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Connect 4

Transcript: Connect 4 Team Team Mohamed Zaky Hardware Ramiz Ibrahim Mechanical Ahmed Mansour Mentor Mohamed Yahia Hardware Ahmed Hammad Software Connect 4 Game ؤConnect 4 Game سSimulation Proteos Simulation Technical يDesign Our design will consist of 3 main modules: the power supply, the game board, the control. The power supply is used to ensure that the entire system is powered continuously throughout a game. The game board will be the physical interface that the player interacts with. Connect 4 pieces will be free to move on the surface. The reed switches are used to detect a piece. If there is a piece above a spot, the reed switch will be activated. The control module is used to process and transmit all the information from the board, which will activate LEDs when necessary. Block Diagram Hardware Matrix Reed Switch Reed Switch the reed switches are also critical to the success of our project because these will be used to determine the position of the connect 4 piece on the game board. The distance at which the switches are activated by a magnet will be important in determining if the switches have enough fidelity to activate when there is a piece detected on a square but not activate from a piece on an adjacent square. There are a couple factors that determine the distance at which the reed switches activate. One of the factors is the magnetic field strength of the magnet being used to activate the switch. . Another factor that will affect the distance at which the reed switches activate is the spring force on the reed blades. The reed blades are two metal strips that are able to bend back and forth when subjected to a magnetic field to open and close the switch (see figure 11). When the magnetic field strength exceeds the spring force of the reed blades, the blades will attract to one another and close the switch. RGB LED Typically forward voltage for Blue led 3.2V. Typically forward voltage for Red led 2V. The forward current 20 mA. RGB Shift Registers Software Flowchart of Game block High level Flowchart Inputs Reed Switch Push Button Outputs RGB LCD Buzzer Algorithm ♦Start. ♦Calculating position of the square and check it. ♦Storing and RGB lighting. ♦Check winning cases. ♦Return to start. Development قثReplace RGB LEDs with WS2812B Individually Addressable LEDs. The possibility of playing against the computer. Reducing the number of reed switch to 7 reed switch instead of 42 قثثثreed switch. Development

connect 4

Transcript: The Matrix: Identity The Matrix: Bravery & Strength Purple Heart: Identity The second connection The Matrix has with the rest of my 3 texts is bravery and strength which is again shown through the main character Neo. There are two main times the audience see this, the first time was when Neo fought one of the agents, as this took a lot of bravery as he could have died if he hadnt believed in himself and it would have taken a lot of bravery for him to believe in him self too as we see the strugle he goes through in the film trying to believe in himself. The second time was when Neo came back to life and fought all three of the agents, it took a lot of bravery for Neo to come back to life as again he had to really believe but this time with the help of trinity and then take on all 3 agents. Also a lot of strength to not give up and defeat them all help his crew. Slumdog Millionaire: Bravery & Strength In the visual text 'the Rabbit Proof Fence' directed by Phillip Noyce, the recurring characteristics of bravery and strength is shown through many scenes. The scene in which Molly and Daisy escape shows this clearly. The scene preceding this scene shows a girl who tried to escape get locked into a shed all day as punishment. The fact that Molly and Daisy still went ahead with their escape demonstrates their conjoined bravery and strength. this connects back to the other theme of identity because Molly and Daisy had to be brave to keep their identity intact. Another clear scene that shows their characteristics of bravery and strength is the climax when Molly and Daisy are on the verge of giving up. The bird strengths their resolve and they continue to follow the rabbit proof fence back home seeing the bird remonds her of her mother which makes her strive more. This scene also connects back to the theme of identity because the bird symbolizes Molly and Daisy's ethical identity. This scene shows that the characteristics of bravery and strength is entwined with the theme of identity. Slumdog Millionaire: Bravery & Strength The visual text Slumdog Millionaire, directed by Danny Boyle shows the characteristics of bravery and strength which is shown through the main character of the movie, Jamal and also his older brother Salim. This is shown in the scene when Salim, Jamals older brother helps Jamal and Latika run away from the bad guy, this takes a lot of bravery as he was only a kid and they were all grown men but the fact that his brother and friend would have been in danger he had to do it which makes him mentally strong. Jamal was also strong and brave during the movie because he had to be, at times he was all alone. One thing that he was really brave and strong about was the death of his mother, he saw his mum get murdered right in front of him because of her identity because of her being a Muslim, so Jamal and his brother Salim both had to be brave and strong mainly mentally to deal with that and look out for each other. The first connection the Matrix has with the rest of my 3 texts is identity, this is shown through the main character Neo. When we see Neo in his office job we can see that he is not him self he's not comfortable with the identity he is perusing. This changes when he is at home being casual Neo hacking, while having the urge to find out more about the matrix and being intrigued about it. Rabbit Proof Fence: Identity Slumdog Millionaire: Identity. In the verbal text Purple Heart, written by Andrew Fiu shows the characteristics of bravery and strength. This is mainly shown through the main character of the book who is the writer himself Andrew Fiu. This is shown when a lot through out the book but some main parts where Andrew had to be real brave and strong was when he had to go through his first open heart operation, for a kid to go into something like that he has to be really brave and strong so he can pull through. But being part of a big christian Samoan family, he felt supported spiritually and a bit physically as they were willing to be donors for Andrew, as he say at the end of the book "in writing this book there are people that stand out who have made a difference in my life. My family of course." Andrew had to go through multiple surgery's after every surgery he did get physically weaker but he got braver and stronger, and realized that he can still see the world and find him self without letting his heart problem stopping him or getting in the way this links back to the theme of identity. Another example of bravery and strength is that he had to go through people being racist to him, he said this in the book "I experienced racism, more vicious that what you have read in earlier chapters, yet there were people who showed a fragile, sick yet curious.... Today i have European friends who do not see the color of my skin as a barrier to friendship." This also leads back to the theme identity it shows how deep and caring he is. A symbol of bravery and strength would be the scars Andrew is

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