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Communications Strategy Presentation Template

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Communications Strategy

Transcript: What we want them to see One of the most important jobs in the communications department is taking client information and getting it to the appropriate individuals in regards to feedback from the general public, and enhancing the experience of clients to make them more engaged with the department and plugged into everything we do.... ownership makes a deeper connection. Self Efficacy "my voice matters" Making the third grade language work Engagement with outside ideas can help form our research questions Research is the backbone of everything we do here in the department. It drives our education and extension efforts, and it and it alone gives us the concrete value for our clients. Outliers Putting together all of the elements into a single cohesive media package with branding in place for maximum effect. Other units operations and agendas Processing Research Communications Processing Feedback Technical Composition To find the best way to balance the necessary conciseness of science into an end product the public can understand... and more importantly.. use in their operations or decision making. Normally a few of our clients see the single item of interest for them, and adds value to their information flow... They see the crystallized end product of a long term operation. This is typical of the asymmetrical information of the so called information age. Communications Output Communications Research Production of Media Molding the tip of the iceberg OLG, CRMER, ACCC, METTS/USAID/FtF, Extension, Land Use and MAB. These units have their own operations and branding/comm initiatives. How deep do we go to include them in our umbrella? Are we a support? This is actually the tip of the iceberg of what your comms staff sees.

Communications Strategy Presentation

Transcript: We are the city of casper WHEn HOW WHY communications strategy 2017 WHAT we provide Clear, understandable, & accurate information. IQ Guiding beliefs An informed public is critical to the functionting of democracy. Citizens of casper need to know what the city of casper does and why it is done. the "why" must be part of a sustained story. #1 #1 #2 The City of Casper must provide the facts. As a conduit to the public’s information, the City of Casper has a responsibility to provide clear, understandable, and accurate information; the more precise the information, the better. #2 #3 Misinformation is an honest mistake. Disinformation is an intentional falsification. To manage the struggle between misinformation versus disinformation, the City of Casper must hold itself accountable to provide clear, understandable, and accurate information. #3 #4 The City of Casper is not a one-way street. Citizen engagement, including public service and civil discourse, is a vital part of government. The City of Casper must work to foster civil discourse and show pride in public service. #4 IDEAS Comprehensive plan to address: Communication marketing citizen engagement special focus on: 1) Being a good media & citizen Resource 2) Coordinating & strengthening internal communication 3) reaching out to all citizens by using all forms of media plan development involves a series of steps with council's approval, the communications strategy will be implemented & results will be reported back.

Communications Strategy Presentation

Transcript: November 7, 2017 POWER U CENTER FOR SOCIAL CHANGE COMMUNICATION STRATEGY MARIAMA GREGORY SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats SWOT ANALYSIS We work directly with youth We have relationships with schools Not moving policy Unsure of our brand Developing relationships with School Boards Building with teachers Revolving/untrained youth members Not having ties within the community Where We Are Now... Where We Are Now... 1,746 Facebook 1,641 Twitter Instagram 6.3% 100.4% First Quarter: Followers 2,209 1,102 728 866 18.96% 62 post – 1 promoted 2,354 total engagment 2,149 people enegaged 1,419 reactions/comments/shares 6.2% engagment rate 55,865 impressions 34,725 people reached 626 photos views 19 videos 534 clicks 1,175 other clicks Social Media Vanity Metrics 154 tweets (60 original, 1 reply, 93 retweets) 110 total engagment 2 mentions 8 replies 54 likes 40 retweets 67 favoirites 34 link clicks 5.0% engagment rate 19.8K impressions 25 posts 1,251 total engagment 144.5% engagment rate 1,227 Likes 24 comments 49.1% average likes 1 comment on average Facebook Twitter Instagram Power U was covered 8 times in 2016 Power U was covered 6 times as of June 2017 Local press — 9 times National press — 5 times Power U has no personal connections to journalist or press Traditional Media Since March 2017, we've sent 15 e-mails. Average open rate: 19.59% Averate click-through rate: 1.32% Average unsubscribe rate: .25% E-mail Most of our digital audience is between 25-34 More than half of our followers (on all platforms) are women Our e-mails aren't performing well. Facebook is our most engaged platform We get the most impressions on Twitter We get the most comments on Instagram People engage most with photos and videos of youth Power U doesn't have enough media coverage We are not properly branded We don't know who we are; if we do, the messaging isn't the same throughout staff and platforms 1st Quater Lessons Our Audiences Our Audiences Perspective Youth Members Youth Members Educational Instiutions Media School Board Members Adult Influencers (Parents/families, counselors, metors, etc.) Community Organizational Allies Donors Funders Tools We Currently Use Website E-blast Soical Media Text messaging Radio interviews Media Public actions Phone banking Printed materials Tools We Currently Use GOAL GOAL Develop Brand Awareness and Optimize Visibility OBJECTIVES 1.1 Create internal style-guide 1.2 Create a consistent storyline 1.3 Continuous outreach to media/press 1.4 Increase awareness and strengthen community relations Increase Digital Outreach OBJECTIVES 1.1 Develop digital campaigns that are direct action 1.2 Develop digital campaigns to assist with field operations 1.3 Use digital marketing tools to push messaging, events, and growth. 1.5 Use social media as a tool to recruit youth members Increase Donor Support OBJECTIVES 1.1 Create and market opportunities to increase participation in fundraising efforts 1.2. Create opportunities for general donor request STRATEGY STRATEGY Media Outreach & Relations Media Outreach and Relations Goals: Build Power U as go-to source for media on reproductive justice, restorative justice, and Have 5 national stories between: August 2017 - August 2018. 15 stories from local media: August 2017 - August 2018 5 new media relationships per year More visibility of community organizing work and campaign work More engagement with media to profile the work we have moving locally — control some of the narratives around school suspensions, restorative justice, and reproductive justice. Building Capacity to Attract and Respond to Media: Identify compelling stories to pitch to media Pitch campaigns to media Member Spokespeople — identify 4-5 members Have dedicated trainings for spokespeople prior to their interviews or speaking engagements. Have dedicated “spokespeople” trainings for all staff. Building relationships with reporters so that we become resource to media. Pitching through twitter, email, phone. Membership Leadership & Capacity Building Membership Leadership & Capacity Building Communications Committee (will be lead and organized by Mariama) Goals: 3-5 youth members will be recruited for the Communications Committee per year (3-5 member committee) Engage youth members in communications by helping execute communications goals Will help measure outcomes of communication metrics Will help coordinate and develop Power U materials and content Current committee members: TBD Trainings: Standard communications trainings with youth at least once a year Communications trainings based on campaigns and initiatives External trainings and conferences Online Communication Tools Website — Goal: A resource housing all relevant and current information about Power U Updated regularly (change background image once a month) Increase audience visits to the Power U website Improve and share resources section more In the News Resources Events Blog — once a month E-mail — Goal: Share organizational

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