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College Basketball Powerpoint Template

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College PowerPoint

Transcript: The college is located in Gainsville, Florida the room and board cost is $7,346 They do offer online classes Florida does offer online classes College PowerPoint you can earn your Bachelors degree at Montreat College some majors they offer are Accounting, Biological and Physics science, English Composition, General History and Interdisciplinary studies Some sports they offer basketball and football name of school #2 Florida is located in a city environment 32,008 undergrad students go there The school is located in Montreat,NC Christian centered, not to big, 3.0 GPA average , SAT2 not required, GED accepted The student to faculty ratio is 11:1 The application process is all online some sports they offer are basketball, baseball and soccer the cost of tuition for us is $23,164 their mascot is the Gator Florida university The application process is all online you have to take either the SAT1 or the ACT you can earn your assoc, Bach, mast, and Dr. degree at Florida University the school is located in a rural environment on Montreat and Florida They do have the Travel abroad program Florida is a public school the room and board cost is $5,240 450 undergrads students go there Men to women ratio is 46/54 9 men and 12 women sports 28 years in NCAAS best athletics They offer study abroad Offer 15-25 fully accredited Study abroad funds you have to take the SAT and the ACT some majors they offer are Botany, Animal Science, Plant Medicine, Nutritional Science and Genetics and Genomics Montreat is a private school tuition cost for us is $20,580 the student to faculty ratio is 20.5/1 other interesting things other interesting things their mascot is the Cavalier

College powerpoint

Transcript: Career Project My interests lie in math and art I do not want to be busy all the time. I would prefer to work on a schedule. Not really early in the morning or late at night. Maybe 9am to 5pm. Industrial Design programs are offered at: University of Michigan Cranbrook Academy of Art Ohio State University Ohio State University Tuition cost around $25,445 a year for a nonresident to attend Ohio State University. For room and board it is estimated to cost about $10,392. Depending on what room you want, the cost could change. There are also the cost of new books and supplies which adds on about $1,248. Requirements 4 Years of high school English, 3 Years of math, At least 2 years of social studies, science, and the same foreign language, one year of visual or preforming arts, your transcripts, a high school diploma and ACT or SAT score Anyone who have taken more of these classes and/or participate in extra curricular activities would receive additional consideration when applying. You need 131 credit hours for a degree in Industrial Design. The demand outlook is expected to grow 10% from 2010 to 2020. Plan of Work Freshman Year: Survey course-1 Design Fundamentals-6 Visual Principles -6 Introduction to Design Practice-3 Design History-3 GE courses-12 Total credit hours-31 Sophomore Year: Introduction to Industrial Design-6 Design Research- 3 Visual Strategies for Industrial Design-3 Design media-6 Materials and Processes-3 GE courses-1 Total credit hours-36 Junior year: Intermediate Industrial Design-6 Design Research-3 Design Media-3 Collaborative Design-3 Professional Practices-3 Elective Courses-9 GE sourses-6 Total credit hours-33 Senior year: Advanced Industrial Design-6 Design Research-3 Visual Strategies for Industrial Design-3 Design Seminar-3 Elective courses-3 GE courses-13 Total credit hours-31 The range of pay for an Industrial Designer is from $33,190 a year to $94,270 a year. The average salary is about $58,230. Possibilities for Advancement They can also become teachers at design schools or open their own firm. In a large firm experienced designers my become chief designers, the head of the department, or other supervisory positions. Industrial Design I would like to stay in Michigan but would go out of state if it's nessary Salary

Basketball Template

Transcript: The History of Basketball By Boubacar Dime Fun Facts Initial Creation Rise of Basketball The original creator of the game of basketball was James Naismith, a sports coach who was looking for an indoor alternative to football and baseball when creating this new sport. When setting up the basketball hoops, Naismith hung the peach baskets on the railing of the running track which happened to be 10 feet, which is where the height originated from. Additions to the Game Fun Facts Basketball is most popular in the United States, with the Philippines coming in second place. Basketball has a crazy amount of variations unofficially such as 1v1s, 3v3s, half-court games, etc but currently the only variation the NBA supports is classic 5v5. The free throw was first introduced as compensation for fouls during a game and it used to be a 20-foot shot which was later altered to 15 feet. That greatly deincentivized fouling during a game. The NCAA had banned dunking because they ruled it to be an unskillful shot and they also included injury concerns in their reasoning. One very interesting fact is that in the early days of basketball dribbling wasn't even allowed. The Rise of Basketball The first pro league ever formed in basketball was called the "National Basketball League" which was formed in 1898 to protect players from exploitation and overly rough games. Eventually in 1949, the NBL and the BAA both merged to form the NBA which took off exponentially quick. Basketball first introduced to the Olympics program in 1936 and the United States has the most gold medals. Ever since its creation basketball was a very quick success due to the versatility of the game as well as the entertainment appeal. Women had started playing basketball only a year after it was invented, but it has evolved for the drastically since 1892. The first official women's league, WNBA, was created in 1996 while the NBA was created in 1946. Additions to Basketball Basketball has not always been what we've known it to be. In early basketball 3 point shots weren't even a thing. It was first officially adopted in 1979 by the NBA, and Chris Ford was the first to even successfully make a shot. The 3-pointer was so successful because it led to a more entertaining game to watch and play. The 24 second shot-clock was also made to make the game more entertaining, and it's what led to the fast paced action that we see in basketball. One of the first notable player to heavily influence basketball was Wilt Chamberlain, as the NBA had to create new rules just to adjust to the things he introduced.

College Powerpoint

Transcript: Athletic Affiliation: BIG WEST CONFERENCE NCAA DIV 1 Fall semester starts on August 22nd and ends on December 22nd . Spring semester starts on January 23rd and ends on May 25th Some Degrees at CSULB : Kinesiology • Linguistics • Music • Philosophy • Political Science • Psychology • Religious Studies • Spanish • Theatre Arts • Aerospace Engineering • Applied Statistics • Biochemistry • Biology • Chemistry • Civil Engineering • Computer Science • Counseling • Criminal Justice Cost for all students is $254 per semester unit For non-resident students it is a $372 added to every unit you take. CSULB has every sport club team you can think of ! All the way from Archery to Wheelchair Basketball! School colors are Black & Gold Their mascot is Prospector Pete They have great activities on campus such as Alternative Spring Break Cultural Graduation Celebrations Human Relations Summit Leadership Academy Make a Difference Day T3 Leadership Conference Teamwork Leadership Retreat The photography at CSULB isn't very popular , but they have a beauitful area to take amazing pictures at. The courses i would need to take would be more in the Art area because their art programs teach you a lot and help with the photography. They have an on campus Art Museum which is full of things to help with the students pursueing their career. They have one Library , Athletic Facilities : West Gym Gold Mine, Swimming pool, Track & Field, East Gym, Tennis Courts, Racquetball courts, Badminton. They have 11 labs. Has 18 resident hall buildings , There are 34,875 Undergraduated students Right by beach In California City of Long Beach

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