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Transcript: Created by TRUC QUYNH Colorful Introduce Introduce I 1. The state of oil spill 2. Cause of oil spill 3. Consequences of oil spill 4. Solutions I As you know our countries are countries with abunelant rescures, especially oil and gas recures. It is largely found in the south East of Viet Nam. Beside the advantageous exploitation, oil brings many economic benefits to our countries. It isn't less a consequence of this oil spill incident. Today our sea isn't classified as a serious polluted level, but is also warned that tuture pollution risk are high. 1.The State of oil spill 2.Cause of oil spill Nature - Cracking oil pipes due to earthquake, welds are not of good quality, so the case of welding craking causes the oil to spill into the environment. - Leakage from retining process, oil retining. - Leakage from mining process. - Leakage from ships in the sea and in the bay: ships use oil as their tuel when the oil tank is not of good quality the oil'll leak into the sea. - Leakage from oil wells on the continental shelf: construction work is not good of quality of oil from these wells goes into the environment. - Oil spills caused by a ship and barges become oil or collision.This is very dangerous not only fot the economy and environment but also to human life. 3.Consequence of oil spill - Oil spills cause pollution of marine environment, affecting the ecosyste. Especially mangrove ecossysterm sea and coral. - Oil spills reduces the flexibility, resilience of the ecosystem and reduces the oxygen exchange capacity betweent airand water. - Oil spills cause water pollution and dead fish due to lack of oxygen. - The oil clings to the soil, the rocks and coasts lost landscape. As a resulf, the revenue of the travel industry is also severely damaged. - Oil spills also effect the operation of parts, ship build and repair facilities floating oil, causes damage to machinery. - Now the entire area of magrove forest is dying, leading to the extinction of brackish water animals and plants. - Recovery of oil on the water by float rotary float and oil absard equipment. - cleaning contaminated areas with sprayers or water spray and burning oil over the sea. - Use chemicals to precipitate or new tralize oil. - The use of microbial preparation stimulate the growing process and the development of some species of organisms dissolve oil. - Create separating layers to limit the extent of spread by chemical or mechanical means. - Use high abrasion resistant float and use diatomit stonl as small particles to absorb oil. 4.Solutions Dance about the earth the song: we are in together Ii.Music

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