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Design Concept

Transcript: Story started by analyzing different stages of Snow White's life and how beautifully we can depict that story using another art forms which can be used to interpret the whole life of Snow White and the seven dwarfs. festival Evaluating my own art work... Bihar plan:using pieces of glass depicting mourning with madhubani art inside the glass pieces and using typical style of madhubani i.e half faced art showcasing union of Snow white and the Prince. final concept note:When I started to sculpt my new path, I felt that I will be stirring myself with a whole new learning experience. And I was true with the same. Making a Madhubani with a beautiful touch of the splendor of Snow White and simplicity of her Seven Dwarfs was a self-exploration indeed. Initially when I started in a full swing, it was really tough to put it all through a sheet of butter paper. The effect of light may or may not embellish my work that was my concern. But gradually in this self-learning procedure, dreams turned into reality, with my ideas turning into reality on paper. Being this innovative comes from your dreams to make something extra ordinary- and I did the same to bring out my inspiration on paper. By pouring my thoughts for the world to see I knew that it would not take only take lot perseverance but also a little amount of patience. This directly relates to the amount of work and time it requires. While making the base on that butter paper to the times of drawing those intricacies, I did it all to explore my limits. And then what I realized I almost crossed all my limits and creativity. Ridhi Goel section-k mithila Reason:These exploratons did not work out because i realised the perspective of dwarfs is not needed in my stage also i decided to play with my art form more which was lacking in these explorations. Theme:mourning and joy To create sentences knowledge of alphabets is must,without the knowledge of alphabets we cannot create sentences likewise without the knowledge of basics of design i.e principles of design we cannot create any design hence i applied all the basics taught to us in module 1. And module 2 taught us the whole process/journey to reach to a desired or in fact unknown destination using steps in a chronological order, what exactly i did in my module 3 assignment. rejected explorations... GOAL! Criteria:$-for attempting $$-for giving a fare amount of time to the assignment $$$-for giving good outcomes $$$$-for giving 100% $$$$$-for going beyond limits explorations... object:glass coffin Madhubani art form as a visual direction for communicating Snow White... Design Concept (module 3) Reason:These explorations are doing justification to my stage's theme i.e "the happy ending" with a twist of madhubani art form so i decided to refine these explorations only. Group plan... Starting point celebration Refinement of selected exploration...and combining them... selected explorations for further refinement: madhubani (where i see myself)

Design Concept

Transcript: MOBILE APPLICATION Ever since hospitality has been engraved in the Arabic Culture; to them is more than having good manners. It is about proud. All information collected flows seamless in a way that is interlinked with all the sectors within the Dubai Parks. SEAMLESS The DSC services main aim is to assure the user has an immersive experience trough the seamless comfort and convenience that is omnipresent in the park. Arabic Culture Main Aspects EVERYONE What defines arabic Culture ? ANYTIME HOSPITALITY - DSC SERVICES IMMERSIVE, SEAMLESS, OMNIPRESENT Generosity = Hospitality Back in the days hospitality was a means of survive due to the poor conditions in the desert The user's experience is immersive because of all the support that Dubai Parks offers. From the mobile apps, face-to-face and kiosk information system the user is taken care of. Everyone, Anytime, Everywhere Deep believe in God Traditions and Modernity Sense of Justice Family Importance Generosity Easy navigation trough all theme parks yet conscious of the wholeness of the app Seamless structure that is omnipresent in the entire app thus immersing the user in this fun product of Dubai Parks OMNIPRESENT EVERYWHERE - Not religion (yet the main driver) -Yes, language and traditions (250,000,000 speakers worldwide) Hospitality in the Arabic Culture IMMERSIVE, SEAMLESS,OMNIPRESENT Everyone will be immersed in this amazing experience, where no gaps are left behind due to Dubai Parks and DSC alliance. All data collect helps Dubai Parks to accompany the user anywhere in the park thus delivering the "Experience Amazing" DSC + Dubai Parks ="Experience Amazing" Kiosk information will complement Dubai Parks staff performance Users will realize the the omnipresent information system trough the seamless alliance between Dubai Parks and DSC, thus feeling special to be part of this immersive experience Design Concept KIOSK INFORMATION From then to now IMMERSIVE

Design concept

Transcript: He is reliable strong manly man who cares his mother. Although he falls in love with Medea , he betray her and go for his mother. We regarded him as a woodcutter and he matches with brown wood color for costume sometimes, he take off his cloth to show his muscles. Also, he always take ax that shows strong image. Creusa Costume Concept Medea is main character of this play. We setup character as a Nine Tailed Fox which has mysterious image like make up below. I think she associates with Red and Black color. Red means falling in love with Jason, and black is for revenge. And I chose modernized Korean traditional cloth 'Hanbok' to show 17C and 21C Corus' face are painted like animal faces such as most commonly living creatures in forest. They all wearing animal costume clothes, sing and dance during play. Face Makeup Costume She is mother of woodcutter 'Jason', and always lying on a bed because she is sick. I think silver colored hanbok matches well to show weak, and old. And make up her face nearly pale to show sickness Accessory * Our Korean group introduced Medea background to old days of Korea 17 C Joseon Dynasty. * We transformed Medea characters to lengendary of 'Nine Tailed Fox', and to made story more mysterious. * Since long time ago, Korea regarded 'filial duty' as so much important obligation of sons and daughters. So we reflected filial duty using Golden ginseng. CORUS makeup JASON Accessory MEDEA Makeup costume Costume Proscenium Type It is the most common type of play. Everyone equally can see one side of the stage. I think this would be fit for Korean style of Medea because there are many obstacles such as trees, rocks, house. Style of Theater

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