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Competitive advantage

Transcript: Apple Apple services The current mission statement of Apple Why do businesses seek a competitive advantage? What is competitive advantage? Mission statement Apple Products From 1976 to 2001 apple spread throughout the United States. Strategies used by Apple to create a competitive advantage Apple never traditionally use social media. Apple's Facebook and Twitter acounts are still abandoned. Apple's number of employees Gaining competitive advantage through social media on its production line Steve Jobs Tim Cook Apple's number of employees have increased greatly since 2005. Starting with 14.8 thousand employees in 2005, increasing to 110 thousand in 2015. Apple Stores worldwide Company overview Steve Wozniak Businesses seek a competitive advantage so they can distinguish from their competitors to draw in customers and achieve customer satisfaction. Competitive advantage Name: Apple (technology company) Who started it: Steve jobs, Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak When was it started: April 1, 1976 Where it started: California, United States Current CEO: Tim Cook Ronald Wayne Competitive advantage is when a business is put in front of its competitor due to: Lower prices Differentiation Implementing efficient internal operation strategies Researching and development From there Apple continued to spread worldwide. Apple has created a support acount to anawer queastions and upload new tricks and tips for the new harware and software. The mission statement created by Steve Jobs

Competitive Advantage

Transcript: INCON Survey 2011 states conferences are providing a boost for the Hotel sector. Rates for venue hire and accommodation will increase by end of 2011, with a healthy growth of 45% 'Our aim is to use our skills, experience and financial resources to support local and national initiatives, which encourage our team members’ involvement and positively impact the communities in which they live and work.' AA Eco Hotel Group of the Year 2011 Minimise use of natural resources to reduce waste Meetings and conferences can now pay to help with environment Day Delegate – 14p, 24 hour Delegate – 40p Money goes towards Carbon Clear (carbon management) Gold Award in Green Tourism Business Award Hotels Green committee meets regularly to review practices and consider new ones Energy, Water and Waste Waste management contract has been reduced by 20,000 litres per week Environmental training given to all colleagues Universal Live is a technical event solutions company - Loyal supplier First UK hotel group to offer up to 90mb of Internet bandwidth Free WIFI for day delegates Cutting edge technology, dedicated support Offer guests the latest and fastest internet experience - up to 86 mb for guests to use for live streaming and video conferencing services. Unlimted WIFI for client, 30 complimentary minutes for day delegates As the market is very competitive, hotels needs find ways of differnetiating themselves Types of packages they offer and pricing strategies Continue with the high level of CSR that they already carry out 'CSR is going to continue to grow in importance as companies have to demonstrate a strong, sustainable commitment to CSR programs.' Work with charities such as Cancer Research, Sport Relief, Children in Need Hotel specific charities - e.g. Leeds Raise £100,000 for Athsma UK IPIN Global (2011) QHotels (2012) About Us [online]Last accessed 13 February 2012 at: Oligopolistic References How is Competitive Advantage achieved? Callie Hoover & Kelly-Marie Holtom Global Crossing (2010) Principal Hayley Gives Guest Services A Boost Thanks To Global Crossing’s IP VPN [online] Last accessed 13 February 2012 at: Aims and Objectives Blythe (2009, p38) -Explain the basis of Competitive Advantage -Discuss the Hotel Conferencing Industry -Brief summary of the chosen companies -Key trends -Conclude presentation with recommendations for the future IPIN Global (2011) Conference Market could provide a boost to Hotel sector [online] Last accessed 11 February 2012 at: Future Recommendations Conference and Meetings Industry worth £19 Billion 'Aim to conduct business in a responsible manner with due care and attention paid to the hotels' immediate surroundings.' Johnson et. al. (2011) Pitts & Lei (2008, p8) Talwar & Hancock (2010) 'Competitive Advantage is what allows a firm to gain an edge over its rivals' Differentiation Corporate Social Responsbility Thank you for listening! UK Events Market Trend Survey 2011 In the future... Principal Hayley Corporate Social Responsiblity Enviornment Technology Main competition for conferences industry will be 'Schools, Universities and Colleges', 'Museums, Galleries and Libraries', and 'Meeting facilities in office buildings.' 48% thought there would be an 'explosion' in the number of free or very low cost evening only meetings held in low cost venues 60% expect to see a rise in pay as you go/Pay per session type models 70% say ethical and environmental factors will influence the decision to attend Technology Johnson, G., Whittington, R.,Scholes, K. (2011) Exploring Strategy: Text and Cases. 9th Ed. Pearson Ed Ltd: Essex Competitive Advantage within the Hotel Conference and Meetings Industry Greenhill, S & Rodgers, T (2011) BVEP Subvention Report 2011 [online] Last accessed 5 Fenruary 2012 at: Sar, A (2010) UK Events Market Trend Survey 2011 VRIN MPI (2011) Principal Hayley (2012) About Us [online] Last accessed 13 February 2012 at: Corbin Ball (2009) Strategic Meetings Management Program (SMMP): Implementation and Idea Guide [online] Last accessed 11 February 2012 at: Barney, J & Hesterly, W (2012) Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage: Concepts. 4th Ed. Pearson Education Inc: New Jersey What are Our companies doing to gain competitive advantage? Key trends in the industry: Used to achieve sustainable competitive advantage Q Hotels Technology Hotel Conference and Meetings Industry Pitts, R & Lei, D (2006) Strategic Management: Building and sustaining Competitive Advantage. 4th ed. Thomson South-Western: Mason, OH 'Competitive advantage is the outcome of effective strategy whereby the organisation offers something that

Competitive Advantage

Transcript: Comparison plan: $60 V&D + $20 SP VP = $82.43 600 Minutes (double minutes) Call Display Voicemail Unlimited Text 500 MB -Currently have an office in Ottawa -expanding to include an office in Gatineau -sales operations; marketing; advertising; consulting -have two sales teams -one 6 man team in Ottawa -one 7 man team in gatineau -myself - CEO -VP of Client Management -expanding quickly -Rep asked what I was looking to do -I explained I was opening a new office in Gatineau and was looking for business phone and internet -I was also looking to equip my sales force with phones -Rep suggested we look into the wireline services first -Diagnose before prescribing -Ask the questions -Present value early and often -Personable and professional -Care about their business like they do -I told rep that I currently have around a 15 Mbps service at my Ottawa office -Rep recommended a service that would give me 10 Mbps -Unlimited Bandwidth, however, if a customer continually goes over 200 GB usage, Videotron will check to see if it is actually a business Advantages Business Internet Tyler Meilleur Competitive Analysis Business Phone Line - -asked what I currently used at Ottawa office -asked what features I needed Business Internet - -asked what I currently used at Ottawa office -asked how many computers where being used Mobile - -asked about porting (to present promo) before any other questions -asked for very little amount of information before presenting solution -I had to volunteer alot of information -presented canned solution (that actually didn't cover my area) Overall - -asked for very little information for any service -canned solution -didn't ask about business at all Summary of the Call -I informed rep that I had 7 sales reps in Gatineau and 6 sales reps in Ottawa, as well as myself and a VP -His department can only deal with up to 5 phones -There is no call centre department that deals with over 5 phones within Videotron, they needed to send a rep to see me in person -I asked for quote on 5 phones as a starting point -Questions consisted of: -Are you porting? -Where are you using phones? -Do you want a smartphone? -Do you need any other features? -Offered a "Credit of Transfer" -A credit for porting a number over to Videotron ($125 for voice, $200 for smartphone) Owned GSM/3G Network within Quebec Exclusive devices (ie. Garmin A50) Quebec owned parent company Unlimited offerings Comparison Offering Lessons Learned Sales Process -I needed 7-10 lines -Rep informed me that in the Gatineau area, they are only able to do maximum of 4 lines, but should have ability to do 8 lines within a year -offer "cascade" feature (line-hunting) for free on all business accounts -group voicemail - all phones lead to one voicemail box -$3 -Call display - $6 -3-way calling - $3 -Dedicated Business Consultant -Ability to manage all facets of account regardless of size of services -Owned and operated national network -More devices (more exclusive devices) -Ability to give 1-24 IBLc lines within footprint and unlimited lines with Hosted IP Voice anywhere in Canada -Ability to supply internet service anywhere in Canada - RHSI in footprint and with MBB services anywhere in Canada Offerings My Business Mobile Phones Advantages Business Lines Owned GSM/3G Network across Canada LTE launched Videotron's Roaming Partner More exclusive devices History of innovation Dedicated Business Consultants Value $49.95 - $59.50 - Unlimited Quebec -Unlimited talk when on Videotron Network -Price varies depending on how many Videotron services you have $30 - 6GB Data plan

Competitive Advantage

Transcript: “Consumers are realising that online companies are able to offer better deals than some of the big travel agents, as they have none of the costly overheads that come with a having a presence on the high street. A family run independent agency who apart from having years of knowledge will offer a complete backup service prior, during and after your travel arrangements Thomson provides staff training Westcliff travel offers tailor made holidays which is a great adantage as it is quite rare Thomson is a shareholder which is a huge advantage and also offers dynamic packaging Westcliff is an independant thats family run so it's more likely to be warm welcoming, friendly and specialised just right for you Westcliff introduces the staff online with abit about there travel background - pleasant, dedicated,interested in travel and do care Westcliff speciliases in travelling for buisnesses which is a massive advantage Thomson merged wtih First Choice to become TUI- outstanding achievement, phenomenal growth for both companies Thomson- 3/4 of their holidays are exclsuive to them holiday comparison site, allowing you to search and compare great deals on package holidays from some of the UK's greatest travel companies Competitve advantage within the travel and tourism industry means how all the different travel agent types e.g. Thomas Cook, Expedia, how they all literally compete and how they vary their techniques to become better than eachother Everything listed above gives both travel agents a exceptional amount of advantage over all the other agents. Alot of things such as the private jet hire that Westcliff travel offers or Dynamic packaging that Thomson offers it is all exclusive to them and thats how they gain competitive advantage. It is very effective because you most likely wont find it anywhere else therefore clients will go to that company and invest because the other travel agents do not have those product and services on offer. All holiday prices shown online includes: Return flights, all flight taxes, baggage, booking fees and Accommodation wide range; sun, city, ski and cruise holidays Get holiday quotes and deals by email to receive and view exclusive offers Variety of long/short haul destinations varying from Spain to Florida to Dubai online are top tips when travelling and captivating advertisements “5 Things That Will Surprise You about Amsterdam” or “34 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Go To The Maldives” Icelolly car hire Holiday blog “Blog at the Beach through the Lens of Instagram” & “Behind the Scenes Of The YouTube Advert” blogs are updated frequently Icelolly is a holiday price comparison site therefore do not sell tickets or actual holidays. They are a price comparison website for holidays which are provided by travel companies who advertise their offers on Icelolly’s site. Live chat increase opening hours Apps & social media interesting/interactive layouts in store more staff training availabe unique destinations discounts for regulars merged wth first choice to become TUI (growth) Dynamic packaging & racking policy ancillary services e.g. car hire & "select your'e seat" cheap, sun, luxury, winter, summer, beach, family, all inclusive, last minute, late deals, short/long haul, popular destinations shareholder provide top staff training & OTT window displays updated daily other companies try hard to copy them, but there are some things they just can’t do; 3/4 of their holidays you will not find them anywhere else (exclusive) Lots of their hotels highly recommended on TripAdvisor promotional activity e.g. TV adverts, competitions discounting for staff, children, last minute and price matches with other branches exciting layout in store e.g Bluewater variety of tranpsort, acommodation & destinations Thomson has almost everything you could ever possibly need except tailor made holidays and specialty holidays (sport) “Currency is a prime example of this and it’s still early days - we would expect over the next few years to see a further increase in people moving online as they realise the cost savings they can make on their holidays.” Alternative techniques In conclusion travel agents use exclusive techniques to have an adavantage over all the other agents. To gain further advantage they rapidly need to find and use alternate techniques to become even more succesful, as recent study's (2012) are showing that customers are choosing to book their holidays online as they are finding better deals then what in store travel agents can. The internet is also becoming exceptionally more convenient, and people are simply not wanting face to face service anymore as they can do it independantly just as quickly on their smartphone devices. There are a variety of alternate techniques travel agents can use which I previously mentioned and they need to take action quickly to gain competition not only between the other retail agents but also the world of internet before travel agents are shut down

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