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Transcript: UNMO & STAFF 0n-call list 2011 Self Introduction While you are patrolling, you find out that there is a blockage by the villagers in that area. What will you do ? Competences / skills UN STAFF Training, MPTC Experience identify the problem Does your family support in applying for this position? Mission Related My family believe that the experience is invaluable for a military officer. United Nations Oral Language Test Goal: To evaluate how effective the candidate will perform as a UN Military observer The main consideration is: confident , clear, accurate, concise, brief display logical presentation of ideas flow completedness timeliness The student may still make errors but do not interfere with the ability to communicate.May have limited vocab but can carry on casual conversation, give instructions,explanations and follow in a meeting. I have been positioned as a liaison in UNMISS (United Nations Mission in South Sudan) in 2010. (strength) I was in the UNMO and STAFF on-call list in 2012. (relevant) Situation 1: ENGLISH Language skills General questions Stop the car talk to them assess what the problem was and don't try to pass Spend only less than 1 minute What your duty is in Air Forces Tell about your mission experience Related education or training background I'm Squadron Leader Thanaporn or Jeab from the Royal Thai Air Force. Now, I'm working at the Directorate of Communications and Electronics. I'm mainly supervising the administration of all data and network system of the Air Force. Dry lease contingent -owned equipment UN maintain if not available,troop can be reimbursed Wet lease troop provide and maintain the equipment can reimburse for the support INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Why do you want to be an UNMO? (UNMO handbook) If you met a belligerent along the patrol route, what will you do? avoid offending local cultural or religious belief recieve the complaints Un-related questions The interview consist of : INTERVIEW TECHNIQUES for UNMO & STAFF OFFICERS RTAF Language center 3 SEP 2015 news Demonstrate impartiality Gather information Formulate reports stating the facts In the case that you are armed patrolling in South Sudan, if someone pointed a gun to you, what will you do? EDUCATION Merci de votre attention Thank you for your attention 2015-2016 Icebreaker LAW COMMUNICATION UN related questions Self -Introduction Summary After I graduate from the academy, I join the department of foreign affairs. (strength) Although this is my first time to apply for this position, I believe my effort shall be a good start. (determination) Since the position was limited last year, I decided to apply again. (explanation) What should you say? What should you say? What you should not say. competencies SOP ROE GOOD COMMAND OF SOP ROE What is the difference between "dry lease" and "wet lease" ? Pirap- Jabiru Excercise 2012 Your Answer: 2000-2005 Situational -based questions SQN LDR Thanaporn (Jeab) Respond according to the ROE of the UNMISS mission mandate. You have the right to use force if the act is hostile. The experience is worth it ,especially when it is in a foreign environment where cooperation among the team member is needed. 15 years ago, I graduate from the RTAF Academy. (needless) I have never been to the mission. (weakness) I've just had a new baby boy. (threat & irrelevant) Self-Introduction vos voyages / your travels

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Transcript: All students are required to take a final exam that will be a combination over all material learned. The exit exam includes 90 multiple choice questions and 5 essay questions that will refer back to any material learned sophomore through their senior year. Students will be required to write two paragraphs to further explain their response. Examples: 1).What do you consider to be the single most important societal problem regarding wasted resources? What are the effects? 2).How will the US be effected if we do not begin to preserve our resources? 3). Why is it necessary to restore natural resources? Grade required in order to graduate: 6 minimum on the final exam. There are 3 class periods each day; students will be introduced to the general problem and the importance of managing natural resources, will be able to identify the leading causes of the issue, and will study ways the end result will be beneficial to man. Exit Exam Enregistrer et reproduire Senior Year Sophomores Juniors Seniors Math: Man depends on his environment, and forests are home to many different animals, birds, and insects. By the end of this course, students will better understand the amount of life effected by the wasted resources and the number of species that may be destroyed as a result. Science: Even a small change in environment can have its long term affects on the life around it. For example, soil is a very important natural resource, students will study ways to eliminate pollution caused by the resource, healthy alternatives in hope to conserve energy, preserve water, and protect our environment by using those select earth friendly alternatives. English: Students will study the sustainable use as well as management of natural resources which include wildlife, water, air, and earth deposits. Individuals will be required to write a 4 paragraph essay over information learned over the course of the year. Reflection Teaching requires significant formal education. Individuals must have obtained 1 years worth of environmental systems science credit throughout high school Must obtain a bachelor's degree and a degree in environmental science Must complete a teacher preparation program, which includes either an undergraduate, master's, or alternative program. Highly experienced Teacher hiring requirements Math: Students will calculate the amount of time before resources run out. Science: Students will conduct hands on lab experiments regarding our natural resources. English: Students will annotate articles regarding the preservation of natural resources and will be assigned an essay at the end of their first year, discussing one resource that is at risk, and a solution to the problem. Math: Students will study the amount of money necessary to restore our overall resources, and the amount of money we would save as a result. Science: Students will study the importance of restoring natural resources and will test methods to "restore" one wasted natural resource of their choice (ex: turn contaminated water into fresh water). English: Throughout the school year, students will brainstorm new ideas and solutions to decrease the amount of wasted resources. Enregistrer et reproduire - "save and reproduce" Attending this school will change how individuals see the waste and degradation of natural resources. Many are aware of wasted income, but throughout these few years, students will study solutions to the ongoing issue, and will want to begin restoring these resources. This school will make the issue well known and will motivate the community to do everything in our power to preserve our every day assets. Junior year Mathematics will focus on calculations: the amount of time until all natural resources are suddenly exhausted, the amount of money necessary to save the US from debt, and the approximate amount of wasted resources. Science: Throughout this course, students will be able to conduct hands-on lab experiments, will study how specific soils provide a wide range of important ecosystem services, how we can cleanse contaminated water to be reused, and how natural resources will debilitate if the US does not begin to preserve it's resources. English: Students will study previous attempted solutions that may or may not have been successful and it will be required of them to brainstorm new solutions to preserving natural resources. Grade levels Course Requirements Sophomore year

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