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Communications Strategy Presentation Template

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Communications Strategy

Transcript: Implementation Summary Thank-you! Objectives Timeline The designated communications staff will co-ordinate with management to get relevant details and craft unique and interesting messages to disseminate online. Management and Communications will regularly merge interests in order to craft messages Regularity and creativeness is the key to organic growth, Ideally we would like to see a 50% increase in followers on all platforms. The initial plan is to launch this framework and carry it through the holiday season into the new year. Once this period is concluded Communications and Management decide what to keep/change and what budgetary concerns should be addressed (if any) pending the results of the effectiveness of the implementation. Ideally, this foray into new media should re-invigorate an "old school" small business' brand on the local level. Business spends almost no money on any kind of communications expenditures: Advertising (radio/TV/print), or social-driven advertising (facebook/twitter promotion). Windsor Meats Co. Edgemont does have a website (shared with other locations) and it's own Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram account Instagram @wmegemont Communications Strategy The business needs to experiment with various social media strategies to see how customers interact best and maintain and improve service post-implementation. With the holiday season approaching, these social media venues ought to remain active with at least one post daily (Ideally 2-3). These message should strive to be interactive, interesting, and relevant to our customers. Key messages: Solidify our presence in the local community by engaging them online Keep customers up to date on relevant specials, sales, promotions, unique or unusual items etc. - Any & all relevant operational details Our Quality Comes Naturally A traditional small business in North Van that, although successful, needs to solidify it's social media presence. Our mission: Our Quality Comes Naturally Currently..

Communications Strategy

Transcript: What we want them to see One of the most important jobs in the communications department is taking client information and getting it to the appropriate individuals in regards to feedback from the general public, and enhancing the experience of clients to make them more engaged with the department and plugged into everything we do.... ownership makes a deeper connection. Self Efficacy "my voice matters" Making the third grade language work Engagement with outside ideas can help form our research questions Research is the backbone of everything we do here in the department. It drives our education and extension efforts, and it and it alone gives us the concrete value for our clients. Outliers Putting together all of the elements into a single cohesive media package with branding in place for maximum effect. Other units operations and agendas Processing Research Communications Processing Feedback Technical Composition To find the best way to balance the necessary conciseness of science into an end product the public can understand... and more importantly.. use in their operations or decision making. Normally a few of our clients see the single item of interest for them, and adds value to their information flow... They see the crystallized end product of a long term operation. This is typical of the asymmetrical information of the so called information age. Communications Output Communications Research Production of Media Molding the tip of the iceberg OLG, CRMER, ACCC, METTS/USAID/FtF, Extension, Land Use and MAB. These units have their own operations and branding/comm initiatives. How deep do we go to include them in our umbrella? Are we a support? This is actually the tip of the iceberg of what your comms staff sees.

Communications Strategy Presentation

Transcript: We are the city of casper WHEn HOW WHY communications strategy 2017 WHAT we provide Clear, understandable, & accurate information. IQ Guiding beliefs An informed public is critical to the functionting of democracy. Citizens of casper need to know what the city of casper does and why it is done. the "why" must be part of a sustained story. #1 #1 #2 The City of Casper must provide the facts. As a conduit to the public’s information, the City of Casper has a responsibility to provide clear, understandable, and accurate information; the more precise the information, the better. #2 #3 Misinformation is an honest mistake. Disinformation is an intentional falsification. To manage the struggle between misinformation versus disinformation, the City of Casper must hold itself accountable to provide clear, understandable, and accurate information. #3 #4 The City of Casper is not a one-way street. Citizen engagement, including public service and civil discourse, is a vital part of government. The City of Casper must work to foster civil discourse and show pride in public service. #4 IDEAS Comprehensive plan to address: Communication marketing citizen engagement special focus on: 1) Being a good media & citizen Resource 2) Coordinating & strengthening internal communication 3) reaching out to all citizens by using all forms of media plan development involves a series of steps with council's approval, the communications strategy will be implemented & results will be reported back.

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