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Connect 4

Transcript: Build Traps. Be the first to get four consecutive chips in a row, column, or diagonal. Block the other players chips and prevent them from getting it. Objective/Scoring A trap usually consists of 3 checkers diagonally or horizontally Materials/Setup Play in the middle you will always have more options then a side Copy Opponent Modification Interesting Facts There are over 70 trillion possible winning combinations Canada= red & black & UK= red & yellow The 7x6 connect four board Chips of two different colors Stoppers at the bottom Play with 3 players Make the board larger 5 or more in a row rather than 4. It is not clear exactly when the first Four in a Row game appeared.The earliest claimed ancestry is a legend surrounding early explorer Captain Cook. Captain Cook spent so much time stuck in his cabin playing the game against his fellow travellers that it become known as the Captain's Mistress. The game was first sold under the famous Connect Four trademark by Milton Bradley in February 1974. Rules Connect 4 by: Hailey Schneider & Morgan Briggs 2 players Each player gets chips, one red and one black, and must place one into any slot. Players alternate turns. History if no good move copy your opponents to block them Example of Play Strategies Sources


Transcript: RABBIT PROOF FENCE THE MATRIX After a light seen by the machine, their came to destroy they home and kill the left over humans In this movie the main character jamal believed that one day he would meet his love latika as he joined a TV show who wants to be millionaire so that latika could she him and come back.jamal was born as a slum and he believe that he would be a better person in the future to support the text he was asked from the tv host to let go with the money but he stood back because he believed that knew all the answers. Andrew named the book purple heart because his heart was purple in colour. In New Zealand where Andrew Families lives was an area where slum lived quote tells the readers that Ponsonby is regarded as a “Ghetto” area which means it is the slum part of a city overcrowded with large amounts of poor and needy people. In this case “Purple Heart” tell us that these people that live in this slum area of the city are almost all immigrants, people who have migrated from overseas. This shows us that a large influence of racism was experienced by these immigrants who moved to New Zealand for a better life. This shows us how his families and all the other culture who was migrated suffered from racism because of different skin co lour, language and living styles. In this movie rabbit proof fence the main character molly believed that she would see her family again so she escaped the settlement and tricked the tracker.a quote to support the text is when the tracker said the girls really want to go back home.molly walked for 9 weeks without losing hope to see her mother,she used the rabbit proof fence as a way back home as she remember the same fence in her settlement.she goes the wrong way but she still believe that one day she will reach home as she ate wild food to survive and sees signs to reach home.the family of the three girls also believe that they will return back to support this the family was singing their culture songs.Molly believe she can take care of herself example she always defends herself ,when the other girls called her a mongrel dog and she threw stones at them. This a trailer of the movie showing the main idea the director wanted to show the viewers In this picture it shows how the baby is been born in the matrix by the help of machine.This shows that machine can take over the world if Neo does not kill the agents in the matrix SLUNM DOG MILLIONAIRE CONNECTION :1 RACISM In this film matrix the main character Neo has two identity and comes to know about matrix. He tries to find what matrix is when he meets Morpheus and trinity . Racism in this film is not between humans but machine who wants to take over the human life as shown below Neo is been born in the matrix by the machine and is a program. He was trained by Morpheus so that he can fight agent smith and other agent who is in the matrix trying to extinct the humans. RABBIT PROOF FENCE Half -cast girls Molly, Daisy and Gracie was given a bath by the white lady and gave them clothes to wear. The girls was told to speak in English at all times and do chores t was given to them as the another half-cast children was following.Racism was shown as the girls was to follow the white people,go to church ,sing hymns and eat in the white cultures ways. Molly disliked the ways the white people treated them and planned to escape. There was a scene in the film where Mr Neville came to visit the Moore River Native Settlement and checked the skin colour of the half-cast children. As Molly was called she did not moved from the place she sat.The white lady came to take her up to Mr Neville but Molly misbehave with him.So he say she will get use to it meaning adapt to his culture, style and behavior. THE MATRIX CONNECT 4 Andrew and his family with different races Rabbit proof fence is a true story based on a book about the three Aboriginal girls, Molly, Daisy, and Gracie who was separated from they families and taken into a camp at the Moore River Native Settlement. This film shows how the white settlers who came in the aborigines country and started to make their race more superior. The government had rights to separated the half-cast children as quoted in the film. "He has the power "to remove any half-caste child" from their family, from anywhere within the state"" PURPLE HEART CONNECTION: 2 CONFIDENCE/BELIEVING In this film the main character is a slum who faced racism because of his skin colour ,race and culture identity. This film shows Jamal ,the main character how he came to a tv show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and the host of the show thinks that he is cheating because of his background.The movie shows flashback of the main characters life to show how he knows all the answers This is a trailer of the film rabbit proof fence showing that the white man who governs the country want the other races to be educated by stealing the half-cast generation from the Aborigines families. For the white people it was a task that was need to

Connect 4

Transcript: Connect 4 Eden Morris My two connections I have chosen for my Connect four are ...... The 4 texts I chose to support my two connections with evidence are.... DISCRIMINATION B.Rabbit the main character in The Movie 8 Mile Is affected by discrimination in the form of .... RACISM due to the fact that he is a Caucasian male who has a passion for rap music and the art of rapping. Discrimination plays against him due to the fact of the social norms or the stereotypes faced in the year 1995 in Detroit Along with discrimination came difficulties. Like B.Rabbit in 8 Mile.... Beth the main character in the book Once Were Warriors written by Alan Duff also experienced the effects of discrimination throughout her life. But she faces ...... GENDER DISCRIMINATION The gender discrimination Beth experiences in the 1990s in New Zealand is due to the stereotypes society had created for typical women. Beth is also involved in a domestic violence relationship with her "fist happy husband" Jake.This means that if she does not do something he tells her to do or she does something he doesn’t like or approve of Jake will have something to do about it. Beth also faces the difficulties of having to take mental,emotional and of course physical abuse from her husband Jake. This is shown through such quotes as Beth also faces many other difficulties alongside with the gender discrimination she faces such as , Jakes alcoholism and having the responsibility of a mother by looking after and keep her family of herself, Jake, her 5 kids Nig, Boogie, Grace, Polly, Huata and her step son Sonny as healthy and happy as they possibly can be. Note : These pictures are only visual idea purposes for viewers as you do not see these in the book but in the movie. Like B.Rabbit and Beth .... 14 Year old Molly,along side with her 8 year old sister daisy, and her 10 year old cousin Gracie all experience discrimination but the movie The Rabbit Proof Fence directed by Phillip Noyce shows more of a connection with B.Rabbit as The discrimination the 3 girls face is in the form of....... RACISM This is due to fact that they are born of half white and half aboriginal blood the name of this race is Half-caste. The Racial discrimination many Half Caste children including Molly, Daisy and Gracie faced in Western Australia in the 1930s was interpreted by the government due to not only . racial discrimination in the sense of judging their purpose because of their colour but also economic discrimination in the sense of making the aboriginals work as maids for the white people as white people are higher on the economical gradient. is a government official or the “The Chief Protector of The Aboriginals” created a law where he would be able to ‘authorize the removal’ of half-caste boys and girls and they will be taken away to a Re-education Camp in the south to be trained on how to serve their “purpose” of being maids and servants for white families giving them a so called “good” situation for the rest of their life. The purpose of this law was to keep“continuing infiltration of white blood finally stamping out the black colour” Like B.Rabbit, Beth, Molly, Daisy and Gracie experience discrimination throughout their lives So do Aibileen and Minne in the movie The Help directed by Tate Taylor. But Aibileen and Minnies discrimination they faced was like B.Rabbit as it was discrimination in the form of.... RASICM but greatly similar to Molly,Daisy and Gracies experiences.As The racial discrimination they all face due to the stereotypes created in the 1960s in Mississippi U.S. A., Are much similar to the stereotypes created in Western Australia in the 1930's which were the blacks were more lower on the economical gradient then whites and due to this and the overall colour of their skin they weren’t treated equally to whites. They also like Molly, Daisy, and Gracie had their future planned out for them due to the colour of the skin Due to this discrimination the difficulties Aibileen and Minnie faced were being unfairly treated, called names such as ''nigra" and underpaid. Perseverance Through this scene B.Rabbit was able to show me and also the rest viewers across the the world that by following his dreams and persevering and not letting anyone's thoughts and opinions or even societies stereotypes stop him or slow him down he was able to come out on top . Like B.Rabbit ... Beth on top of the gender determination she faces and the difficulties that come along with it Beth still manages to preserver. Beth shows perseverance with the help of the recent suicide of her daughter Grace. You could almost say Grace gave her strength to preserver and stand up to Jake and let him know she knows what happened the night of the raping of his daughter and that she knew he was responsible. Instead of listening to any of the abuse words Jake would say to her before Beth stands there and “she stabbed her trembling finger at Jake" and says Beth’s perseverance and shows improvement in herself

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