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coding presentation!!!!!

Transcript: cody glover #GETBEASTED INTRODUCTION Spacecraft often run using old-fashioned computer systems because engineers are confident their programs do the job well, while making a new one is risky and expensive. INTRODUCTION thesis Coding should not be a graduation requirement because: it helpes you say when your computer sets a virus you can fix it. Or when your phone has a problum you can fix it, what im saying is, it benefits you to have a coding background of some sort also it can save you a lot of money thesis Body paragraph 1 Should computer science be a mandatory part of a high school curriculum? The answer depends on the time horizon, and also on how one defines.”computer science.” The question is moot in the the long run, computational thinking and digital literacy will be mandatory,although perhaps integrated in other fields or introduced earlier, before high school. Body paragraph 1 reason 1 it will greatly benefit you if you did take this class plus they pay really well reason 1 To further explain: body paragraph 2 "However, one class in seventh grade has become very important to me, as I use the skills I learned in that class every day of my life: That class was my typing class. I can still envision that class as if it were yesterday, with my seat in the middle of the first row, learning to touch-type on an IBM Selectric typewriter. I even remember the line I had to type over and over again as part of a test to determine how fast I typed: “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” I can still touch-type that sentence today in about five seconds. Back then, the goal was to touch type at about 90 words per minute." body paragraph 2 why? I took the last paragraph from another site on the internet to show how usefull coding can be to anyone also to get a differnt point of veiw on should codeing be a graduation requirment. why? Counter Argument: Computational thinking – which is the logic, algorithmic thinking, and problem-solving aspects of computer science – provides an analytical backbone that is useful for every single student, in any career. Schools teach math to students regardless of whether they want to become mathematicians, because it is foundational. Counter Argument: Reason 1: You could say it's your decision which your right but it will greatly benefit you if you did take this class plus they pay really well. Reason 1: Lastly: CONCLUSION CONCLUSION what you just read was my opinion on should coding be a grauation requirement Because it's your decision it will greatly benefit you if you d... Because it's your decision it will greatly benefit you if you did take this class plus they pay really well.

Coding Presentation

Transcript: By Sienna and Renee Abby's Adventure In Paris Our Game Concept The Concept The ultimate concept of the game we have constructed requires the viewer to complete different minigames, which finally lead the main character to discover her missing plane ticket. It explores an adventure in Paris and along the way unpacks different traditional French monuments including The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, The Arc De Triomphe, traditional foods (macarons and croissants) and Disneyland Paris. The original idea we constructed, was in most basic terms a story. Although, along the way, we enhanced the story by adding a series of minigames. Link: Our Game Storyboard: Storyboard Digital Data Types Digital Data Types The Digital Data Types we have incorporated throughout our Scratch project consists of Graphics (from both google images and a selection of sprites from the Scratch library) although, in this case, we used vectors - images containing mathematical equations which provide straight and curved lines, MP3 audio and animation. Game Evaluation Overall Game Evaluation We were both proud that we were able to produce a completed game in the time provided. Although, there were quite a few areas we would have liked to improve. The most important area for change was adjusting the overall length of our game, and diminishing some irrelevant aspects. Some aspects of the game's instructions require concentration, therefore making it harder to understand. Given that the game is aimed at younger children, providing focus on these specific areas would have improved the interaction level with the target audience of our game. Control Structures Control Structures A control structure is a block of programming which aids in analysing variables in a certain direction. The control structures we have chosen to incorperate throughout our game consist of motion, looks, sound, data, events, control, sensing and operators. We attempted to use all of these control structures, although were unable to use the pen, since it created unwanted glitches in our game. What have we learnt? What have we learnt? This unit has allowed us to explore Scratch and coding using the provided control structures. Scratch provided us with an aid and form of knowledge to getting started with some mini games, which we as a result adapted, for our own game. More specifically, one of the mini games we had planned to incorporate was a cooking game. Previously, we were unsure as to how we would begin this, although we discovered games created using Scratch which were relevant for our own mini game. The completion of this project has provided me with a developed knowledge of coding and the function of technology in our everyday lives. Before commencing this unit, I had a somewhat understanding of coding, although throughout this unit I have learnt that coding consists of an extensive procedure which developing a game requires. Both Renee and I have developed multiple skills including trial and error and time management. Sienna: Individual This project allowed me to develop an understanding and knowledge of coding. Previously, I had a basic level of coding, throughout this experience of designing and coding a game, I have increased my understanding of this unit. Both Sienna and I have learnt multiple skills, which allowed extending our undertanding. Sienna and I are both really proud of what our game turned into, we exprienced challenges along the way although we were able to face them using trial and error. Renee:

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