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coca cola presentation

Transcript: Material Extraction Material Extraction Mix of bottles are recycled and brought to the factory Silica sand is extracted from granite, sandstone, gneiss. Calcium carbonate is found extracted from chalk, limestone, and marble Sodium carbonate is extracted from natural deposits and mined Calcium Carbonate Calcium Carbonate Calcium Carbonate is a main component in the making of glass It introduces Calcium oxide into glass recipes Increase strength, durability, and quality Silica Sand Silica Sand Silica sand is composed of two elements: Silica Oxygen usually comes from the wear and tear of quartz over the years one of the most abundant sand in the world Sodium Carbonate Sodium Carbonate Sometimes referred as Baking Soda When dissolved in water, sodium carbonate forms carbonic acid and sodium hydroxide All materials such as the mix glass, Sodium carbonate, calcium carbonate, and silica sand are smelted together to create a heated glob of glass Material Processing Material Process Product Manufacturing Product Manufacturing Bottles are made using a process known as stretch blow molding: 1. PET pellets are injection molded into a thin walled tube of glass, called a parison. 2. Parison is applied to a metal mold creating the top of the bottle 3. transferred to another machine who will push compressed air into the mold making it stretch 4. final bottle will then be moved to a cooling platform Process Process Product Use Product use Bottles are distributed from the maufacturer into local stores bought, dranked and used by consumer thrown out or recycled Recovery/ Disposal Product Disposal After the bottles are used, most are recycled, broken down and then goes back into the extraction process Sources Sources,50%25%20recycled%20content%20by%202030.,is%20known%20as%20a%20parison. https://,,and%20water%20called%20Silica%20Sand.,thereby%20acting%20as%20an%20antacid.

Coca-Cola Presentation

Transcript: Psychographic: Coca Cola bottle size 500ml, 1L, 1.5L, 2L pack Behavioral: Coca-Cola segments different occasions which are celebrated in the country. The credit for making celebrations available for almost everyone largely goes to Coca-Cola Company Water GROUP MEMBERS History In Indonesia Positioning of Coca Cola: If anyone put one coca cola and one Pepsi in front of us about 65% of people choose coca cola because of its taste, its packaging attracts the young generation very much. Recently, coca cola has proven that, it is the highest selling cold drink in the whole country and above the world. Tea and Coffee 1888 Let's have a coke! 1920 3. Positioning 2002 PT Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia Bottling changed name into PT Coca-Cola Bottling Indonesia, and PT. Coca-Cola Amatil changed name into PT. Coca-Cola Distribution Indonesia 1/ Product 1/ Product 1. Segmentation Price range between 25 Rs – 120 Rs Buy in pack is more cheaper. 1985 Coca-Cola and the environment 2013 2007 Energy Drink COCA-COLA BOTTLES EVOLUTION 1971 A new modern bottling factory built named PT. The Jaya Beverages Bottling Company 1979 Other bottling company started to pop up, like PT. Tirta Mukti Indah which became the bottling factory for West Java region. 1983 The distribution of Coca-Cola was given by PT. Tirta Mukti Indah to PT. Ranca Agung Luhur Coca Cola firstly invented in 1886 by John Styth Pemberton. Coca Cola have many product from soft drink, sport drink, juice drink, until mineral water. Coca Cola is the first and the best carbonated drink in the world. Coca Cola direct competitor is Pepsi. 2001 1899 2/ Price 1995 Industry: Beverage Founded: 1982 Founder: Asa Griggs Candler Area Served: Worldwide (over 200 countries/territories) Products: Beverages (Soda, Juice, Sport water, Vitamin water, Mineral Water, etc) Employees: 146,200 (2013) Website: 1992 Any questions? Market Segmentation Geographic: Coke segments its products country wise and region wise. Demographic: Demographically based on age, income and family size specifically target more young than older Marketing Mix Introduction Thanks for your attention! 1982 2000 All of Coca-Cola companies in Indonesia merged into two big companies named PT. Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia Bottling for the bottling company, and PT. Coca-Cola Amatil for the distribution company 1886 There are currently 114(worldwide)brands and 10 brands of Coca Cola products in Pakistan. Coca-Cola, Coke-Diet, Fanta Orange, Kinley, Minute Maid, Splash, Sprite, Sprite 3G, Sprite Zero Once upon a time... 500 brands 1.7 billion servings a day 2. Targeting NOW Conclusion 1915 Until now, there are 11 Coca-Cola factories in Indonesia which are located in Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya, Semarang, Ujung pandang, Bandung, Padang, Bali, Manado, Banjarmasin , dan Lampung. 1912 Welcome to the Coca-Cola Company! The Slogan MARKETING STRATEGY 1909 Sport Drink ASHRAF KHAN ABBAS JAN ABDUL WALI UMAR KHAN 1945 After the independence day of Indonesia, Coca-Cola bottling factory back and operated under the name of The Indonesia Bottle Ltd Nv, with national company status. Juice Drink Advertisement : TV commercial, newspaper, magazines, poster, banner, youtube. Blog : Twitter : Facebook : Coca-Cola Pakistan (Fan Page) Email : Pet 500ml Coca Cola Coca-cola sold in more than 200 countries. Coca-Cola is a carbonated soft drink sold in : Stores Stalls Restaurants Vending Machines Supermarkets 3/ Place 1960 1942 Coca-Cola production fallen because of the colonial of Japan More variation in the packaging. Improve the flavor variation in Pakistan. Build a store that sells coca cola brands. Discount from coca cola itself. Group Suggestion for 4P's Soft Drink 4/ Promotion 4 P's Target marketing of Coca Cola : Coca cola customers are mainly teenagers and young adults between the ages of 16 to 35. Coca cola also made diet coke for those who are suffering from sugar problems. Their targeting is not based gender but the results show that both genders like this product and use it. Ad for Coca Cola | | | | | | | | | | | | |

Presentation Coca Cola

Transcript: Vision Adrar Green phoenix : 12 student on the National Institute of Trade Jury Member: - Hafid Temassine : Public Relations Manager Coca Cola Algeria - Ramz Hamzaoui ; Managing Director, Country Corporate Officer Citi Algeria - Faisal Khan : Executive Director Unilever Algeria - Tarik Mokrane : Executive Director Shell Algeria - Djamila Halliche : National Director of ENVREDET (governemental center of reseach) -Amel Benaissa : Manager at Red Med - Reda Bendeddouche : Human Ressources Manager of Ooredoo Spencer Driscoll : Representant of the USA Embassy in Algeria Pneubel: 21 student from the national institute of trade Our mission is to empower youth to reach their fullest potential and to contribute to the economic development of Algeria, by connecting them with dedicated business mentors and providing them with skills and mindset they need to become the business leaders and the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Relay: 26 Students from the National School of Engineering M'sila Constantine INJAZ El Djazair Years 300 Students reached - I Camp - Entrepreneurial Master Class - Company Program - Start Up Kech kteb: 13 Student from the national institute of informatics Boumerdes Happy factory: 7 students from the High School of Architecture Astech : 11 students from National School of Statistics For believing in the boundless potential of the Algerian youth !!! So’Wat: 16 Students from the national School of Engineering Tipaza Bejaia Blida Algeirs Trion:22 students from the national Institute of Trade 10 000 Students reached Since 2010 - More Than Money GEC: 23 students of the national school of civil engineering Oran Injaz El Djazair growing plan for the year 2020 Mission Tlemcen And growing stronger Cocal Cola is a part of INJAZ from 2015. For the moment, in addition of it’s financial support, Mr Hafid Temasine, Coca Cola PR Manager, has been volunteer on the October 5th as a jury member at the national young entrepreneurs competition of INJAZ El Djazair 2015 Annaba Thank you Confortable : 29 Students from National School of veterinaries studies Our vision is to inspire and prepare a generation of Algerian youth to use their natural talents,inspiration,passion and determination to become business leaders and entrepreneurs by inorder to contribute to the economic development of Algeria. - Steer Your Career - Job Shadow During that competition, 10 junior companies, coming from different universities competed for the award of the best company 2015. This was the result of 6 month of mentor ship, incubation, And training. (At the beginning they were 1000 students creating 36 junior companies across Algeria, but only 10 has been selected as finalist for the final round)

Coca Cola presentation

Transcript: Presented by: Ainsley C & Olivia N Company Profile Company Profile What does this company do? What does this company do? It's a local soda company. It's a local soda company. When did the company start? When did the company start? 1886 1886 Where did the company start? Where did the company start? Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Where did the company expand to? Where did the company expand to? Asia, Europe, S. America, and Soviet Union Asia, Europe, S. America, and Soviet Union CSR events and company's response CSR events and company's response Events Events Did not meet European Standards Still legal uder local government 2008 tests concluded safe water High amounts of pesticides High amounts of pesticides Was acused of causing shortages In 2004 production stopped There was drought in India "Due to decreasing rainfall" Used large amounts of groundwater Used large amounts of groundwater Put leftover water in... Nearby fields Nearby rivers Pollueted Water sources Pollueted Water sources Coca Cola's response Coca Cola's response Shows customers how they care Commercial Commercial Different countries laws and effect Different countries laws and effect CSR event took place in India Levels exceeded European standards Considered safe under local conditons Kerala banned sales Due to unsafe conditions Pesticides Pesticides Forced to face legal procedures Suspended it's production in 2004 Renewed their operating liscence Fined a total of $47 million Due to soil/water damage Groundwater and water pollution Groundwater and water pollution Current CSR report Current CSR report Report Report Main areas of social responsibility Main areas of social responsibility Preform regular visits Have... Dedicated teams Customer care centers Social media engagement Surveys (for feedback) Customers Customers Customers want less sugary drink They developed plan to reshape Specific example #1 Specific example #1 Shows customers they care about the enviroment Developed new comercials Gained awareness Specific example #2 Specific example #2 Holds feedback surveys Has town hall meetings Employee communications Health and saftey communication programs Employees Employees Respects and promotes workplace rights Major part is identifying violations Employees rights Employees rights Local webpages Hotlines Surveys Focus groups Society Society After water damage... Taken measures to do damage control Water management of its operations Specific example Specific example Hold... Annual meetings Annual reports Webcasts Newsletters Shareholders Shareholders James Quincey (president and CEO) Reflects on customers feedback Owners Owners Company report and to whom Company report and to whom Report includes section on CSR Includes description of community's initiatives: Includes water preservation Includes community development Annual Report Annual Report Published every two years Verified by third party FIFA Sustainability Ltd verification provides 'moderate assurance' Sustainability Review Sustainability Review Article includes: Water Stewardship Programmes Target Water Stewardship Programmes Target Improving Water Use Efficiency Improving Water Use Efficiency Managing Wastewater Managing Wastewater Mitigating Risk Mitigating Risk Replenishing Used Water Replenishing Used Water Unfamilar Terms Unfamilar Terms The tendency to use a code of conduct A company's impact on society CSR (Corporate social responsibility) CSR (Corporate social responsibility) A company operating in many countries Multinationals Multinationals Able to be maintained at a certain level Sustainability Sustainability The management of something Stewardship Stewardship Used to prevent dishonesty Anti-corruption Anti-corruption United Nations invitation to encourage businesses world wide to follow policies and report on their plan Global Compact Global Compact To take charge before others do Initiatives Initiatives Official commission to do things Mandate Mandate A claim that someone has done something illegal/wrong Allegations Allegations An organization used to help companies understand and communicate their impacts on issues (climate change; human rights; corruption) GRI (Global reporting initiative) GRI (Global reporting initiative) The quality of having strong moral principles Integrity Integrity To make something useful Utilisation Utilisation Someone who owns shares (stocks) in a company Shareholders Shareholders

Coca-Cola Presentation

Transcript: Canada Famous athletes PRICE Product opportunities Positioning Hamza Tamara Tristan Devon Andrew Cola sweetened with Stevia & cane sugar 2. young adults CONTESTS promote and support active, healthy living Event and athlete sponsorships Targeting Place Focus on availability in centres that promote healthy living 3. Health conscious consumers PRODUCT Existing Products Promote awareness of Healthier alternatives Coca-cola classic: - is it worth changing? Mobile Presence Segmentation CBC News, 2013 PROMOTION Address 3 domains Healthy life: COKE scholarship Health conscious consumers... Coca-Cola HBC, 2015 Questions? :) Recommendations "Companies that can adapt their products to the growing health concerns are likely to generate positive reactions from consumers and position themselves favourably in the marketplace" (BDC, 2013) Intensive distribution strategy "Right package, in the right location, and at the right time" One day on Robson... Price ALtering and improving products to attract health concious consumers Sports events Nutritional benefits: - micronutrients - antioxidants - electrolytes - low in natural sugars Current marketing mix International products 1. Partial re-positioning of coke as a 'cheat' drink iced & brewed coffees Reducing: - Serving size - sugar levels - artificial sweeteners CSR INNOVATION STRONG MESSAGE FOR HEALTH over 800 low or no-calorie drinks calorie awareness through labelling PLACE organic Tea & iced tea Product 1. Families 2. increase market awareness of healthier product lines (Odwalla, vitaminwater & simply orange) 1. Identifiable 2. substantial 3. reachable 4. responsive 5. profitable (Coca-Cola, 2015) "Customers are willing to pay more for less in the name of health and wellness" 33% of Canadians are willing to pay more for healthier products Milk & protein shakes Promotion Getting it out there! "94% of the world recognizes the coke logo" "Availability means placing our range of products within easy reach of consumers in the 'right' package, in the 'right' location, at the 'right' time." Maple Water: - Also known as Maple sap - tapped directly from a maple tree

Coca-Cola Presentation

Transcript: In 1993, Coca-Cola experimented with computer animation, and the popular "Always Coca-Cola" campaign was launched in a series of ads featuring animated polar bears. The bears were, and still are, a huge hit with consumers because of their embodiment of characteristics like innocence, mischief and fun. Marketing Strategy #3 Future Growth The Coca-Cola Foundation awarded more than 38 million in grants in 2011. The foundation worked to improve areas such as education, fitness/nutrition, recycling, and clean water in less developed countries. Proposed Marketing Strategy Coca-Cola is present in over 100 countries across the world. Coca-Cola is likely the most widely distributed American product on the planet. In May, 1886, Coca Cola was invented by Doctor John Pemberton a pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia Until 1905, the soft drink, marketed as a tonic, contained extracts of cocaine as well as the caffeine-rich kola nut. During the first year, sales averaged a modest nine servings per day in Atlanta. Today, daily servings of Coca-Cola beverages are estimated at 1.8 Billion globally. Marketing Strategy #2 The Coca-Cola company is likely responsible for inventing in the red and white jolly version of Santa that we know today. Before the Coca-Cola company developed this version of Santa descriptions of him were quite varied from place to place. Trivia Game... Questions? Coca-Cola Company Conclusion Company Background Locations Financial Situation Marketing Strategy #1 In 2011 the company earned 46.5 billion in Total Revenue with a Gross Profit of 28.3 billion. With about 18.1 billion in Expenses the Net Income for the company was around 10 billion dollars. Company History Global Impact In 2009, the "Open Happiness" campaign was unveiled globally. The central message of "Open Happiness" is an invitation to billions around the world to pause, refresh with a Coca-Cola, and continue to enjoy one of life's simple pleasures. The happiness theme continued with "Open the Games. Open Happiness" featured during the 2010 Winter Olympics Games in Vancouver. The Coca-Cola Co. has announced that it will start selling its drinks in Myanmar as soon as the US government allows companies to invest in the Southeast Asian country. "From the fall of the Berlin Wall to the establishment of normal US relations with Vietnam to the positive changes we are seeing today in Myanmar, Coca-Cola has proudly been there to refresh, invest, partner and bring hope for a better tomorrow." (CEO Muhtar Kent)

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