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Commercial Real Estate Client Presentation Template

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Commercial Real Estate

Transcript: Pros: Income potential- Commercial real estate properties generally have a much higher annual return off of the purchase price, which is about 6-12 percent, depending on the area. The percentage for single home properties runs between 1-4 percent (at best). Triple net leases- triple net leases means that as a property owner you do not have to pay any expenses on the property, including real estate taxes (as apposed to residential real estate). Property value increase- as time goes on, the value of the property that you own will increase. On just one single transaction, it may be possible to make well over a million dollars. In fact, some real estate owners will charge enough rent to cover the expense of operating the property, then maybe a decade later, they will sell it and collect the real revenue. What is Commercial Real Estate? Why consider commercial real estate? Whether you decide to invest in residential, commercial, or industrial, it requires a generous amount of money to start the process. When investing in commercial real estate, knowing the financial, legal, and regulatory aspects is key to becoming the owner of any property. Not only do they gain receive their revenue through appreciation, but they also collect revenue via rent that is collected from the tenants. REITS- Real Estate Investment Trusts This is for the investors who don't necessarily want to go through the hassle of knowing the legal, financial, and regulatory aspects of real estate can gain direct exposure from the REITS. Conclusion Commercial Real Estate Tenant turnover- when you lose a commercial tenant, you must find a new one and may even discover that the property may need a few refurbishments in order for someone else to move in. Despite the advantages, tenant turnover is one of the greatest risks. Financing a commercial property- commercial real estate properties are not cheap, usually more expensive than residential properties. Even though larger properties can produce more income, getting that money from a bank takes a lot of experience. Commercial property investments also require a lot of ground work. . A number of factors can affect the value of a commercial property. Having a solid exit strategy is something that is very important. These are some of the reasons why investors start out with residential real estate rather than commercial investing. Investing in Commercial Real Estate Short Film: 3 main reasons why you should invest in commercial real estate Commercial real estate is any type of non-residential property. It usually consists of the following: Office buildings, malls, stores,industrial parks, strip center,high rise apartments, etc. While there are many different types of real estate careers, commercial,industrial,and residential real estate are the three major types. Out of those three types of real estate, commercial real estate tends to be the most popular, and also collects a nice amount of revenue. Businesses that are interested in leasing their space through commercial real estate are quoted a price in dollars per square foot through the leasing agreement. Cons

Commercial Real estate

Transcript: Queen St Mall Market Conditions Independent Property developer Calamvale Center - 50% of tenants are national businesses •Established in 2002 •Sale portfolio is worth over $400million dollars Morayfield, QLD Retail Floor Area: 24,248 m Sold: $41,390,000 PAMDA FORMS Any Questions? Thank you for your attention! Property Features Tenants Internet -974 carparks Recent Sales Direct mail - 3 storey retail building - Site Area: 1000 m² - Floor Area: 3,144 m² - Developed by Citisite Holdings, 1987, $19 million - Tenants: Mr Toys Toyworld, The Reject Shop, ICE and Chicabooti - Fully Net Leased Income: $2,078,000 p.a. - W.A.L.E: 8.1 years 161 Grey Street, South Bank, QLD Hotel/ Leisure and Retail Sold: $36,500,000 Blunder Road Shopping Centre, Oxley, Qld Sold: $20.6million GLA: 7,379sq m ISPT (Industry Superannuation property trust) Budget Market conditions The Nerang Mall Shopping Center Febuary 2012 8,700sqm $23.4 million Centro Townsville March 2012 13,650sqm $36.5 million Target Market Thank you - The Adviser - Broker's Guide - Smart Property Investment - Real Estate Business - Shopping Centre World - Australian Property investor Who is Buying 60 Queen St, Brisbane City Sale Aim: $26 million 8% return for buyer Most inner city properties at present are only offering 7% return for buyers 662 Compton Rd, Calamvale Sale Aim: $80 million Site Valuation (as at 30.06.11): $14 million Project Cost: $53 million 6.8% return for buyer LMAH Real Estate Incorporated Commission: 1.75% 50% share in the Myer Centre March 2012 63,700sqm $366 million Signage LMAH Real estate incorporated PRICE EXPECTATIONS Myer centre Nerang shopping Mall Centro Townsville What is selling -17,325 m² shopping centre -Opened in october 2007 -Located at 662-668 Compton Rd Property features Marketing Strategy -Sale by Tender -Effective in higher end markets, with larger investors -Generates competition -Buyers determine their own estimates for market value -Creates sense of urgency in the purchasing process - PAMD22a- Appt Act RE Agent Sales - PAMD21a- Appt Act Commercial Prop - PAMD23- Notice to Re-appoint RE Agent - PAMD24a- Appt to Act as Auctioneer - PAMD27c- Selling Agents Dis. To Buyer - PAMD30c- Warning Statement - BCCM Form 14 – Body Corporate declaration - PAMD28- Disclose Beneficial Interest to Seller - PAMD32a- Lawyers Certificate - PAMD20a- Appt to Act Letting & Prop Mgt 60 Queen St Mall Stocklands LaSalle Australia core plus Market Conditions Calamvale Centre Advertorial Sales Strategy -Woolworths -Big W -Dick Smith Target Market

Commercial Real Estate

Transcript: -Graduated from ASU in 1994 with a major in business finance -Arizona Real Estate Licensed -Has worked for Schwab, Wachovia Bank, Catalyst Commercial Group -Currently works for Keyser -Has been an independent real estate agent for the past eight years. Founded in Oregon in 1992 by a farmers Dane and Travis Boersma Serves specialty coffee drinks, smoothies, freezes, teas and its private-label Dutch Bros. Blue Rebel™ energy drink that customers can infuse with their favorite flavors In 2011, the company donated more than $1 million to nonprofit organizations, including local food banks, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, American Cancer Society and Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Over 200 locations in Oregon, California, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado and Arizona There are four types of commercial real estate leases: Single net lease: tenant pays rent and property taxes Double net lease (NN): tenant pays rent, property taxes, and insurance Triple net lease (NNN): tenant pays rent, property taxes, insurance, and maintenance Gross lease: tenant pays only rent Property that is used solely for business purposes Examples: restaurants, stores, malls, gas stations The businesses that occupy commercial real estate usually lease the space. An investor usually owns the building and collects rent from each business that operates there. The two other types of real estate are residential (living purposes) and industrial (manufacturing and production). Leases What is it? Process! Ty Brewster Commercial Real Estate By: PJ Joniec Ty represents all of the following companies: Capriotti's Sandwich Shop The Beef Jerky Outlet The Spice & Tea Exchange Lifetime Products Dutch Bros Rosati's Pizza Aamco Transmissions Sylvan Learning Centers Blondie's Cookies Teriyaki Madness Snax City "Perfect" Store Location Dutch Bros To determine the best location for a business, a real estate agent must take the following characteristics into account: Income demographics Major roads/intersections Surrounding businesses Access to the street Visibility Signage options Type of business Favorable co-tenancy Affordability Companies! Initial introduction to Keyser (or other commercial real estate business) Site search and review of potential site options Submit initial letter of intent for any property that is an acceptable option Negotiate letter of intent Agree on deal terms with final signed letter of intent Landlord provides an initial draft lease for review Tenant reviews and makes requested changes to the lease Tenant signs final lease and provides check for security deposit and first month's rent Tenant receives building permits and begins build-out Tenant opens for business

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