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Color Palette Powerpoint Template

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The Color Palette Designer

Transcript: Actors User- Betty UI Elements New Project Button (Create new project) Search screen (observe old projects) Sort screen Search box (Search Current Projects by Name) Action(s) Create new project by clicking “new project button.” Finished Project! Rationale - Products & Applications that are currently available limit the implementation of an idea because of outdated information. Initial Vision - Provide users with a user friendly UI that allows them to realize their plans and designs. -Streamline the planning process from cluttered complicated lists to a clean process with actual products to fill their space whether that be a designed room or event space. BTM 604 Group Project Augmentative vs.. Autonomous -Designed using augmentative factors to provide suggestions instead of requirements. -Allows for creativity and collaboration amongst multiple users. Avoiding Gulf of Evaluation -Used gestalt principles to group like items considered factors such as area, symmetry, continuity and familiarity. Natural Mappings -Alignment of real world real world conventions such catalog or storefront as displayed in search results and favorites list. Conceptual Model -Important detail outlined by Norman for usability design -Implemented through consistency amongst page headers Actors User - Betty UI Elements Title Banner (Home) Input Search Box Search Button Favorites List Actions Look through blue cribs, dressers and bedding Touch search button Touch Blue shade to take to link - This scenario was chosen from another real life situation experienced by a team member. A family friend's daughter was going away to college and her mother spent countless hours looking for zebra prints. The Color Palette Designer would have cut down the time and effort needed to complete this design. - Actors: Actors were chosen based on who had influence on the project at hand such as Jessica choosing prints and Norma trying to find them with other third party stores. Actors User- Betty UI Elements Button(Return to Account Details) Button (Start New Project) Banner (Home Screen Name) Search box (Search Current Projects by Name) List (Projects that have been Favorited) Banner (Color Palettes) Up/Down List (Arrows) Sample Color Palettes (Popular) Action(s) Scroll through popular sample color palettes Touch “Start New Project” Action(s) Enter Name & Personal Email Optional- Enter Email of Friends Touch “Submit” Hurdles App Overcomes Applied Usability Principles Actors User- Betty UI Elements Title Banner (User Information/Invite Friends to Projects) Input Text Box (User Information/Invite Friend emails) Project Details Actors User- Betty UI Elements Button(Return to Project lists) Button (Start New Project) Search box (Search Current Projects and pick dimensions) Action(s) Scroll through pre-selected dimensions for desired project Touch “Start New Project Project Screen Actors User- Betty UI Elements Button(Return to project list) Button (Start New Project) Banner (project title) Search box (add themes) List (add elements that you want for project) Dimension box (Length x width) List (add what accessories you want to room) Action(s) Add themes that the project needs to be complete. Add the dimensions of the room and the accessories that you want in the room. Application User Home Screen The Color Palette Designer Visual nature of the human psychology -Employs general pattern recognition via conceptual standardization Mitigating the small, short-term memory of the average person -Ability to later recall all of their favorite ideas with ease Story Board: New User Welcome Screen Rationale Behind First Date Scenario Actors User- Betty UI Elements Graphics (Logo) Message Box (Welcome Message) Button (OK/Cancel) Action(s) -Click on “OK” - The nursery was chosen because this is was a real life experience a team member had when planning a nursery. This situation was the reason The Color Palette Designer was created. - Actors: The actors were chosen based on who it affected and who were making decisions. Results in mom, dad, baby boy and third party stores. Initial Vision & Rationale Actors User- Betty UI Elements Button(Return to Previous screen ) Banner (Upload color option ) Button (upload color) Banner(Choose from a preset selection of colors) Button (drops down list of pre-selected colors) Action(s) Touch Blue & Grey to be taken to pre-designed color palette options Rationale Behind Nursery Scenario New Project Screen Story Board Rationale Behind Wedding Scenario Actions Add items to favorites list Click on item in list to see full size image and web address Click web address to be redirected to the site for purchase - DIY weddings while all the rage can be very difficult and time consuming. These challenges do not have to mean that your dream wedding cannot be realized. The Color Palette Designer can bring each idea to life all in one convenient place. - Actors: Actors were chosen based on who the wedding affected and who were making the choices to get

Color powerpoint

Transcript: Color Terms Mode – amount of color data that can be stored in a given file format Pixel – (dot) represents a color or shade RGB Mode RGB – Red, Green, Blue Represented by mixing various proportions and intensities of RGB colored light Additive colors – used for computer monitors Colors may vary from monitor to monitor CMYK Mode CMYK – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black Based on colors being partially absorbed as the ink hits the paper and being partially reflected back to your eyes Subtractive color CMYK – used in four color process printing Grayscale Mode Color Picker – lets you choose a color from a color spectrum or lets you numerically define a custom color Swatches palette – visual display of colors you can choose from Filters – PS commands that can significantly alter an image’s appearance Terms Foreground color – black by default Used to paint, fill, and apply a border to a selection Background color – white by default Used to make gradient fills (gradual blends of multiple colors Fill in areas of an image that have been erase Color Picker – lets you choose a color from a color spectrum or lets you numerically define a custom color Swatches palette – visual display of colors you can choose from Filters – PS commands that can significantly alter an image’s appearance What does your favorite color mean? RED Stimulates heartbeat and breathing Love and Warmth Symbolizes anger and aggression Outgoing/Passionate Personalities YELLOW Cheerful First Color to Grab Attention Optimistic Causes some to lose tempers BLUE Peaceful Tranquil/Calming Depressing Symbolizes Loyalty Increases Productivity PURPLE Royalty Sophistication Wealth Shyness Femininity GREEN Symbolizes Nature Calming Refreshing Masculinity Wealth ORANGE Full of Energy Enthusiastic Demands Attention BLACK Power Elegance Mystery Mourning Unhappiness WHITE Innocence Purity Simplicity Cleanliness Youth Painters in the late 19th century began to focus on colors in their artwork. They were known as the Impressionists. Later, in the early 20th century, the Expressionists evolved. They used color mostly to express emotions in their work. Claude Monet was one of the most popular Impressionist painters. Notice how the painting does not look real, but the layering of bright colors gives the impression of the church, water, and sky. This was painted by Post-Impressionist, Vincent van Gogh. He was in an asylum when he painted Starry Night. Notice how much blue he used in the painting. Do you think the color symbolizes anything? Edvard Munch’s “Scream”Expressionism Understanding Color Color is a wavelength of light Hue (chroma) – Name of color Intensity – Quality of brightness or Purity of color Saturated Color – Very intense Primary Colors – Red, Yellow Blue 3 colors in the spectrum of light that cannot be produced by a mixture of pigments Secondary – Combination of any two Primary colors (Orange, Green, Purple) Intermediate (Tertiary) – Combination of Primary and Secondary (Primary named first) Color Schemes Neutral – Don’t reflect any single wavelength of light, but create lightness and darkness Neutralized colors are “greyed” down or reduced in intensity Some are “semi-neutral”, showing more of a hue Analogous – Closely related colors on color wheel Complementary – Two colors directly opposite each other on the color wheel Split-Complementary – Color plus the two colors to the right and left of complement Triadic – Three equidistant colors on color wheel Warm Colors – Colors that include mostly reds or yellows Cool Colors – Colors that include mostly blues and greens Monochromatic – One color with its differing values Tints – A color plus white Shade – A color plus black RGB – Red, Green, Blue RGB – Red, Green, Blue Represented by mixing various proportions and intensities of RGB colored light Additive colors – used for computer monitors Colors may vary from monitor to monitor Represented by mixing various proportions and intensities of RGB colored light Additive colors – used for computer monitors Colors may vary from monitor to monitor


Transcript: always......... always......... TRIBUNALS CRIMINAL COURTS BAD always......... Cases of Suppression of Disabled Persons Dishonour of Cheques Cases under Domestic Violence Act Violation of Shops and Establishment Act always......... Complaints against Advocates for Misconduct. Money Claims, Railway Claims Tribunal Registrar of Co-operative Societies PMC Court THE COLOR PALETTE OF Charity Commissioner VALUES Tribunals REFERRALS always......... Civil Courts GOOD HARD WORK FAIRNESS PERSEVERANCE & PATIENCE Divorce, Custody and Maintenance Cases. Divorce by Mutual Consent. Motor Accident Claims Tribunal Disputes under Bombay Public Trusts Act Money Recovery, Contempt of Court, Succession Certificate, Legal Heirship Certificate Disability Commissioner Competent Authority always......... Sessions Court Appeal from Lower Courts HIGH COURT CIVIL COURTS Consumer Court Disputes between members and third parties Money Claims on Account of Motor Accidents Stay on Demolitions JUDICIAL MAGISTRATE FIRST CLASS Eviction of Tenants and Licensees always......... PERFECTION Companies/ Individuals looking for Standard Drafts, downloaded with the use of google Litigation Department Protection of Muslim Women Motor Accident Cases Appeals from Lower Courts always......... State Bar Council of Maharashtra CONFIDENTIALITY always......... CHHERAWALA & NALWALA Companies looking for High Quality and Customized Legal Services Cases against Builders, Banks, Insurance Companies, Service Providers. GOOD Any type of Court Case. A person or a company with recurring work, willing to pay a minimum Fee of Rs. 25,000/- per case; A person who has a case pending in any Court for more than 3 (three) years. HONESTY PERFORMANCE THROUGH VALUES BAD GROWTH OF EVERY STAKE HOLDER Corporate Department Any person who believes that an Advocate is a miracle man and once the case is given, the person does not require to do anything and can peacefully go to sleep. Family Courts TRANSPARENCY LITIGATION DEPARTMENT

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