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Consulting Presentation:

Transcript: Eagles Nest Cafe and Grill Human Resources and Job Design Staff Training Leadership & Management Development of Incentive Program Bill of Materials In-house: $300 Per Monthly Session Increase Benefits by 15% Process and Capacity Planning More Effective Delivery Options: Digital Tickers ($300) Waiters and Waitresses ($20,880) Microphone System ($350) Buzzers/Paging System ($2,000/50) Layout Grill is too small ($2,500) Need another fryer ($500) Strategic placement of materials for better workflow Long Term Planning Auxilliary Dining Room Pro's Better marketing with more traffic going in and out of the MAC Opportunities Creating a spiral staircase that leads down to book store to create cafe/bookstore atmosphere Pros Give students easy access to break while studying Maimizing efficiency of space in library Makes the library a more enjoyable place to be Cons Excess noise that could disturb students studying More maintenance of library Opportunities Creating more flow of people through library would make students more aware of the resources the library has available Pros Greatest concentration of student movement Eliminate poor use of computers More marketing opportunities Cons Money already invested into new layout of commuter lounge Implications Move current commuter lounge(refrigerator and some couches) to coat room on 2nd floor of BLC Bill of Materials Grease Hood ($2,000) Kitchen ($5,000) Countertop/Cabinetry ($3,000) Power Supply ($1,500) Tile Flooring ($3,500) Cons Collapsible wall and over all layout would be hard to format with a efficient layout. Possible New Locations for Eagle's Nest: Auxillary Dining Room 3rd Floor of Library Commuter Lounge Commuter Lounge Adam Derus - Tim Hurd - Brandon Stone - Kyle Martin Prodigal Sons Consulting 3rd Floor of the Library

Consulting Presentation

Transcript: Language: English Egalitarian: No formal class structure History: Colony of Great Britain Cuisine: International Social Freedom: Ranked 3rd Globally Outlook: Environmentally Responsible Trend: Movement toward healthy cooking ? Competitive Landscape Summary/ Recommendations Australia - Political/Legal System Dmitry Price - Joe McGurk - Spencer Scott - Ahmed Mazrouei - Derrick Dow Stable System - 3 Branches of Government Very Similar to the U.K. Based on Common Law System Business Regulated by Australian Trade Commission Offers services for businesses looking to invest Since Chipotle's products are meant to be fresh food, porting is not an option We decided on a joint venture with a local businessperson similar to Starbucks's entry into Japan Benefits: Gain knowledge of Australian people, laws, market, and industry Shared risks, shared rewards 2 locations in each major city: Sidney, Melbourne, and Brisbane Product testing in high traffic areas Future plans for expansion once we gauge the market Entry Mode Australia - Economy Chipotle vs. Nando's The Journey to Australia 64% of the entire population of Australia located in the 5 major cities of Australia Nando's is known for Peri-Peri sauces/marinades and their chicken Chipotle's competitive advantage Better ingredients: Vegetables are organic and grown locally Chickens are raised naturally and humanely without added hormones FDI Laws in Australia Spinnaker Consulting Group Chipotle 2011 Sales: $2.03B Sales growth: 8.3% Sales per unit: $1.8M Nando's 2011 Sales: $1.02B Sales growth: 16.48% Sales per unit: $1.07M Social Responsibility Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1975 Allows FDI of up to A$235M without Review FDI over A$235M must be reviewed by FIRB AUSFTA Free trade agreement between US & Australia Allows US investors a higher threshold (A$1004M) Australia - Culture December 4, 2012 "Food with integrity" Chipotle is deeply committed to food integrity; Partners with firms that naturally raise animals, grow vegetables naturally and have high quality standard. Ex: hormone free beef, fresh vegetables and rice from farmers. Fast food with high consumption like Mcdonald's threatening the health of the society especially Australia consider fastest growing fast food Australian's prefer to eat healthier cuisine Chipotle Background Simple Mexican Dishes 1212 establishments in US 1 UK - 1 France - 2 Canada Operates in high-traffic locations "Food with Integrity" High-Quality Atmosphere Enter Australian Market Reduce Risk: Partner with a local partner in JV Consult AusTrade Initially target Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane Utilize "Food with Integrity" initiative Source ingredients locally from domestic suppliers Glocalize

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