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Fact Sheet

Transcript: I'm Dalton Topper and I'm a sophomore. May the panel please introduce themselves? L.T.I. SOCIAL I intern at Cope Design. PLATFORMS What i need to work on the most is my self motivation. People say I'm just being lazy,and I am, but it's also really hard for me to just sit and do homework. Social I need to set a time period for when to do my homework,probably right as I get home. I need to make better use of my planner and begin to use it earlier on in the trimester. Mapleton Early College * Introduction * Fact Sheet * LTI (Internship) * Independent project * Proudest accomplishment * Personal quality that needs work Agenda For my first product i made a prezi about the top 10 guitarists, who impacted rock the most. Interests and Passions Quality I need to work on I think I'm most proud of how far I've come on playing the guitar. I have always wanted to learn to play guitar and I'm proud that i actually have. It took a lot of practice every night after school, and i know if i put as much effort into my school work as i do guitar than I can easily pass all my classes and more. SEO Product #1 MEC Solution Andrew's Advisory Independent Project . What I'm most proud of . My interests and passions that connected to this project was music. Guitar to be exact. I didn't get very in depth and i hope to do a similar project next year that goes more in depth with it. Dalton Topper's Exhibition Proud accomplishment/Quality to work on Fact Sheet Independent Project L.T.I. Introduction


Transcript: HOtel saint marc Transport Continental France is located in the western part of the European continent, in turn this country limits in the southern part with the sea Mediterranean, as well as also with the principality of Monaco, and with Italy, mints that in the western part the natural border is the Atlantic Ocean, whereas in the northern part it borders on the English Channel, the North Sea and Belgium. Recognized Hotels Air france is an airline that has a world connection, generates a dense and effective network in the whole world, offers flights to 25 cities. In 5 continents, several weekly, and even daily flights, towards numerous destinations FRANCE France Occupies thus the first world position in visitors in 2014. The connections to France also can be by train and ship of diverse companies Tourism Attractions Arch of the victory Tour Operators cezembie like comment share Location of the sectors Museum of louvre Travel Agents The brand of country is a woman with the phrase; we meet in Paris, with the colors of the flag Other information hotel los almadies nick´s pizza Eiffel Tower Restaurants with recognition It is a travel agency with a great reputation Hotel villa lara le clos y Champs Elysées like comment share like comment share Epicure La reserve paris le cinq Cathedral of Notie Dame This operator of trips, realizes packages to your measure, satisfying needs to your measure le florimond FACT SHEET Accommodation Palace of Versailles HOTEL Monge Catering

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