mass Amount of Competition The market is very widespread and everyone is competing for the same customers Threat of Substitutes- HIGH Low Switching Costs Similar products High competition makes it easy for consumers to make a switch Bargaining Power of Customers- LOW Customer Loyalty is not important Customers are easily replaced Bargaining Power of Suppliers- LOW Thousands of Suppliers to choose from Suppliers are chosen from a competitive bidding process Companies can easily switch between suppliers Innovation Strategy Introducing QuiznosExpress Cost and Expenses The Benefits Express Finish planning and testing of Quizno's App Start Planning new Vegan recipes The Quiznos app THE UPGRADE The Successful Outcome 2019 Begin Nationwide Marketing of Vegan Menu Items Roll Out Vegan Items 2014 Make use of social media such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube Social media video contest Make Quiznos phone application available in English Ensure that the phone application is updated with Food truck location services After Consulting Recommendation Brick by Brick Consulting Sub Porter's Five Forces Before Test New App Test Vegan Options in Select Markets Begin Planning of Quizno's Express Truck Quiznos History E-Commerce Strategy 2016 Consumer Relationship Management Quiznos Expansion of Quizno's Quizno's App and Quizno's Express Truck New Vegan Options Considered one of the Top 10 Fast Casual Restaurants within the next 5 years 2017 Overall Competive Strategy Quiznos founded in 1981 by Jimmy Lambatos and sold to Rick and Richard Schaden in 1991. In the beginning, they grew at the rate of more than one store a day and quickly earned its glory as easily being the best fast-food restaurant around for toasted sandwiches. strived to maintain diversity in their employees, guests, and partners economic slowdown in 2011. They went from over 5,000 locations to less than 3,000 locations. rising competition in the sandwich market- Subway introduced $5 footlong and offered healthier sandwiches. According to Business Answers, "problems with franchise relations and financial struggles have forced [Quizno's] to attempt to reinvent itself." Creating transparency for the consumer's benefit while building relationships with them Holding a special challenge for creative marketing strategies Difficulty of establishing loyalty programs Focus on retention and marketing Creating a focused marketing strategy utilizing databases 2015 Become One of the Top 10 Fast Casual Eateries in the US Disruptive Innovation Toasty......Now On A truck! Sustaining Innovation Begin Marketing Quizno's Express Truck in Promising Markets Roll Out Quizno's Express trucks in Promising Markets Industry Analysis One of the broadest and most competitive industries. The customers in this industry are known to have very little loyalty. This industry is dominated by big names such as McDonald's, Subway, Wendy's, Chipotle, and Burger King. Test Quizno's Express Truck in Select Markets About Us Mission Statement To create the best possible customer experience and bring innovative ideas that will allow large companies to thrive, succeed, and build towards the future through a technological and practical approach. Vision Statement We advise companies in creating detailed strategies and innovations to expand, improve, and implement within their company operations. We are are with you step by step, brick by brick, as you build towards the future. 2018 Fast-Food Industry

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Transcript: Lighting Green Spaces in Urban Places (GSUP) is offering an interesting spin on an old idea. At GSUP, we want to give the population of Qatar the opportunity to grow, show, and consume plants of their very own creation using an app connected to their cell phone that monitors & maintains plots of land unique to it’s consumers. Project prompted in Boston: By Wesley McAhren, Grant Eibling, Bingling Tang, Joe Solis, and Menqqiu Yao Hydroponic Planting This is an idea that is taking the U.S. by storm and is causing a lot of state legislature restructuring. Philadelphia aims to fill vacant lots and design new infrastructure with green spaces. It is estimated to have 30,900 plots of land under one acre that are unoccupied by residential, service, or commercial companies. GSUP will need different supplies and resources than a traditional greenhouse because of its unique classification as a desert city. Pollination Our Proposal Idea Chicago's urban farming project have struggled to footing. - One precaution farmers must consider with raised bed production is that the water drains from these containers therefore a water resistant roof or bedding is recommended to avoid long term damage of the roof. - The second method for rooftop farming is continuous row farming. - The third method Hydroponic Greenhouse Growing has the highest initial investment due to the capital and equipment needed. Failed Urban Farming Economics - Popular reasons for increased demand of Urban Farming - Urban Farming is a good buffer against large market drops, has very few barriers to entry. - Urban Farming will become a major economic driver in any city. Policies - The main sectors policy makers need to address in order to create a sustainable environment for urban farming include consideration of macro and micro relationships. - Waste management would be to designate waste pickup and transportation to predetermined areas of farmland, or even disposing of waste into ponds. Irrigation The LED lights give the indoor plants enough extra energy resource to undergo photosynthesis. Green Spaces in Urban Spaces Heating and Cooling system The majority of the time urban farming is very successful and the challenges of creating the green spaces are overcome in this case two cities near Shanghai did not experience the success as the Chicago and Philadelphia case studies. Due to poor project management, deadlines, materials, expertise, and communication the projects come to a halt for the project in Shanghai. Supplies and resources The existing technologies have made it possible to grow plants without the use of soil but by use of water laden nutrients. This is possible using a system where plants are able to access the required nutrients. Current situation Supplies and Resources What make GSUP different ? Dongtan project was failed to redeem. The Persian Gulf Economics and policies The heating/cooling technology which is an automatically digital monitoring system that could adjust the temperature inside the greenhouse to the perfect degree regardless of the weather outside. The dipping irrigation system is the most economic and efficient irrigation system for greenhouse. It minimized the amount needed for plant watering. -In order to start our project to new heights, we are asking for an initial investment of $11,672,532.47. - We project that given a monthly return of $243,177.76, making the ROI 48 months (excluding the time-value of money). Bumblebees are the best kind to keep in the greenhouses since their long tongues and wings facilitate pollination effectively Return on Investment

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