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College Budget Template Powerpoint

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Budget powerpoint

Transcript: Vacation cost $530.00 / 12 = $44.16 Needs 2,055 Yearly Gross Income: Monthly Expenses: 24,660 -Geico I'm a private detective making 21,020 before taxes, married to a teacher whom makes 32,880 and we have one son who's 1 year old. To Colorado,CO! Make: Nissan Model: 350Z Year: 2006 Price: 9,996 $699 Total: $398 2,338.95 Brenda Valles 3rd Period $3,368.75 48 Months 9% Intrest rate $249.00 Monthly expences! 3,368.75 Private Detective Eating Out: $100.00 Baby Sitting: $80.00 Vacation Saving: $44.16 Cell phone: $100.00 Cable/Internet: $45.00 Dart Pass: $80.00 $3,221.11 Buying A Car I made it! Personal Expenses Surplus! of $147.64! Total: Car Loan Information Yearly Disposable Income: Budget Project How much is it all?! Rent: $699.00 Utilities: Electricity $150.00 Estimated Food expenses: $480.00 Clothing Expenses: $200.00 Car Payment: $249.00 Car Insurance: $360.95 Gas: $200.00 Activites: 1,313.75 $430.00 15,765 90 Monthly Disposable Income Wants $147.64 Your monthly gross income: Toileting/Cosmetics: $80.00 Beauty/Barber Shop: $90.00 Allowance/Lunch: $100.00 Gifts/ Presents: $40.00 Petty Cash(extra money) $20.00 Savings/Investments: $100.00 Vacational Trip Budget! Your monthly disposable income: 4,491.66 Subtract!! Cable Tv Phone Concerts Internet Xbox Puppy Luxuries Jacuzzi Piano and guitars Nissan GTR 2015 Accomodation Monthly expences Yearly Gross Income: Food Transportation hygene essentials shelter clothes furniture baby formula utilities medicaid money Car Insurance: Transportation : 350 to go and come back. Food: 12 hour drive eating 3 times at convinience stores- $30.00 2 night stays 3 meals x 3 = 6 meals $100 (we will be fishing for free ) = free fish = free food Spending cash : $50.00 What's the cost?? Teacher 21,020 Monthly Expenses Total: Yearly Disposable Income: Amenities 2338.95 A Deficit Or A Surplus? Legends At Lake Highlands Camping ! at Brown Lake in Pingree Park Road Ln Colorado, CO - At Zero cost $Free 2 Bedrooms & 1 Bathroom Vacations!! Monthly Disposable Income: Monthly income? $32,880 Monthly Disposable Income: $449.16 Who am I? Air Conditioning Dishwasher Furnished Available Pool Fitness Center Rent Attending the lake & swimming- Free Hiking In the Mountains- Free Fishing- Free

College PowerPoint

Transcript: The college is located in Gainsville, Florida the room and board cost is $7,346 They do offer online classes Florida does offer online classes College PowerPoint you can earn your Bachelors degree at Montreat College some majors they offer are Accounting, Biological and Physics science, English Composition, General History and Interdisciplinary studies Some sports they offer basketball and football name of school #2 Florida is located in a city environment 32,008 undergrad students go there The school is located in Montreat,NC Christian centered, not to big, 3.0 GPA average , SAT2 not required, GED accepted The student to faculty ratio is 11:1 The application process is all online some sports they offer are basketball, baseball and soccer the cost of tuition for us is $23,164 their mascot is the Gator Florida university The application process is all online you have to take either the SAT1 or the ACT you can earn your assoc, Bach, mast, and Dr. degree at Florida University the school is located in a rural environment on Montreat and Florida They do have the Travel abroad program Florida is a public school the room and board cost is $5,240 450 undergrads students go there Men to women ratio is 46/54 9 men and 12 women sports 28 years in NCAAS best athletics They offer study abroad Offer 15-25 fully accredited Study abroad funds you have to take the SAT and the ACT some majors they offer are Botany, Animal Science, Plant Medicine, Nutritional Science and Genetics and Genomics Montreat is a private school tuition cost for us is $20,580 the student to faculty ratio is 20.5/1 other interesting things other interesting things their mascot is the Cavalier

College Powerpoint

Transcript: Hope Scholarship Gate Millennium ship Poet Scholarship Activist Scholarship ROTC Scholarship Honors Clubs GPA: 2.85 SAT: 1452 ACT: 21 Academic Requirement: Math: 4 Science:4 English:4 Social Studies: 3 Foreign Language: 2 Application fees: $15 Student Life Hope Scholarship Gate Millennium ship Poet Scholarship Activist Scholarship ROTC Scholarship Things To Do: Georgia Dome (Falcons) Turner Field (Braves) Georgia Aquarium Paint Run Has sports such as Football Basketball Golf Tennis Student Stuff Georgia Southern University Scholarships Georgia State University Tuition Cost GPA: 3.25 SAT/ACT: SAT: 1577 ACT: 22 Academic Requirement: English:4 Math:4 Science4: Social Studies: 3 Foreign Language: 2 Application fees: $60 Campus Life GPA: 3.32 SAT/ACT: SAT: 1571 ACT: 23 Academic Requirement: English:4 Math:4 Science:4 Social Studies:3 Foreign Language:2 Application fees: $30 Has a planetarium Theater Art/Craft Georgia Southern Fund Options Fund Options Albany State University Hope Scholarship Gates Millennium Scholarship ROTC Scholarship Right Handed Scholarship FAFSA Loans Scholarships Work based learning FAFSA Work-based learning Scholarship Loans FAFSA Work-based Learning Scholarships Loans Georgia State University Fund Options Scholarships Albany Admission Instate:$3,979 Out state:$26,685 Honors Club Beta Club Sororities Fraternities In state: $6,240 Out state:$20,808 Student Life Honors Club Fraternities Sororities Clubs Scholarship Beta Club Divine 9 In state: $6,024 Out state: $18,226 College PowerPoint By: Quinn Tucker Tuition Cost Tuition Cost Football Basketball Soccerball Tennis

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