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Capabilities Presentation

Transcript: SOL Marketing Capabilities About Us Result oriented Proven track record with established and emerging brands The 411 Our Team Research Team Technology Solutions Team Account Services Team Creative Team SWAT What We Do Our Aproach to Brand Strategy We work exclusively with companies desiring a leadership role in their industry or within a given marketplace. -Research based methodology -Measurable objectives -Realistic, actionable programs that drive results Brand Picture: Brand Value Pyramid Brand Strategy services Brand Positioning Carve out the unique selling and calue propositions Brand Development Brand Development Develop the brand assets needed to achieve overall goals Sales process intervention Sales Process Intervention Identify challenges and opportunities in the sales process and update sales deliverables Executive platform development Executive Platform Development Identify industry-facing issues that transcend the company, brand or products that help position executives as leaders in their industry. Quantative and/or qualitive research to bolster comunication Market Research Services Acquisition/Investment Due Diligence Awareness, Attitudes & Usage Business Intelligence – Database Mining Marketing Services For... Lead Generation Launches Marketing Services Capabilities Lead Generation Social Media Web, Interactive, Media Events Video Production Executive Communication Recent Client Experience Case Studies Allrecipes iVillage Sales Enablement Collateral Brand Positioning Segmentation + Targeting Product/Brand/Messaging Concept Testing Brand Performance Tracking Clients call us to do the "hard stuff" Research information process Branding Customer Evidence Microsoft Sales enablement Dell

Capabilities Presentation

Transcript: Phase 3: Launch – Scientific, Evidence-Based Communications Where it fits Therapeutic Class Experience New Turnkey Commercial Opportunity Assessment Phase 1: Strategic Consulting Specializing in Early Product Commercialization Allergy/Immunology Autoimmune Disease Blood Products/Hematology Cardiovascular Diseases Dermatology Emergency Medicine Endocrinology GI/GU Immunodiagnostics Infectious Diseases Metabolic Diseases Nephrology Promedica has Deep Experience in Pharmaceutical, Biological and Diagnostic Products Across the Broad Range of Therapeutic Categories Cello Health is... Cello Health is... Example Scope of Primary Research A Full-Service Marketing Research Agency, Specializing in New Product Planning and Lifecycle Management for Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Diagnostic Companies 2013 2007 Neurology Oncology Ophthalmology Orphan/ Ultra Orphan Diseases Pain Respiratory Diseases Transplantation Vaccines Women’s Health Value to Companies & Investors Prepared for Company Phase 2: Market Research and Commercial Intelligence Recent Acquisition Offers Promedica’s Clients Expanded Global Resources Across the Full Spectrum of Product Development and Commercialization San Francisco Business Times Top 100 Women Owned Businesses YWCA National Academy of Women Leaders Inc. Magazine 500/5000 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies example Capabilities Presentation Month 00, 2000 example Table of Contents Promedica Acquired by Cello Health, December 2014 2001 Contact Information 3 Market Intelligence Touchpoints

Capabilities Presentation

Transcript: Mid-Market Spectrum Enterprise Capabilities Industry Trends & Drivers Industry Trends & Drivers For businesses today, the stakes are high Users Expectations have rapidly changed inside and outside of your organization Users Expect consistent, fast and reliable experiences across every touchpoint Expect to connect, communicate and collaborate anywhere, anytime Expect IT to help achieve business objectives Clients Employees Business Leaders Your progress depends on your network and technology Technology Technology Data Data One major retailer1 collects 20 Million filing cabinets worth of client data per hour Cloud Computing Of all data will pass through the cloud2 and be managed by Cloud Service Providers by 20203 Cloud Computing 83% Smart Devices Use smart phones at work4 Smart Devices 66% 3.3+ Connected devices per employee3 90% Of companies will allow BYOD by 20203 Lost Productivity One Week Lost Productivity due to poor internet speed5 Lost productivity / Per employee Spectrum Enterprise - Spectrum Enterprise is a part of Charter Communications, a Fortune 100 company, serving the unique needs of large organizations - Provides network, cloud and IT infastructure solutions and managed services to clients nationwide leveraging our wholly owned fiber network -Collective power of Mid-Market, Enterprise and Carrier assets of Time Warner Cable Business Class, Spectrum Business Enterprise Soulutions and Bright House Networks Who are we? Spectrum Enterprise We connect business to opportunity To drive growth, maximize productivity and deliver exceptional experiences - $2.2B annual revenue - 32 Metros across 41 States - 175,000 fiber-lit buildings - 230,000+ fiber route miles Dense Fiber Reach Nationwide - Fiber, cloud and IT infrastructure solutions and managed services - 800+ IT Certifications - 20 years of managed services Next Generation Technlogy & Expertise Committed to Quality Award Winning Industry Leader - One Team = One Experience Unparalleled SLAs - Self-Service online portals - Network Operations Center - 2017 Analyst Award winning Ethernet - #3 Fiber-lit Buildings Leader - CRN Coolest Cloud Vendor A powerful foundation for mission-critical, data and cloud-based applications With our wholly owned fiber network Dedicated, high capacity network with dense fiber reach Dedicated, high performance fiber network with scalable tiers from 10Mbps* to 10Gbps Full service with one price: Installation up the riser and into your suite with maintenance included SLAs that cover our entire network including the connection to your premise equipment Proactively monitored with guaranteed 99.99% availability and 4 hour commitment to restore In our footprint we will get you connected at a competitive price, with or without construction whether in a fiber-lit building or not, Accessible and Afordable Fiber Network Solutions Portfolio Technology and expertise designed to master the complexity of today’s digital business Fiber Ethernet Voice Video Managed Cloud Services Network Solutions Fiber Internet Access TV Solutions Managed Applications Core Hosting Managed Multi-Cloud Voice Solutions End-User Computing Local Support and Expertise Local Representatives specialized in medium-sized businesses Key IT Solutions IT Infrastructure | Hybrid IT | Data Protection | Compliance Client Experience Client Experience Next Steps Next Steps Discuss key business objectives Identify core constraints and challenges Together, we can make it happen Outline how our technology can remove those barriers and open opportunity

Company Overview & Capabilities

Transcript: Why IMC? Content Creation Publication Process Conversion Security Web Site Visualization Market Requirements Product Release Planning Consulting Services Version Control Search & Navigation Organizing Documents Collaboration Workflow / Business Process Management Filing Systematics and Principles Taxonomy Retention Schedules Metadata Archive Management Content Analytics, Discovery & Enterprise Search Web Content Management Forms Processing/OCR Digital Asset Management Portal and Collaboration Test automation Regression testing, Performance testing, Load testing. Reliability Testing Test bed development Quality Engineering Sustaining Engineering Custom Software Development Website / Apps Development Mobile Application Development Outsourced Product Development Software QA Testing Agile Development Systems Integration Product Management About IMC, Inc. Digital Asset Management Collaborative Authoring Consolidation of Data Knowledge Bases Whiteboards Video Conferencing Company Overview & Capabilities Development platform selection (.NET, Java, Open Source, ColdFusion) SOA/Web Services SaaS Services Cloud Development Software Program Development Lifecycle Founded in 1981 300+ Employees Headquarters in Reston, VA 20+ years of offshore operations Award-winning IT professional services provider IT solutions for public and private-sector Clients around the globe Key sectors: Health & Life Sciences, DoD, Federal and Commercial Document Imaging Data Capture Check in/check out Tools & Utility E-commerce Communication & Connectivity Enterprise/Business Apps Sales /Marketing Location-based Media/Streaming Apps Entertainment Games & Multimedia TEnterprise Content Management (ECM) Data Management and Architecture E-discovery Business Intelligence Data Warehousing Business Process Management Data Discovery & Deduplication ROT Removal Fraud Prevention & Detection Features Process Design Visualization Routing Monitoring Support level 3 Incremental Enhancements Bug Fixing Release Management Apps Categories Cross-platform development Porting to other platforms Cross-platform mobile testing High Vol. Data Mobile CMS Cloud ↔ Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) tools Information Management Services Support Levels – 1 / 2 / 3 Customer migrations to new releases Remote Infrastructure Management Support for multiple versions including multi-lingual Web Content Management Test plan development Test execution and metrics White box/ black box testing Pre-sales (POC, Demo) Post-sales implementation Factory Approach to Implementations and Upgrades Customization Parallel and Sequential Processing Reminders and Deadlines Checking & Logging Document Management New Product Development User Interaction Design Technical Documentation Localization & Globalization Porting Product Development Engineering Sleek User Interface (UI) Animation/Graphics Integrates with device features like Camera, Audio, Video, GPS, Motion Sensors, Multi-touch Key Facts Support Mobile App Development Consulting IMC is an authorized reseller and certified solutions provider for leading enterprise suites with integrated functionality: Full Lifecycle Capabilities Experienced Executive Management Team Washington D.C.-based firm Dual shore Model offers valuable global resource pool, competitive pricing, time zone advantage, and faster time-to-market Best practices, reusable components and intellectual property Top-notch delivery management and support Highly-flexible and responsive project teams Leading industry, vertical, and domain expertise Content Management Solutions Technology Partners Consulting Services Mobile Engineering Award Winning Solutions • Consultative Solutions • Custom Applications Mobile Website Strategy/Plan Apps Development Integration Needs Align Marketing/Sales and line-of-business in mobile environment Document Imaging Data Capture Check in/check out Version Control Search & Navigation Organizing Documents Technology Strategy / Alternatives Information Governance & Life Cycle Management COTS Product / Vendor Selection IT Cost Reduction Innovation and Co-Creation Product Engineering & Methodology Build / Buy Analysis & Recommendations Cloud Computing Records Management Architecture Design Service Document Management Imaging and Data Capture Work Flow/Business Process Management Records Management Email Management Virtualization Professional Services Core Capabilities

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