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Coding Presentation

Transcript: THANKS FOR WATCHING! Colin Pearson 550 Lines Of Overview I made a javascript coded app with AppLab from In this app, you can choose from a list of instruments to learn the notes of this instrument. OVERVIEW Goals Learn Javascript Design an App Program that App Add sounds to that App Goals I started out the year learning Javascript on Codecademy. When I got enough that I understood the programming, I decided to switch to AppLab. In AppLab, I designed and programmed an app which allowed the users to pick from a variety of instruments that they want to play. Unfortunatly, due to the malfunctions of AppLab, I could not get as far through the programming of this app as I had wanted to. With the malfunction, I was not able to change the screens of the app or play sounds. Goals Achieved LANGUAGES LEARNED: Javascript Time Management My project was a valuable use of my class time because I could use my outside knowledge of musical instruments and my inside knowledge of coding and combine them to make one thing that looked good and worked. Was your project a valuable use of your class time? I would say that I managed my time wizely. I did socialize, but only while helping others. I also feel that I stayed on task, only opening up other tabs to get help on the code. Overall though, I worked on my code without distractions. How did you manage your time? Be the Teacher Had groups brainstorm together, and then each make different things based on the brainstorm Taken the time to learn Javascript (Just kidding!) If I were the teacher, I would have... Pros and Cons I was able to make a total of 8 Instrument Screens including Bass Drum, Bass, Cello, Marimba, Saxophone, Snare Drum, Viola and Violin. Great Job! Great Job! Screenshots Screenshots Marimba Cello/Viola Saxophone I did not use the blocks that you could use to program with. Instead, I used all my own typing. Great Job! Great Job! I learned how to code javascript Great Job! Great Job! I could have designed my app better with back buttons so you could choose different instruments without restarting Could've been Better Could've been Better I could have made the different instruments more compatable with computers and less confusing for users. Could've been Better Could've been Better

Coding Presentation

Transcript: Coding By: Alex Clark What is Coding? What is Coding? What is coding? We use code everyday, whether it’s on our phone, computer, laptop, or microwave, coding is there. Coding is a series of numbers, 1s and 0s that computers can read, but there are multiple other languages of codes that can create games such as Madden 18, FIFA 18, and many other games. Code even dates back to the time of the Egyptians and have been used in the biggest wars, Vietnam, WWI, WWII. The History of Coding History Of Coding Coding first started with the Rosetta Stone which was an ancient Egyptian code. The Germans then used the Enigma code which allowed the Germans to send over 1,000 secret messages with their secret code which got cracked by the U.S. but because they knew the code they didn’t want to send to many troops which might have been suspicious and prolonged the war. The Rossetta Stone Famous Coder There were many famous coders and decrypters, and one of them was a man named William F. Friedman. William, intercepted a Japanese message that was decrypted and was read out to be an order to bomb Pearl Harbor. Sadly they could not send another message to evacuate Pearl Harbor quick enough and many lives were lost. How Code is Created Coding is a series of numbers now that computers can read that are made up of 1’s and 0’s. It is made by computers but there are multiple other languages of code such as Java, which is used to create mobile games, video games for Xbox, PS4, and Computer gaming. There is also other codes for other purposes. Ever wondered how touch screen works in cars now? That is code, it is used to program the buttons on microwaves, watches, phones, and cars for easier use. How Games Use Codes Now popular games such as Madden 18 and FIFA 18 use a coding program called the Frostbite Engine which allows them to run games at higher quality and can create more realistic body movements along with other minute changes such as sounds, dialogue, weather, stadiums, grass, and much more. FIFA, 2 years ago introduced a story mode with different cutscenes and it allowed players to play as a young soccer star and play your way up to being the best. This allowed them to use facial recognition to create the most realistic game yet. Conclusion Coding has been used for decades now and is now being used to create video games, apps, the buttons on microwaves and even buttons in your car. If video game creators wanted to make more realistic games they would want to use the Frostbite engine along with facial recognition and up to date graphics to compete with other games that are close to the best game you can create at the moment. Were you able to answer your essential question? Yes What are two challenges you faced during this process? The research and final product. How did you overcome the challenges? Worked hard. What is one skill that you developed while doing this project? Finding better facts How will you use the knowledge you gained in your own life? Help me to learn code. How can you help others to learn about what you discovered? Inform them on my essential question. If you had to start over with this project, what would you change about your question or final product? Might do something with coding. If you could take your project to the next level, how would you apply it further? Make something with coding. Reflection Works Cited EA), (Image: and (Image: EA Sports). “The Clever Frostbite Tech inside FIFA 18 That Makes It Even More Realistic.” Mirror, 12 June 2017, EA Sports , NFL. “Madden 18 To Use The Frostbite Engine .” Madden-School, 2017, Tyson, Jeff. “How Video Game Systems Work.” HowStuffWorks, HowStuffWorks, 16 Oct. 2000, DailyTekk, Chris. “What Is Coding? 15 Facts For Beginners.” DailyTekk, 13 Oct. 2015, Works Cited

Coding Presentation

Transcript: CODING Ruth Solademi Why coding? Coding? Coding is important due to the fact that every application we use are coded. Coding is relevant in our society and is a very useful skill to have because we are able to learn to code through coding to learn. 'As they learn to code, it enables them to learn many other things.' (Resnick, TED, 2012) Skills Audit Skills Audit Before Before Understanding certain key terminologies of coding - 3/10 Beginning to understand errors and how to fix them - 3/10 Now Now Through practice and research my skill has grown Understanding certain key terminologies of coding - 7/10 Beginning to understand errors and how to fix them - 6/10 Future Future For the future, I would like to improve my skills by looking at ways to develop the app further and creating more apps. I can do this through practicing, using trial and error, watching videos, using websites like stack overflow App Social Media App Trials Trials Fix Fix Extension Extension Extensions add new functionality to an existing class, structure, enumeration, or protocol type. This includes the ability to extend types for which you do not have access to the original source code (known as retroactive modeling). (Swift 2021) Development Development Home Page Used Twitter as an inspiration Home Page Login Made the user interface similar to Twitter's UI Login Sign Up Added the error for the user to see there is a mistake. Sign Up Reference Referencing Resnick, M, 2012. Let’s teach kid’s to code [online]. Available from: [Accessed 20 January 2021] Stack Overflow, 2021. [online] [Accessed 20 January 2021] Swift, 2021. Extensions [online],(known%20as%20retroactive%20modeling). [Accessed 20 January 2020]

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