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Coffee Table Powerpoint Template

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Coffee Table

Transcript: Disadvantages Easy Assembly Affordable Holds many people Stores chairs easily does not take up a lot of space Advantages 3rd and Final Idea none Squared Tables Our Coffee Table Design Challenge We have to design and model a modular table that will allow a greater number of patrons to be serviced at Mr. Smith's Coffee Shop. We have to work with constraints Disadvantages Triangular tables The Coffee Table Easy Assembly 1. Minimum of two adults seating per table. 2. Modular table design must interlock for stability. 3. Maximum material costs are $200 per table. 4. Maximum weight limit of 50 lb per table. 5. Initial design concept is due in 1 week. Easy Assembly You can connect tables for larger parties. Only able to hold 3 adults Only able to hold 4 adults Takes up too much space By:Hannah Morrison and Michael Hall Circular Table Problem Statement Advantages 1st Idea Works cited: 2nd Idea Disadvantages Our Coffee Table is a deluxe Round table with hidden edges under the circular top. A round table is able to hold more people than a triangular or square table. If you have a large party, then you may extend the squared edges and connect them to another table. For the circular design, it stores the chairs perfectly under the table to create more space for others. We have built in a plug in that extrudes from the middle of the table for those people who like to bring laptops or possibly just wants to charge their phone. It is the perfect set up for any coffee lounge, and is quite attractive. The current lounge chair and living room-style seating areas in Mr. Smith's Coffee Shop are too large and cannot accommodate the growing number of patrons. Advantages

Coffee Table

Transcript: 4. We used all of the steps of the design process to finish our project the best we could. We were given the initiation in the 9.3 layout on PLTW. We brainstormed and did research and divided out the jobs. We created the CAD model and improved on our design along the way. And now we are presenting it. Choosing Our Project Out of all of the available projects, the group members available at the time believed that the coffee table would be the best option for our group. They also had some really amazing ideas for innovations right from the start. 5. In our project, we did solely face-to-face work. However in the case that we had a team mate that was out of state and we needed to rely solely on virtual contact I feel like we would have issues with getting our ideas across and putting all the work that we did together. Its putting a lot of trust into internet or social media. Between the two options, face-to-face teamwork is probably the easier and more reliable choice. Table Top Screw (4) Screw Hinge (4) Table Legs (4) Screw 1. Our communication was pretty basic. We just talked to each other when we needed something (i.e. an opinion or the next task or the check up). In self evaluation we did very well with communication and knowing what was going on with each other. Choosing Our Innovation 2. We actually worked really well together. We didn't have any conflicts that needed resolving. The most we had was a conflict of opinion when choosing our innovation and that was resolved by just talking it out and taking a majority vote on what to do. When we started brainstorming, we had no shortage of ideas (listed above). But then when we moved onto research and the decision matrix (Above). We found that most of our ideas were not compatible or were already done. Our invention/innovation is fairly simple and widely spread. Our constraints were not very limiting so we had a lot of freedom to do what we wanted. However out of our initial list only some were plausible to do and not done before. Initial List Start Up Problems Decision Matrix Assembly Our final decision was to do two of our innovations. We decided on the detachable legs and a heater for coffee cups. We decided to cut back on cost our table would be made out of recycled materials. Designed, Made, and Presented by... Micheal Lauren Alex Robert Heaters for coffee Folding legs Safety edge Pocket for legs Charged through table Cup Holder Charging station Cabinets Lights built in TV screen built in Free Wifi Hollow legs Recycled Material Chalk top Table Top The Best Coffee Table Ever Parts List As a group we have decided that if given more time and the chance we would make some improvements. We would make the table legs thinner so that there is more room for peoples legs. We would also make it more styled instead of the basic style we used. Dat Coffee Table Doe Screw Hinge Conclusion Questions Our Design Legs 3. Our most challenging part was making our CAD assembly. We had trouble getting all the pieces into the place they needed to be; and when we did, it got deleted the first time causing us to have to redo it. Improvements 6. We did not add any new constraints to our product. We thought it best to stick to what we were given so we didn't over complicate the project.

Coffee table

Transcript: COFFEE TABLE MATERIALS WORK SHOP Tišlar PRODUCT IDEA IDEA The idea came when I was assembling cubes. I tried to assemble wooden blocks and connect them with metal rods. I added a glass to the table in the middle. MATERIALS My product is special, because it includes three different materials. There is not a lot of coffee tables with these statement. WOOD I choose ash: It is hard wood stretchy material smooth grey bark small greenish flowers seeds shaped like wings ASH GLASS GLASS I order the glass of dimension 560*560 mm. Product sketch on inventor. STEEL I needed 8 metal rods with a diameter of 14 mm. STEEL WORK SHOP I only processed wood, glass and metal I got done From the ash I made: wooden legs (cone) massive cubes (had furrow for glass) PROCESS 1. sawing 2. to plane 3. gluing 4. to plane 5. cut 6. to drill through the cubes 7. holes for dowels 8. to route fillet the edges I made a hole for glass 9. to file down 10. lacquer 2* 11. assembly -video- PROBLEM DURING THE PROCESSING PROCESSING The project itself is far from being easy to make Product assembly issues: insert the rods into the wood precision is required to be rectangular THE PURPOSE OF PRODUCT The base is like a coffee table in the living room for decoration purposes, like in a company decoration in the hallway or in front of the room (egg. hotel) PRICE It is 440 euro: new product on the market three materials people loved product PRICE CONCLUSION I am happy, because i converted the new idea to the product If I worked again (different pieces of wood) Positive boost CONCLUSION

Coffee Table

Transcript: Coming to our accomplishment was a difficult task. We had trouble with inventor and communicating. We also didn't really follow up on our Ganntt Chart like we wrote down on it due to us being off task. But slowly we got back up and took down our problems and task and managed to complete everything on time. We had a triangle sketch, a small rectangle sketch, and a much larger rectangle sketch. We went with the larger rectangle. We chose the long rectangle drawing with glass in the middle because it was easy and looked very good. This is the process with the CAD sketches. $182.60 $47.27 for 9 8" x 24 5/8 glass piece The Problem The current lounge chair and living room-style seating areas in Mr. Smith’s Coffee Shop are too large and cannot accommodate the growing number of patrons. Constraints We had to change dimensions on the wood pieces due to pieces going inside of each other. Research Reflection and skills We researched normal wooden coffee tables on google and got ideas for or sketches. $93.42 for 18 oak Red 4/4 Lumber 18ft. In the end, this project was very fun. I enjoyed overcoming obstacles with my partner and having a taste of the real engineering world. The table came out better than expected considering the time constraint we had. Bill of Materials $19.44 for 6 1"Dia. x 1/8 thick Magents Main Idea Technical Drawings This is our process of making the pieces for the table 1. Minimum of two (2) adults seating per table. 2. Modular table design must interlock for stability. 3. Maximum material costs are $200 per table. 4. Maximum weight limit of 50 lb per table. 5. Initial design concept is due in 1 week. Conclusion We want to make a table that can fit these constraints and will be usable. Our Accomplishment Coffee Table By Ivan Alejandre & Justin Patterson I learned how tough it is in the real world of engineering. It's difficult to communicate and agree on one thing right away. Sometimes both the engineers have to work on their own for a little bit and see who's comes out best. The main idea of our table is to look nice, be light weight, and be able to connect to other tables. We did accomplish all of these goals and it turned out pretty well. $22.47 for #10 4 in phillips flat woof screws (5 lbs.) Design Challenge Sketches and reasons CAD process

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