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Property Presentation

Transcript: Approval from Title III and/or Disposition Separation Picture of warehouse Relocation = 1 unit should be coded OCO 75XXX Stolen Assets All employees must account for University-owned property entrusted in their care upon separating from the University Accountable Officers, Deans, Directors, Chairpersons are responsible for their entire respective programs Any debt owed to the University must be settles prior to employee's departure Departments are responsible for clearing individual employees Performs risk assessments on property specifically at risk or vulnerable to loss Inventory For items bought with Title III and Federal Funds Lock equipment in secure locations Each department should appoint a Property Designee to track and monitor property assigned to his or her respective areas University Property Bar Code Relocation Request must be completed and Moving and Setup will remove/relocate equipment To ensure that all University tangible assets are properly recorded and accounted for in accordance with the Federal, State, and University regulations Equipment is maintained by the Property Office Requesting department responsible for ensuring devices containing storage media are sanitized Mission Statement What is "Property"? OBJECTIVES: Insurance Total Cost: $ 5,125.00 Foundation Purchases Software license fees considered taggable assets if: Total dollar amount is greater than $5,000 Covers more than one year (12 months) Items previously written off will be reinstated Property Representative and Property Designee must verify and sign documents Write Offs Konica Minolta Bizhub C654 Code as OCO For all University assets worth more than $1,000 Email: Phone: (850) 599-3678 Fax: (850) 561-2607 Maintain a property database Affix custodial responsibility to end user(s) for all assets assigned to the department Hard Drives Installation: $ 200.00 Inventory For items worth $ 100.00 to $ 999.00 Show a picture of a FAMU WHITE Tag Located at the Physical Plant Operations Building B Monitors and Tracks University Equipment Picture of Yellow OFC Decal Any item(s), regardless of age, cost, origin, source of funding, or Example: Tag 111222 Dell CPU Laverne Washington Room 201B Off Campus privileges must be approved by employees' supervisors Request of two or more of the same item requires justification Shipping: $ 250.00 Setup: $ 175.00 condition, must be disposed of by the Property Office Office of Property Records Track items that are removed from campus Liaison between: Designee's department Office of Property Records Moving and Setup Relief of Accountability Relief of Accountability Property Employees Tag Asset(s) at the Central Receiving Warehouse Tagging Usable and functioning surplus assets are recycled within the University at no cost to the requesting department Red Tags Property inventory is conducted once every fiscal year (July 01 - June 30) of all items worth more than $ 5,000 All items are scanned with a hand-held computer The Property Office and Risk Management must ensure that all content is properly insured 2380 Wahnish Way Tallahassee, FL 32310 Regular Business Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday The University Foundation Office receives item donations and gifts This office notifies the Office of Property Records when a donation or gift is received and accepted on behalf of the University Assets are then tagged accounted for in the same manner as purchased assets. Property Designee Sample Database Contact Us Any equipment that is lost, stolen, or otherwise unaccounted for must be reconciled on a Report of Survey form Picture of Section D Warehouse Equipment, fixtures, and other tangible personal property Life of which is one year (12 months) or more Non-consumable or non-expendable Items worth $5,000 or more per unit according to Florida State Statute Chapter 273: Operations Capital Outlay (OCO) You must notify the Office of Property Records within five (5) days of your receipt of newly acquired equipment to be tagged and/or installed Off Campus Trade - Ins Report of Survey and Police Report needed Software Disposition Title III Tags Property Designee Role Departments are able to trade in University-purchased assets towards the purchase of other assets Requires Property Office and Property Survey Board approval What We Do Contract and Grant required if asset is purchased with these funds Konica Printer: $ 4,500.00 Pictures of hard drives in the warehouse Florida A & M University Office of Property Records Moving and Setup Picture Moving and Setup


Transcript: Parking Advertising Revenue Share Program For Property Owners The Concept The Concept Revenue sharing for advertising with participating property owners New Revenue New Revenue Parking stop advertising generates revenue for retail property owners on "dead space"... parking. Patented Patented OOH Media Solutions Group not only owns the patent, but has the exclusive right to sell advertising on the covers. UltraCover (tm) Parking Stop Cover System The UltraCover(tm) parking stop cover is a completely new marketing channel and has already garnered MASSIVE interest from national ad agencies and brands Unique Unique Innovation already in development: 1. Proximity Sensors to push ad material to opted-in consumers 2. Augmented Reality to support revolving promotions 3. Analytics on vehicle traffic, parking patterns, and "pick-ups" Future-proof Future-proof The Product The Product Molded TPO plastic Graphics heat stamped into PSC Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Secured by adhesive and clips 100% RECYCLABLE Details Details Anti-slip Protects and extends stop life UV, scratch, and tire mark resistant No fading, maintains a clean fresh look No more moldy, broken stops Features Features PSCs cover over exposed rebar to prevent injury and damage Reduced Slip and Fall risk vs concrete Reduced risk of "drive through" accidents to both cars and pedestrians Reduced Risk Reduced Risk The Program The Program Simple installation and tracking to ensure this new revenue channel is sustainable NO capital investment NO maintenance NO additional insurance NO hassle COSTS? COSTS? We will install the concrete stops with our covers in areas designated by property owner We maintain the stops along with the covers We replace stolen or damaged stops and covers Properties with exisitng parking stops will receive increased revenue share Parking stops? Parking stops? Determine blanket exclusions over all properties We do not place: alcohol; tobacco; religious organizations; political candidates, issues or organizations Specific exclusions by property based on tenant mix Tenant Concerns? Tenant Concerns? National Branding Accounts Ad / Media Agency Relationships Local / MSA branding opportunities Opportunities with existing tenants Advertisers Advertisers Agreement Agreement Master License Agreement with Property Addenda, or License per property Revenue Sharing 10% of Monthly Gross Revenue from paid Branding/Advertising If property has existing concrete parking stops, revenue sharing will increase by 2% per month Email: Phone: 513.214.0699 Contact Us: Contact Us:

Commercial Property

Transcript: Seismic Assessments and Solutions Measure and rate energy performance of office buildings Base building Tenancy Whole building Based on Australian Building Environmental Rating System EECA, run in collaboration with NZGBC Valuation Services NABERSNZ Architecture and Design Preparation of fire safety reports for new or existing buildings Fire safety assessments of existing building against the new fire safety regulations Investigations on fire system malfunctions Full design service office Commercial and retail fit outs Contract administration Seismic upgrades Bulk and location Quantity Surveying Our Services Questions? Full spectrum of commercial valuation services Pre-purchase and pre-sale valuations Rent reviews New lease and lease renewal valuations Insurance valuations Compensation valuations Asset and chattel valuations Redevelopment feasibility assessments Specialist valuations Going concern valuations Commercial Property Development monitoring Client representative Contract administration Cost, time and quality management Maintenance management planning Fire Engineering Regulations NABERSNZ Sean Marshall, Director, MRICS Seismic assessments and solutions Cathy Thomas, CPEng Fire Engineering Vitali Prylepski, Senior Fire Engineer, MIPENZ Architecture and Design Andrea Boon, Architectural Designer Project Management and Quantity Surveying Mark Mabey, PM Team Manager, MRICS Valuations Gordon Edginton, Director, Registered Valuer Project Management IEP's and DEE's what are they? The Process Upgrade solutions Overview Initial budgets and comparative cost advice Cost planning and control Investment appraisals Procurement management Forensic Reinstatement estimate for insurance New fire safety regulations, (from April 2013) New Protection Policy issued by Auckland Council A presentation to

Property commercial

Transcript: Machines Physical asset Workforce Warehousse Definition of Fraud Penalties Business law I) Definition II) Business assets III) Type of property The cancelation of the contract Prison Financial fines Receivership A statut made for merchants after registration RSE Governed by the decree N°53-960, 30 Septembre 1953 The commercial lease give the right to exploit the goodwill It takes shape with the commercial lease Part of the private law Commercial proprety Type of assets I) Definition II) Different type of fraud III) Penalties What do you need know before selling a business asset ? Definition of commercial proprety Different type of fraud Patterns Software Notoriety Goodwilll Equipment purchased only for primarily for business use Whatever is the king of business assets, are listed on a company balance sheet They are usually depreciated over the time The business assets are actually an investment and a risk for the company Tangible Intangible Madlyne - Tony A false statement on a material state, it's called a "dol" A fraud can be a tax evasion from companies which don’t want to pay taxes Counterfeiting is also consired as a Fraud Money laundering, corruption, scam, undeclared work… all of them are also fraud In most of cases the state is not earning any money from those activities ! Business asset Governed by the article 1116 of the Civil Code A fraud is characterized by a behaviour which aims to obtain an financial or a moral advantage from not excecuting laws The fraud is characterized by the omission of informations It's a practice that is out of law Fraud


Transcript: SME d) Employer's Liability Insurance Protect against the liability law to pay cost, compensation and expenses to your employees that caused accidental e) Fire Insurance f) Product Liability Insurance Claims for the first made during the currency of the policy period g) Professional Indemnity Insurance All claim that made during the period of insurance a) Fire Insurance Covers the damage or loss of residential or commercial building, fixtures, furniture and fitting that caused by danger Premium - calculate due to standard fire tariff by Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM) b) Fire Consequential Loss Insurance Cost of working, wages, gross profit that gives business interruption to the business premises from fire. Premium - based on Fire Material Damage policy rate c) Industrial All Risk Insurance Any physical accidental loss to the property that been insured to business premises Premium - based on special rate of PAIM CRMERS g) Fidelity Insurance Cover losses of money or other property due to fraud or dishonesty h) Public Liability Claims due to the third party bodily injury or property i) SmartBusiness for Beauty & Wellness Protection to business in the beauty and wellness sector THANK YOU h) Equipment All Risk Insurance i) Money Insurance j) Burglary Insurance k) Plate Glass Insurance Coverage for accidental damage by the broken glass through the thickness of the glass Premium - based on the the thickness of the plate glass and the location of the building h) Fidelity Insurance Coverage employer against any direct pecuniary loss that you may sustain acts of fraud or dishonesty commit by employees. design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi Axa Affin General Insurance American International Group Importance of having commercial property insurance for SME d) Professional Indemnity Insurance Legal costs, negligence professional that done by him or his predecessors to control business activities e) Product Liability Insurance All costs and expenses of litigation that insurer incurred with the written consent and recovered any claimant f) Public Liability Insurance All sum of insured on legal liability that caused the careless of his employees or the insured. g) Machine and Equipment Insurance Coverage for all type of non-mobile equipment from the damages or losses that caused by accidental damage, fire and violent entry from the premises Premium - according to several factors. The sum of insured is not on the loans remaining balance but on the market value Commercial Property Insurance (CPI) a) All Risk Insurance Covers on loss or damage that expose to danger unless that danger are specifically excluded from the policy that caused by the fire, other accident or theft b) Burglary Insurance Protection against the incidents of theft to your property c) Electronic Shield Insurance Protection against the damage to equipment that are dominant electronically d) Accidental Damage to Fixed Glass and Signboards Coverage to fixed glass and signboards against accidental damage e) Public Liability Insurance Protection against legal liability for accidental bodily injury or illness to third party or accidental loss of or damage to third party property arising out of operation in business Premium - based on the companies that buy the insurance It is an essential safeguard that ensures company can continue operating in the face of disaster. It can protect the business from minor hiccup to a major financial loss. Many bad things can be happen at workplace. It can be happen to the employees and the company it self. Examples: Employers liability & Public liability e) Packaged Property Insurance Protection flexible insurance packaged that can be tailor-made to suit your insurance needs as a business owner Premium - depends on type of business and sum insured by company f) Energy Insurance Protection in specialist insurance g) Fire Consequential Loss Coverage loss that gives business interruption of fire or other extended perils a) Fire Insurance Protection against loss or damage to property that caused by fire and lightning. Premium - sum insured < RM50 000, the excess reduce to 1% of sum insured but minimum subject RM100. b) Burglary and Robbery Insurance Protection against loss of stock-in-trade, furniture, fixture and equipment insured premises by robbery or burglar. c) Loss of Money and Securities Protection against loss of money and securities by robbery An ABC boutique situated at a shop of CIA construction would like to insured its stocks for RM100 000 for Section I - Fire and select the Standard Plan for Section II - IV. The free rate is 0.254% of total sum insured and the premium for Standard Plan is RM570.00. The total premium that you have to pay is calculated as follows : Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) A contract between the insurer and the business owner. To minimize the owner’s risks against losses. To protect the businesses from losses due to damage to the equipments, any physical space and as a result of theft. To

Property presentation

Transcript: 3. Cannot oust servient tenament 4. Must not enforce positive burden Query the validity of free market theory assumed here “According to conventional theory [the] definitional restrictions [in the law of easements] play a valuable role in delimiting the kinds of right which, unlike mere licences and contracts, have the capacity to affect later purchasers of land. The imposition of severely limiting criteria has been rationalised as necessary to prevent the proliferation of undesirable long-term burdens which inhibit the marketability of land. Nowadays, however, it is far from clear that the tight definitional regulation of servitudes may actually enhance the enjoyment of land in a crowded environment, promoting rather than inhibiting the character of a locality and its consequent attractiveness on the open market.” Irrelevant Query whether it will lead to abuse, because the courts can control whether the predominant purpose is to fulfill a social policy uses Reduce onerous burden STRICTER APPROACH More "closed list" approach clarifies the rights attached to the land to facilitate transactions Commercial certainty 2.Accomodate dominant tenament Regulation by courts with laxer tests 5. Owners of DT and ST must be different Move towards contract approach (Lax) 6. Must have DT and ST Stricter regulations reduce indeterminate rights on servient tenament POLICY ARGUMENTS Allows easements created for conservation reasons etc Easements as a method of zoning land, so laxer approach allows optimal usage of scarce land ACQUIRING EASEMENTS Interpreting the question Query whether an open list is also certain, because it leads to difficulties in defining situations where easements can be granted *degree of strictness Efficient allocation of resources Enjoyment of land Public regulation Easements Do we agree with Gray's proposal for moving towards "laxer regulation"? Property approach (strict) LAXER APPROACH 1. Capable of being subject matter of grant? Comparing methods of moving towards lax approach Query whether we should give effect to parties intentions? CHARACTERISTICS OF EASEMENTS

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