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Commercial Presentation

Transcript: ? On Dispersive Ground Differentiators Advanced Methodologies by Brendan O'Donohoe Summation Provocative Superstars Used Best People Early on 5 Start Sales Superstars 2 How t Open Ground Complex Ecosystems need Simplicity influence tactics Methodology - Training - Skill Visualization of the effective minority shows the corresponding behaviors of the most effective salespeople. Experts (9%) are good at all 7 skills. Consultants (15%) listen well and are good problem solvers. and Closers (13%) can pull off a big product sale, but their smooth-talking style does not work as well for selling services + Meeting Preparation Customer Interaction Company Presentation Presentation & Rapport The Sales Pitch Story Telling Rising to the Challenge Concept Explained 9 Finish fight Sales Strategies Conclusion Tools - Methodology - Skill Sharpen the Saw: Partner to provide a complete solution in order to differentiate Relevance: Salesforce Automation Mid Market vs Commercial Concept 2 Accellerate the bid. 4 Endure, do not stop selling The Effective Minority METHODOLOGY + Where to Fish Require constant refinement to meet the rapid changes in the competitive market Change the criteria (buyer, requirements, timing) resort to stratagem During Sales Excellence training, focus on only one key skills at a time for 60 minutes per week. And do it for 8 weeks per quarter. Serious Ground attack not Discovery Complexity I am your best weapon Differentiators Creates The Best and the Rest Tools - Training - Skill Desperate Ground gather and plunder On Contentious Ground Explained Year to Date Skip the hot-zones at the beginning and end of each quarter No Bid With todays buyer having full access to info 24/7 Sellers who has to meet rev-rec changes Whilst competitors are switching strategies TOOLS 3 Success Plan Choreography Competitive Differentiators Differentiators transform Ryals and Davies identified seven behaviours of which only 3 were actaully related to sales success. By mapping how sales people relied on each behaviour, they discovered eight types of salespeople. But only three were consistently effective. These 3 made up 37% of the sample. The remaining 63% fell short. Standard Consultative Sales Methodology Basic Tools Don't Matter in the Wrong Hands Daily Feedback! One Skill per week, 8 Weeks per Quarter. 4 Quarters in a Year joind hands with your allies SKILLS Delay the bid Action Plan Consultative 1 Focus on the 'one' key differentiator. Push hard! Values: With a WHAT EXPERTS DO BEST Difficult Ground Hemmed-In Ground 7 Past Experience Succesful Playbooks SKIILS: What Skills set the Experts apart? Will end up in price competition. ROI do not block your opponent Introduction These are skills that can be taught! Harvard Business Review 1 Agenda: During the sales meeting provide a sales training class such as Dan Adams Selling to CxOs Ground of intersecting Highways where is my cloud? Why Does Sales Training Fail? 2 Minutes: Method 8 Minutes: Background 10 Minutes: This Year 10 Minutes: Q&A Total: 30 Minutes- TRAINING Divide your weekly sales excellence training in 3 programs, skills, tools and methodologies keep steadily on the march How to train Superstars? Provocative Approach 4 Tools - Methodology - Training halt not fight not Market Situation executed through Sell more, increase term & design-in new projects. Differentiator: Once a year training is needed but not enough! for 3 days locked inside = 5-10% retention? On methodologies 'from the bubble age' Old Tools Used In New Ways (you need this too) 6 SKILLS: What are the most effective behaviors? On Facile Ground 3 Commercial Transformation using 8 Commercial Transformation! = Standard Sales Training

Commercial Presentation

Transcript: Commercial Presentation Questions 1. Who created this message? The hair brand company Pantene created this message. 2. Why is this message being sent? This message is being sent because Pantene is trying to show that if you use their hair product, no matter who you are, where you come from or what you do-YOU CAN SHINE. 3. What creative techniques are being used? The creative techniques used in this commercial are how Pantene made the deaf girl's hair shiny, flowingly fluent, and eyecatching to the audience. Another creative technique they used is the way they showed a butterfly hatch and fly out representing another point that don't hide, break out free, let the world know you are here. 4. How might different people understand this message differently than me? Different people may understand this as not a hair product commercial but as an advice to life; life can be harsh but you are the only one who can change it, you can shine. Some people might take this message as a PSA ( Public Servie Announcement) or CSA (Community Service Announcement) 5. What values, lifestyles, and point of view are repersented or omitted in this commercial? The message means we can shine, do better with the hair product Pantene has released because it makes your hair shiny but eyecatching. They would make it eyecatching so others would want to buy it making it more popular. The hidden message The hidden message in this commercial is you won't be noticed if you dont have their product The implied message The implied message of this commercial is if you use their hair product it will take effect on us as making you better and noticeable. THE END! "YOU CAN SHINE"

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