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community service presentation

Transcript: A common explanation for the problems found among the children of single parents has been the absence of a male adult in the family (Gongla 1982). The relationship between children and non-custodial fathers can be difficult and strained. Fathers often become disinterested and detached from their children; in one study more than 60 percent of fathers either did not visit their children or had no contact with them for over a year. The loss of a father in the family can have implications beyond childhood (Wallerstein and Blakeslee 1989). However, the lack of a male presence may not be as critical as the lack of a male income to the family. The economic deprivation of single-parent family life, in combination with other sources of strain and stress, is a major source of the problems experienced by both parents and children. A single parent usually refers to a parent who has most of the day to day responsibilities in the raising of the child or children, which would categorize them as the dominant caregiver who is not living with a spouse or partner, or those who are not married. Sources Read more: Single-Parent Families - The Effects On Children - Family, Family, and Divorce - JRank Articles "America's Children: Key National Indicators of Well-Being, 2011." Web. 30 Apr. 2012. <>. Effects Single-Parent: - The majority of children living with one parent lived with their single mother. Some single parents had cohabiting partners. Twenty percent of children living with single fathers and 10 percent of children living with single mothers also lived with their parent's cohabiting partner. Out of all children ages 0–17, 5.0 million (7 percent) lived with a parent or parents who were cohabiting. -In 2010, there were about 75 million children ages 0–17. Sixty-nine percent of them lived with two parents (66 percent with two married parents and 3 percent with two biological/adoptive cohabiting parents), 23 percent lived with only their mothers, 3 percent lived with only their fathers, and 4 percent lived with neither of their parents. -Older children were less likely to live with two parents—65 percent of children ages 15–17 lived with two parents, compared with 68 percent of children ages 6–14 and 73 percent of those ages 0–5. Among children living with two parents, older children were more likely than younger children to live with a stepparent and less likely than younger children to live with cohabiting parents. -General Information -Statistics -Effects -Solutions Objectives Conclusion - Later, as children from single-parent families become adults, they are more likely to marry early, have children early, and divorce. - Girls are at greater risk of becoming single mothers as a result of nonmarital childbearing or divorce (McLanahan and Booth 1989). Read more: Single-Parent Families - The Effects On Children - Family, Family, and Divorce - JRank Articles Effects Continued... Statistics Single-Parent Homes by: JeffMartija Single Parent Housholds Four factors are predictive of U.S. children's adjustment to the divorce of their parents: the passage of time, the quality of the children's relationship with their residential parent, the level of conflict between parents, and the economic standing of the children's residential family. Effects: - More vulnerable to developing psychological problems - higher rates of anti-social behavior -decrease in adult-supervision -In mother-only families, children tend to experience short-and long-term economic and psychological disadvantages -higher absentee rates in school, lower levels of education, and higher drop out rates -delingquent activities involving drug and alcohol addiction (more boys than girls) Read more: Single-Parent Families - The Effects On Children - Family, Family, and Divorce - JRank Articles

Community Service Presentation

Transcript: Community Service Presentation by Brian Li Clarksburg Community Library Not a part of the Sacramento Library family Community run library Run by a single librarian Helped Librarian put away books Assembled program packets What I learned Benefits for the Community Caroline Wenzel Worked at Multiple Booths Get mauled on by kids (ok that didn't happen but it's fun to say) Learned how to put away and organize books Teamwork Communication skills How to deal with little kids (I swear they are little devils, I don't know how people have the patience with some of them. I mean..) Learned how to get out of my comfort zone How important libraries are. (weird right? I didn't think I would put this in, but it's true.) Clarksburg Community Library *fixes throat* YAAAAASSS- I mean *fixes throat* I would DEFINITELY volunteer here. Librarian is SUPER nice and polite, remembers everybody the first she meets them. Plus she is super cool and chill. (unlike the ones we have here at robbie waters, I mean-) Caroline Wenzel If you are good with kids and love working at little booths and carnivals, come and help out! Meadowview Family Resource Center Don't really have much to say about this place.... (i kno righ? I mean it was pretty boring) Elk Grove's Running of the Elk Pretty boring Sat around for hours with nothing to do and waited for people to pick up bibs I don't like working in the hot sun wearing jeans yo. That stuff isn't fun. Hey at least they had Chick-Fil-A for food (probably the only good part amirite?) Recommendation / Conclusion Summary of Community Service Elk Grove's Running of the Elk Handed out Packets Put together goodie bags Helped set up for the run Helped out the librarian so she has less work to do. Helped set up booths and worked at them so the event could run smoothly with out having the event organizer worry about not having enough volunteers Helped set up the run course so event organizers could relax a little. Gave packets and bibs for the marathon, helps people get more active. (in a way) Watched over areas so nothing goes wrong and everything goes smoothly Meadowview Family Resource Center Watched kids at a jumping house.

Service Presentation - Template

Transcript: There is a difference between fast and efficient service. Do not continue to do things the same old way because that is “how they are done”. You were hired to use your experience and skills to better the organization – take that challenge seriously. It may not always be possible to say “yes” but the customer must know that you have done everything possible to help them accomplish their goal. Make eye contact, smile, and speak (when appropriate) to every customer you encounter. No exceptions. Customers of government agencies do not choose to do business with us, they have to. The only way to overcome this challenge is to provide exceptional service. The implementation of process improvement requires a global perspective. Know what the agency does. When you do, you will know that your work has purpose and that “That’s not my job” shouldn’t be part of your vocabulary. Ask and offer. Your professionalism is judged based on your appearance, your attitude, your manners, your knowledge, and your abilities. It is a package, fail on just one count and you risk making a bad impression. Use your knowledge, skills, and resources to respect your customers’ time, but never rush – it is disrespectful and it dramatically impacts both the relationship and the outcome. Keep your eyes open. If you see something that doesn’t work the way it should, take steps to make it right or at the very least, call someone’s attention to it. Customers care how many people they have to talk with to get the answers they need. If you need to transfer or hand off a customer, make sure it is to the right person, and be sure you’ve prepared that person to ensure a seamless transition. Your career and your livelihood exist because of the customer in front of you. Be grateful and appreciative. To provide accurate information, you must know your job and have a thorough understanding of agency processes. Engage with your co-workers, ask questions, keep up with your industry. There is always more to learn – attend training when it is offered. Respect your customer’s concerns about dealing with government. Resolving an issue or completing a request may take longer, but acknowledgement of the request should happen the day it is received. Know your business. Do not overpromise or under-deliver. Manage expectations by setting reasonable goals. Give careful thought to timelines and make your word your bond. Moreno Valley Service that Soars Never assume you know what your customer needs. Good questions evoke good answers, but only if you’re listening. Resolve not to interrupt. Exercise patience, be polite, and pay attention. Venture outside your world. There is no better way to gauge your success than to ask for feedback. There is no better way to demonstrate your commitment to the customer than to provide a card and offer your continuing assistance. A customer is not a football. Connect. Keep a bad mood to yourself. Respond within the same day. Say “Thank you”. Remember, first impressions matter. Treat customers like they have a choice. Put a human face on the customer’s dealings with what is often considered a complex bureaucracy. Customers enjoy doing business with people they like and trust. Yes, it is your job to make customers like and trust you. Keep your word. Remember who you work for. Ask, then be quiet and listen. Question the status quo. A customer should NEVER have to deal with your difficult day. Everything is your job.

Community Service Presentation

Transcript: During those hours of being there at the tournament which was way harder than I thought it would be. I kept score, kept track of the time, and answered some of the kids' questions. Pictures! For my community service I decided to help out at the Wrestling Tournament hosted by Erik Gonzalez Why Wrestling? What I took out of doing my community service was a sense of value and appreciation. I helped in a way that wasn’t a big way. Keeping score and keeping the time is not a big thing but to the coaches and especially the kids I feel like I was. These kids had so much energy and was always running up to my table asking if they or their friends had anymore matches no matter how good or bad their previous match had been. I loved volunteering for them and would definitely do it again anytime. More Pictures! What the wrestling community is trying to do is to get kids active and social again and get them off the video games and back into sports. They hold tournaments and even have clubs for kids starting at age four. I believe this is effective because their program is huge and is very supportive. Since children now spend over seven hours in front of a screen it’s very important to get them active again. In Conclusion.... Helps your community! Gives you something to do and not lay around the house all day eating chips It's a lot of fun and it gives you and others a sense of value When in doubt, help out. Why Volunteer? Community Service Time!

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